Periwinkles~!  Small snails from the Bay of Fundy

Periwinkle, a common name for a number of gastropod molluscs in the family Littorinidae.
When I was going to Tech School in NB we would buy a bag of them cooked for 25cts
at the market and eat them in the park across the street at King's Square.

That was in the mid 60's
Not 25c now~!
It was cool to use a safety pin to pick them out of the shell.

eating a periwinkle

Back in 2010 I had to try them again, eh~!
They look disgusting eh~!
I am practicing my Canadian accent after being away many years.
How am I doing, eh?

Periwinkle out of the shell

No real yuk factor if you like clams in the shell and oysters etc,
But it can look yukky to some, eh~!
Hey my wonderful Thai wife and I eat bugs and enjoy in Thailand.

Pulling Periwinkle out of the shell

Some skills required to pull them out without breaking them.

A bag of cooked Periwinkles

You get them from one of the Fish Stalls at the Market.

Periwinkles in the Market

Then you go to the park and splain to your wife that you are
going to eat them~!  OMG.
Will she ever kiss me again?
Hey we eat bugs, eh~!

Periwinkle in the hand worth two in the bush

Ok wife wants to video this amazing life event for YouTube~!

Here ya go, eh~!

The Common Periwinkle