Duggan Dugan Dougan Family Newsletter nr 19    Sept 1996

Date sent: Wed, 11 Sep 1996
From: Richard Duggan
To: Lyman@cyberspy.com

Subject: A lost Duggan branch


I just stumbled into your pages and have gone through a bunch of Issues via the net. Gee, there sure are a lot of Duggans! But, in my line, there are only a few left that I know of: My brother, sister, two half sisters, and a cousin. My father, Richard Ernest Duggan, came to America from Wells, Somerset in 1950 and settled in New York City where I , Richard Ernest (b1952), my brother Stanley Charles (B.1954, living in Boston), and sister Holly Faith (B.1955, living in Hartford) were born. My father married Katherine Gloria Ochs (1923-1974) of New Rochelle, New York in 1950 or thereabouts.

It is a loooong (and fascinating) story, but through some diligent research and unbelievable luck I found my half sisters Linda (who lives in Glastonbury, England) and Wendy (who lives in Christchurch, NZ). Additionally, I found my uncle Stanley living in West Bexington, Dorchester, Dorset, England (now deceased) as well as my cousin Douglas Newton, who lives in NYC.

I had never met any of these people when my father was alive, and in fact knew nothing about them except that I had an uncle. My father (1900-1976) did not tell us much about the family, and what he did, I can't remember much of. I know that he had brothers Stanley and Cunliffe and a sister Gladys (Douglas' mother) and that they grew up in the Muswell Hills section of London.

I am not sure of my grandfather's name, but his psuedonym was Collette Dare, (may have been Charles Richard Duggan) and he was a musician and arranger in the early part of this century in London. I think he was married to a woman whose surname was Addis, a family of yeoman farmers in Herefordshire. That is all I know.

If anyone recognizes these names or knows anything about my lost family, I'd love to hear from them. Thank you!

Sincerely, Richard Duggan .

.45-1112 Haleloke Place Kaneohe, HI 96744      rduggan@bishop.bishop.hawaii.org

Date sent: Mon, 09 Sep 1996 15:19:48 +0000
From: Jane Duggan <janed@computing.emap.com>
To: Lyman@cyberspy.com
Subject: Duggan family

Hi Although I am not really a Duggan, but married into the Duggan family, I am very interested to find out the genealogy of my husband's family. I know absolutely nothing beyond his paternal grandfather. my husband's name is Allan John Duggan. His father is Noel Christopher Duggan. Allan's father and grandfather are from Newport South Wales, UK.

I would be very interested to find out which part of the family came over to Wales and why. Although Allan is Welsh, most people assume he is Irish because of the name. What can you tell me or where should I start looking? I am new to this game and would appreciate some suggestions.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

From: DBUSK@aol.com.. Dede Dugan Busk.
Date sent: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 23:06:22 -040
To: Lyman@cyberspy.com
Copies to: RcDugan@aol.com

Subject: Re: Dugan/Duggan Newsletter

Hi, Lyman, I am dbusk@aol.com More commonly known as Dede Dugan Busk. My family was contacted by Roger Dugan about six weeks ago for geneaology research. We seem to share a common ancestor in Richard H. Dugan. Roger is really good with both the computer/Internet and geneaology, quite a winning combination. I think that the spelling of my maiden name, Dugan, has also been listed as Duggan. Therefore, it is possible that we connect somewhere along the line. Roger has MUCH more information than I do, so he is a better source.

I noticed that you live in Tampa. My husband, Arlan, and I have two daughters who live in Dunedin. We are presently in Upper Alabama (there's no such thing as "north" in Alabama) as Arlan is active duty Army at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville. If you are interested in tracing your family tree, it is a great hobby. With today's technology (Internet and such), it is easier, but I think that the amount of information available can be overwhelming.

Maybe you can discover a straight connection the the Dugan line which will help your search.

Good Luck! Dede Dugan Busk

From: "Roger C. Dugan"..rcdugan@aol.com
To: "'lyman@mail.cyberspy.com'"
Copies to: "'Dbusk@AOL.com'"
Subject: Dugan/Duggan Newsletter
Date sent: Sat, 29 Jun 1996

Just discovered a copy of the Newsletter on the Web. You may add my name to the mailing list: AOL screen name = RCDugan. I am researching a line of Dugans who were in Zanesville, OH in the early 1800's.

Here's what I've found so far. If there's anyone else out there connected to these Dugans, I'd appreciate hearing from them. The earliest ancestor we've been able to confirm is Richard H. Dugan, b. 1819 Zanesville, OH. His mother may have been named Anna Mary.

Here's some of his descendants that we know about up until recent times. We need information on those with the * in front.

0 Richard H. Dugan (b. 1819, OH, d. 1895, OH), and Ellen C. Faust (b. 1823, NY Or PA, d. 1905, Newark, OH)
1 Peter Dugan (b. 1843, OH), and Mary C. Johnston () .. Pensacola, FL in 1895
2 Lewis Henry Dugan (b. 1880, OH)
1 Peter Dugan (b. 1843), and Luanna Bird (b. 1851, d. 1870)
*1 Mary F. Dugan (b. 1846, OH), and John C. O'Neill ()
1 Albert H. Dugan (b. 1847, OH, d. 1890, OH), and Julia Viola Etta Eloise Wines (b. 18 2 Anna Dugan ()
2 Albert Issachar Dugan (b. 1876, d. 1944, OH), and Mildred Hereford Ball ()
3 Albert William Dugan (b. 1919, d. 1969), and
4 Roberta Sheila Doreen Dugan (b. AZ), and ??? Hanson ()
4 George Robert Michael Dugan (d. 1990)
4 Albert William Dennis Dugan ()
4 Alice Myra Deidre (Dede) Dugan (), and Arlan Busk ()
3 Albert William Dugan (b. 1919, d. 1969), and ??? ??? ()
4 Albert Dugan (?) Twins given up for adoption?
4 William Dugan (?)
*2 George Richey Dugan (b. 1881, OH, d. 1915)
2 James A. Garfield Dugan (b. 1882, OH, d. 1910, OH)
2 Sarah Anne Dugan (b. 1888, OH) 2 Ella May Dugan (b. 1889, OH)
*1 John Dugan (b. 1849, OH) La Salle, IL in 1895
*1 Ellen Dugan (b. 1853, d. 1919, OH), and Charles M. Clark ()
1 Ellen Dugan (b. 1853, d. 1919, OH), and Charles R.(?) Still (d. 1919, Unknown)
1 Charles Dugan (b. 1856), and Rosa M Todd (d. 1894, OH)
2 Myrtle Fay Dugan (b. 1886, OH), and Herman Bone ()
2 Meredith Darlington Dugan (b. 1889, d. 1963, OH), and Mabel Offord (b. 1895, OH, d
3 Frank Meredith Dugan (b. 1916, OH), and Margaret Katherine Broedel (b. 1918, OH)
4 Karen Jean Dugan (b. 1947, Ohio), and David Michael Kinney (b. 1942)
4 James Frank Dugan (b. 1949, Ohio), and Lynn K Householder (b. 1950, OH)
4 Thomas Daryl Dugan (b. 1952, OH), and Brenda Jo (Beezie) Anderson (b. 1950, OH
4 Roger Craig Dugan (b. 1950, Ohio), and Peggy Sue Wagner (b. 1951, OH)
3 Charles Wayne Dugan (b. 1918, OH), and Martha Helen Bowman (b. 1918, OH (Chesterhill))
3 William Robert Dugan (b. 1921, d. 1945, South Pacific WW II)
3 Dorothy Faye Dugan (b. 1925, OH), and Landon Long (b. 1920, OH)
2 Mary F Dugan (b. 1892, OH, d. 1892, OH)
*1 L??? Dugan (b. 1858, OH)
*1 Anna Dugan (b. 1863,OH), (?) and William T. Morton (d. 1912, )
1 Anna Dugan (b. 1863), (?) and ??? Roberts ()
*1 Louis F. Dugan (b. 1866, OH)

Other information: Richard's obit. indicates he had a brother John living in Oregon in 1895. There was a John S. Dugan family in Zanesville at the same time that may have been connected. He had a son named Lewis Henry Dugan (b 1812, Brownsville, PA) who had one daughter, Barbara Caroline, who married into the Fillmore family. John S. Dugan was in the stagecoach and Inn business until his untimely death in 1824. Richard was a carriage maker. Therefore, the Dugans may have been allied in the transportation business in some way.

Regards, Roger Dugan

Date sent: Sat, 14 Sep 1996 19:00:08 -0700
To: lyman@cyberspy.com
From: "Dale N. Hatfield" <dale.hat@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: Dugan Family

Hi Lyman,

My name is Dale Hatfield and I would like to subscribe to your Duggan Family Newletter.

My grandmother was named Dugan and she and her family lived/lives in Southern Ohio. One of my aunts has been able to trace the Dugan family roots to an Oliver Perry Dugan (1768-1829) who would have been my great, great grandfather. Apparently his father was Joseph Dugan (1768-1829) who was married to Debrah Norman (1776-1837). My aunt is not on the net so I will send a copies of the newsletter to her by mail.

I live in Boulder, Colorado having moved here from Southern Ohio many years ago. My email address is dale.hat@ix.netcom.com.

Thank you.

Dale Hatfield

Date sent: Sun, 15 Sep 1996
From: Paul Koreneff <Paul.Koreneff@worldnet.att.net> Send reply to: PaulK74@AOL.COM
To: Lyman@cyberspy.com

Subject: Duigan name

Just thought I would drop you a line - my mother was a Duigan and was born in New Zealand. The family had come from Kilkenny and maybe Laois County. There appear to be a very limited number of Duigans, and it is unclear as to when this particular spelling was settled upon. I can identify most people who spell it this way ...

I was wondering if you had run into this variant in your travels?

Regards, Paul Koreneff

Mendi Hull Warren <mwarren@bigfoot.com>

From: "Mendi H. Warren" <mwarren@bigfoot.com>
To: "'Lyman@cyberspy.com'" <Lyman@cyberspy.com>
Subject: Dugan Surname
Date sent: Sun, 15 Sep 1996

Dear Lyman,

Thanks for the note. Here is my Dugan family lineage. As you can see, I have been unable to link this line back to Ireland yet. I would really appreciate any information that you or someone else might give me. I hope that this information is also a help to you as a researcher of the name Dugan. As I have more information, I will send it to you. Your newsletter is enjoyable to read and has been very informative.

Thank you, Mendi Hull Warren

note! The following data changed format when converted to HTML code...to view it as Mendi sent it to me, click this line

(1) 1. James DUGAN -------------------------------------------------- Spouse: Hannah FOWLER Children: Sutton Fowler

(2) 1.1 Sutton Fowler DUGAN -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 1814 Birth Place: Covington, Kentucky Death Date: 17 Feb 1895 Burial Place: May Day Cemetary, Kansas

Spouse: Mary Ann WALKER Birth Date: 1816 Birth Place: Ohio Death Date: 1904 Burial Place: May Day Cemetary, Kansas

Children: John Sarah Ann William Harper

(3) 1.1.1 John DUGAN --------------------------------------------------

Spouse: Nancy Flora PUTMAN/PUTNAM

(3) 1.1.2 Sarah Ann DUGAN -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 1835

Spouse: Watson Clark BREES

Marriage Place: Fulton Co., Illinois

(3) 1.1.3 William Harper DUGAN -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 2 Apr 1856 Birth Place: Fulton Co., Illinois Death Date: 19 Oct 1941 Death Place: St. George, Pottawatomie Co., Kansas

Spouse: Mary Jane PUTMAN/PUTNAM Birth Date: 9 Sep 1860 Birth Place: Jasper Co., Iowa

Marriage Date: 12 Aug 1877

Children: Floyd Walter Naomie Jack (called Al) Herman (called Harry) Everett Joe Sadie Zadie Ora Lena Ila

(4) Floyd DUGAN -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 7 Mar 1892 Birth Place: May Day, Riley Co., Kansas Death Date: 21 Apr 1994 Death Place: Yakima, Yakima Co., Washington Occupation: Railroad Worker

Research: 1920 Census from St. George City, St. George Twp, Pottawatomie Co., Kansas ED 133 shows Floyed Dugan having owned his home with a mortgage. This same census shows his parents to be born in the US but the words United States were written in a different hand than the census was - therefore it looks as though he didn't know where his parents were from. It also does not list that he ever attended school but he could read and write.

Spouse: Geneva Louise HANSON Birth Date: 19 Sep 1897 Birth Place: Walsburg, Riley Co., Kansas Death Date: 28 Jun 1992 Death Place: Yakima, Yakima Co., Washington

Spouse Research: 1920 Census from St. George City, St. George Twp, Pottawatomie Co., Kansas ED 133 shows that Geneva had never attended formal school but could read and write.

Marriage Date: 31 Jul 1916

Children: Floyd Elliot Evans Orland LeRoy Raymond Ellsworth

(5) Floyd Elliot Evans DUGAN -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 1 Apr 1917 Birth Place: Zeandale, Riley Co., Kansas Occupation: He Worked As Cashier Then As A Buyer For Safeway. Religion: Baptist

Notes: Army Air Corps Vance Air Base England

Research: Started Working for Safeway October, 1946 in Enid. Went to Woodward, Ponca City, and then OKC July 3, 1958.

Spouse: Helen Ruth GLINES Birth Date: 16 Oct 1925 Birth Place: Enid, Garfield Co., Oklahoma Death Date: 12 Sep 1992 Death Place: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., Oklahoma Burial Date: 15 Sep 1992 Burial Place: Rose Hill Burial Park, Oklahoma City Occupation: Administrative Assistant At The OSSC Religion: Baptist

Spouse Notes: She worked for the Oklahoma Securities Commision. Small Wedding in Ministers office, First Baptist Church of Enid.

Spouse Research:

Marriage Date: 6 Feb 1943 Marriage Place: Enid, Oklahoma

Children: Judith Elaine Joyce Arlene

(6) Judith Elaine DUGAN -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 22 Jul 1947 Birth Place: Enid, Garfield Co., Oklahoma Occupation: Administrative Assistant - Graphics - BHP Religion: Non Practicing Presbyterian

Spouse: Kenneth Allison HULL Birth Date: 17 May 1943 Birth Place: Cordell, Washita Co., Oklahoma Occupation: Freelance Construction

Marriage Date: 20 Aug 1966 Divorced: 13 Apr 1983

Children: Mendi Allison Jason Elliot David Nathan Christopher

(7) Mendi Allison HULL -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 20 Nov 1968 Birth Place: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., Oklahoma Occupation: Laboratory Technician Education: B.S. Zoology, Oklahoma State University Religion: None

Spouse: Loyde Wade WARREN Birth Date: 8 Jan 1970 Birth Place: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., Oklahoma Occupation: Manager Of Information Systems - Computers Education: Some College - Oklahoma State University Religion: Non-practicing Catholic

Marriage Date: 3 Mar 1996 Marriage Place: Lake Tahoe, Nevada

(7) Jason Elliot HULL -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 2 Mar 1970 Birth Place: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Occupation: Mail Room Associate Education: Highschool

(7) David Nathan Christopher HULL -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 9 Aug 1974 Birth Place: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Occupation: He's In The Army Now Education: Some College

(6) Joyce Arlene DUGAN* -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 26 Mar 1949

Notes: Their first date was May 8. One week before the fourth, they decided to marry. Uncle Clark married them at the Roanoke Steakhouse & Club in Roanoke, Texas. They were already wearing their rings.

Spouse: Stanley COMBEST Birth Date: 7 Jun

Marriage Date: 7 Jun 1983 Marriage Place: Roanoke, Texas

Other spouses: Danny Ray BROWNING

(6) Joyce Arlene DUGAN* -------------------------------------------------- (See above)

Spouse: Danny Ray BROWNING

Marriage Date: 23 Aug 1969 Divorced: 16 Feb 1971

Other spouses: Stanley COMBEST

(5) Orland LeRoy DUGAN* -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 3 Jul 1918

Spouse: Lorraine GRIFFIN Death Date: 1938

Marriage Date: 15 Sep 1936

Children: Charles William

Other spouses: Isabell EASTERWOOD Grace OCKFEN

(6) Charles William DUGAN -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 15 Dec 1937 Death Date: 11 Jan 1959

(5) Orland LeRoy DUGAN* -------------------------------------------------- (See above)

Spouse: Isabell EASTERWOOD Birth Date: 11 Feb 1920

Marriage Date: 4 Dec 1939 Divorced:

Children: James Orland

Other spouses: Lorraine GRIFFIN Grace OCKFEN

(6) James Orland DUGAN* -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 30 Nov 1940

Spouse: Nancy MCWHORTER

Marriage Date: 4 Oct 1960 Divorced:

Children: Loren Jay Sean Patrick

Other spouses: Cheryl F. PALMER

(7) Loren Jay DUGAN -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 23 Sep 1961

(7) Sean Patrick DUGAN -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 1 Jan 1965

(6) James Orland DUGAN* -------------------------------------------------- (See above)

Spouse: Cheryl F. PALMER

Marriage Date: 3 May 1968

Children: Cory Lee

Other spouses: Nancy MCWHORTER

(7) Cory Lee DUGAN -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 19 May 1970

(5) Orland LeRoy DUGAN* -------------------------------------------------- (See above)

Spouse: Grace OCKFEN

Marriage Date: 23 Dec 1965

Other spouses: Lorraine GRIFFIN Isabell EASTERWOOD

(5) Raymond Ellsworth DUGAN* -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 3 Dec 1919

Spouse: Fern WORLEY

Marriage Date: 17 Feb 1947

Other spouses: Joyce HARRIS

(5) Raymond Ellsworth DUGAN* -------------------------------------------------- (See above)

Spouse: Joyce HARRIS

Marriage Date: 22 Mar 1955

Children: Jackie Ray Kathy Lynn

Other spouses: Fern WORLEY

(6) Jackie Ray DUGAN -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 26 Oct 1956

(6) Kathy Lynn DUGAN -------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 26 Jan 1960

(4) Walter DUGAN -------------------------------------------------- Death Date: Circa 1970

(4) DUGAN --------------------------------------------------

Spouse: YORK

Children: William

(5) William YORK --------------------------------------------------

(4) Naomi DUGAN --------------------------------------------------

Spouse: Ted STALFORD

Children: Juanita

(5) Juanita STALFORD --------------------------------------------------

Spouse: KELLY

Children: Ardith Kletus

(6) Ardith KELLY --------------------------------------------------

(6) Kletus KELLY --------------------------------------------------

Please document your Duggan Genealogy and send it to me for publishing and for the Archive. When you have new data, dates etc let me know and it will be published and archived too. These Archives will be available for many years to come...hopefully forever. For this reason, it is a good idea to include your mailing address so that interested parties can contact you years into the future.....cousin Lyman

end of nr 19

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