Family Newsletter  44 August 2000

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Subject:         Searching for LaCrosse, WI, Dugans


Thanks for maintaining this page. My search for Dugan ancestors has been eased by your efforts, but alas, to no avail -- so far. Does anyone out there know of a Dugan family in LaCrosse, WI, about 1900? Lawrence Dugan, my grandfather, was a policeman in the LaCrosse PD. His wife was Ellen Conway. They had three children: John, b. 1900; Edward, b. c.1903; and Helen, b. c. 1906. John was my father, but family records were lost in a fire. I know details of the three children and their children, but virtually nothing of the grandparents and their ancestors. None of the references that I have seen on this Dugan Homepage seem to provide any links. Other names on the Conway side are, I believe, Charles Hoeschler (married Ellen Conway's sister); Don Welsh (a cousin via another Conway sister); and LaVeque (sp?), also a married name of a Conway sister). I think all of these people lived in or near LaCrosse at about 1900. I've had no connections thus far on any of these names either. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Terry Dugan


Dear Mr. Duggan,

I came across your site while looking other stuff up to do with the Reunion program for my Mac.  Great! Except: the one site of yours that applies to me could not be found; or my Mac could not find the server for that site. I am a computer novice, really, but all the other stuff did come up.

The site I am looking for is "Descendants of Robert Dugan of Fayette Co. PA d. abt 1804"  Do you know of any other way that I can pull this up?
I am going to Fayette Co. in July to the county seat, Uniontown, to the public library. They have a geneology specialist, with census records of
1790 to 1920, and old marriage certificates. She said that Connelsville's libray also had good research materials.

My father's ancestors from that area are Dugans, Longs, McClellands, Rushs, and, the one she knew all about, Thomas Gregg.  Actually, she knew
all these names well.

My father's mother copied from her mother's bible a family tree; and put down that :  James Dugan came to somewhere in America about 1748 from
County Armah or Derry, Ireland. he married a Mary Mason of Virginia.
One son, William Dugan, married a Ellinoir Middleton.

One of Wiliam's sons, John Dugan died in Connelsville,Fayette Co. and married a Catherine McClelland, whose family was from Maryland.
One of John's sons, another John Dugan, was a Col. in the PA Regiment, died in Connelsville, and married a Maria Gregg, daughter of Thomas Gregg
the inventor of the ballproof vessal which was patented in 1814 by the US govt. and used to build the Union's Civil War vessal.

 They had a daughter named Margaret, born Jul 18, 1827.  Margaret married Hiram C. Long, born April, 1819, on May 7, 1846. They had 11
 -Hiram died in July, 1865.
 -Margaret and kids went to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, perhaps by Kentucky, and Margaet died April 9, 1873.
 -Maria Agnes Long, a daughter of Margaret Dugan Long and Hiram, was born March 21, 1847, in Connelsville, and died in Kansas near Wichita Nov. 23,
 -Maria Agnes married a William James White, originally of Indiana. One daughter was Anna Estella White.
 -Anna married a Thomas Albert Jackson, and they both died in Yates Center, Kansas. One son, Edgar Earl Jackson, was my father.
 Of course, there were lots more childern along the way.  I think that the Robert Dugan of your site was a brother of my first William Dugan.

 My father, Ed Jackson, ended up in Austin, Tx, after WWII, where I grew up.  However, I married a Yankee, and now live in a suburb of Rochester,
NY. Maybe some of this will help someone else working on Dugans.  Please let me hear from you, if you would like any more information that I gather
this summer, or how I can read the site that i couldn't get.

 Thank you very much,
Sincerely,    Suzanne Jackson Nash
( my email address is through my husband who works at the Rochester Institute of Technology) Please excuse typing/ spelling errors.

From:            Charles Focht <>

Subject:         Looking for Bridget Dugan

 My name is Carol Cheney . I am researching my family. Could you tell me if you have a Bridget Dugan or Duggan in your name list . She was my great
-great -grandmother .She was married to James Clancy. Their children are Margaret (Meg) ,  Helen , Julia  ,Mary , Thomas, Lee . Meg was My Great
Grandmother. Bridget died in the early 1940's .  I appreciate any help you can give me
                                     Thank You
                                     Carol Cheney



B- MAY 1, 1794
Death:  21 DEC 1891 FREEBORN CO., MN









my name is roy dugan of ft worth tx ive been reading everyones letters its been great to  learn more about our family i personally find intersting the trates of our family likes dislikes hobbies and such in my family we joke alot and no one is left out we always tease it seems to be a way we say we care or love someone yet not all teasing is of endearment we also anger rather easy yet we have no trouble making friends our family has been rather close for many years yet as were older now were not so close yet when we get together thiers lots of laughter i would like to share such stories with other dugans  write to       thanks

Subject:         Dougan family tree

I'm so glad to have found you, though our names are not exactly spelled
the same.  I noticed that you listed Dougan as a header, but I could find
no links of family trees that anyone else with this particular spelling
may have created.

I am going to my Dougan family reunion (74 of us) in Calif. the end ofAugust
and would love to pass out a family tree for all of us.  Do you
know of a way you could help me find this information?  I know I don't
have much time, as I'm finding this is a considerable undertaking!!!

  Let me tell you what information Icurrently have on my ancestors.  My great, great grandfather was William Dougan (born April 25, 1833), who married Elizabeth Golway (born August 1,1849).  They were married January 16, 1866.  They raised 9 childrensomewhere in Canada and were originally from northern Ireland and were Presbyterians.

They bore the following children:  Sarah Elizabeth, Margaret Ann, William
Johnstone, Emeline Malissa, Orin Gibson, Harry Leslie, Perry Preston,
Carrie Lilian, and Murney Garfield (my grandfather) who married Ruth
Welch.  My grandparents raised their 7 children in Ontario and
Saskatchewan provinces and then migrated down to northern Calif. around 1925.

Kathleen Dougan Pyfer
2357 Douglas Drive
Eugene, Oregon  97405


From:            Terrie Bjorklund <>
Subject:         Michael Duggan of County Kerry Ireland

I just stumbled across your Duggan newsletter and would like to know if there is anyone out there who can connect to my Conecticutt Duggans.  My Michael Duggan is buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery in Hartford, CT.  On his marker it says "native of County Kerry Ireland".  Died August 18, 1872 at the age of 35.  In the 1870 Conecticutt census he is listed as a coachman.  He married Ann Brennan in Hartford at St. Patrick's (July 10, 1864.)  He had three daughters:  Mary Ann (born May 1, 1865), Hannora (born August 27, 1866), and Jane Theresa (born February 22, 1868).

Mary Ann is the only child who married and had children (my great grandfather, Patrick J. Sullivan married Mary Ann in Hartford.)  I would appreciate any help in finding out about this branch of the Duggan family.         Thanks so much!

From:            David Kelley <>
Subject:         Frank Dougan, Rankin County, Mississippi

My great grandfather Frank Dougan married Nannie Delilah Lee daughter of Everett Lee and Sarah Ann Anderson in Rankin County, Mississippi in 1879. Before
my grandmother Lena Lee Dougan was born in 1880 Frank Dougan left the family. I do not know what became of him. It has been suggested he had another
family and was believed to have been in Texas possibly the Dallas area. Thank you. David Kelley

 Hi I am looking for info about my grandfather. Joseph A. Duggan Born in Rochester, NY married to Ada Page. Move to Pittsburgh, Pa. some time in 1919 or 1920. My mother was the oldest child of four. Grandmother died in Dec, 26.1926 in Carrick section of Pittsburgh. Joseph at that time was listed as W.U.K.

Lois Buttler


I am trying to find info on Ralph and Devena Walker Duggan.  Actually, I'm trying to get some info on a baby girl adopted by them.  When I saw that
you were in Tampa I about croaked since this baby girl was born in Tampa on May 23, 1922.  They named her Mary Frances and moved to Severville, TN
shortly afterward.  I am a friend of Mary Frances' family and am trying to locate her birth sister (Helen Belk).  As you can see by the birthdate,
time is of the essence.  If you have any info you'd be willing to share, I'd sure appreciate it!  Thanks -Kathi

From:            "A.W Duggan" <>


Subject:         Daniel DUGAN, born 17 July 1784 in VA or MD

 I am seeking the parents  of my great-great-grandfather Daniel Dugan.

Family word-of-mouth tradition says our Irish immigrant ancestor was a
novice for the priesthood; changed his mind; took a bride; and boarded a
ship for Baltimore, MD. I have not been able to find him in any records,
but this would agree with the location of the first known ancestor's

This ancestor, Daniel Dugan was born 17 July 1784 in either MD or VA.
Later his parents moved to Ohio; but by age seventeen, Daniel was living
in Kentucky.  In 1806, he claimed land in St. Louis and Cape Girardeau,

He married Catharine Vaden on 10 April 1808 at Little Prairie, MO, on the
bank of the Mississippi River. This little settlement was located at a
point a short distance from the present town of Caruthersville. Catharine
Vaden, born in Shelby Co., KY, was the daughter of William Vaden, Jr., and
his first wife.

Daniel and Catharine became the parents of eleven children born between
1809 and 1833. It appears that they often moved from state to state
leaving only a few traces. We know they left Missouri and lived in
Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, and Arkansas before settling in Texas in

Daniel's oldest son, George Cox Dugan, preceded the family to TX to check
out the situation. When George, who rode horseback, returned to Arkansas,
where the family waited, the Dugans began their journey to Texas. This
trip was filled with many trials and hardships.

On this covered wagon trip, there were Daniel and Catharine and eight of
their eleven children. Their eldest daughter, Cynthia, had married Arnold
Hutton in Greene Co. IL, 30 March 1824, and likely never came to Texas.
Two other daughters, Millicent and Mary, had died young. They later named
another daughter, Mary Elizabeth.

The Dugan children accompaning the family were:

              George Cox Dugan, born 7 Oct. 1812 in Jefferson Co., MO
               Daniel Vaden Dugan, born 1 Jan. 1817, Jefferson Co., MO
               Mary Elizabeth Dugan, born 11 Aug. 1819, Greene Co., IL
               Emily Dugan, born 8 Feb. 1822, Greene Co., IL

               William Burks Dugan, born 20 July 1824, Greene Co. IL
               Catherine Cleopatria Dugan, born 25 Dec 1826,Greene Co., IL
               Henry Patrick Dugan, born 19 Sept. 1829, Greene Co., IL
               James Martin Dugan, born 11 Feb. 1833, IL or AR

James, the youngest child, died 25 July 1836, along the trail to TX.
Daniel Vaden Dugan, another son, was scalped by Indians 27 July 1841 about
two miles from his home. William Burks Dugan died of natural causes 19
Dec. 1843. Mary Elizabeth and Emily both married and had children, but
both died of "lung fever," likely flu, on 15 Dec. 1846.

George Cox Dugan married Harriet Jane Wall 7 Jan. 1849 and had a large
family. He lived in the Sherman, Grayson Co., TX, area.

Catherine Cleopatria Dugan married 19 Sept. 1849 Rev. Barton Walton
Taylor, a Methodist minister and educator. They had a large family and
moved to Santa Cruz, CA.

Henry Patrick Dugan married Ann Eliza Spotts 31 March 1866, but had no
children. He remained on the Dugan Texas homestead in Grayson Co. until
his death in 1894. He made George Dugan Frederick Whiting, son of his
sister Emily Dugan, his heir.

George Dugan Frederick Whiting, my grandfather, was born 13 March 1846, to
Emily and her husband, Frederick Parker Whiting. Before he was a year old,
both parents had died of "lung fever." He made his home with the Dugans.
On 19 Dec. 1870, he married Mollie Inge Fitzgerald, daughter of George S.
Fitzgerald and Sarah B. Pritchett.

Dugan descendants still live on the original land-grant.

From:            "James R. Simpson" <>

Mr. Duggan--I was referred to you by Robert Duggan.  My name is James R. Simpson--descended from my Paternal grandmother, Minnie Ellen Atchley
Charles Duggan Born 18 Aug. 1822 Maynooth-Kildare-Ireland--Son of Thomas Duggan Born 1803 Maynooth-Kildare-Ireland and Margaret Hanley Born 1807 Maynooth. I am new at tracing back and, thus, far am unable to to get further back than Thomas and Margaret Duggan.  Do you have Information you would be willing to share OR an area you would suggest I look into?

Thanks Very much.  I know you put a lot of time and effort into your work I see on the web.  My E-Mail is:
P.S.  Is it Duggan as in "Dew"  OR  Duggan as in "Dug a hole". Thanks again,  James Simpson.

From:            "Kieron Duggan" <>

Subject:         nice !

From  Kieron Anthony DUGGAN. (Plumber) and computer novice.

ed note:  Hi Keiron!  My middle name is Keir!   rgds, lyman

From:            Dale Nelson <>

I am looking for info on Clement James Duggan (b. abt. dec.1891, in Iowa or Omaha, Neb) I have no info on his ancestors but know that he married
Alice Elizbeth Vosen who was born in Buckman, Minnesota in 1900. Their daughter, Mary Lou Duggan was born in Havre, Montana 26 oct.1929.
Thankyou in advance for any help you can give me. Dale Nelson


Dear Mr. Duggan,
 I, too, am trying to nail down my Dugan ancestors of Fayette Co.,PA. I recently spent 4 days in the Uniontown Library geneology room with a very
friendly librarian. However, there are 100's of dugans! (please excuse any spelling/grammatical mistakes)
 So, if you are connected to any of the following names, please let me know and hopefully we can share more information.  My sources are a copy of my great grandmother and my great great aunt's written memories of their families and names found and matched in Fayette Co. proven histories that I read last week.
 I'll try to present this in an organized manner; I am new at this.

My grandmother: Anna Estella White Jackson
 B 1847 in Connellsville, PA
 Married Albert Jackson and lived and died in Yates Center, KN
 Brought to Ft. Leavenworth, KN in 1865 by her widowed mother,
 Margaret Dugan Long, born in 1827 in Connellsville, raised in
Georgetown, KY. Went home and married  HIRAM C. LONG of Fayette Co. in
 Margaret was one of 5 surviving children of MARIA GREGG  and JOHN
DUGAN of Fayette Co.
 Maria Gregg was born in New Haven,Fayette Co., one of 10 surviving
children of THOMAS GREGG, inventor and pioneer settler of the county.
 JOHN DUGAN, I think ?, was one of 11 surviving children of JOHN
DUGAN and CATHERINE MCCLELLAND.  He died in Connellsville and fought with
the 16th Cavalry of the 161st PA Line in the Civil War.
 His father, also JOHN DUGAN, had a brother named ROBERT DUGAN, who was
married to MARGAGET MCCLELLAND, sister of Catherine.
 This is where I can't find any proof beyond an old woman's writings.
 JOHN and ROBERT DUGAN's father was WILLIAM DUGAN who was probably
another early settler to PA. WILLIAM was married to ELLINOR MIDDLETON,
probably of S. Carolina, but they might have lived in VA. Ellinor is
supposedly related to Arthur Middleton , a signer of the Declaration of
 WILLIAM's father was JAMES DUGAN, who came to America before the
Revolution from Ireland, County Armagh or Londonderry, and who married a
 So, is your Robert Dugan the brother of my John Dugan?
 Thank you for answering my inquiry.  Sincerely,   Suzanne Jackson Nash

From:            Cliff Johnstun <>
To:              "''" <>
Subject:         Duggan family information
Date sent:       Fri, 16 Jul 1999 21:26:11 -0700

I was browsing through your Duggan genealogy website.

I'm trying to get more information on my ancestor Michael Duggan born in
1821 in Ireland.  He came to Tennessee as a teenager, married a lady named
Mary.    They had seven children.  After Mary died, Michael bought a farm
three miles southeast of Grannis Arkansas.  He then married Frances Ardena
Hays around 1878.  She was born in 1852.

Their eight children were Rowena Duggan Young, Michael, Robert, Vincent, (
the three oldest boys died of diptheria one winter), and Benjamin (father
of Earl Duggan of Gillham), Susie Elizabeth, Geraldine Duggan Tyree, and
Agnes Duggan Hays. Susie Elizabeth Duggan married John Alexander Bean in
December 1905.  My grandfather Andrew Bailey Bean was born to them in 1906
in Grannis, Polk County Arkansas.

I'm trying to find information about Michael Duggan's ancestors in
Ireland, and about Frances Ardena Hays' parents.

My email address is

Thank you.

Clifford Johnstun


Have found your newsletters fascinating; however, no one seems to have stayed along the East coast in the vicinity of N.J. Does anyone have any
info about Timothy Duggan? All I really know was that he was in the Navy, before he married my grandmother Annie Kelly of South Amboy, N.J.

My father John Joseph Duggan,b 5-6-97, was the younger son of Timothy and Annie Kelly Duggan,he had been preceded by at least two older sisters who
apparently died young and his brother Frank, who had served in the first world war (he was gassed in France) and died in the 1930s; there were also
three younger sisters, Helen Duggan Quinlan,Anna Duggan Goldberg, and Elizabeth(Bess). Pretty sparse, huh?

Subject:         Mrs. Adena Duggan Hitch


My sister Adena died 3 July.  You might like to add her memorial web page to your links:

Bob in Atlanta
Robert S. (Bob) Duggan, Jr.


Lyman the site for Descendents of Robert (Doogan)dugan d: abt 1804 inFayette County, Pa----is not accessible, can you please give me an email
or other address for submitter of this info, I have a Joseph Robert who married someone from Pa and was wondering if there's a connection.

I'm searching for ancestors of Joseph Robert Dugan b. 1839 Tampico Whitesides, Illinois, his son:

Samuel Addison Dugan b April 4, 1869 in Iowa his son

William lawrence Dugan
b. May 2, 1898 in Britt, Iowa

Many thanks
Joy Dugan LaCombe
Tucson Arizona

ed note: this Doogan info is now on our site and not just a link anymore.

From:            "David Duggan" <>
Subject:         Wow!

Dear "Cousin" Lyman,

My name is Sarah Farnham Duggan, and I am 15 years old. I live in Boothbay
Harbor, ME.  I have lived here all my life. I just stumbled across your
page and wow!  I never knew there were so many Duggans before.  The Duggan
is on my Father's side.  I do not know very much about my ancestry, the
farthest I can go is my great grandmother Willabelle Mitchell Duggan and
she died when I was 6 or 7.  If you or anyone knows anything more about my
ancestry, give me a ring on either of my e-mail addresses: or .

Thanks a lot!


I there my name is Sean Duggan I am looking for information on the duggans I am try to find info for New Zealand duggans right back to the first
Duggan in new Zealand if you can help I would be happy thank you

Sean Duggan

Dear lyman,
I just syumbled upon your website and pages on the Duggans and found them very interesting.Perhaps some of your readers in USA would have some
information on Duggans who emigrated from Cahir ,Co.Tipperary ,Eire in the middle of the last century.I would be extremely grateful to receive same.

From:            "Celidon Dugan" <>

Kinsman Lyman...

I was very enthusiastic to find the Dugan family page. My name is Celidon
Dugan, and am getting the name changed back to O'Dubhagain soon. I hail
originally from County Donegal, Ireland, and am currently residing in Camp
Verde, Arizona. (There is even a group of our clan here a mile from my
home, living on "Dugan Lane" !!!) The full translation of O'Dubhagain in
the Celtic means "black robed men of the oaks", reflecting our Druidic
heritage, which my branch of the clan has followed for generations. I
myself am a practicing Druid, taught by my father and grandfather. The
shield with the starbursts (not flower petals), and the crescent moon is
the clan's only acknowledged coat-of arms, and in itself shows our Druidic
heritage, as our clan was the only Druidic clan to be acknowledged as
noble, and granted heraldry from the royal court of Tara. I would enjoy
correspondance with you, and invite you to see my website...

Hope to hear from you soon...

Celidon O'Dubhagain

From:            Nick Nielson <>
Subject:         Dougans

My ancestor, Robert Dougan, was born at Kilsyth, Stirling, Scotland in1829.
His parents were James Dougan and Mary Smith, who were married in 1822.
James came from Donegal county, Ireland.  He was born about 1800.
If anyone has any information about these Dougans, please send me an e-mail.

            Nick Nielson

Date sent:       Fri, 6 Aug 1999 10:38:29 EDT
Subject:         George Washington Dugan

Lyman.... Just found your web site.  If you could post it to your newsletter and put
my name on it to subscribe.  Here is my brick wall. George Washing Marti 1789-1857 m Agniss ?
son Robert H. Martin 1813-1880 m Eliza Dugan
Eliza's parents George Dugan and Nancy Alter 1822-1895.  Yes she is a
daughter of David Alter 1775-1838 of Lancaster Co, Pa  and Elizabeth Mell
1779-1837of Cmberland Co, Pa. David 's parents were  Johan Alter 1742-1815
Washington City, Pa & Margaret Landis 1745-1806 of Lancaster, Pa.
Can anyone help me?  I am to a standstill on the Dugans. Janet Lauer


Hello!  I am Tim Wright.  I am searching for info on my Grandmother's family. The oldest Dugan I can find is Simeon Dugan born abt 1829, in 1850 married Sariah (Sarah) Elizabeth Jones in Morgan County.  He served in the Civil War. Simeon was a salt maker in Muskingham County, Ohio.  He is listed in the Morgan County 1870 census with his wife and six oldest children. Alfred W. b abt. 1851, Lafayette b. abt. 1853 (died abt. May 4, 1916 in Tuscumbia, Missouri), Jeremiah b. abt. 1856, Debby C. b. abt. 1860, Rosa Bell b. abt. 1865 (married George W. Wallace, 12/25/1879 Morgan, Ohio), Allinda Dugan b. abt. 1865 (married John C. Daringer, 4/8/1891 in Muskhingham, Oh, had one daughter, Beulah d. abt 1950 in Columbus, Oh), John W. b. 11/9/1871 d. 7/19/1964 was a school teacher,
lawyer, county prosecutor, and mayor in and around New Lexington, Oh., Isaac . 1873, d. 1918, unk Dugan. John W. is my ggrandfater.  He was born in Malta, Oh. and Married Calia Mae (Callie) Latta, 8/17/1893 in Rehoboth, Oh.  She was the daughter of Albert Latta and Elizabeth Brown.  They had one child, my grandmother, Forrest Vey, who married Virgil Bird Wright, she moved to Columbus, Ohio.  Simeon moved to Rehoboth, Ohio in 1855.

I would greatly appreciate any info you may be able to provide.  I have hit a brick wall with the Dugans.  I have also checked the other web sites you have suggested.  Thank you for your help!   Tim

From:            "Edwin J McCarthy" <>
Subject:         Do you do Dugans too?

Dear Lyman Duggan,
     I am new to the family geneology scene and am not sure on where to start a search after getting the basic info from family members. I have very few dates and locations, but am hoping some family history will help me make a connection. Any help would be appreciated.
     I am related to the Dugans through my great grandfather, Edwin James McCarthy, from Cambridge, Mass. He married Alice Maude Dugan, from Prince Edward Island, in Cambridge and they then moved to Jersey City, NJ. This had to have been about 1900. Edwin's father was Daniel McCarthy, from Co. Cork, Ireland and arrived through port of entry at Boston. Alice's mother was Elizabeth Diamond, also from Prince Edward Island. I do not know the name of her father. Alice's brother was James Dugan (possibly Joseph, but pretty sure it was James). He served in the Spanish-American War. His claim to fame was as the inventor and president of the NOMA Light Co. From what I understand, the first string of Christmas tree lights on a single wire. "When plugged in the lights would slowly heat up and begin to bubble"? I am not sure what that means and I need to look into it further.
He eventually sold his business, retired and moved to Florida where he invested in the first electrical company to service Florida. He also had the first fully electrical house in that state. He had no children. That is where the trail ends. I have no dates but plenty of family stories and thus, no proof. Any help in dicovering more about this branch of my family would be greatly appreciated. And if there is none, at least I was able to tell a Dugan story.

more at a later date:

  I will send more info as I get it. My grandmother has a journal written by Joseph ( I've been corrected ) Dugan in the attic. It appears he was quite a succsessful and intelligent character. He only recieved a minimal amount of education ( 6th grade) but went on to recieve a honorary degree from Rutgers. From what I have read in the journal, it is old and faded, he was very proud of his accomplishments and wanted to share them with futuregenerations. As I said before, It is unfortunate that he had no heirs. But, then again, that is why his memoirs ended up in the possesion of my great grandmother, Alice, his sister. I am hoping my grandmother will loan this and a few pictures for my research. My father has a medal awarded to him from the Spanish-American War and I also hope to find out what the medal was for. Unfortunately, my family is located in Patterson, NJ and I am in Reno, NV. However, I am hoping to get out there this fall around Thankgiving and will work on that part of the tree then. My father's cousin, Dan, also has a more detailed account of the Dugan/Diamond side of my family. I do know there was a bit of a scandal involved with the marriage of my great grandparents and that is what forced them to leave Massachusettes and Prince Edward Island to New Jersey. It seems that only Joseph stayed close to Alice after that. She came down to Massachusettes for "Patriots' Day", met my great grandfather, wound up pregnant, and married him a few months later. This, of course, was an unforgiveable offense in a Catholic family back then and it has been said that this is what ran them out of town. I am not sure if she was Catholic. Dan has told me she wasn't, and, if true, this would have only compounded the problem. Anyway, I plan on documenting all this when I do get back there and will forward the results on to you. Is it common to vary the spelling of Dugan/Duggan? I never thought to research the name under two g's. Or are
they separate families? This is one of the problems I have run into in other searches. For example, I have researched another side of my family and found variations on the names of the same people ( Bracken/Brackin and Honeyman/Hunneman ).

Until then, I am looking forward to finding long, lost relatives and thank-you for the help, Edwin Jame McCarthy, IV

From:            sylvia <>
Subject:         Dugan

Just found your site today,
Do you have any information on the Dugan's from around Superior Wisconsin. Just starting
to look.  Fathers name   Richard Edward Dugan, dob 05- 28-1921 son of
Lorraine and Edward Perry Dugan. My father moved the family from Wisconsin
to Seattle,Washington about 1945 where he lived until his death in 1973. I
had one aunt name Francis Dugan Simon My mothers name was Patricia Ann
Mason Dugan dob 03-17-1922  dod 11-04-1969 Also born in Superior
Wisconsin. Any information would be a help thank you.

From:            Mary Davis <>

Just found your DUGGAN newsletter, and enjoyed it!  I am relaying the following information to you:

My mother was JULIA ELIZABEHT DUGGAN (haas) born in 1914 and died in 1989.
 Her parents were MARTIN DUGGAN, b. 1879 in Ireland (Galway I believe) d.
1945 in Queens, NY and DELIA MALLOY DUGGAN (aka Theresa Duggan) b. in
Ireland, 4/1/1880 and died in NYC  July 11, 1966.  Martin's parents (my
Gr. grandparents) were JOSEPH DUGGAN and CATHERINE COAN DUGGAN.  Delia's
parents were MARK MALLOY and JULIA O'FLAHERTY MALLOY.  All were born in
Ireland, but I do not have the dates.  My grandparents, immigrated to
Mass. and lived with NELLIE MALLOY prior to migrating to NY.  Here they
lived on PEARL ST, NY,NY; then moved to ASTORIA NY; and then to MYRTLE
AVE. & 83RD ST., in GLENDALE; and then to 85th St., in GLENDALE.  They
lived in RICHMOND HILL NY (across from Richmond Hill HS in 1938) and after
my parents bought their first house, my grandmother lived above us @ 74-33

My mother had five brothers, WILLIAM; MARTIN; JAMES; JOHN and JAMES.
James died in infancy and the remaining brother all are deceased.

I am hoping to find out where my grandfather and grandmother were born in Ireland, and any other interesting facts.

I hope that this information is useful to someone.

Mary Davis


My name is Robert Dennis Patrick Dugan Sr.  I found your website and would
like to add some of my own family heritage.  My father's name was Eugene
Dugan, and his father's name was Thomas Duggan.  We lost a "g" at some
 Thomas was born January 29th, 1869 in Kilsheelan, in the county of
Tipperary.  His parents were Michael and Julia Duggan, he being a tailor.
They had 21 children and were known as the family that ran out of names.
I thank you for your work on making this great information available for
all to see and learn.

From:            "bartmess" <>

Hi, I am Noel Bartmess from Omaha, Nebraska.  My mother is a Duggan.  I
have run in to a wall in finding my Duggan family.  Below is information
that I have.  Any new information from someone that can share with me will
be appreciated.

James Duggan - BORN May 1820 in Mullinavat, Killkenny County, Ireland.
DIED 8 Jan 1901in Perkins County, Nebraska. James married Mary Lonergan,
daughter of Thomas and Anna Collins Lonergan around 1854 (Possibly in
Springfield, Illinois.)

Mary Lonergan - BORN 14 Sep 1835 in Cork County?,
Ireland.  DIED 27 May 1918 in North Platte, Lincoln County, Nebraska. In
census records, James came to America in the late 1840's.  The family
lived in Springfield, Illinois till around 1885 - 1887 to Nebraska. They
had 8 children that I know of:  1 - Anna; 2 - Richard; 3 - Margaret; 4 -
Ellen Jane; 5 - Thomas; 6 - Mary A.; 7 - Katherine; and 8 - Edmund
Alouyious (my great grandfather.) Margaret, Ellen Jane, Katherine, and
Edmund with their parents came to Nebraska.  (At least that is what I

Some relatives that I cannot piece in yet from records that I found
at the Perkins County Courthouse are a Mary Harrison from Denver, CO who
died 17 Dec 1962 and John J. who died 31 May 1933 also of Denver, CO.
James Lonergan of Bishop, California; Patrick Lonergan, Kate Cocoran and
Annie Laughlan of Cloonnesy, Mullinavant, Killkenny County, Ireland.

From:            Jet Temp <>

Dear Lyman,

My name is Jacqui Jones and I came across your site today and think that
it's fantastic.  My mother is a duggan, but we are actually from Tasmania,
Australia and I have just started tracing her family tree.  I know my
great great great Grandfather Jeramiah Duggan was transported to Australia
as a convict for stealing a sheep.  His brother's name was John and he was
sent here too.  I will get back to you as to where they originated from in
Ireland.  I wonder if there is a connection.  Could you pls get back to me
if you have ever heard of Jeramiah (I can't find his name anywhere on the

Keep up the good work

Jacqui Jones

ed note:  our British friends sent a lot of the Irish away for stealing sheep. But it was steal sheep or watch your famliy starve in those days :-(

Subject:         Dugan Robert

Hi Lynn;
Just found your Dugan page and though I didn't find any information on the
site (thus far ) that I'm looking for(It would be easy to miss!)  perhaps
you can help me or post my search. I"m interested in the Dugan/Dougan in
Perry/ Muskingum Co. Ohio. My last know connection is Robert Dugan/Dougan
married to Barbary/Barbara GILES/Jylis in Perry co. in Jan. 7,1827. robert
died Oct. 4, 1950 Barbara 8/11/1870 ? The 1850 census say he was born in
Pa. Robert had 11 children. They are:

Rosanna m John Glooomes
Barbara Ann m John Jordan
Margaret m Isaac Reed
William ?
John ?
Mary Ann m William Coy
Elizabeth m Samuel groomes
Rebecca (Nancy) m David Harris (2nd) Thomas Clark
 **GEORGE ALBERT m Susan Jane Atkins/Adkins (My G father)
Catherine m Albert Camp
Eliza Jane m Henry Clay Hoops

If your a Dugan from this area and think you might be related let me hear from you. Thanks......betty

From:            "Minnie" <>

I am looking for information on the parents of

Agusta Groves Duggan born 6 March 1850, Died 28 December 1872 in Mitchell,
Lawreence County, Indiana.  Married Mar Ellen Terry about 1870

From:            "Kathleen Fowler" <>

Trying to find ancestors of Sutton Fowler Dugan. His parents were Hannah Fowler and James Dugan. Need more info about his parents.

Thanks!!!!       Kathleen

ed note: It would help to know what part of the world they were in and the time period.

Subject:         isaac dugan

looking for info on isaac dugan married to mary elizabeth carpenter.unknown date of marriage children are my grandfather,elmer s
dugan,alfred dugan,austin,nadie,hanna b.,hattie,estelle,from ft.scott,ks origianally then wy co,ks would appriciate any info.thank you,
janet gunn

From:            Penny <>
Subject:         Dougan family

Hello!  My name is Rebecca Beurkens.  I am a distant relation to the Dougan family.  Here is how the line goes.

Matthew Dougan
b- 1782 in Dublin Ireland
m- 04-28-1816 to Roxanna Wheaton Mack
d- 11-01-1821

Charles Edward Dougan (son of Matthew)
b- 03-16-1818
m- 1834 to Rachel Davis
d- 11-19-1892

William Jesse M Dougan (son of Charles)
b- 05-24-1849
m- 11-01-1868 to Laura Ann Sharp (I have a nice story on them on how d-
11-24-1939                     they got married.)

Bessie Victoria Dougan  (daughter of William)
b- 06-26-1916
m- 06-18-1906 to Linus Nelson Gulmire
d- 11-27-1934

Daisie June Gulmire  (daughter of Bessie)
b- 06-26-1916
m- 09-02-1932 to Aaron Edra Eaton
d- 08-31-1994

William Wayne Eaton  (son of Daisie)
b- 04-07-1943
m- 08-16-1968 to Janelle VanderSloot
d- still living

Rebecca Jane Eaton-Beurkens (me, and daughter to William)
b- 11-12-72 in Grand Rapids, Michigan
m- not yet

could you please find out how Matthew Dougan fits into your family tree. I
have been trying to find out all the information that I can about the
Dougans.  I found out about the crest from one of my aunts, and that is
how I found this homepage.  I was also told that there is a castle in
Ireland, is there one that the Dougans lived in?

Thank-you for your help,

To:              <>
Subject:         Hello
Date sent:       Fri, 3 Sep 1999 16:48:35 -0700
From:            <>


I just found your web looks wonderful so far...but verrry
lengthy. I'm currently trying to research my family ancestry and although
I'm having some luck on the Rasco side...I've not had much luck on the
Dugan side just yet.  My great-grandmother was Annie Melzine Dugan, born
May 1, 1902, married to James Warren Rasco on Aug 29, 1920.  She died Sept
24, 1970. They had three children, Billy James "Buster" Rasco, Hazel
Louise, and Alma Lee.  Hazel was my grandmother.  I also believe my
great-great-grandfather (Annie's father) was William Dugan.  My family is
predominantly from the Central Texas area, around San Antonio and Bexar
county.  I'm still trying to find out if any other family members know any
more details about my great-grandmother.  If you have any information...I
would greatly appreciate your help.  I went through several of your
newletters, but could find no reference to my family.


Joyce Marie Stiles

Subject:         Hugh Moore Duggan

In ref to Hugh Moore Duggan, he was my great grandfather.The info from the
family is Hugh Moore Duggan was born in Tenn. on July 14, 1854. He married
hattie Virginia Hawley Nov. 23, 1876. They had four children all born in
Tenn. Walter Huby(1878-1967),  Nancy Ann (Duck) born 06/05/1881 died
04/30/1965 in Rising Star, Tx.,Lonnie Morrison (Mack) died before coming
to Texas, and Elbert (Jinks) born 07/16/1888 died 02/08/77. Hattie died in
1888, that is when Hugh and his four children left for Texas. In Emmett,
Ark he met my great grandmother Mary Francis (Ollie) Miles. She was an
orphan and living with her foster parents, Dr and Mrs Harris at the time.
Mack died 1891. Hugh and Ollie had nine children Artie Iva born 11/10/1891
on the border of Ark and Tx, Unnamed infant girl born 04/29/1895 died
06/22/1895, Cara Lee born 09/20/1896 died in 1979, Altie Pearl born
02/07/1900, James Robert 04/09/1902 died 02/26/1982, Jessie Belle
5/03/1905, Ravie Erman (my grandfather) born 10/13/1907 died 08/19/1981,
Clifford Carl born 07/06/11 and John Marvin born 02/17/1916 died 02/07/47.
I do not have any other info on Hugh Moore before this time. If have any
info, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Colleen Owings

note We have it as Hugh Moore Dougan till he got to Texas and changed it to
Duggan. Hugh Moore Duggan and Mary Francis (Ollie) settled and died in
Rising Star, Eastland County, Texas. Hugh Moore died on 11/09/1934 and
Ollie died 11/01/57. They are both buried in Rising Star Cemetery. The
farm they settled on is still in the family Aunt Pearl and her husband
live there now. Colleen

Subject:         Mary DUGGAN ODONNELL

Do you happen to have anywhere in your data base  a Mary Duggan married
to a James ODONNELL.  Both were born Hyde Park, MA. but I have no dates.
They had a son Louis Agustus O'Donnell born 04 Feb. 1899 in Boston, Mass.
Louis was my husbands father.......he never knew his father or
grandparents as his mother and father were divorced when he was about
2.......about 1925. and he was subsequently raised by a stepfather in
another state.  We just recently recieved his fathers death
certificate........showing his grandmother was a Mary Duggan.
Please send any info to  Thanks

ed note: the site search engine shows a Bridget O'Donnell !  try it once every few months!

From:            Pat Ryan <>
Subject:         Recent find of a DUGAN

I have just received a record from Ireland that *may* fit your Dugan's. It
is a marriage record with little info I'm afraid, but maybe it will help someone.

RECORD: 001035/0001209 VOLUME: B  PAGE: 6 - this info is from the
Historical Society of Banbridge, county Down, NI.

DUGAN (DUGGAN), Mary m. GILMORE, Alexander 28 Feb, 1838 in parish of
Drumgooland, county Down, NI. It was a Presbyterian marriage.
The Gilmore family is my focus. Family moved to Ayrshire, Scotland from
mid 1800's forward. There are Duggan's located there as well.

Ta ta,

Subject:         Obit:Elizabeth(Nancy) Dugan Groom(es)Tazswell,Co.Ill.

>Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 13:12:40 -0700
>Subject: Info:Elizabeth(Nancy) Dugan Groom(es)Tazswell,Co.Ill.

>Looking for info on Elizabeth (Nancy) Dugan Groom(es) B.c 1840 Perry Co.
>Ohio D. 11/7/1866 in Tazswell, Il.

>I'm looking for an info on Rebecca Dugan Clark:B.c 1841, D. c1884 or D.
6/22/1913. Her husband Thomas Clark

Husband Samuel L. Groom (es). Elizabeth was the daughter of Robert Dugan
And Barbara Giles of Perry Co. Ohio. >Thanks so much. >Betty

From:            "Richard A. Gancio" <>

Hi Lyman,another Duggan/Dugan bit o'info for you. I was told to start with what i have so here goes name is Margaret Dugan.
I come from a family of 11 Dugans here in New York. My parents John Dugan and Dolores (Danahy)were married approximately 1950(?).
My fathers parents ,Hugh Duggan and Margaret(Cannon) immigrated in around 1920 or possibly a little earlier (I do not know if they arrived as husband or wife). Hugh was born in April of 1901, he died in 1967. Margaret died young (approx1955) from a bursted appendix.Hugh and margaret had 4 Children:

-Shelia (married Joe Keane) last known to reside in Queens Ny.
-John (my Dad) born 3-15-30 died 1-2-70,
-Maureen (nicknamed Mimi married unknown)and
-Daniel(probably in his late 50's presently.

Here is my family info to pass along perhaps it will strike a note with someone and they could assist me as well.

If you know of any other ideas to assist me in my research i would appreciate that as well -Thank you.  peg

From:            "Brian Doogan" <>
Subject:         Doogan's U.K. +

Hi Cousin  Well you want all you can get for your archives yes,   O.K.
I'll start with grandfather, he's the one I would like information on with
regards to his FIRST trip to the United States,  later eh!

Patrick James Doogan, Born,  1885 apx, Co Donegal, Irland,   Died, 1968, Tacoma,Washington State, U.S.A.--He  came to the US in 1968  by invitation to do a documentry on the rail road between New York and Seattle Washington. He was one of the last survivers.
Question ;  How does one get information about that rail road ????

..First son,

No doubt there are many skeltons in the cupboard, some I know, some I don't.....As you can see or guess there is a Lot of offspring all over the place so as my father is the first I'll start with His,

All in  England  and single  exept Patrica,  she now has two childeren. The rest of the offspring you will have to wait for,  have to sort through my records.   well Lyman use what you like for your archives, keep the rest on file. Talk to you again     Brian..........


I am trying to find the county in Ireland or more if possible that Hillary Dugan came from. He was born in Ireland October 15, (1789) and at some
point after that came to Kentucky.  Sincerely, Leyda Smith , Louisville, Ky.

From:            Bob Nordhoff <

Arthur and Sally Duggan migrated to New York in 1830 from Belfast, Ireland

Researching DUGAN, Arthur who migrated to New York in 1830 from Belfast, Ireland.  Wife (Sally) came with him, they had a daughter Nancy who
married a Mr Whitlock.  Could not find anything on your web site - can you lead me somewhere else.  Many thanks

Subject:         Looking for Charles J. Dugan

Greetings from Chicago!  While researching my Kelly ancestors on the
Internet, I recently came across your Duggan/Dugan/O'Duggan Newsletter #5.
 One of your correspondents, Charles J. Dugan (pg. 5, Newsletter #5) noted
in a 1995 letter that his paternal grandmother, Sarah Kelly, was raised in
New Hope, Penn.

Based on this bit of information, I suspect I am probably a third cousin
of Charles J. Dugan on his Kelly side of the family.  I've been
researching the New Hope Kellys and would be glad to share my findings
with Mr. Dugan if you could provide me with his mailing address or e-mail

Of course, if it is more convenient, you may simply inform Mr. Dugan of my
mailing address -- 1423 W. Jonquil Terrace #2, Chicago, IL  60626.
Alternately, he can reach me via e-mail at or by phone,
(773)381-1879.  I can probably help him fill in some blanks in his Kelly
line and, who knows, in the past five years maybe he's developed info on
the New Hope Kellys that I don't have!

Thanks very much....     Michael I. Kelly

From:            "Lalian" <>
Subject:         Dugan/Rogers

I don't know if you could help me, but do you know of a Mary Dugan who married Connel Rogers in Pennsylvania.
Connel came here from County Donegal, Ireland around 1790's on the Eliza. He helped rebuild St. Patricks
church in 1803 or 1804?


From:            "Sheila Netherwood" <>

hi there lyman, just been browing the "duggan"site with much interest,
although all the duggans on your site seem to be from the states, I
believe my ancestors originated in Ireland, emigrated to the Isle of Man,
and as far as I know are still there.

My name is Joan Sheila Duggan (now Netherwood) my father William Henry
Duggan, his father Thomas Edward Duggan who was lost at Dunkirk in 1942
(just before I was born) married Eleanor ? from Ballabeg on the Isle of
Man.  I have 2 half brothers William Edward and Frank Duggan, Frank Duggan
married Vivian Ventura back in 1968 (Vivian Ventura being a movie starlet
in the 60's).

Not much else to report here, but just maybe I can locate my heritage
through you.

Best regards,

Date sent:       Mon, 22 Nov 1999 10:21:05 EST
Subject:         Re: Descendants of Dennis Duggan
To:    ,

This is from my data base

I have a photo of Sadie dunleavy and Dan Duggan
I have forwarded to my Cousin Ann Booth Lincoln and hope she'll forward to
Fran Palmer too

Originally from
RI  now in FLA
Genediger2  is my usual handle

Descendants of Dennis Duggan

    1   Duggan, Dennis  b: Abt. 1820 Co. Cork, Ireland
        +Mahoney, Margaret  b: Abt. 1820 Co. Cork, Ireland
    2   Duggan, Mary
~       +Reen, ???
    3   Reen, Jerry b: 25 Jan 1891      d: Apr 1975
    3   Reen, Mary
    3   Reen, Daniel
    3   Reen, Ella
    3   Reen, Agnes b: 25 Nov 1892      d: Jan 1971
    2   Duggan, Nellie
~       +Reen, ???
    3   Reen, Minnie
    3   Reen, Son
    2   Duggan, Julia
~       +Moylan, ???
    3   Moylan, Edward
    2   Duggan, Timothy b: 1841 Winchester, NH      d: 7 Jan 1921 Hinsale,
~       +Thompson, Ellen    b: Abt. 1850
    3   Duggan, Dennis
    3   Duggan, Margaret
    3   Duggan, James
    3   Duggan, Nellie
    3   Duggan, Daniel W.   b: 14 Dec 1894 Winchester,NH        d: 12 Dec 1967 Brattleboro Memorial Hosp., Brattleboro, VT
    2   Duggan, Jeremiah    b: 1847 Ireland     d: 7 Dec 1923 Hinsale, NH
~       +Fleming, Julia b: 8 May 1856 Killarney, Co. Kerry,Ireland      d: 21 Dec 1915 Hinsdale, NH
    3   Duggan, Josephine   b: 1882 Brattleboro, VT
~~      +Mannis, John E.    b: 22 Nov 1876 Burke, NY    m: 1 Apr 1902 Hinsale, NH d: Jun 1965
    2   Duggan, Daniel E.   b: Aug 1852 W. Ireland      d: 22 Feb 1936 Hinsdale, NH
~       +Dunleavy, Sarah(Sadie) b: 15 Aug 1847 Ballynabucky, Peterswell , Gort, Co. Galway, Ireland   m: 23 Oct 1877 Ashuelot,
                   Winchester,  NH    d: 1 Dec 1931 Northfield St.,Hinsale, NH
    3   Duggan, Dennis  b: Apr 1879 Hinsdale, NH        d: Arlington,  MA
~~      +MacDonald, Sarah Elizabeth         ~~  4   Duggan, Lawrence    b: 1903     d: 1922 ~~  4   Duggan, Mary Stewart    b: 23 Feb 1905      d:
           Oct 1991
~~  4   Duggan, Cecelia Ruth    b: 13 May 1907 Arlinton, Ma     d: 2 May 1993 77 Grafton St, Arlington, MA
~~~     +Kuhn, Frederick    b:5 Apr 1904 Somerville, MA        d: Apr 1981 Arlington, Middlesex, MA
~~~5   Kuhn, Sally Ann b: 17 May 1934
~~~~~       +Squires, William
~~~~    6   Squires, Mary Susan
~~~~    6   Squires, William
~~~~    6   Squires, Gerard
~~~ 5   Kuhn, MargaretEileen   b: 5 Apr 1938 Arlington, MA
~~~~~       +Larson, David Louis  b: 6 Mar 1941 CA
~~~~    6   Larson, Carol Ann   b: 12 Dec 1968
~~~~~~      +Gray, Paul
~~~~    6   Larson, Nancy Louise    b:6 Mar 1970
~~~~~~      +Chykirda, Stephen
~~~~    6  Larson, Paul Daniel b: 24 Sep 1971
~~~~    6   Larson, Kathleen Marieb: 25 Jan 1974
~~~~    6   Larson, Sara Elizabeth  b: 25 Dec 1975
  ~~~ 5   Kuhn, Ruth Mary b: 29 Apr 1942
~~~~    6   Walker, Malia  b: 1964
~~~~    6   Walker, Lilly Ann   b: 1966
~~~~    6  Walker, Christopher b: 1968
~~~~    6   Walker, Larry   b: 1970
   3   Duggan, James   b: Mar 1880 Brattleboro, VT     d: 1882 Brattleboro, VT
   3   Duggan, Mary Elizabeth  b: 23 Jul 1881 Winchester, Hinsale, NH    d: May 1976 46 West St., Greenfield, MA
~~      +McDonald, Edward A.    b: 1873 Walpole, NH m: 25 Oct 1904Hinsdale, NH
~~  4   McDonald, Donald    b: Abt. 1908
~~~    +Rice, Edna
~~~ 5   McDonald, Paul
~~~ 5   McDonald, David
~~~~~       +Townsley, Irene
~~~ 5   McDonald, Marie
~~  4   McDonald, James Lewis   b: 17 Apr 1909      d: Oct1958
~~~     +???, Lillian
~~~ 5   McDonald, Sheila
~~~ 5   McDonald, Maureen
~~~~~       +Dudek, ???
~~~ 5  McDonald, James
~~~ 5   McDonald, Teddy
~~~ 5   McDonald, Larry
~~  4   McDonald, Edward    b: Abt. 1910        d: 35School, St., Greenfield, MA
~~~     +Swochak, Mary  b: Wallingord, VT
 ~~~ 5   McDonald, Dennis
~~~ 5   McDonald, Ann Marie
~~  4   McDonald, Charles   b: 28 Jan 1915      d: 3 Jun 1994 Greenfield,MA
~~~     +McCarthy, Gertrude b: 18 Apr 1918 Turners Falls
~~~ 5  McDonald, Mary Ellen    b: 27 Dec 1948
~~~~~       +Flynn, Martin
~~~ 5   McDonald, Francis   b: 4 May 1952
    3   Duggan, Agnes Sarah b: 28 Mar 1883 Winchester,NH  or J 28,1881    d: 19 Sep 1966 Northfield St., Hindsale, NH
~~      +Golden, Thomas William b: 12 Jul 1878 Poquanic, Windsor, Ontario,Can m: 17 Nov 1902 Hinsdale, NH d: 1 Dec 1918 Northfield St., Hindsale, NH
~~  4   Golden, Agnes Rose  b: 30 Nov 1903 Hinsale, NH      d: 4 Dec 1903Hinsale, NH
~~  4   Golden, Teresa J.   b: 2 Sep 1905 Hinsale, NH       d:6 Oct 1994 Hinsale, NH
~~  4   Golden, Thomas William, Jr. b: 17 Oct 1907Hinsale, NH      d: 9 Apr 1979 Hinsale, NH
~~~     +Kimball, Elizabeth Stockbridge b: 24 Feb 1907 Roxbury, MA  m: 29 Nov 1941 Hinsale, NH    d: 4Mar 1986 Brattleboro Memorial HospBrattleboro,VT ~~~ 5   Golden, Mary-Elizabeth  b: 23 Nov 1942 Brattleboro, NH
~~~~~       +Michaud, Peter
~~~~    6   Michaud, Kathleen   b: 6 Sep 1967 Auburn, NE
~~~~    6   Michaud, Peter Andrew   b: 30 Jul 1968 Auburn, NE
~~~~    6   Michaud, Brian Douglas  b: 29 Nov 1969 Guilford, CT
~~~~    6   Michaud, Sarah  b: 8 Sep 1971 Guilford, CT
~~~ 5   Golden, William Thomas III  b: 21 Oct 1947 Brattleboro
~~  4   Golden, Paul D. b: 10 Jul 1910 Hinsale, NH      d: 3 Sep 1924 Melrose Hospital, Brattleboro, VT
~~  4   Golden, Rose Elizabeth  b: 11 Sep 1912 Hinsale, NH d: 1 Feb 1996 St. Vincent's Nursing Center, Holyoke, MA
~~~    +Ritter, William Joseph b: 8 Dec 1911 Greenfield, MA
~~~ 5  Ritter, Frances Golden  b: 21 Oct 1943 Greenfield, MA
~~~~~      +Palmer, James Edwin    b: 13 Feb 1941 Greenfield, MA   m: 16 Jul 1966Greenfield, MA
~~~~    6   Palmer, Tracy Elizabeth b: 29 May 1969 Lowell,MA
~~~~    6   Palmer, James Edwin, Jr.    b: 27 Jul 1970 Lowell, MA
~~~~    6   Palmer, Jody Jean   b: 8 Aug 1971 Greenfield, MA
~~~ 5   Ritter, William Joseph, Jr. b: 18 Dec 1945 Greenfield, MA
~~~~~       +Horrigan, Mary Louise
~~  4   Golden, Francis b: Abt. 1918 Hinsale, NH        d: Okinawa, Japan
    3   Duggan, Margaret C. b: 1884     d: 1884
    3   Duggan, Jenni L.    b: Aug 1885 Northfield St.,Hinsale, NH      d: Bef. 1927 Greenfield, MA
~~      +Coughlin, William J.   b: 21 Jan 1877  m: Aft. 1910    d: Mar 1965
~~  4   Coughlin, William   b: Aft. 1916 Greenfield, MA
~~  4  Coughlin, Mary  b: Aft. 1918 Greenfield, MA
~~~     +D'Arcy, ???
~~  4   Coughlin, Bernard   b: 28 Mar 1923 Greenfield, MA
    3   Duggan, Annie   b: Nov 1887     d: Nov 1887
    3   Duggan, Rose E. b: Aug 1889     d: 1912 Brattleboro, VT
    3   Duggan, Margaret I. b: 1 Sep 1890 Winchester,NH     d: 30 Aug 1898 Hinsdale, NH
    2   Duggan, Dennis  b: 1864 1861?       d: 1939 Brattleboro, VT
~       +Kehoe, Margaret    b: 1860     d: 1918

Subject:         Theadore Dugan

Much help would be appreciated with the following Dugans.

Theadore Dugan married Nancy Hawk in mid 1800's (I believe somewhere in
Missouri).  Of this union, one son for sure:  George J. Dugan (born
09/04/1873 - died 07/03/1951).

On Nov. 9, 1898 in St. Luke, Missouri, George J. Dugan married Sarah E.
Nimmo (born April 25, 1873 - died 02/04/1944).  Sarah's parents were John
S. Nimmo and Amanda King.

The union of George J. and Sarah E. produced eight children:

Dempsey E. Dugan (b. 11/07/1900) married Rosie Dalton
Audrey I Dugan (b. 10/25/1903 d. 07/13/1977) married Joe Danields
Gayford G. Dugan (b. 11/12/1905 d. 08/03/1976) married Elsie Quicqley (1st

married Ruby Smith (2nd wife)
Erma A. Dugan (b. 05/13/1907 d. 05/25/1910)
Velma A. Dugan (b. 06/29/909) married Jim Petty
Luther J. Dugan (b. 02/14/1911 d. 11/24/1963) married Margie Smith
Guy T. Dugan (b. 08/27/1912 d. 10/16/1980) married Maudie Lines
Brent W. Dugan (b. 03/28/1914) married Ruth Detherow

This information is right out of the Family Bible.  Hope it helps someone!

Kelly Lee Dugan
440 Lotus Lane
Mtn. View, CA  94043

From:            "Roger Duggan" <>



From:            tallman <>

Dear Lyman,

Please send info on how to access the Duggan Newsletter.  We are trying to
find an Ellen Margaret Duggan born 1837 in Province Muenster, County
Waterford, Ireland. She married Robert Connell on December 28, 1856 in
Boston, MA.  She died September 25, 1903 in Canton, SD.

Any info you have would be much appreciated.



From:            "Patrick Duggan" <>

Hello Lyman. I am Patrick Duggan of Rochester, New York. Interesting page, I like it. I will be sure to forward to my Aunt Mert.

From:            kirk thurman <>
Subject:         Lydia Dougan

Our records show a Lydia Dougan born abt. 1801 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Oh. and Married to Aaron Goodwin jun 1816.   But the records
also show Aaron married to a Lydia Graves.    Can you shed any light ??????    They have at least one daughter-Eliza Marie Goodwin
born 8 dec 1823.       I couldn't make the search engine work.    Kirk Thurman

ed note: sometimes the engine is down. try agian the next day. make sure your java is turned on.



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Please document your Duggan Genealogy and send it to me for publishing and for the Archive. When you have new data, dates etc let me know and they will be published and archived too. Please let meknow the Issue Number so I can go back and make the changes/additions.

Because the Duggan Genealogy Records are Archived and will hopefully be available forever, it is a good idea to include your mailing address with any submission to the newsletter. Think about it, someone may read your posting years from now and have no way to contact you as emailaddress are easily subject to change.

When you make a submission, please include all of your known family data. Dates of birth, death, marriage, and locations for the same, wedding witnesses and the church, ministers name etc,, baptism dates and church, names of cemetarys. Remarks about each person are welcome too. If it ends up being a very large file then I may put the data on a page of its own and refer to it in the Newsletter and put a link on the Duggan Homepage too.

For a very good example, see "Descendants of William DUGGAN-51 First Generation" at:

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