The Squirrel.....(Oct '95) I'm still here at the cottage in Canada. The weather is nice but it's starting to get cool. I have to run the heater most evenings. No sign of the leaves changing color yet but it won't be long. It could start tomorrow. All we need is temperatures approaching freezing and it will be like a magic paint brush. From then on you can see the colour change day by day.

Went for a nice sail yesterday for about 5 hours. Ruth and Joe were out too in their 90 year old dutch boat "Scagon". We raced with them a bit and sailed close for a while. Mitch, their grandchild got a kick out of that as he could reach out and touch our genoa once in a while. That provided smiles till our cheeks hurt. There was a big race on so we had to go out to meet the fleet on their final spinnaker run home. Racing friends waved as they zoomed by and they were met later at the yacht club for a brew and berger....actually it was stuffed mushrooms and lobster sauce!

A few days ago, Joe brought me a baby squirrel. He found it with its foot caught in a mouse trap. It was not doing well. I gave it some cream via eye dropper and it perked up right away. The rest of the day I carried it around and bonded. The squirrel was coming to Tampa with me! I raised one a few years ago and they make really cute pets. I had Speedy for 3 years befor he disappeared. I think a cat must have got him or perhaps they only live 3 years..She had her cage by the back door but was free to roam outside....Aaaanyway,,, we were on a country drive and it was getting towards hungry time so we stopped at a resteurant. I put squirrel in a paper coffee cup with a kleenex and put the top on making sure there was an air hole and placed it on the car dash..we had chineese food and I think I have stretch marks now from it...out to the car and can't find squirrel...we looked and looked and then were all agast to find him murderd by non other than Kuki dog who now realized that she had done big wrong and was in deep doggy dew.

We were left with half a squirrel and a trembling dog waiting to see her fate. We were all totally grossed..squirrel by the tail to the garbage can...scold trembling dog who goes to Ruth where it might be safe. Now we feel bad cuz baby squirrel is dead and now Miss Kuk is tramatized. Can't really blame her but still gotta let her know that she was wrong..shudda put squirrel in a safer place I guess... gloomy drive home....tomorrow will be a better day.

I have had several pet squirrels. Speedy was with us for 3 years till she disappeared. She had a cage in the house for a year and then we moved her outside
so she could be in the trees when she wanted to. She always came back to her cage and her bed at night. We think a cat got her and we were quite sad that she was not with us anymore.  Here is a photo of another baby that stayed with us for a while.



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