Trailer Sailing from Florida to Canada '95 Later I met Kathy and her boyfriend Gale, two students from France. They are backpack camping here for the summer. I met them at a commercial campground where they were paying 23 per night for tent space and were being eaten alive by mosquitoes...we quickly moved to a CT State Park where the rate was half and for all of us...they pitched their tent beside the boat..Lots of fun keeping Kuki quiet as there are no pets allowed..too difficult to go on line as the big system is in the trunk and a pain to unpack and I can't load AOL into this lap top as it doesn't have a hard drive...besides, I don't often have power to run either one of them, the laptop battery will only last about 15 minutes before it needs to be recharged.

Sea food at Galilee and a nice State campground at Point Judith then on to Newport RI to launch the boat. We try to anchor but it won't hold. While trying again the line goes slack and Gale brings the bitter end less the anchor. I should have checked the knot! We tie up at the dock while I go shopping for a new anchor. We still can't set the anchor so we grab a mooring for the night and pull the boat out again the next morning.

After lunch we are asked if we will crew on an Ultima 30 to get it across the bay. This boat is fast but doesn't have much of a keel so it is stabilized by moving the crew, all 8 of us, from side to side to keep her upright. We are zooming around at about 10 knots through the very crowded anchorage continually zigging and zagging to avoid hitting anyone. A wild ride to say the least. We are driven back to our boat in the back of a pickup truck.

We sleep on the boat in the parking lot that night and I drop my new found friends off in Prividence the next day and continue on to Belfast Maine where I spent the night in a motel. I was able to get a room with a phone and go on-line to pick up my e-mail.

The next day I discover Southwest Harbor on Mount Desert Island and put in at the Hinkley Boat Works. I overnight on a mooring surrounded by half million dollar yachts. They are truly beautiful. After two days on the hook, I move into Hinkley's marina for 3 days....Bar Harbor is only 30 minutes away by car. My cyber friends Donna and Joe visit with me. They drove their RV down from Lincoln and stay in a nearby campground. We sail Somes Sound, the only fjord in the eastern USA.

Joe is a pilot...we go Soaring...wing stalls and a hammerhead, what a thrill...Joe has a homebuilt KR-2 airplane in seats 2 and cruises at 170 mph! I'm going to Lincoln to fly it befor I leave Maine.

I move the boat to Northeast Harbor..Its a smaller town and the marina is 12 dollars a day cheaper and just as good..Spent a day in Bar Harbor...crowded...saw some familiar places....seafood...Kuki meets some friendly shih-tzus. The wooden boat show is in Southwest Harbor next weekend so I decide to stay for it...Donna and Joe visit again...we go sailing..sure is cold here for July...water temp is 46 degrees. We dock at Little Cranberry Island and stay for supper..Swordfish is great!

Monday is a goof off day in NEH..order some teak trim for the a small fishing rod as the mackeral are running...replace a bolt on the outboard bracket..clean the pop-top the office..lobster stew for sup...early night reading books, I have 4 going at the same time.

Tuesday...the teak is ready but the paint is not dry on the hatch cover yet..breakfast in Bar Harbor..nice walk around town..strawberry to summit of Cadillac Mountain...beautiful view for miles in all directions..don't miss it if you are ever here..Kuki and I just sit and look for a couple of hours. Back to NEH to try my new fishing pole...Trolling for an hour but no action...mackeral were feeding in the marina earlier...lot of weeds to foul my line...

I head back to the marina and here comes Joe in his KR-2 experimental aircraft..tight banking turns..flying low in through the pass...looks like a fighter..I put the engine in neutral and get the video camera to catch his next pass..damn autofocus won't focus..shit..turn it off and focus manually...geez he's going fast...can't keep the camera still...wonder if he'll come back he comes...I wave and wave..he sees me and waves his wings...I dock the boat and head for the airport 30 minutes away..I'm excited...forgot the video camera...plane is really tiny..wingspan can't be 12 feet...we jam into the cockpit and take off..Joe gives me the controls..the stick is really sensitive but she is stable and althought touchy is easy to fly..I try some turns to get the feel and then we go sight seeing over Northeast and Southwest Harbors and back to Bar Harbor along the fjord buzzing the marina at Somesville on the way.

Landing is strange as you can't see the runway in landing attitude..there is no flare as you have to just keep the landing attitude until she touches then let speed bleed til the tail wheel touches down. The plane is so small that the wings are only about 4 inches above the runway..Power supplied by a 75 hp volkswagon engine...Really a neat experience...thanks Joe..

Tomorrow I head for Lincoln and if the weather is okay perhaps we can fly again...this time with the video camera! I will have a chance to collect my e-mail too. I meet Donna and Joe in Bangor and we have a nice sup with the biggest salad bar I have ever seen at Miller's Resteurant. Later we pick up their friend Joyce and we go to the performing arts center for an evening of Irish music. A good time was had by all. A couple of days later I drive to Lincon for a visit. A chance to get on-line again....Over 100 messages for me but most are junk mail from my on-line camera club mailing list. We go to their cottage with their friend Trudee and have steaks on the barbee.

Joe invites me to his flying club meeting (experimental aircraft assoc) and a few nights later I attend and am invited to take a spin in a homebuilt bi-plane...tiny thing..very easy to fly...I want one! Great toy! Its been two weeks now on Mt Desert Island so time to pull the boat and head north..Donna and Joe join me for the last day and we go hiking in the mountains....One overlooks Bar Harbor and we stay on top long after sunset enjoying the view...The Bluenose ferry arrives all lit up. I stay in a campground that night and leave for Canada in the morning. Canadian customs stop me and I have to regester the boat...I will have to pay duty if it's not returned to the US by mid October.

Its a beautiful day for a drive. I stop in Saint John for some periwinkels but the market is closed. I call Roy and Dorothy on the way to Moncton but they are not home. I have crewed for them twice in the Caribbean. They have a Bruce Robert's 44 ft Steel Ketch. Soon I'm in range of the Charlottetown ham radio repeater and I hear the familiar voice of Ron Mackay (VE1AIC)..we talk for the hour it takes me to get to the Prince Edward Island car ferry. We connect again when the ferry docks at PEI. Its dark when I arrive at his place for a short visit. The cottage is only a mile away. My sister and her family and their friends...eight people in all I think, greet me. An extension cord provides the power I need for my heater and Kuki and I are again asleep in the boat. Home at last


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