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From:            Lois Streimer <>
Subject:         Looking for Dugane

Thank you for the transcription of the 1900 New York Soundex!
I found my Grandmother Alice Dugane. I am looking for her father James S.Dugane
who was born in New York on 7 August 1840. Perhaps, my
grandmother's aunt (James S. Dugane's sister) was married to an Ira
Jenkins who is identified as my grandmother's uncle in the 1900 census
soundex. I have no information on any Dugane's other than I know my
grandmother was born in 1891(in Iowa) and named Carrie Alyce Dugane. I
also know that she went to live with an aunt and uncle in New York,
because the Dugane family in Iowa was too poor to support her!

Do you have any ideas how I might begin a search for "Dugane"?
Do you think the surname derived from the surname "Dugan", "Dougan" or
"Duggan"? I recall my grandmother saying I had Irish bloodlines :) Thanks
for any help you might offer me. Lois


Hello Lyman! I was recently doing a non related web search and came across
your web site and was very excited! My maiden name is Amy Jo Duggan and I
am the daughter of John Warren Duggan. ..the oldest of Patricia (Priscilla)
Logston (married name Duggan) and John Wallace Duggan. I have an uncle
Daniel Duggan who has done most of our family research on our family tree.
I have been told that I have an uncle Lyman. ..but I am not sure from where
in the family he is from.

Have you heard of my side of the family? From what I know (my father won't
talk about his father John Wallace.....he left the family)...we do come from Ireland.

Amy Jo Johnson (Duggan) <>

Subject:         Doohan name

Hi Lyman,

I would add my ancestor to your archives.
Hugh Doohan was born June 22, 1893 in Ireland.  He emigrated from Dublin
where he said he was from.  He emigrated circa 1911-1915.  He lived in
Philadelphia PA but is not in the 1910 or 1920 census.  He married
Catherine O' Rouke.  They had one daughter Mary who married Frederick
Heyse.  Hugh Doohan is my husband's grandfather.  He served briefly at the
end of WWI and I have a service record, and SS#.  He was a chauffer in the
Philadelphia area for many years.  As he is not in the census, I have not
been able to determine his year of immigration.  He had a brother in the
Philadelphia area named James who was born 1899.  He had one other brother
in America but his name is unknown.

Thanks for any help

Sherrie Heyse

From:            "Joyce Eich" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Dugan
Date sent:       Mon, 13 Dec 1999 23:32:42 -0500

Have you seen any Dugans in Clarion Co., PA?  Have Grace as baptismal
sponsor to Patrick McGrorty in 1893 and Patrick and Anna as sponsors to my
grandmother Elizabeth McGrorty in 1896.  Thanks.

From:            John Lucas <>
Subject:         Sharing of My Hyman Database

I am about to send each of you two separate emails relative to my Hyman
line.  The first email file (see attached) contains my Hyman database. The
second e-mail, which I will send immediacy following this email, contains
some queries and observations.  Any help you can provide will be greatly
appreciated.  I descend from the following Hyman line:

(1)Hugh Hyman I (b: abt 1700/1702 -- d: 15 Jan 1757)
(2)Thomas Hyman I (b: abt 1734 -- d: bet 1773/1774)
(3)Thomas Hyman II (b: abt 1762 -- d: Aug 1820)
(4)Needham Hyman, Sr. (b: abt 1787 -- d: 1757)
(5)John Guilford Hyman (b: 8 Apr 1837 -- d: 9 Oct 1888)
(6)Forrest Southerland Hyman, Sr. (b: 3 Jun 1877 -- 29 Oct 1947)
(7)Mary Elizabeth Hyman (b: 19 Mar 1916)
(8)John V. Lucas, Jr. (b: 22 Jul 1938) - That's me

Cousin John

John V. Lucas, Jr.
Apt 215
5500 Holmes Run Parkway
Alexandria, VA. 22304
Phone: 703-370-7743

ed note: Click here to see the Hyman Data Base. There are several Duggan/Dugans and they will show in the search engine the next time it is spidered.

From:            "Danny Duggan" <>

     Hello!  I was looking at your web page and thought I would drop you a line.  It's nice to see you have created such a nice page.
     I grew up in Tampa and moved to NC in 1983 to attend college and start my career.  My dad (Robert D. Duggan) lives in
     Boca Raton and my grandmother (Lois Duggan lives in Titusville).  Unfortunately grandpa (Edward J. Duggan) passed away
     in early 1987; my grandparent's family lived in Mauldin, MA.  My brother also lives here in NC.  He and I both
     graduated from Leto High School there in Tampa before we went away to college.

From:            "Alison Bigbee" <>
Subject:         Decendants of Robert Dugan-Fayette County, PA

Hi, My name is Alison Bigbee and I am currently researching my husband's
family tree--I found your web page and was extremely interested in the
descendants of Robert Dugan (he died abt. 1804 in Fayette County,
Pennsylvania).  When I clicked on "Decendants of Robert Dugan" on your web
page, the page did not open. I was trying to find a connection between
Robert and his great-granddaughter, Catherine Dugan Beck.  I possess some
of her letters which describe some of the family history, namely her
father's name, her grandmother's maiden name (McClelland), etc.  My
husband's g,g,g grandmother is Catherine Beck's sister.  Sorry if this is
all confusing, I didn't mean to go into so much detail, but I would be
really interested if you had some information or could direct me to the
appropriate place that would help me make the connection.  Thank you for
your time, Alison Bigbee


From:            Doug Rash <rash@lab.GOV.AB.CA>

Hi Lyman, I want to thank you for the info i got from your home page. I'm
born William Duggan. My roots started in Built Wells Wales. Through the
info from you I tracked a few relatives and now have  a pretty good size
family tree. Thanks again.

William Duggan of Ireland(Ulster) file is updated.. Click here

Date sent:       Fri, 31 Dec 1999 14:05:29 EST
Subject:         ROBERT DUGAN of Fayette Co. PA

Dear Lyman:

Your home page is most informative.  I have found two possible connections on it! I was wondering if you could send me the file on
I believe this to be one of my connections.  I would appreciate this file or any
information that you may have Robert Dugan and his Decendants.

Thank you very much,

G. R.  Hunter

Subject:         Another Duggan Descendant

Hello Lyman:
I have just visited the Duggan website for the very first time. Very
impressive. My niece, Gwendolyn Devereaux Plyler (her mother - Loydale
Duggan Riddle and I ( Geraldine Duggan Gracie, are sisters.) has no doubt
contributed to the website under descendents of Hugh Duggan.  I couldn't
find anything from her and was unable to follow what Carline Doyle had
sent you.  (She is a distant cousin from same line). My father was William
Arno Duggan, his father was Annis Arno Duggan, whose father was Robert
Duggan.  Robert Duggan's father was Hugh Duggan and his wife's name was
Margaret Wilson Duggan. I coujld go back further but I'm sure Gwendolyn
has already submitted that information. I am going to forward your website
address to my children so they may view some of their ancestor's records.
If you are interested in my descendants they are: (My husband was Wallace
Burt Gracie who died in 1997) Jerry Joseph Gracie, born 11/12/51, in
Berkeley, California.  Married Vickie Rae Harcourt in 1975; no blood
issure, but they have one son whom they adopted.  Andrew Joseph Gracie who
was born in March of 1979. My other child is a daughter, Cheryl Denise
Gracie, born 1/21/58, in Montgomery, Alabama.  She married James William
Secomb August 21, 1980. They have four children:  Mark Thomas Secomb, born
May, 1986 Ellen Elizabeth Secomb, born August 1988,  Emily Ann Secomb,
born October, 1991 and Laura Kathleen Secomb, born in May 1994. Greetings
to all my living Duggan relatives! You are doing a great work. Geraldine
Wanda Duggan Gracie (born 8/4/29 in St. Louis, Oklahoma)

From:            "Mave Atherton" <>
Subject:         Duggan, Dugan, Dougan iformation

Helo Lyman

My name is Mave Atherton.  My e-mail is
Love to hear from anyone who may be able to help me trace a new family.  I
don't know if you are able to put such requests onto the screen.

Very interested to read all the info on Dugan-Duggan Families.  Not long
been on internet so this is new to me.

I am Looking for

Ira Dugan- Duggan- Dougan.  You've guessed. I was adopted in 1945 as a
baby.  My father I am told was Ira and he may have come from Jackson
Alabamah.  I am not sure.  He was stationed near Boxmoor Hertfordshire
England in 1944-45. with the American Airforce.  He took ariel
photographs. Possible family connections with Levin.  If anyone knows of
Ira or a family member who would contact me it would be wonderful to find
if I have any sisters or brothers.  I don't want to invade anyones family
privicy, as it isn't easy for someone out there to accept they have a new
family member after all these years, but it is a perculiar feeling to me I
just have to find someone.

I found my birth Mother who is from Scotland some 20 years ago and we have
a happy relationship.  It would be great to find information leading to my

One Ira was mentioned as the grandfather of Rick Dugan on pagees 1-16.
Ricks address White House near Nashville TN USA.  If you are out there
Rick please E-mail me.  I just may be related.

Hope to hear from you Lyman, Thanks.


From:            "Catherine Pearcey" <>

I am the great-great-granddaughter of Thomas William Grafton Grattan (one
of Edward G-G's children).  You mention in Section 3.3.4 c  that Thomas
William married Juliet Mudie.  He did.  But before that, at St Bartholomew
the Great, London 1842, he married Eliza Smith.  They had (as far as I can

William Grattan ch 1843 at St Botolph Without Aldersgate, London
Walter Grattan (my great-grandfather) born1852 in Islington, London
Emma Caroline Grattan ch 1856 in Hounslow, London.

There may be others.

I have recently traced another descendant of Walter Grattan and she
assures me, after years of tracing the family tree, that Edward Grafton
Grattan was originally called Edward Alport Grafton.  She doesn't know
where the Grattan name suddenly appeared from - but it does appear on
subsequent documents.

I have only just been in touch and am awaiting further details from her.
Would you be at all interested in anything along this family line?  For
the time being I just wanted to make sure you know of the first marriage
of Thomas William Grafton Grattan mentioned above.

Best wishes, and thanks for being there when I did my Grafton Grattan
internet search!  You've helped me a lot.

Cathy Pearcey

From:            duggan58 <>

Dear Lyman,
 I have been doing some genealogy on the Duggans for my husbands family
for a few years now, and have exhausted ever lead I have had. I have
traced them into Ireland, County Cork, around Dubhagen, around the 1820's
and have a maiden name on Eliza, but i am stalled....any ideas for me? I
show them coming to America together, staying in New York for a while,
having a child there, then moving to Missouri, having a child there, then
moving to Dubuque Iowa area, which is where we are located, and staying
here. There was a large clan of Duggans here around the time they got
here, but I have not been able to establish if they were related, which i
am assuming they were, but have seen no actual evidence to support my
theory. Any insight you could give me would be most helpful, and
appreciated. The original Duggan that cam was Cornelius Duggan, and his
wife Eliza(beth) around 1820's, thank you so much. Judi Duggan 2005
Simpson Street Dubuque Iowa 52003 319-582-6881

ed note: Judi the new search engine on the main page and this page may help now or in the future.

Date sent:       Mon, 10 Jan 2000 13:51:51 -0500
From:            Thomas Pound <>
To:              Lyman Duggan <>
Subject:         Thomas Duggan - Savannah

Lyman -

I am looking for any info on my grandfather.  He was Thomas Lawrence
Duggan, born 1890's, and married to Mary Etta Mikell.  They lived in
Savannah. He died in the 1940's.  He was married to Mary Etta Mikell of
Statesboro, Ga. (?).  They had two children, Harold and Mary Louise (my
mother).  He had a brother Frank who lived in California at his death in
the 60's.  I have searched the Internet extensively for my grandparents
lineage to no avail.  Any help will be appreciated.

                    Thomas Duggan Pound
                    Jacksonville, FL

ed note: I tried "Mikell" on the search engine but no joy. I also tried Thomas Lawrence but they do not occurr together.
             There are a couple of matches for Savannah.

Subject:         searching for my relatives

My name is Christopher Kevin Dugan.  My father's name was Charles Joseph Dugan
from Philadelphia, PA. Born: 1911.  His parents' names were FrancisBasil Dugan
and wife Mary Agnes Dugan (McCabe).   Childrens' names:

  All in Philadelphia, PA. ( Agnes married Henry Strong approx. 1930.)
  Anyone who feels that they could be a relation to me please feel free to
  E-mail me.

 P.S. Francis and Mary's parents were born in Ireland.

From:            "D. Leckie" <>

We are interested in finding any information, or how to find the
information on the inter-net, regarding our family name of "DUGGAN".
The info we have is the town of Inniskillin in the county of Fermeagh. in
Ireland. Please note spelling of town  & county may not be correct.

Apparently Mr. James Duggan came over to Canada around the time of the
Potatoe famine. He would be my grandfather (Clarence Ambrose Duggan  D.O.
B Sept 17 1926-27), his great grandfather.

We also have the following info:

James Duggan (above) had a son also James Duggan who died around 1956 and
was around 80 some years old. Son James had a son named Clarance Ambrose
Duggan who was born as above (and is still living) who had a son Michael
Gerard Duggan born Feb 21, 1947 who had me Michael James Duggan born
December 16, 1977.

Any help you maybe able to give will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you once again.

Michael Duggan

From:            "Rick Carr" <>
Subject:         duggans in ireland

for more information on the duggan family in ireland please contact j p duggan
19 cedarmount road mount merion co dublin ireland

From:            Mary Ellen Duggan <>

Dear Lyman-Duggan,
I received your site information from Bob Duggan (very helpful)-I am
beginning to trace my family-tree and I really don't know where to begin.
So, if you can give me hints on how I can start please HELP!

My father passed away when I was 11 years old and I don't have much to
go on.....however, my dad's name is Paul John Duggan born 8-10-1917, in
Penn. moved to Calif.... in the 70's.  My grandparents names are Bernard
A. Duggan & Mary Ellen (Gaffney) Duggan.  Any information would be greatly
appreciated .  I haven't read all the news letters yet-so hopefully I will
find some information.

                                     Thank you, Mary Ellen Duggan

From:            Bill Stimson <>

Dear folks,

I have been researching Ryans in the lot 53/Cardigan area of PEI, where I
have gone back to my gggrandfather Patrick Ryan who married Catherine
Duggan 1806 - 1873.  Catherine is buried at Georgetown next to her
(believed) father, William Duggan 1778 - 1843.  I read with interest the
various PEI references on the Duggan web site and am wondering if there
are any links with the above to your research.  Glad to contribute what
little I know.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Regards,  Bill Stimson

From:            "Familymail" <>
Subject:         Duggan Reseach

Hi Lyman my name is Ria Bonus. My dad  was Thomas McCoy he married Noreen
Duggan and I just have found out that our grandfather (her father) was
born with the name Mannix how could that be?

ed note:  Ria where are you? What country? From your email address it appears as though you
              might be in Ireland!


Hi! looking for my stepsons, Michael, Mitchell, Brandon Duggan. They
probably don't remember their father, but he would like to see them. I
thought they might look for him or be courious about their name. If they
want to contact me e-mail or call 972-824-2845. We
live in the DFW area. Thanks  for the time and we would like to know more.
C. Duggan

Date sent:       Sat, 22 Jan 2000 00:13:41 -0800
From:            Linda Naranjo <>
Subject:         Dugan

I just read the latest newsletter with a message from Nancy
B Dugan of Branford, CT, wanting to get in touch with me.  I
had failed to give you my mailing address.  It sounds like
we may be related.  In case she doesn't receive my email,
I'll send my address to you.  Linda Naranjo, 9811 Waters Ave
S, Seattle, WA  98118.
Thanks for your website!

From:            "Jen Hinrichs" <>
                      Nebraska Dugans

    My name is Jennie Dugan-Hinrichs.  My father was Michael Joseph Dugan,
    born April 21, 1937 in Omaha, Nebraska, died December 14, 1999 in
    Omaha, NE.  His father was Gerald Cletus Dugan, born September 29,
    1911 in Primrose, Nebraska, died Sepember 20, 1994 in Omaha, NE. His
    mother was Wilma M. Bloom born December 8, 1911 in Omaha.  Gerald's
    father was Michael J. Dugan, born September 13, 1866 in Seneca, Ill,
    died December 20, 1958 in Omaha, NE. Gerald's mother was Mary J.
    Tinsley born March 5, 1875 in Iowa, died December 8, 1951 in Omaha,
    NE.  Michael's father was Patrick Dugan born in Ireland and died in
    Platte Center, Nebraska. His mother was Elizabeth Cudigan born in
    Ireland, died in Greeley, Nebraska.  This is all the information I
    have regarding my ancestory.  My family is taking a trip to Ireland in
    June, this summer.  I would love to see the land we came from, but
    more specifically, I would like to go to the village or parish and
    trace our roots.  I was hoping you have information on any of these
    people that may be helpful in determining what county our family was
    from and town.  Please let me know if you can help.  Thank you in
    advance for any help you can provide.

Jennie Dugan-Hinrichs

Subject:         Conklin/Dugan

Dear Lyman,
Your web site is so valuable.  I'm just beginning to research our family
line of Dugans.  My husband and his father are both named Robert Patrick
Dugan.  Robert Patrick, Sr's father is John Dugan (b. 20 May 1867) who
married Mary O'Hara.  Do you have any information on this line?

Thank You!
Mary and Bob Dugan


Date sent:       Sun, 23 Jan 2000 10:45:49 -0500
From:            Ernie Dugan <>

Lyman, I am trying to research where my GG-grandfather (Owen Duggan) came
from in Ireland. He landed in New Brunswick Ca in 1840 with his wife
Barbara Gallagher. Their second son Owen jr was born the same year around
Woodstock. Their first son Terrance was born in Ireland the year before. I
can not get the info on where the came from in Ireland. Any helpful hints?
My name is Ernie Dugan (one G) and I live on the coast of Maine. All the
family migrated to the Bangor area about 1850. thanks

From:            "judy duggan" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Duggan family
Date sent:       Sun, 23 Jan 2000 12:51:07 -0600

We are looking for Duggan family info orginating in Biloxi, Mississippi
and going back to Mass. the name is John Duggan.  The Biloxi family is
George Duggan and lived on Fayard street. They were fishermen and George
was  lost at sea about 1916.  Please let us know where to search for info.
Thanks,   George Duggan, Jr.,    York NE

Date sent:       Sun, 23 Jan 2000 20:28:52 -0600
From:            Dean Butler <>
To:Nancy Duggin <>,
        Elizabeth <>

Nancy Duggin (see address above) and I are descendants of the Duggans who
moved to Tennessee. Nancy found your Wm Duggan manuscript and called me
tonight and I immediately checked out your site. I have published a
manuscript on the Duggins (they changed the spelling) several years ago
and we are in the process of updating it. Nancy and her sister, Elizabeth,
are working on their line.

I noticed that you have a newsletter. We would like to know more about it
so that we can subscribe. I am a retired college professor whose mother
was Margaret (Maggie Bell) Duggin. She married a Butler. Margaret was the
granddaughter of Priestley Lester Duggin.  I taught at the Univ of Memphis
but now live in Middle TN where I ride horses and dance as often as I can.
I notice that you have interest in country dancing also. Hope to hear from
you soon. Dean Butler

From:            "Sinead Duggan" <>
Subject:         Irish Duggan

Listen, Theres so many Duggan's I dont know where to start!! And all these
issues? I mean, Do I have to look up every single one? Great pade all the

Ciara Mairead Duggan
Co. Carlow - Ireland

Date sent:       Tue, 25 Jan 2000 20:26:45 EST


My daughter and I have been doing geneology research (on and off) for over
20 years (and she's only 23).  We have again started the search for our
long lost family members.  We are looking for a Michael Duggan.  We know
that Michael married Ellenor (Ellen) Sullivan McDonald in Savannah in
November 1844.  [We know that Ellenor was married to Christopher McDonald
in Savannah on April 22, 1837 and that she was born in Ireland.
Therefore, she had to have come over on a boat before 1837.  Michael
Duggan was also a witness to Christopher's will (March 1844).]  Their son
William Henry married Caroline Satilla (Carrie) Mizell (Mrs. Ollie
O'Brien) Oct. 25 1887.  They had one son, Eugene Sydney (b. April 6,
1890).  When Eugene was six he entered Bethesda Home for Boys in Savannah.
 His son William Warren was my father.  He was also born in Savannah in

We are really searching at this point for our roots back to Ireland
because my sister will be visiting there this summer.  We would like to be
able to point her in the right direction there to look for some distant

Thanks for any tips you might have.  D.K. Duggan

From:            "rootsfta" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         searching for duggans
Date sent:       Wed, 26 Jan 2000 21:03:42 -0000

hi hope you can help im a brand new web user so hope im doing this ok!i am
trying to find a daniel and kathleen duggan(both quite old)and their
daughter grace ann.the last known adress is 170 hanover rd
willesden(london uk)in1963.grace is probably married by now and daniel and
kathleen could well be deceased.i would be very grateful for any help you
could give me!!!my e mail adress is

From:            Cheryl Hillman <>
Subject:         Duggan from Ireland to Ontario Canada

Hi my name is Joan Hillman and I have just started to research the
Duggan side of my family.  I would be interested in getting your news
letter.  I have spent a lot of time reading the back issues and haven't
found anyone that looks familiar.  Daniel Duggan came from Ireland,
(I don't know which county) around 1825 with his wife Catherine Dempsey. They
settled in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and had 4 children.  Cornelius Duggan
B1828 D1850, Johanna Duggan B1829 M1850 D1898, ( she was my
ggrandmother)Nora Duggan B1833 M1852 D1882, Mary Duggan B1838 and never
married.  Johanna married Robert Barrett in Hamilton, Ontario,Canada.  I
hope this information helps and someone can relate to these names. Joan
Hillman 15 Beston Drive Hamilton,Ontario Canada L8T 4W5 e-mail


I have been able to see up to newsletter #33. And I have found your
newsletter very helpful in find out information on the Duggan branch on my
tree. My connection is through Elizabeth Duggan (1818 - 1897) of
Sevierville, Tn, she married into the Allen's who I knew more about until
I found your site. This family connection is off my parternal's maternal
side. I would like to be able to get the newsletter and share any info.
that I have. Aimee

Subject:         Dugan here

Hello Lyman.  My name is Dawn L. Meisenheimer Lewis.  My mother, Mary
Beth, is a Dugan by birth.  Her father was Ralph Newton Dugan, born Feb.
13, 1913 and died July 5, 1992.  I believe he was born in Soldier, Kansas,
but I could be wrong.  He loved to play sports, and played several sports
in college at the University of Kansas.  He ended up coaching baseball at
KU for one year in the 40's.  He assisted basketball with Forrest "Phog"
Allen also.  He was in the army during WWII, but had some sort of foot
infection, so he ran the physical education program.  He was in Las Vegas,
and coached a team called the "horned toads."  He married Vera Zirger and
they ended up in Hiawatha, Kansas.  When my mother was born (1952?), they
stayed in Hiawatha, and Grandpa coached and taught driver's education,
physical education, and I believe, social studies.  Before he died, the
town named a day after him...Ralph "Red" Dugan Day.  There is a golf game
including some coaches from the University of Kansas.  A scholarship is
kept in his honor.

My Grandfather had several brothers and sisters.  There names were:  Clyde
Dugan (had polio and couldn't go to war), John Dugan (still living in his
90's in a nursing home in KS--a farmer), Dorothy Marie (Dugan) Wooster
(still living in her 80's at the Presbyterian Manor in Topeka, KS--was an
Army nurse in WWII--and worked for the VA hospital in Topeka for years.
She collected antiques and loved to grow roses.), Dicy Louellen (Dugan)
Reed (Dorothy's twin sister--they were born Sept. 6, 1916.  Dicy taught
and also was an operator.  She enjoyed sewing and I have a quilt she gave
me for college graduation.  Died in 1999), and Kenneth E. Dugan (Born May
10, 1921 in Soldier, KS.  Went to Kansas University and graduated from
Kansas State University with a degree in Physical Ed.  Worked at the
Menniger Foundation in Topeka, KS as a recreational therapist and retired
in 1986 as director of the recreational therapy/drug and alcohol abuse
unit.  He was a pilot in the Army Air Corps in WWII.  He played several
musical instruments, and played in the Arab Shrine Band, and founded the
Menniger Stage Band in 1951.  He loved to do many things including working
with radio control airplanes and had a ham radio.  He just died Dec. 21,

These 6 were the children of Edwin and Ethel Dugan.  Edwin's father was
John Franklin Dugan (b. 1853 and d. 1943).  He married Nancy Flora
Putniam?  Franklin's father was Sutton Fouler Dugan born 1814 in KY.  died
in 1898.  He married Mary Ann Walker (b. 1816 d.1904).

This is about it on the info I have, except that my mother, Mary Beth
Dugan, married my father, Thomas Ray Meisenheimer in 1969 at the age of
16.  I was born 3/22/70 when my father was 19 and my mother was 17.  They
were divorced a few years later, and my mother re-married.  She has been
married about 5 times.  I don't have much contact with her, and only know
family history from Aunt Dorothy--who is ailing right now.

Thank you for any connection you can give to other Dugans (Duggan or otherwise).

Dawn L. M. Lewis

Subject:         Eureka!!!!
From:            NANCY B DUGAN <>

Dear Lyman,
     After roughly 30 years of searching for my grandfather's brother's
family descendents, I've finally found a cousin!! (ref:  newsletter
#24/Linda Naranjo; ref: newsletter #40 - Sep 1999/Nancy B Dugan)  It
happened on Jan 21st when I received an e-mail answer to my request from
Linda Naranjo.  Turns out that our fathers were first cousins who never
knew each other due to a falling out between their fathers, Irvine
Tostevin Dugan and Maurice Kerr Dugan.  They  (Irvine & Maurice) were born
in St Paul, MN and were the sons of Robert & Margretta Dugan.
     Linda is sending me photos of her  grandfather's family, and I'm in
the process of TRYING to get photos reproduced of my grandfather's family
which will be extremely difficult as the pictures go back to around 1880
and they're really tightly set in the album.
     I can't thank you enough for your website - the dead end on our two
families has finally opened up and I'm looking forward to a wonderful time
of discovery from the past!!  I'll keep you updated!!  Thanks again!
     Nancy B Dugan

ed note:       :-)

From:            "jjeffrys" <>
Subject:         family tree

Hi there,

I am a descendant of Cronin's from Ireland. Do you have information on the
Ellen Cronin that married a Duggan. Thank you. Jo Anne

ed: the site search engine has located them "John Duggan and Ellen Cronin, m. May 24, 1837, Parish Bansha,
witnesses Patrick Cronin and John Murphy, (Cronin and Croneen in register)." see issue 34 for more info.

From:            "John Nero Jr." <>



I am looking for info regarding my maternal great-grandfather,
Patrick Dugan, and his wife Annie.
I believe they emigrated in the mid 1800's to the Philadelphia area.
They had seven sons, including my grandfather James J.
I have visited a gravesite at St. Bernard's parish in Indiana, PA,
which I was told by my late mother is theirs.
I remember visits by New York relatives, who lived mainly in Brooklyn, to
our haome in Burlington County New Jersey in the '50s -''70s, and clearly
recall that my mother's cousin John owned a concrete company in New
Castle, DE, which still bears his name, although he has been dead for
perhaps 20 years. I am planning to visit Ireland this year, but will only
go when I have a family destination to aim for. If these Dugan facts are
familiar to anyone, I would very much appreciate hearing from you. JD
Gross PO Box 2151 Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

Date sent:       Thu, 3 Feb 2000 16:28:07 EST
Subject:         DUGGAN

Hi! I am looking for information on Catherine Duggan from Ireland, Married
Thomas Wetherington Thet entered Canada about1864/70 via Newfoundland from
Uk. My name is Jon Wetherington. I saw where there are some who might have
info that would help in my search from the past. I saw a reference to
Tipperary Ireland. I wouild like more information on that source. jon W.

From:            James Palmer <>
Subject:         Duggan Family

Dear Lyman,

I noticed your web page and hope that you can help me.  I am doing
research into the family of Catherine Duggan born in Newfoundland on
October 31, 1876 and whose parents were Henry Duggan and Catherine Grace.
Any connection to your family?  Please advise. Thank you.  Regards. James.

ed note: see Newfoundland above two emails

From:            Luann DeVries <>
Organization:    Macatawa Bay Area History & Heritage
Subject:         My Duggan Info!

Hello Lyman,
   You have heard from me before, and have my Duggan info. on
'Archives', but now I am pleased to let you know that I have entered my
"DUGGAN" info. on a web site at the following address:

If the above link does not work, click here for Baptism Records.
Click here for Marriage Records

  Here you will find all the BAPTISM, MARRIAGE, and other information that
I have accumulated over my years of travel to Ireland.  My hope is that
this Information will be of some help to other Duggan family members.  If
it is of some use to other Duggan's, I would love to hear you!  Please
e.mail me at:  ......Thank You!   I would be honored if
you would add a link to my page, and I will do the same for you.

Luann Hughes DeVries (Duggan)

From:            "Chrissie Thompson" <>
Subject:         Duggan newsletter

Hello Lyman,
My name is Chrissie Duggan Thompson.  I have lived in Denver all of my
life and just began investigating my family history.  My parents moved to
Denver from White Plains, NY in 1959.  My father, Thomas Patrick Duggan,
was born in White Plains to Andrew Mark Duggan and Bridget Duggan
(maiden name O'Donoghue).  I would very much like to share information with the
other Duggans about my family history and also hope that they can share
with me. As I said, I have just begun this journey, and could use all the
help I can get!

My e-mail address is:
Chrissie Thompson
Location:  Aurora, CO
Birthdate:  10/08/1961
Occupation:  SAP Consultant

From:            "Ian Dann" <>
Subject:         Identity of Jack Duggan, the Wild Colonial Boy
Date sent:       Tue, 15 Feb 2000 11:22:39 +1100

Suspects -

1. My grandfather, Jack Duggan  born in 1878 at Chewton about  2 miles
from Castlemaine. 2. His son, Jack Jr born in 1907 at Castlemaine. 3. His
cousin's son, Jack born in 1916 at Castlemaine.

Evidence -

- My mother recalled her father regularly singing about himself although
he didn't seem to know all the words. - Jack Sr was certainly a colonial
boy, although results of our recent referendum don't rule the other Jacks
out either. - Jack Sr certainly had his wild moments, although my mother
didn't relate any boyhood stouches with the law. Perhaps she wasn't told
either. - Jack Sr was born of poor & honest parents, Tom & Agnes (nee
McCance) whereas the parents of the other Jacks, although not rich, were
not poor either.

Conclusion -

Forget about supposed Irish connections, since Tom Duggan and his father
Richard came from Glamorganshire in Wales. Perhaps the Irish connection
was through the McCances. The Wild Colonial Boy was John Robert Duggan
(1878-1950) a horse stable and later garage proprieter in Castlemaine,
born and buried at Chewton. So let's tak a right guid-willie waught for
auld Jack Duggan.

ed:  see the Wild Colonial Boy page.  click here

From:            Padraig & Una Duggan <>
Subject:         Duggan ancestry.

Excellent newsletter. Major amount of info to sift through.

My name is Padraig Duggan. My branch of the Duggan family come from
Longford. From my research, there seems to have been one recorded family
with the Duggan name in Co. Longford back in 1796, and I suspect all
Duggans in Longford come from this source.  I was interested in a
correspondance from a Scott Erwin regarding a Katie (AKA Kathleen) Duggan
whom he thought came from near Athlone in County Wexford. I am only aware
of an Athlone in County Westmeath which is only 30 miles from Longford. In
the 1901 census a Katie Duggan lived in Kilashee, Co. Longford and was
aged 13 at the time of the census. I'm not sure if this is the same
Kathleen Duggan he is referring to, but if he requires any more info could
he contact me at...   . I tried to contact him at
the given email address, but the message was never rec'd. I suspect he may
have changed his email address.

On another matter, Patrick Duggan and his sister Rosy Hatton emigrated to
Canadaigua, New York. They advertised in the 'Boston Pilot' on the 3rd of
Sept 1853 in an attempt to contact their sisters Betsy & Mary Duggan
(originally from Ballymacormack, Co. Longford in Ireland) who had
emmigrated to the Bay of Cheleur, Lower Canada. If anyone has any
knowledge of any of these individuals, I would be delighted to hear from

Padraig Duggan

From:            "Nick Duggan" <>

Hi - first contact - my family and I have been living in Brussels for 11
years -prior to that Somerset (UK) - back  further-Birmingham UK- Father
from Dublin ( left early 60's ) I guess family members still threre - just
need info . can you help ?

Nick Duggan.

ed note:  Nick we will try.  Please send all the family info that you have.

From:            "Duggan, Mike" <>

Another Duggan

Just seen your homepage for the first time, curiously enough when looking
at Terry Duggans homepage I noticed he mentioned an Ensor Duggan living(he
is now dead) in Builth Wells, grandfather.

Michael Duggan

Duggan Guitars?






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