Duggan Newsletter 21October 1996

Date sent: Thu, 10 Oct 1996
From: Eric Duggan <eduggan@istar.ca>
To: Lyman@cyberspy.comPicture of pumpkin
Subject: Duggan Newsletter

Having just recently began to be interested in genealogy and seeking my roots, I searched the Web and found your location. You are to be commended on the work you have done in the newsletter endeavor and in 'pulling together' all the comments related to the Duggans, etc.

My name is Eric Duggan from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I would like to be added to the address list for the newsletter. Thanks in advance.

The very little I have to begin with is that the Halifax Duggans arrived in Nova Scotia in the early 1700's in little fishing communites near Halifax - Prospect and Dover in particular. My grandfather, Alexander, moved to the city around the turn of this century. My father, Charles Norman, was born here in 1898. My grandmother was Elizabeth and was also a Duggan before she married Alexander. I know there are some Church and Vital statistic records that will give me more detail and where to go from here - it is a matter of finding the time to BEGIN.

The family tradition is that the original Nova Scotia Duggans came from County Cork. Some brief comments I have seen would indicate this is very plausible.

Best wishes! and again, Thanks! ........Eric 

Date sent: Mon, 07 Oct 1996
From: "james t. duggan" <jduggan113@stlnet.com>
To: Lyman@cyberspy.com
Subject: Cornelius Duggan b1865 Co DON (somewhere?)

Hello again Lyman.Picture of pumpkin

Thought I would fill you in on my Cornelius search, maybe someone would have some suggestions, or they might be able to set a new tack for one of their searches.

I have recently returned from a Sept visit to the FHL in Salt Lake City. While there I did several extensive searches. I went through naturalizations for the Chicago area (actually did the District Court for Northern Illinois, which takes in parts of other states) and found a Corn naturalized in 1898 in Chicago (not sure it was my Corn). Also did civil marriage searches for NYC (again) and Chicago (again)--nothing.

Went through a number of city directories trying to pin down just when or where Corn moved from place to place. Last found in NYC 1893, Showed up in Chicago 1896, and then St. Louis 1900-died StL 1906.

I looked in a book at SLC that had a listing of various records in StL that were available. Found that voter registrations were available beginning 1896 at city hall microfilm library. Upon my return to StL area, I made arrangements to visit the microfilm library and to my pleasure found Corn voter registration for 1900. He stated in the registration that he was naturalized in Chicago 1898 (confirmed the earlier finding in the District court records) and stated that he had been in StL for two years (shows that there wasn't any stopping point long enough for him to get married between Chicago and StL. I contacted the Cook Co Court clerk and with a document number on the records I found in SLC, he found another couple of documents I didn't have, the petition for the final naturalization (filed in Chicago) and the Declaration of Intentions first papers) filed in, of all places Pittsburgh PA. I now know Corn was in Pittaburgh in May of 1893, in Chicago from July 1895 to Oct of 1898 and in St Louis beginning early 1899. I think I'm closing in (but I could be wrong, have been before).

I zeroed in on StL and while I had previously gone through the civil records, I have now gone through all the catholic churches within a reasonable distance of their first domicile (again, no luck). I am organizing a review of church records for Chicago by concentrating on the churches that existed in 1899 and their locations in relation to known addresses for Corn there. The churches existing in 1899 should be in the Chicago city directory, which I have ordered from the FHL from the local FHC. I also went back to the cemetery where my gf is buried and asked them to look at the original record (I have gotten suspicious of extracts entered in computers) but they advised that there was nothing in the original that wasn't in the computer record.

I've sent away for civil marriage records for Pittsburgh, and also for other documents to help with the search in Chicago (Sanborn's fire insurance maps, which show location of churches for year of map) I plan to send for the naturalization record from the Pittsburgh court, it might be nothing, but one never knows. Looks like I have a lot of work to do. I keep wondering if there is any way to track a woman from place to place in the late 1800's.

If anyone has any ideas, please send them along. As best I can tell, these people were not notable and didn't have much money. take care and let me know when you might go to Ireland in 1997. I might be in a position to know Corn's townland and join forces with you. ....jim 

Date sent: Sun, 6 Oct 96Picture of pumpkin
To: lyman@cyberspy.com
From: Bonnie Bedford <bedford@islandnet.com>
Subject: Duggan page


I just found your Duggan page. All I know about my Duggan great grandmother was that her parents were from Ireland.

Her name is Johanna Duggan born c 1831-1837 Guelph, Ontario, Canada died c 1910 - 1915 Chicago Il

She married Edward Howard born 1816 in Ireland (haven't found out where yet - this guy is a mystery!) and he died 4 Sept. 1881 on Elora St. Guelph, Ontario.

My grandmother is their daughter Agnes Nana Howard b. 25 August 1874

I've got all the descendants from there.

Glad to find another Duggan - I love my Irish ancestors,

Bonnie Bedford 

Date sent: Fri, 25 Oct 1996
To: Lyman@cyberspy.com
From: "jerry j. allen" <jada@laurie.net > Picture of pumpkin
Subject: Dugan

Hi Lyman,

Roger Dugan sent me your address.

I am a decendant of Sutton Fowler Dugan and Mary Ann Walker Dugan. Sutton was B. 1814 Ky near Covington KY, D. 17 Feb. 1995 Riley Co KS.
I believe his parents were James Dugan and Hannah Fowler of KY.
He had brothers Isaac and James, sisters Sarah Gardner who M. at Covington KY, died K.C.KS, Altha Greenwood of IL and ? Mercier of IL.
Sutton and Mary Ann lived in Randolph Co In in 1850 census next door to her parents Ebenezer and Sarah Walker.
They lived in Fulton or Peoria CO Il for a while as daughter Sarah M.Watson Clark Brees in Canton Fulton Co 1855 a son also married there.
Thier youngest son William was born in Dewitt Co Il.

A caravan of Dugans, Berrys, Osbornes and others went to Riley Co KS and homesteaded ca. 1868. I have had troble finding info before Randolph Co In.

Do you know anything about this family? Also I am interested in your Newsletter. I do a Brees Newsletter every 3 months.

Hope to hear from you.

Donna Allen
Rt 2 Box 418 Stover ,
MO 65078 ( Lake of the Ozarks ) 

Duggan Family Crest

There are two Duggan Crests.

I have just received a copy of the second one (rough sketch shown here) and I hope to have it scanned and put up on the Crest Page soon. Its beautiful! Thanks to cousin James T Duggan of Chesterfield MO for going to all the trouble to have copies made for me. The Crest Page changes continuously as new information comes in. Try and visit it monthly to see the changes. Click here to visit the Crest Page now 

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From: John S Dougan <mrdougan@imcnet.net
Subject: Dugan Family
Date sent: Fri, 25 Oct 96

Please put me on your mailing list. My grandfather had a falling out with his father and added the "o" just to get his goat. Does that sound Dugan-enough or what!

John S. Dougan,
PO Box 561,
Black River, NY

Date sent: Sun, 27 Oct 1996
From: Gary Tearle <gtearle@shoal.net.au>
To: lyman@cyberspy.com
Subject: duggan family

to duggan family

hi, my name is hendrina tearle and i am researching the duggan family for my husband. his grandfathers name was william george duggan and he was born in aldershot england in 1893 or 1894 and migarted to australia after the 1st world war, i am trying to trace his father patrick william duggan who was born in ireland and married to mary harris, he was a policeman , do you have any information that may help me in my search

thank you henny tearle nowra nsw australia 

Please document your Duggan Genealogy and send it to me for publishing and for the Archive. When you have new data, dates etc let me know and it will be published and archived too. These Archives will be available for many years to come...hopefully forever. For this reason, it is a good idea to include your mailing address so that interested parties can contact you years into the future.....cousin Lyman 

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