Duggan Dugan Dougan Family Newsletter nr 20

Date sent: Mon, 16 Sep 1996

From: Terry Duggan <okanagan@junction.net>
To: Lyman@cyberspy.com
Subject: my part of family.

My grandfather was named Fredrick Seymour Duggan. His Father was Thomas Duggan and lived in Bilth Wells, Wales. In 1905 he and four brothers moved to Canada, via ship. Once they landed in Canada they got on the train and rode it to Indian Head,Saskatchewan. This is where the railway ended.

In 1907 he and two brothers settled in Kelowna, British Columbia. His father was also Thomas Duggan, and lived (ran a hotel) in Llanrandod,Wales. He died on Aug.10,1898. His Father's name was John Duggan, and his mother was Jane Duggan-both born in Wales. They were married in the 1820's, which means that he was born around 1800 or a little bit earlier. The practice of naming the oldest male after the father means, or implies that his father was named John Duggan also, and probably born mid to later 1700's. this is my brief picture of our family. Terry Duggan

6390 Cardinal Rd. Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, V1T-7Z3.

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John Duggan + Jane (Prosser) Duggan (1818-1906) “Great-Great-Great Grandfather
*Was a miller in Rhulan, Wales.*

Children: **Suspect oldest male named John, and other children that I am not aware of. **
Anne (born May 28, 1838)
**Thomas ? Duggan (183? - 1898) + Francis (William) Duggan *Married 1865) “Great-Great Grandfather”
*Lived in Llandrindod, Wales. Owned Duggan’s Hotel. Widow may have moved to RadnorShire, Wales. .

Children: Alice ? (1867- ?) Stayed in Wales
Annie ? (1868 - ?) *Stayed in Wales
Thomas Evan (1870-1918) *Owned mill,stables, and hotel in Builth Wells, Wales (*now Powys*). *married * Immigrated to Canada in July, 1905. Settled in Nanton, Alberta after Clara (Evans)?(1868-1928) short stay in Indian, Saskatchewan. Later moved to Kelowna, British Columbia (1910) and lived there until his death in 1918 from diabetes.

Great-Grandfather” Alfred John ? (1871-1946) *Stayed in Builth Wells, Wales.
His son Ensor Duggan lived there in October, 1982.
Joesph Jenkins (1872-?) *Left Wales and landed in Canada in July, 1905 and settled in Nanton , Alberta. He and his brother David established Duggan Brothers’ Real Estate in 1907. Possibly renamed Duggan Investments Ltd later on. In 1926 he wrote “The Unforgotten Valley”, a book about Wales.
William Charles (1874-1934) *Left Wales and landed in Canada in July, 1905. After his wife died of tuberculosis, he moved to Kelowna, British Columbia in 1908 and started the Duggan-Davies Packing House in 1917. Later manager of Okanagan Packers Ltd.
Lottie Minnie (1874-1934) ?? *Stayed in Wales and married a minister. After ?? years and seven daughters, she left her husband and moved to New York. There she started a girls school, which I believe today is run the Anglican Church.
Francis Adeliade (1877-19??) *Stayed in Wales, and later on ended up living in Vancouver, British Columbia.
David Milway (1879 - 1942) *Left Wales and landed in Canada in July, 1905. Settled in Nanton, *married* Alberta, where he and his brother Joesph started Duggan Brothers’
Hannah Maria (Price) Real Estate in 1907. In 1912 or 1913 he moved to the Edmonton, (1881-1958) Alberta area. Moved to 11017-89th Ave, Garneau. Family home for Married in Presteigne, Wales, forty years. 1919 to 1920 was President of Edmonton Rotary Club. on Dec.30, 1902. Was Mayor of Garneau from 1920-1923. Also served as Chief of Police. From 1926-1935 sat in opposition of the United Farmers of Alberta, Goverment (the U.F.A.). Was new Tory Leader. From 1935- March 19, 1942 sa as independent. Died May 04, 1942. His son Ken Duggan was a quaterback for Edmonton Eskimos. Another son, Eric, was President of C.F.L in 1963. Remained active and C.F.L.’s Commissioner’s Western Conference Rep.,until 1980 (was 75 years old). In March, 1981 Eric was inducted into Edmonton’s Sport Hall of Fame. Later the same year he was Inducted into C.F.L Hall of Fame.
Henry Fred (1881-1951)?? * Left Wales with brothers and settled in the south end of the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. Was involved with the fruit industry and packing houses.
Ethel Mary (1882-19??) * Stayed in Wales.
Hector Ossian (1884-1975)?? * Left Wales in 1905 and settled in the Medicine Hat area, in Alberta. Had two sons, Hector and Winston-both doctors.
Florence Margurite (1887-19??) *Stayed in Wales originally. Later moved to Canada and settled in Victoria, British Columbia. Died when she was 80? , lived a long time.
Lillian Rosenia (1891-19??) *Stayed in Wales at first, but ended up in the Medicine Hat and Edmonton areas, in Alberta. Her only child (son) died in his teens. She out-lived her husband.

Sept. 29,1996 Add-On to To family history.

Lottie Minne (born October ??, 1875) married a man named Wilham Ries (a minister I believe). She had ten (10) children, seven (7) girls and three (3) boys. Oldest to youngest here are the children’s names:

1) Ethel,
2) Harold,
3) Fred,
4).Hilda Rose,
5) Mabel Francis,
6) Elizabeth Sabina,
8) Noeline Lillian,
9) Walter,
10) Eric.

If she was around twenty (20) years old when she was married, then her oldest, Ethel would of been born 1895 or bit later?. Ethel married a welsh minister and moved to the United States (New York ??). This could of been around 1915 or later on towards 1920.

Later, Lottie Minnie left her husband and moved to the United States. Probably close to her daughter Ethel. I do not know the name of the man Ethel married. It is also possible that other brothers and sisters could have moved to the United States. Lottie Minne was eccentric I am told. Chances are that the United or Anglican Churches are the possible denominations (based on local family history). If Lottie Minnie lived to be seventy or older, then she would of died 1945 or later. This is and remains a mystery as there is not much known about her. To possible cousins in Wales and England I hope that the names might help.

Duggan; Dugan, Dougan, Degan, Duigan, Dugen, et al;
From: Patrick Duggan <d250@www.plantnet.com>
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 1996
To: 'lyman@cyberspy.com'
Subject: Duggan surname


I came across your newsletters while doing a Yahoo! search for the Duggan name . It's very interesting what you have done so for and I wish you continued success with your project.

I would like to make a couple of points that may be of some help to you and your other contributors.

Ellis Island did not open for immigrants until 1892 and was closed in 1954. Irish that came to the U.S. prior to 1892 came in to other ports; such as New Orleans, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, to name a few, and of course to other entry locations in Canada. A goodly percentage of the Irish came in during the famine years, 1845-1849, and after. Once established they in turn helped bring others over.

The Duggan spelling and its derivatives probably are all from the same base name. One study that I made of the Dug(g)an name from the two telephone books published in Ireland in 1982-1983 revealed 648 DUGGAN spellings and only one DUGAN spelling. I was also advised by an Irish priest named Duggan that the harsh DUG-Gan pronunciation as opposed to the softer DU-GGAN was pretty much regional in that if you lived in the south west part of Ireland for example it was pronounced one way and if you lived in another area it might be pronounced differently. As for myself, I've pronounced it both ways without any undo suffering on my part.

I've been told that the differences in the spelling of the name in the U. S. stems in part from the fact that many people that came to this country in earlier times were illiterate or very nearly so and relied on others to write their names and in some cases to pronounce or mispronounce said name. Consequently names were phonetically spelled. In addition, in many cases the speller himself was semi-literate which obviously compounded the problem, particularly, during census taking in the mid-years of the nineteenth century.

If you accept this premise, as I do, the various spellings of Duggan; such as, Dugan, Dougan, Degan, Duigan, Dugen, et al; make more sense. I'm satisfied that we all came from the base name Duggan and that if we could go back far enough we could prove that to be true.

Incidently I did come across a possible connection with one of your correspndents; Thomas E. Miles. He offered little information to you but he did mention a woman named Mina Duggan Kofoot who happened to be of common descendency with me. After reading your newsletter I contacted Mr. Miles and we are exchanging information which has been beneficial to us both.

It's not quite clear to me how your networking is accomplished but I am including my E-mail address in case anyone is interested in contacting me. I do have information on some strains of the Duggan ancestry which I could share; primarily from the midwest.

This is a wonderful thing you are doing and I hope that it does not become too much of a burden for you. I've been doing personal family research for many years and have spent hundreds of hours tracking leads and collecting data. The information you are amassing is tremendous and will be helpful to serious researchers everywhere.

Best Wishes,

Patrick Duggan d250@plantnet.com

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Date sent: Wed, 25 Sep 96 17:35:36 -0700
From: Tom Fitzsimmons <tfitz@tic.bisman.com>
Organization: Fitzsimmons Family
To: Lyman@cyberspy.com Subject: Duggans

Hello Lyman:

I have an old friend, Tom Duggan, who lives in Omaha, and whose home town is Jackson, Nebraska. That was an Irish settlement dating from about 1855. My wife and three of our children have been renting a house near Clonakilty, County Cork for the past two weeks, and the kids are attending school in Clonakilty. The principal of Clonakilty Community College is John Duggan. He said he is from Bandon, Co. Cork.

Tom Duggan's Irish relatives live in a 400 year-old house somewhere between Crookstown and Macroom.

Tom Fitzsimmons, Bismarck,North Dakota.

More news: ......I have been in touch with Tom Duggan in Omaha, and he tells me that his Duggans came over in the 1850's with Father Jerimiah Trecy and founded St Johns, Nebraska, on the Missouri River near the present Jackson (west of Sioux City, Iowa.)

Index of Persons ..(a partial list, J through M)

Josie DUGGAN ( - ) July
Ann DUGGAN (1842 - )
Katherine Swint DUGGAN (15 Jun 1835 - 2 Jun 1910 )
Lanier DUGGAN ( - 1763 )
Lela DUGGAN (6 Aug 1888 - )
Lena DUGGAN (1886 - 1953 )
Leo DUGGAN ( - )
Lizzie DUGGAN (1889 - 1955 )
Lovie DUGGAN (ABT 1810 - 1841 )
Margaret "Peggy" DUGGAN (1804 - )
Maria Elizabeth DUGGAN ( - )
Martha DUGGAN (22 Oct 1811 - )
Martha "Pattie" DUGGAN ( - )
Martha Jane DUGGAN (6 Jul 1856 - 3 Apr 1905 )
Mary DUGGAN (1860 - BEF 1870 )
Mary DUGGAN ( - )
Mary DUGGAN (3 Apr 1842 - 20 Feb 1935 )
Mary DUGGAN (23 May 1890 - )
Mary "Millie" DUGGAN ( - 1818 )
Mary L. DUGGAN ( - )
Matthew Morgan DUGGAN (6 Jun 1837 - 24 Aug 1913 )
Mettie DUGGAN (8 Jan 1876 - 1901 )

UP (Martha M. BRYSON - Mettie DUGGAN )
BACK (Houston DUGGAN - Josiah DUGGAN )
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NOTE: For information on the people listed above, and LOTS more, check Pat Spradley's site at:


Terry Duggan, Mayor of Dubuque

From: CYQL00B@prodigy.com (KENTUCKY ROOM)
Date sent: Thu, 26 Sep 1996
To: Lyman@cyberspy.com
Subject: Dugan Genealogy

My gggg grandmother was Nancy Dugan. All I know about her is that she married John White and among her children was a James White. James was born in 1790 so Nancy was probably born around 1760 -1770. I believe she lived in Pennsylvania. My E-mail address is Peck@Taftlaw.com. I would love hearing from anyone who may have more information on "my" Dugans, etc.

Thanks, David H. Peck ..3322 Ridgetop, Edgewood, KY 41017

Links to lots of Duggan WWW Sites

Date sent: Fri, 27 Sep 1996
From: "J. E. Duggan" <jdimpact@tiac.net>
To: Lyman@cyberspy.com

Hello Lyman,

Another Duggan checking in . . . Joseph (Joe) E. Duggan of Hopkinton, MA. I will work the elderly relatives to get more details on the family but understand that my grandfather (Gregory Duggan) and his wife (Bell), arrived in America around the turn of the century from Galway, Ireland. Other brothers/sisters remained in Ireland, others went to Baltimore and the midwest.

It was great to see this connection. Please place me on your mailing list !

Joe Duggan

From: "Victor Martinez" <vmarti@mastnet.net>
To: <lyman@cyberspy.com>
Subject: DUGAN.....DUGAN.....DUGAN
Date sent: Sat, 5 Oct 1996

Dear Lyman,

I somehow stumbled on to your Dugan, Homepage.....I loved it except I didn't see any Dugan's from
Wisconsin...I know there is a bunch there....I have researched some and the fartherest I have been able to go back is my great grandfather; John Dugan who married Mary ?.....Then one of his sons, my grandfather Irving Dugan married Bessie Marie Harroun......All my kin are in Wisconsin.

My dad and mom...James Irvin Dugan and Charlotte Helen Berg, married in Wisconsin and came to Houston, Texas on their honeymoon and stayed....Nine months and two weeks later I was born...Lynne Marie Dugan.....If you have any info on Dugans from Wisconsin...I would love to have it.....And also I would love to get your news letter.....My e-mail address is Vmarti@mastnet.net....If anyone has any info.....


Lynne DUGAN Martinez

the myth of the Black Irish: http://www.hypertext.com/BlackIrish.html
From: SJDuggan@aol.com
Date sent: Sat, 5 Oct 1996
To: Lyman@cyberspy.com
Subject: birth records in SF

Does anybody out there know if it is possible to find birth records from before 1906 in San Francisco? My grandfather, Phillip Duggan, was born in S.F. in 1888; my grandmother, Mary Agnes Considine, in 1890. There are no local records available.

I know at least one family whose name is Doogan. I served with him in the Air Force. Since we were both defense counsel stationed in Germany, you can imagine that we got confused a lot, especially since so many people mispronounce our name! Anyway, based on your last few newsletters, it looks like he must have been a distant cousin after all, and you probably need to add another name to the masthead. Keep up the good work.

Please document your Duggan Genealogy and send it to me for publishing and for the Archive. When you have new data, dates etc let me know and it will be published and archived too. These Archives will be available for many years to come...hopefully forever. For this reason, it is a good idea to include your mailing address so that interested parties can contact you years into the future.....cousin Lyman

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