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William Duggan, an Irish immigrant, married into the James Hagan family in 1903. The first official record in the San Francisco directory of 1889 lists Hagan Undertakers as one of the pioneer funeral directors in San Francisco history. William worked for Hagan's and also ran a horse and carriage taxi service on his own. In 1916 William Duggan opened Duggan, O'Reilly and Carroll Funeral Directors. He later worked closely with his children for many years at Duggan's in San Francisco, further establishing the family tradition.

In 1963 Edwin J. (Bud) Duggan and his wife Madeline (Healey) founded Duggan's Serra Mortuary to establish an even better location to serve both San Francisco and the Peninsula. Madeline and her children, William, Maureen and Daniel are today all actively carrying on the family tradition.

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Unfortunately not much on the Duggan side. My grandfather, Phillip Michael Duggan, was born in San Francisco on October 1, 1888, in Berkeley, California, in a house my great grandfather bought in 1876. My Dad and his five brothers and one sister were all raised in that same house. My grandmother's side of the family have traced themselves back. My great great grandfather Patrick Considine was born in County Clare in about 1842. He married Anna Hogan and all six of their children were baptized in the parish of Rath, Killaloe.

My other great great grandfather Matthew McGrath was born about 1835 in Ireland and married Mary Coughlan. Their eleven children were all born in Tullare. Their youngest, Maria, married Patrick Considine's son, also Patrick. I don't know if they married in Ireland or not. But their oldest daughter, my grandmother Mary Agnes Considine, was born in San Francisco in 1891. My mother's maiden name is Kilty. Her father Harold Kilty was from an Irish family who settled in Minnesota in the late 1800's. He fought in World War I, and was later an Indian agent in California.

My grandmother's family was a German family in Maryland, and they apparently were not thrilled at their daughter's marriage to an Irishman. My Dad's family is pretty interesting. As the priest put in at my grandmother's funeral in 1981, she raised seven children--the oldest boy became a judge, the next an engineer, the third (my dad) a personnel officer for the state colleges, her only daughter became a nun, and the three youngest boys all became priests. All have stayed with their vows. The youngest is with the Archdiocese of SF and the others are retired.

I have eleven relatives with degrees from UC Berkeley, although I am the only one to graduate from Notre Dame. I am also the only one to make the military a career, having retired as a Lt Col judge advocate in 1993. I returned to the Bay Area and practice law in California. I am beginning to try to trace my paternal side of the family. I expect this is too much, but wasn't sure what you were looking for. Thanks for the interest.

............. Dear SJ Thank you for your email. It sounds like your Duggans are quite interesting. Have you made up a family tree? Can you give me the decendents of your ggrandfather who built the house in Berkley? can you find dates of birth/death...marriage data etc...hope to hear from you soon...................Lyman

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Duggan 49 Wellfleet Dr, W Springfield, MA 01089-1672 (413) 737-6552

A Duggan 29 Alcott St, Acton, MA 01720-5546 (508) 635-9447

A Duggan 6600 Kennedy Blvd E Apt 17g, West New York, NJ 07093-4227 (201) 869-8429

A Duggan 60 Rutgers Pl, River Edge, NJ 07661-2515 (201) 342-4448

A Duggan 27 E 39th St, Beach Haven, NJ 08008-4039 (609) 361-9145

A Duggan 13 Oaks Dr Apt 20, Mays Landing, NJ 08330-8916 (609) 625-1328

A Duggan 6 Indian Run, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648-1082 (609) 896-3127

A Duggan 487 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215-4038 (718) 788-3680

A Duggan 351 Main St Apt 3, Bolivar, NY 14715-1137 (716) 928-1465

A Duggan 11718 Denman Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19154-3616 (215) 637-6046

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Slainte, We are in Dougan, Doghan, Doogan, Duggan, etc. country. We do a lot of research on the name. We can also trade newsletters. Regards, Padriac O'Dochartaigh, O'Doherty's, Inch Island, Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Ireland

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Hi there Lyman, I was just browsing through the internet pages and was surprised to come across the Duggan newsletter !!!!! Very impressive . I'm from Galway city on the west coast of Ireland ....one of a family of nine children. I should ask my Dad about any connections we have with the States ......perhaps there could be some information worth having, Anyways....talk to you soon, Slan, William (Liam).

William....great to get your email and glad that you enjoy the Duggan Page! did you see the file on William??? any connections? hope to get over to Cork soon....first time in Ireland...big sailing regatta there...trying to arrange a flight out of Tampa Perhaps we will meet! Hope you have a lot of family data to add to the Duggan page! your cousin.................Lyman .

Lyman, I just landed upon your website last night and was thrilled to find you! My name is Joan Dugan Wilson and I have been researching my ancestors, including the Dugan line for many years. Unfortunately, I've been a lot more successful with my mother's side, and my father's maternal side, than the Dugan side. My files are on Roots IV.

I would love to receive your newsletters! How do I access the old ones? Can you put me on your list for new ones? Here's a bit of info about our Dugan line. My father is James Edward Dugan and lives in Corning, NY. His father was Benjamin Evan Dugan (b. 16 October 1876) from -- we believe - Detroit, Michigan. Benjamin married Edith Jane Stewart from Hornby, NY, and spent most of his life working a farm in upstate NY. Benjamin's father was John Dugan (yep, another John).

John was born in Ireland, but I don't know where. He married Sarah Evans Dugan who was from Canada. He must have emigrated to the US and spent some time in Michigan, but details are very slim. We believe that John and Sarah had other children besides Benjamin. We believe his brothers and sisters names were: William James, Alexander Thomas, John Wiley, Margaret Frances and Mary.

My family would be thrilled if we could learn anything more about John or Benjamin's life in Michigan (and --we think -- Benjamin spent some time in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada. We would also love to learn more about Sarah Evans, Benjamin's wife (may have also been called "Mary"). Please write when you can. Thanks. Joan D. Wilson

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Subject: Duggan from Endicott, NY

Copies to: Lyman@cyberspy.com

Dear Carole, My name is Luann Hughes DeVries, I am a Duggan and therefor on the Duggan News letter. I read the news letter #15 and saw your note to Lyman. I was wondering if the man you were refering to is by any chance named Vincent D. Duggan of 1054 Sarah Lane, Endicott, NY 13760 ? The names and dates you gave are the same.

I am also researching the Duggan name from Co. Tipperary, the town of Cahir. I have been there several times and found family. I first heard of Vincent when I was there and a cousin P.J. Duggan showed me a letter from him and asked me to answer the letter for him because he does not like to write letters. I turned out this P.J. had a picture of himself sitting on the lap of his "God-Father" who I believe if I remember correctly was Vincent's Great-Uncle. WHAT A SMALL WORLD!!!

I am gathering all my Duggan information, births - deaths - marriages, etc. to send in to post on the news letter hoping to find some connections. Most of them however seem to be from Canada, and not from the Tipperary region in Ireland. Hope to her from you soon. I will send in the information that Vincent and I both have gathered over time to the news letter. Bye for now,

Luann, devries@macatawa.org ................................

Luann....thanks for the carbon copy! have you tried loading dug1-16 off my homepage and then using find to search for vincent....there may be a few there! excited about reciving your data! do you have it on the computer? if so you could send it in as a GED file .........cheers, Lyman

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Subject: Duggan Baptismals from Ireland

Here is some information I copied myself out of the Parish record from Ireland. County Tipperary, Parish of Cahir. Hope this is helpful to some one so you won't need to spend the money or time to write for any of these from the Heritage Centers if this is your family.

Some of these are also from Vincent Duggan from Endicott, NY whom Carole E. Caruso mentioned in News letter #15. I got in contact with Vincent in a most interesting way. On one of my trips to Ireland visiting a relative by the name of P.J. Duggan, whom does not like to write letters at all! He absolutly refuses to. He gave me a letter he got from 'some one' in the state of NY who is a Duggan, and asked me if I would answer the letter for him seeing as we are related and have the same family any way. I said OK.

Shortening my story P.J. had a picture he carried in his pocket of him self at his Baptism sitting on his God-Fathers lap. This God-Father of P.J.'s just happend to be the Great Uncle of Vincent Duggan whom he wrote to P.J. asking if he knew anything about. IT'S A SMALL WORLD IS'NT IT!!!!! Any way here are some of mine and Vincent's records. Excuse some of the Moroney names scattered among the Duggan. My Moroney married into the Duggans. I will use Caps for the Duggan names-I am not shouting.

John Moroney baptised 25/11/1810 Parents: Edmund Moroney and Judith DUGGAN Address: Barnorha Sponsors: John Fannin and Brigid Dwyer Parish: Cahir
Mary Morrony baptised 15/8/1813 Parents: Edmund Morrony and Jane DUGGAN Sponsors: John Ryan and Margaret DUGGAN Parish: Cahir
Mary Morony baptised 10/5/1815 Parents: Edmund Morony and Judith DUGGIN Sponsors: Denis O'Brien and Ellen Kennelly Parish: Cahir
Patrick Moroney baptised 27/3/1818 Parents: Edmund Moroney and Joanna DUGGAN Sponsors: James Kennelly and Catherine DUGGAN Parish: Cahir
Catherine Morowney baptised 28/11/1820 Parents: Edmund Morowney and Joanna DUGHAN Sponsors: John Guiery and Margaret Guiery Parish: Cahir
Joanna Morrowny baptised 4/4/1823 Parents: Edmund Morrowny and Joanna DUGHAN Sponsors: John Mullowny and Anne Dillon Parish: Cahir
Edmund Murrowny baptised 2/8/1825 (this is my g.g.grandpa) Parents: Edmund Murrowny and Joanna DUGHAN (my g.g.g.grandparents) Address: Not Given Sponsors: Thomas Keating and Mary Donnell Parish: Cahir
Johanna DUGGAN baptised 8/2/1780 (my g.g.g.grandmother)(above) Address: Cahir Parents: Dermot DUGGAN and Ann Jackson (my g.g.g.g.grandparents) Sponsors: John Connell and Mary Anglin Parish: Cahir
---the following is a brother and sister to Johanna DUGGAN.--- Helen DUGGAN baptised 8/4/1782 Address: Cahir Parents: Dermot DUGGAN and Ann Jackson Sponsors: William Mullins and Helen Cunningham Parish: Cahir
Cornelius DUGGAN baptised 21/11/1784 Address: Cahir Parents: Dermot DUGGAN and Ann Jackson Sponsors: William Donnell and Johanna Donnell Parish: Cahir
Other DUGGAN individuals: Thomas DUGGAN baptised 15/8/1858 Parents: Denis DUGGAN and Mary DUGGAN Address: Ballinanorah Sponsors: Patrick Connell and Bridid O'Donnell Parish: Cahir
Denis DUGGAN baptised 23/6/1861 Parents: Denis and Mary DUGGAN Address: Ballinanorah Sponsors: David Roache and Hanna Martin Parish: Cahir Patrick DUGGAN baptised 13/3/1863 Parents: Denis and Mary DUGGAN Address: Carigeen Sponsors: Michael Ryan and Catherine DUGGAN Parish: Cahir
Denis DUGGAN married Margaret Kennedy 21/4/1855 Witnesses: David Doolan and Catherine Brien Parish: Cahir NOTE:Denis DUGGAN appears in Griffiths Valuation 1850 as the occupier of a house and garden with an area of 10 perches and a net annual value of 10 shillings (house valued at 9 shillings and the garden valued at 1 shilling). He was renting this property from Sir John Repton and it was situated in the townland of Carrigeen.
Denis DUGGAN baptised 17/12/1843 Parents: Michael DUGGAN and M. O'Sullivan Sponsores: John Dillon and J. O'Sullivan Parish: Cahir
Denis DUGGAN baptised 13/8/1853 Parents: Denis DUGGAN and Ellen Cleary Address: Cork Road Sponsors: Michael DUGGAN and Mary Dwan Parish: Cahir
Denis DUGGAN married Mary DUGGAN from Kilcommon 20/2/1844 Witnesses: Edmund Lonergan and Alice Heelan Parish: Cahir Priest: Stephen M. Lonergan Denis DUGGAN married Margaret Kennedy 21/4/1855 Witnesses: David Doolan and Catherine Brien Parish: Cahir Priest: M. Maxey
Denis DUGGAN married Johanna Cleary 27/11/1847 Witnesses: Richard Dillon and Mary Cleary Address: Cloheennafishoge Parish: Ballylooby (just south of Cahir) Priest: Thomas Qualy
Andrew DUGGAN baptised 08/1/1837 Parents: Denis DUGGAN and Joanna O'Ryan Sponsors: J.Byrne and C. Dillon Parish: Cahir
Edmund DUGGAN baptised 13/3/1854 Parents: Denis DUGGAN and M. DUGGAN Address: Ballinnanorough Sponsors: James DUGGAN and C. Norris Parish: Cahir
Thomas DUGGAN baptised 15/8/1858 Parents: Denis DUGGAN and Mary DUGGAN Address: Ballenanoraha Sponsors: Patrick Connell and Brigid Donnell Parish: Cahir
James DUGGAN baptised 14/9/1777 Parents: Denis Duggan and Catherine DUGGAN Address: Carigeen Sponsors: Michael Donnell and Helen Flood Parish: Cahir
Joanna Duggan baptised 30/4/1847 Parents: Denis Duggan and Mary Duggan Address: Cool Aponsors: Patrick Guiry and Margaret Lonnergan Parish: Cahir
John DUGGAN baptised 24/8/1845 Parents: Denis DUGGAN and M. DUGGAN Address: Clonmore Aponsors: John DUGGAN and E. O'Dwyer Parish: Cahir
Patrick DUGGAN baptised 13/3/1863 Parents: Denis DUGGAN and Mary DUGGAN Address: Carigeen Sponsors: Michael Ryan and Catherine DUGGAN Parish: Cahir
Ann DUGGAN baptised 30/1/1842 Parents: Denis DUGGAN and Johanna O'Ryan Sponsors: John Eagan and Mary Tobin Parish: Cahir Catherine DUGGAN baptised 13/10/1840 Parents: Denis DUGGAN and Joanna O'Ryan Address: Tipperary Road Sponsors: James DUGGAN and Honor Ahearn Parish: Cahir
William DUGGAN baptised 01/9/1844 Parents: Denis DUGGAN and J. Ryan Sponsors: Richard Dillion and C. Lonergan Parish: Cahir James DUGGAN baptised 27/8/1848 Parents: Denis DUGGAN and J. Cleary Address: Barrack Street Sponsors: Patrick Fogarty and J. DUGGAN Parish: Cahir
William DUGGAN baptised 05/7/1850 Parents: Denis DUGGAN and Johanna Cleary Address: Barrack Street Sponsors: Patrick Dwan and C. DUGGAN Parish: Cahir Andrew DUGGAN baptised 25/2/1780 Parents: Denis DUGGAN and Catherine Walsh Address: Carrigeen Sponsors: Edmund Stapleton and Helen Brohan (alias Meara) Parish: Cahir
William DUGGAN baptised 30/7/1790 Parents: Denis DUGGAN and Catherine Walsh Address: Cahir Aponsors: John Hickey and Mary Archer Parish: Cahir James DUGGAN baptised 27/4/1851] Parents: Denis DUGGAN and M. DUGGAN Address: Ballynanornah Sponsors: Michael Mulcahy and E. DUGGAN Parish: Cahir
Joseph DUGGAN baptised 30/6/1810 Parents: Denis DUGGAN and Catherine DUGGAN Sponsors: John Kent and Ellen Hogan Parish: St. Mary's, Clonmel Unknown (P. John ?) DUGGAN baptised 27/8/1786 Address: Ballinanonhich Parents: John DUGGAN and Ellen O'Donnell Sponsor: Michael Donnel Parish: Cahir
Margaret DUGGAN baptised 21/11/1790 Address: Ballynanonagh Parents: John DUGGAN and Ellen Donell Sponsors: James Bryan and Mary Donell Parish: Cahir Michael DUGAN baptised 17/9/1786 Address: Lisava Parents: John DUGAN and Mary Crotty Sponsors: Patrick Meager and Margaret Shea Parish: Cahir
Denis DUGAN baptised 3/12/1791 Parents: John DUGAN and Mary Crotty Sponsors: James Healy and Janet Wallis John DUGGAN married Mary Giery 18/2/1811 Witnesses: William DUGGAN and Catherine Hickey Parish: Cahir

That's all for now, I also have a few Cemetaries I have recorded with the help of P.J.--I should say P.J. did all of them with a man named Peter Looney whom died a few years back. Peter Looney is the man who gave Presidend Regan a tour of the area when he wanted to see where his family came from. Peter was a local Historian/Athority along with Cousin P.J. DUGGAN. I can give you the tomb stone inscriptions (leaving out the rest) of all the DUGGAN's we have found to this point in the Cemetaries in a radious of about 5 miles from the towns of Cahir and Clonmel in Co. Tipp. Luann (devries@macatawa.org)

Lyman Duggan, greeting from the Midwest! My cousin, Annemarie Duggan Ugrovics gave me your name.

I am Alice Duggan Kissling's daughter, Grandpa William came from Lismoore, Co Waterford. I am wondering if you have any info on Duggans who may be involved in Celtic music...I have been studying the harp for about five years now, and it is getting to be a major life interest. It helps to live n Madison Wisconsin...there is a vital group of folk musicians here, and an ever increasing number of folk-harpists. Anyone on your list making music? I'd be very interested in what family information you have...Annemarie is an enthusiastic, but sketchy correspondent, and I don't really know what your Duggan work is all about. I look forward to hearing from you! Where are you located? Alice K ....................Alice Kissling <ajk@paper-less.com>

Hi Alice....thanks for your email and the family data. I hope that you can give us some more information on your family...dates etc. I will post your mail on the next newsletter in hopes that you will find those you seek. You can find all the newsletters and more off my homepage which is listed on the trailer of this email...Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you agian soon! .....Lyman

Please document your Duggan Genealogy and send it to me for publishing and for the Archive. When you have new data, dates etc let me know and it will be published and archived too. These Archives will be available for many years to come...hopefully forever. For this reason, it is a good idea to include your mailing address so that interested parties can contact you years into the future.....cousin Lyman

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