Family Newsletter  43  June  2000

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From:            "jeduggan" <>
Subject:         The Duggan Family of Clonberla,  Killashee,  Co Longford
Date sent:       Sun, 4 Jun 2000 15:45:16 +0100

Heloo Lyman
Thank you for your prompt reply to my enquiry re:the Duggan file.   I
prepared the following history of a branch of the Duggans of County
Longford and perhaps my son may have mailed it to you already.  There must
surely be many relatives in the USA.  Thank you for the wonderful job you
are doing. Regards,  John Edward Duggan

The Duggan Family of Clonberla,  Killashee,  Co. Longford. Ireland.

The name Duggan is an anglicised version of the name Dubhagan , meaning
descendant of Dubhagan.  This name is said to be based on "Dubh" for black
or dark.  The name is most common in Munster in the Counties of Cork,
Tipperary and Waterford and is also found frequently in Galway.  John
O'Dugan who died in  1372 was co-author of  "Topographical Poems".
Daniel Duggan was born circa 1845 at  Knockatarry, Poynton Td.  Moydow
DED.  Longford Ph. Mary McDonnell. DOB and place of birth unknown, but
believed to be a native of near Longford town.  She was related to the
Conways of Clonberla,Killashee,Co. Longford whose descendants still reside
there and it is thought that she came to live at Conways. She got married
to Dan Duggan about the year 1870 and the Conway farm was divided and part
of it given to the Duggans. Dan Duggan had a younger brother John who was
married in the home place at Knockatarry and he married a wife named Anne.
 John was born circa 1853 and his wife was eighteen years younger.  Two of
John's sons, perhaps Michael and Edward, emigrated to the USA and married
two Dowd sisters who were originally from Gowlan, Killashee, Co Longford
and who had emigrated also.  It is not known their whereabouts in the USA
but there are probably many Duggan descendants from their families and it
would be nice to hear from them.

Dan and Mary Duggan had twelve children at Clonbearla as follows:
(1) Mary Ann,  Born June 5th 1871. Sponsors Edward Duggan & E.McDonnell
(2) Edward. Born December 8th 1879; sponsors Matt Conway & Anna Duggan
(3) Ellenora. Born June 6th 1874. Sponsors Peter Conway & Rose McDonnell.
(4) Margaret. Born Aug. 24th 1875.Sponors Ml.Downes & Mgt. Conway (5)
Teresa. Born June 7th 1877.Sponsors,Ml. Conway & Brigid Rhatigan (6)
Michael. Born Nov.16th 1878 Sponsors.John Duggan & Ellen Conway (7)
Helena. Born July 4th 1881. Sponsors Thomas Keegan & Rose McDonnell (8)
Joseph.  Born Jan. 18th 1883.Sponsors John Duggan & Eliz. Bermingham (9)
James. Born Sept 3rd 1885. Sponsors Wm. Bermingham & Mgt Bermingham. (10)
Rose. Born May 24th 1886.Sponsors Matt Conway & Mary A.Duggan (11)
Catherine. Born Nov. 25th 1887.Sponsors.Martin Gilleran & Brigid Farrell
           (12) Daniel.Born Dec.2nd 1889.Sponsors, Peter Conway & Mgt.

All the above are from the Parish Records of the Parish Priest at
Killashee, Co Longford and were obtained on the 4th day of September 1984.


MARY ANN DUGGAN                                     It is thought that
Mary Ann went to England for a time and learned to be a cook.  She later
returned and went to the United States where she married Louis Menjou.  It
is not know what year she emigrated but she was not in the household for
the 1901 Census.  She had three sons and one daughter i.e.  Daniel Menjou,
who died tragically in a traffic accident at a young age..  Lou, who lived
to a good age in Redding, California.  Edward married Marion Earnshaw and
he visited the Maternal homestead at Clonbearla at the end of the second
world war when he was returning from service in with the U.S forces in
Germany and had a few days stop off at London.  He came to Ireland and
visited his Aunt Kate (Catherine) who lived close to Clonberla (See
Catherine). He also visited the maternal homestead at Clonbearla where the
family of Joe Duggan then lived (See Joseph)  Edward & Marion had two
children i.e.Patricia Anne and Ruth Yvonne. Patricia Anne married Joseph T
Cooney and Ruth Evonne married Robert L. Potts. The Cooneys had two
children ; John Edward and Carolyn Louise.  The Cooney family lives in New
Jersey and have visited the ancestral  homestead at Clonbearla which is
now derelict. Mary Ann Duggans daughter Camille married Thomas Canning and
they had four children i.e.Eileen, who is married to Joe Cerami;   Tom who
is a widower and has three children; Camille II who is is married to Allan
Odell.  Camille has two children and Dan, who resides in Redding. CA. The
Duggan girls in the U.S. all lived in N.Y. but the Menjous moved to the
West Coast.  It is thought that Mary Ann Menjou, nee Duggan, suffered from
respiratory problems and found she had better health on the West Coast.
They are based around the Redding area of California. Mary Ann died circa

Edward lived at the home in Clonbearla and it was intended that he would
inherit the family holding.  However he fell into bad health and Joseph
was asked to return from Liverpool to work the farm (See Joseph) He
remained on in the family home with Joseph and his sister Rose until after
Joseph was married in 1930, He then  moved to a very small holding in
Clonbearla where he lived until the 28th October 1941 when he died.  He
was a quiet gentle person who had no education and could not read or
write.  Yet he had an uncanny ability to get on in life and if he went to
see the livestock he would know if one was missing.  Again he could go to
Longford town and he knew where every shop was without being able to read
the shop signs.

Ellenora was born in 1874 and it is believed that she died as a baby.

Margaret also went to the USA. and lived in Park Avenue, Glen Cove where
she was married (married name Lipnicke). She had one daughter named Mary
Ellen, who married Bernard Horan.  Mary Ellen and Bernard had three
children i.e. Mary Ellen, Bernard and Peggy.  Peggy has made many trips to
Ireland and has visited the old homestead and her Irish cousins many
times. Margaret Lipnicke, nee Duggan, died in 1957.

Teresa was the fifth member of the family and it is believed she died when
she was about twelve years old.

Michael became a tailor, having learned his trade at a tailor named
Flanagan in Kenagh, Co. Longford.  He later bought a house at
Lanesborough, Co. Longford Where he carried on a thriving tailoring
business for many years.  His sister Rose moved from the old home at
Clonbearla and kept house for him.  From information received from people
who remember him he had a gift of writing verse and was a very religious
person.  Each Sunday before Mass at Lanesborough he would go up to the
pulpit and lead the people in the recitation of the Rosary.  He did not
enjoy good health and died circa 1932.  He never married.

Helena was always known as Ellen and she too went to the USA. and was
married to Jack Mulder, a Dutchman.  They had three children i.e. Jack,
Jim and Ellen.  They resided at 15 Prospect Avenue, Glen Cove, NY. Jack
Mulder is married to Madeleine Gaynor whose forebears came from County
Westmeath,Ireland and they reside at 25 Townsend St, Glen Head.   They
have three children.  John, Richard and Ellen. Ellen son Jim is married to
Peg, who has a lot of Irish blood, and they have three children, i.e. Jim.
Denise and Margaret (Jiggs) Ellen's daughter Ellen is married to Bill Shea
a retired N.Y. Cop and they live at Woodhaven, N.Y.   The Shea's have two
daughters i.e. Ellen and Bernadette.

Joe applied to join the R.I.C., which was the Irish police force about the
year of 1903.  Having been accepted into the force he was sent to serve in
Liverpool, England (Ireland was then under British rule)  He served for
about ten years as a cop in Liverpool and when he got a letter from home
asking him to return to work the family farm, due to Edward's ill health,
he immediately agreed.  That would be about the years 1914/15 and there
was a reluctance on the part of the Liverpool authorities to discharge him
from the force as they believed that he was returning to Ireland to get
involved in the struggle against British occupation.  However, having
submitted his resignation, he took a boat to Dublin without his discharge
and arrived back in Longford.  Some days later a police squad arrived at
his home in Clonbearla to arrest him and bring him back to Liverpool but
he was no where to be found and the family stated that they had not heard
from him.  He laid low for a time but it appears that they lost interest
in him soon after.  They had more important things on their minds at that
point of Anglo-Irish relations. Joe remained at home with Brother Edward
and Rose his sister. He was married circa 1931 to Anne Casey from the
parish of Killashee and they had five children.. Daniel;  born on 16th May
1932.  Joined An Garda Siochana (The Irish Police force) on November 4th
1954 and served at Kevin St. in Dublin and later at Clonmel, Co.
Tipperary; married Noreen Doherty and they have four children i.e. Paul,
married and living at Leixlip near Dublin; Freda, an Aer Lingus hostess,
married and living near Dublin.  Karl who is a Priest and serving in
Atlanta, Georgia In the U.S. and Sean who is a Manager with one of the big
Supermarket chains and he works at the moment in Tralee.Co. Kerry. The
second member of Joe Duggans family was Michael, who was born on 31st
October 1933 and by the grace of God he lived with the condition, which we
call Downes Syndrome.  In spite of that he enjoyed a long life and went to
Heaven on the 3rd February 1997. The third member of the family is John
Duggan, born on the 3oth December 1934.  After school worked for a time in
Killashee in a Pub/grocery/hardware/post office business and then joined
the Garda Siochana with brother Dan on 4th November 1954 and served at
Donnybrook and Crumlin in Dublin and at Carlow town and finally at
Glenamaddy, Co. Galway. He retired from the police in 1986 and went into
broadcasting .  He presents a programme of music and requests with Mid
West Radio and North West Radio six days per week and is also well known
as a writer having written songs for many of the top Irish Singers such as
Foster & Allen; Brendan Shine; John Glenn;  Brian Coll; T.R.Dallas;
P.J.Murrihy and many others.  He has also written three albums of
monologues, which he himself has recorded and for which he has won a
couple of awards.[Refer to Newsletter No.15]  Married in 1960 to Gretta
they have six in family.  Padraig is married at Mullingar, Co. Westmeath
to Una Weir and they have three children.  He works in finance investment.
 Deirdre is married to Jerome Reilly of the Irish Independent and lives at
Maynooth, Co. Kildare outside Dublin and  they have two children.  Sean
lives at Mullingar and is married recently.  Richella and Aoife both work
in Dublin City and Cathal, the youngest, is still in third level
education.  John's family is aged from 23 years to 39 years. The fourth
member of Joe Duggans family is Mary Kate who remained at home with the
fifth member Anna.  Mary Kate was born on the 22nd August 1937 and Anna
was born on the 10th October 1938.  They now live in a beautiful  home at
Newtown, near the village of Killashee and about four miles from the old
homestead. The original Duggan home is now in a state of dereliction and
the farm is being used for  free range hen egg production.  The land is
adjacent to the river Shannon.

James was the ninth member of the family of Dan and Mary Duggan.  It is
believed that after leaving school he went to work in a drapery shop in
Belfast.  Like all of the family he was  keen on game hunting and would
spend long hours on the banks of the Shannon with his dog and gun.  It is
thought that because of that he became ill and died of pneumonia at the
age of nineteen years.

Rose was the tenth member of the family and while she had a reasonable
degree of intelligence she was always considered to be an eccentric by
nature.  Some time after the time of Joe's marriage she left the old home
and went to live with Brother Michael, the tailor, at Lanesborough.  Like
Mike she was very religious and a daily Mass go'er and Communicant. She
was always something of a wit and a great conversationalist.  She died on
the 9th April 1960.

Kate went to the United States and worked for some years with her sisters
Mary Anne, Ellen and Margaret in N.Y.   She was a very attractive young
lady, as indeed were all the Duggan girls and boys in that family.  She
worked with the Gibbs family, (famous for their toothpaste) and soon after
going to work for them they embarked on a world tour taking Kate with
them.  She used to relate wonderful stories about their travels and could
hold an audience in thrall with stories about going to Mass on the back of
a donkey in the Sahara desert. etc. etc. Her heart always remained behind
in Ireland and she yearned for home all the time.  She did come home and
married Patrick Greally from Clonkeel, about two miles from her home in
Clonbearla sometime prior to 1920.  She had three sons and two daughters.
Paddy Joe, the oldest worked at various jobs and remained living at home.
He was not married and died following a traffic accident many years ago.
The second eldest  Danny worked the family farm and neither did he marry .
 He died at the age of sixty-two in the eighties.  Her other son Mike was
married twice. His first wife died and he married again but she "flew the
coop".  He lives a few miles to the north/west of Longford town.  Kate's
two daughter are married. Mary married  Tommy Joe Brennan in County
Roscommon and she had three children.  She was a Nurse by profession and
is now retired.  Mary's son John Paul Brennan was in New Zealand in 1983
and did an amount of research into the life of his grand Uncle Daniel
Duggan. (See Daniel Duggan).  Eileen is married to a William Wright and
they live near Longford town.  She has a grown up family of two daughters
and a son.


Danny was a very popular member of the family and was known to be a great
dancer and musician.  At an early age he decided he wanted to be a Priest
but because he was partially deaf he was not acceptable to the Church
authorities.  He went to work in New Zealand.  We have no record of the
year but an information from the Ministry of Defence in Wellington gives
the following details about Danny. Description; 5' 6" tall.;  142 pounds
in weight; Dark complexion; brown eyes and black hair so he was much
smaller than the average Duggan.  He joined the Army and the records about
him show as follows;  Attested at Ashburton on the 19th February 1917.
Marched into Sling Camp on the 1st August 1917.  Rank; Private.  Unit. 2nd
Battalion Canterbury Regiment.           Chronological sequence of
postings, hospitalisations and promotions:- Joined Unit on 17th October
1917 Embarked from New Zealand on His Majesty's New Zealand Troop Ship
Number 105  SS REMUERA from Wellington on the 5th June 1918. Disembarked
at Liverpool on 31st July 1918. Embarked for France on the 10th of October
1918 Marched into Etaples on 13th October 1918 Embarked for New  Zealand
on His Majesty's New Zealand Troop Ship Number 280  SS HORORATE from
Plymouth, England on the 28th July 1919. Disembarked on the 23rd September
1919 Posted to;  Leave. Discharged on the 21st of October 1919 Died at
Wanganui on the 16th March 1940.. He was awarded the British War Medal and
the Victory Medal The Coroners verdict shows that he died from "Drowning
supervening on a prolonged fainting period".  He is buried at Aramoho
Cemetery.  The circumstances of his death are not known but there is a
belief that he suffered from asthma and that while having a bath he lost
consciousness and after some time he slipped under the water and drowned.
There was also a theory that he had received a head wound in France which
affected his health but this is probably untrue as he arrived in France on
the 13th October 1918 at a time when Germany and its allies were well and
truly on the run and off course the War ended at the eleventh hour of the
eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918.  Danny's civilian occupation
in New Zealand was given, on Army records, as a "Teamster", which was a
person who worked a team of horses.  His employer is given as
"J.O'Connell" and his friend was Mr. Frank Davy's of King Street, Rotorua.
 A later friend was named as "Albert Coffee Palace", Victoria St.
Auckland.   On his death certificate his occupation was given as a
"Gardener".  This change in occupation and the fact that he was discharged
from the army soon after returning home from the war, at thirty years of
age, could suggest that he suffered injuries or was in bad health.

There is a tombstone in a cemetery at Ballymacormack, (on the south side
of Longford town) on the traditional burial ground of the Duggan Family.
Inscribed is as follows" Have mercy on the soul of James Duggan,
Knockatarry who died on the 9th day of June 1889 aged 30 years" "Erected
by his Father and Mother Edward and Margaret Duggan"  That James Duggan
would have been born in 1859. Dan Duggan who went to Clonbearla was born
in 1845.  His brother John Duggan who married and lived at Knockatarry was
born in 1853.  Can we take it that they were three brothers?  The age
difference would suggest that between 1845 and 1859 there were a number of
other births in the family.  We would appear to have established from the
reading on the tombstone that the parents of Dan Duggan who came to
Clonbearla were named Edward and Margaret and that they lived at

Date sent:       Sat, 19 Jun 1999 22:49:50 -0500
From:            Roy Dugan <>
Organization:    @Home Network
Subject:         Another Dugan

Thank you very much for your contribution to our history ive learned
much or at least given more to ponder on .I dont type well so please
forgive.Ive been told of a town in irland called ol dugan town iam not
sure of this.Ive been told a trate of dugans is that we usully peace
loving clan yet when pushed to great anger no one could be a worse enemy
to have again iam not sure of this but from what ive seen in several
family members as well as stories from years past it might be a trate dose
any one else know of such stories .Some personal family history   my
father was lowell dean dugan born in parker county texas grew up in aledo
texas uncles are lester dugan of calafornia oliver carel and an aunt doris
of aledo tx grand fathers name was george who lived several years in aledo
he died when my father lowell was 12 years of age he cut wood and worked
at american armory during the war i was told he was a hard worker hard
drinker and liked cards. all in the family love to play pratical jokes
tease others when were all together thiers always lots of laughter .
   if anyone is intersted in sharing such information about family
trates good or bad its of interst to me thanks to every one who shared so

Date sent:       Tue, 22 Jun 1999 17:51:00 -0400
Subject:         Dugan Fam. Newsletter nr 24 2/97
From:            NANCY B DUGAN <>

Dear Friends,
     I'm responding to a section in your newsletter from a Linda Naranjo
dated 02-25-97. She said that she had reached a dead end with her search
for her grandfather Irvin's family. I have also reached the same end with
my search for my grandfather Maurice's family.  Both born in St Paul, MN.
Since BOTH of these names appear in her "article" I think we may be
related, but I can't get in touch with her because the e-mail address no
longer works. HELP!!!!!!!!!!
     Nancy B. Dugan
     Branford, Ct

From:            "Terry Dugan" <>
Subject:         Searching for LaCrosse, WI, Dugans
Date sent:       Tue, 22 Jun 1999 22:05:52 -0700

Thanks for maintaining this page. My search for Dugan ancestors has been
eased by your efforts, but alas, to no avail -- so far. Does anyone out
there know of a Dugan family in LaCrosse, WI, about 1900? Lawrence Dugan,
my grandfather, was a policeman in the LaCrosse PD. His wife was Ellen
Conway. They had three children: John, b. 1900; Edward, b. c.1903; and
Helen, b. c. 1906. John was my father, but family records were lost in a
fire. I know details of the three children and their children, but
virtually nothing of the grandparents and their ancestors. None of the
references that I have seen on this Dugan Homepage seem to provide any
links. Other names on the Conway side are, I believe, Charles Hoeschler
(married Ellen Conway's sister); Don Welsh (a cousin via another Conway
sister); and LaVeque (sp?), also a married name of a Conway sister). I
think all of these people lived in or near LaCrosse at about 1900. I've
had no connections thus far on any of these names either. Any information
will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Terry Dugan

Date sent:       Wed, 8 Mar 2000 17:17:43 -0800 (PST)
From:            Sandra Eva Duggan <>
Subject:         bill wizz duggan

   my name is sanda eva duggan i am from canada quebec
city i am looking for i man from ontario named bill
wizz duggan,if any one knows him e-mail me
or if it you bill that is looking at this you have
sendt a letter to my father name russell duggan jr,.
thank-you very much
          sandra duggan

From:            "Nick Duggan" <>
Date sent:       Sat, 11 Mar 2000 13:50:08 -0000

Hi my name is Nick Duggan and I come from Middlesbrough,Uk.My Father was
Jack Duggan born in 1914 the youngest of a family of 6
Mary,Jimmy,Rose,Angela,Joe.His mother was Rose(Flanagan)died1945.His
Father was James born in Ireland died May 1945.The family may originate
from a place called Raheen(unsure of Spelling)

From:            "Pepsi Momx5" <>
Subject:         The Wild Colonial Boy
Date sent:       Tue, 14 Mar 2000 04:32:20 GMT

  You do not know me, and I am not a Duggan, but I have an interest in "The Wild Colonial Boy" that stems from my Irish heritage, and in search of
more facts about the man I came upon your web site. If you are not a fan of "Black '47" I would like to introduce you to them now.  They are an Irish Rock and roll band, led by Larry Kirwan.  He is a man of great talent in my humble opinion.  You can investigate the band if you have an interest in sometimes politically motivated Irish rock and roll at Anyway, Larry Kirwan also released a children's CD called "Keltic Kids" and on that CD is the song you inquire about "Wild Colonial Boy" and here are the lyrics he uses:

There was a wild colonial boy
Jack Duggan was his name
He was born and raised in Ireland
In a place called Castlemaine
He was his father's only son
His mother's pride and joy
And dearly did his parents love
The wild Colonial Boy

At the early age of sixteen years
Jack left his native home
And to Australia's sunny shores
He was inclined to roam
He robbed the rich, he helped the poor
He shot James McEvoy
A terror to Australia was
The wild Colonial Boy

One morning on the prairie
As Jack he rode along
A listenin' to the mockin' bird
And singin' a cheerful song
Out stepped a band of troopers
Kelly, Davis and Fitzroy
They'd all set out to capture him
The wild Colonial Boy

Surrender now, Jack Duggan
For you see we're three to one
Surrender in the King's own name
For you are a plunderin' son
Jack pulled two pistols from his belt
And proudly waved them high
"I'll fight but not surrender" said
The wild Colonial Boy

Jack fired a shot at Kelly
Which brought him to the ground
And turning then to Davis
He received a fearful wound
A bullet pierced his proud young breast
>From the pistol of Fitzroy
And that was how they captured him
The wild Colonial Boy


Date sent:       Thu, 16 Mar 2000 01:21:48 EST
Subject:         Duggan Family

Hi Lyman,
My name is Colleen Leigh Fisher.  My gg grandmother was Mahala Rebecca Duggan, daughter of James Mitchell Duggan.  He was the son of Daniel Duggan, Jr. ( As I'm sure you know!)    I am just beginning researching my family, although my mother , Ruth Ann Williams- Keener, has given me a wonderful headstart. I have many relatives in TN, some I have met, but most (including all of the Duggans ) whom I don't know . I would love to receive information to fill in all the gaps, including stories and pictures. Does anyone have any more info on Hugh Duggan's family in Ireland?  I would, also, love the opportunity to meet / keep in contact with you all.  I just happened to be playing around on my computer and came across your newsletter( which appears to be written in 1997 )?   I was very excited to find it. I would be willing to send you any info I have. Just let me know. I can be reached at :

Colleen Fisher 8029 McLean St. Manassas, VA 20111-2120 Phone # 703-368-0488 email  CLFISHER2 @

Descendents of Hugh Duggan of Ulster,Ireland (Carline Harp Doyle)

From:            "Ken Stewart" <>
Subject:         an other duggan
Date sent:       Fri, 17 Mar 2000 11:01:29 +1000

Hi Lyman
I have just been browsing through Duggan's genealogy home page, my maiden
name is Duggan,and I live in Australia and my great grand father James
Dugan and my great grandmother Mary Burden born in Sydney he was born in
1831 and she was born in 1834 married in 1863 they had son named James
augustan born 17 may 1872 at the time of his birth he had one brother and
three sisters two of which had died I think two of the sisters names were
Florence and Annie . James augustan married for the second time to  Minnie
Liggins (nee) Roberts they had both been married before and I do not no
who his first wife was or if there were   any children . Minnie had
children to her first husband .and James and minnie had three children
James Leslie, veta.m and Mary or Marjory .And I was wondering  if you have
any in formation on the Duggans from Sydney the Waverley or Bondi Junction
areas . looking forward to your reply
                                     Lesley Stewart
The name veta was in some generations.

Date sent:       Tue, 21 Mar 2000 17:39:42 -0500
Subject:         Duggan family
From:            "Jennifer L. Pagan" <>

My name is Jennifer Pagan. My mother's maiden name is Duggan, Kathleen.
Her father is George Lincoln Duggan and his father was George Anthony
Duggan his father was also named George Duggan and is thought to have been
born in Ireland but I have been unsuccessfull in going back any farther.
 They settled in Minnesota.
I'm hoping the newsletters will guide me back some.
Thank You so much!
Jennifer Pagan

Date sent:       Tue, 21 Mar 2000 19:57:19 -0800
Subject:         James Albert Dugan
From:            Charles E Greer <>

I am trying to find information on my Great Grandfather, James AlbertDugan,
born 22 Feb. 1851 in, it is believed Illinois, died 11 June  1934
in Missouri Valley, Iowa. He married Laurie Anna Crone on 8 Oct. 1874 and
they had six children, Carrie Delle,Born 31July 1884, Clara 'Belle Born 31
July 1884, Katie May Born 1874???, William Born 9 Mar 1879, Elizabeth Jane
Born 19 Oct. 1879, Mary Ethel Born 31 Aug. 1876. who was married to my
Grandfather Hamilton Greer. I have been able to find nothing about James
Dugans Parents. Do any of you have any information that would help me to
trace them. Thank you for any help you might be able to give me. Charles
E. Greer 2327 No. Kachina Mesa, AZ 85203 Phone 480- 461-0899 EMail

From:            Joseph Duggan <>
To:              "''" <>
Subject:         RE: Duggan Family Website
Date sent:       Thu, 23 Mar 2000 17:16:11 -0500


We are descended from Laurence Duggan and his wife Mary Gaul.  Laurence
was from Farnoge, a farm near the town of Mullinavat in southern County
Kilkenny not far from Waterford City.  Our cousins still live at Farnoge,
and they say that their Duggan ancestors have lived on that same farm
since the time of the Norman invasion of Ireland.  My Irish cousins also
told me that the family had lived on the Wexford coast before fleeing. The
oldest Duggan men  whom I met on my visit to Ireland in 1975 were tall and
had black hair (or gray hair that originally had been black)and blue eyes
-- as befits the name dubh ghainn.

Laurence's son Patrick was my great-grandfather.  He was born, I think, in
1855.  He moved to America in 1877 and soon married his Irish fiancée,
Ellen Doherty, in Chicago.  They moved from place to place in Illinois
until they settled permanently in St. Louis, my birthplace. Patrick's
eldest son, also named Laurence, was my grandfather.  My father is Martin
Lawler Duggan in St. Louis, born in 1921.  He remains very active and his
host and executive producer of a popular St. Louis public affairs TV
program called Donnybrook.  It's on Channel 9, KETC-TV, the PBS affiliate.
 You can see his picture and info on the TV program at

I live in Washington, DC with my two sons, Lawler Duggan and Wilson
Duggan.  I'm now senior vice president of a public affairs firim, the DCS
Group.  Among my adventures over the years was to serve on the White House
staff as a speechwriter for President Bush.

It's nice to make your acquaintance, and I look forward to being in
touch with you and many other Duggans in the future.

--Joe Duggan

Date sent:       Mon, 27 Mar 2000 20:43:33 EST
Subject:       Duggan / Wetheringtons in Canada

 Lyman, My Greatgrand Mother was a Catherine Duggan and was married to
Thomas Wetherington around 1843 somewhere in UK. I have been trying to
find information on them. But I have only drawn a blank. Lots of Catherine
Duggan's around but not mine. They had seven children. Margaret Mary W.
born in Ireland,  Charles Henry W. born in Newfoundland, Thomas Daniel W.
born in Canada, Mary W. born Canada. John W. born in Canada, William W.
born in Canada Archibald W. born in Canada. Charles Henry W. had a twin
brother who died before age of 3. Charles Henry was born in Newfoundland
about August 1862, I have Baptismal papers (original) Margaret Mary was 7
years older than him. I have tere and many dates of family tree through to
my grandchildren. Other Irish family names include Dollimore, and
Cloughessy. I can supply much of Dollimore tree also. Duggan and
Cloughessy names are almost blank.

My address is Jonathan Wetherington, 609 Goldfinch Rd. Marshfield, Missouri. 65706.
Ph. 1-417-859-6335  e-mail
I would like to hear from anyone who might have
information on Duggan / Wetheringtons in Canada or United Kingdom also
interested in surname Cloughessy. Thanks for a Great Duggan web,
Lyman, keep up the good work Jon W.

From:            "Stephen Duggan" <>
Subject:         Re: Duggan family tree
Date sent:       Tue, 28 Mar 2000 03:42:22 PST

Thomas And Kathleen Duggan ( My grandparents both no longer with us ) they
were both from Eire Thomas from Tipperary and Kathleen from Sligo.

They had five children one called Jimmy died in infancy.

In order of age : Seamus

                  Two children Simon and Cathy.

                  Thomas + Veronica ( My Mother )

                  Myself Stephen, Michael, Mark and Emma


                  Sean And Anna

                  Patrick + Mary

                  Kate And Thomas

Date sent:       Tue, 28 Mar 2000 21:38:20 EST
Subject:         re: Dugans

Hi Lyman,  I was wondering if you had the following Dugans in your data

Robert Dugan born abt 1790 married Alice Nelson, Pennsylvania
8 children:
Nelson Dugan b 1815 md Mary Ann Stroudg 1837 Florid, Ill
Alice Ann Dugan born 1821, Pennsyl. md Garrison H. Wilson 1840 Lostant
Ill. Moses Mary J. ... ... ... Thanks Joy Dugan LaCombe

Date sent:       Wed, 29 Mar 2000 22:57:10 EST
Subject:         Duggan Family History

My name is Athena Dugan (of Philadelphia).  My Grandfather was Willie
Duggan b. July 4, 1900 / d. 1990  He had an adopted son John Luther Dugan
and Daughter Lila Jean Bell and Son Willie Jr.  I'm not sure of their
dates of birth  and cannot remember the dates they've passed away.  Willie
Jr. is the surviving son of the three siblings. If you have any
information, please email me.  The mother of Willie Duggan was Vera Lee,
I'd imagine her last name was Duggan as well.  John Luther Dugan married
my mother Rachel Mack of either North or South Carolina.  I know my
information is scattered but if you can give me some info or input as to
which necessary steps I'll need to take to locate some of my familys'
history that will be great.

Athena Dugan

Date sent:       Wed, 29 Mar 2000 23:28:29 EST
Subject:         Duggan surname

I have a ggrandmother named Ellen Aileen Duggan born May 3, 1858 in
Mullagh, Ballyduggan Co, Galway, Ireland. She died Oct 23, 1951 in
Julesburg, Colorado.  She came to the US as a young girl and married
William James Donnelly.  They were pioneers and homesteaded in Sedgwick,
Ill and Julesburg, Colorado.  They had 7 children.  We don't know her
maternal or paternal family names.  In your large data base have you seen
her name?
 Have pictures and lots of information on her if any one is interested. I
would love to find out more about her early life.  Do you have any
suggestions how I can find her in Ireland? Thank you, Barbara Billington
Modesto, CA

From:            Alan Duggan <>
Subject:         My families history
Date sent:       Thu, 30 Mar 2000 16:59:00 +0100

Hi there,

I have just found your web site and would love to be included in there.
So if you bare with me, I'll get all the information I can for you as my
father is very interested in our families past so he has researched it
alot already. Here is some information about myself for now: Name:   Allan
Duggan Age :    22 Born :  Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland Live
now Stewarton, Ayrshire, Scotland

Family I live with:
Father: Edward Duggan, 49, born in Glasgow
Mother:Lynne Ashcroft, 48, born in Clydebank
Other Family:
Brother : Martin Duggan, 23, born in Glasgow

Once I have the rest of my history I will let you know.
Hope this interests you!

Allan Duggan

Date sent:       Fri, 31 Mar 2000 10:40:24 -0700
From:            Ellen Evanoff <>
Send reply to:
Organization:    univ of az
Subject:         Co. Tipperary Duggans

Please add to your Duggan Links:
I have Duggan Birth, Marriage and Death information for Co. Tipperary,
Ireland. Thanks. Ellen Evanoff

From:   (Mary Sullivan)
Date sent:       Sun, 2 Apr 2000 22:04:35 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:         Beginning Search

Dear Lyman,

I am just beginning my search on family.  My great-great-great
gandparents were Lawrence Duggan and Mary Gaul (Gaule).  Apparently they
were from Kilkenny, Parish Mulnivat.  Their daughter, Bridget, married
Patrick Fahey.  Unfortunately, with WebTV, I can't download any files,
Would you have any information on the Duggans in Kilkenny?  Is so, please
let me know which issue to read.  Thanks.  Mary

Mary the search engine at the top of this page should help. Try "Laurence" as there are quite a few on the site.

From:            Lynn Everson <>
To:              "''" <>
Subject:         Newsletter
Date sent:       Tue, 11 Apr 2000 14:28:32 -0400

I was very interested in learning how you started your Duggan Newsletter.
My GGGrandmother was Martha Washing Duggan d/o Samuel Duggan.  She married
Aldridge Jordan.  I have enjoyed reading through your web site.  I am
currently researching McDANIEL and EVERSON Surnames, and have hit brick
walls on both.  It seems that no one else in the free world is researching
the same line or we don't know about each other.  I thought that a
newsletter like yours might pull out some more information.  When you get
a chance I would love some insight as to how you got started.  I would
like to receive the Duggan Newsletter also.  Thanks again....

                            My home email address is

                            Lynn (McDaniel) Everson

It started on AOL about 5 years ago and I must have been out of my mind at the time :-)


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