Family Newsletter  40.....Sept 1999

More and more it seems, email comes asking me to find someone and less and less information is coming in. If you are one of the ones with questions, I hope that someone will have answers for you one of these days. In the mean time, here is a place to Archive what information you do have. The more data that you give us, the more chance you have of making a family contact who can help you fill in the blanks. We want your family data. Everyone comes here looking for data. When you have data to share, please submit it in an orderly fashion. Include birthdates, spouses, birth places, dates of death and place of death, etc. Do not leave anything out. Stories are most welcome too. Remember that this data will hopefully be archived forever and someone will be searching through this 100 years from now....yes even 1000 years from now. Well how about someone reading these notes 10 years from now. Will they be able to find you again. Email address change often so why not leave your mailing address. 

Date sent:       Mon, 22 Feb 1999 22:22:15 -0500
From:            Jeri Craft <>
Subject:         Hi

My name if J. Conaway Craft. I, too have some information on my
ancestors, the Duggans. Of course, not near as much as you. I follow the
line down to Elizabeth Betsy Duggan who married Samuel Geesling. Our
spellings differ. I realize that this often happens. I have some
information on Cones and Mayos. You two seem to be very outstanding
people.  It's really a very small world. I enjoyed your family history.
Keep up the great work I really hope to hear from you soon. I live in
Vidalia, Georgia. J. Craft.

Date sent:       Mon, 01 Mar 1999 13:18:50 -0800
From:            "Reiley Kidd, MD" <>
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Organization:    Virginia Mason Medical Center
Subject:         Dogans of Wilkes Co., NC

I visited your page on the Dougans, and tried to go to your link to
"Desc. of Robert Doougan, b. 1804...PA", but the link didn't work.  I
got the message, "not found on this server."

I'm trying to find more on the Dogan/Doogan family that was in Wilkes
Co. NC (Surry and Rowan before that) in the 1760-1790 time frame.
My ancestor John Robins Sr. had a wife, Elizabeth in Wilkes Co.  She is
said by others to have been Elizabeth DOGAN, and I'm trying to confirm
This couple moved with their adult children first to Franklin Co., GA in
the 1790's, and later to Franklin Co. TN (not adjacent to FCGA), where
they both died in their later years.
Can you direct me to information on this clan?
Reiley Kidd

Date sent:       Mon, 22 Feb 1999 22:22:15 -0500
From:            Jeri Craft <>
Subject:         Hi

My name if J. Conaway Craft. I, too have some information on my
ancestors, the Duggans. Of course, not near as much as you. I follow the
line down to Elizabeth Betsy Duggan who married Samuel Geesling. Our
spellings differ. I realize that this often happens. I have some
information on Cones and Mayos. You two seem to be very outstanding
people.  It's really a very small world. I enjoyed your family history.
Keep up the great work I really hope to hear from you soon. I live in
Vidalia, Georgia. J. Craft.

William Harrison Duggan was a prominent Methodis Minister of Monroe  County Tenn.
Married Matilda Jane,

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From:            "cadoyle" <>
To:              <>
Date sent:       Mon, 22 Mar 1999 21:43:06 -0600

Lyman, do you have anyone researching the Duggan/Dunn/Russell lines

carlne harp doyle

Date sent:       Mon, 12 Apr 1999 19:54:23 EDT
Subject:         Additions to Prof. Joseph Duggan's File/Newsletter 38...20 February 1999
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   Hi Lyman!

          Here are the children of Prof. Joseph S. & Johanna (Doyle)Duggan:

         From Bill Duggan
         1398 Saratoga, CT.
         Tarpon Springs, FL 34689-3934  phone: 727-938-4219

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To:              <>
Subject:         Searching name Dugan
Date sent:       Sun, 2 May 1999 23:40:21 -0500

Hi, my name is Beverly Herndon, and I'm trying to find out more about
the Dugans who lived in the Louisville area

Martin Dugan came from Ireland and married Ann from Canada no maiden name for Ann.
They had 5children, oldest John, then Martin, Frank, sisters Agnes and Ann. Their father
worked for the police department and was keeper at the ClayStreet Station.
Looking for relatives of these people. As John is my greatgrandfather,
who supposedly was married to Rose Caroline Fry(s) they had a son and guess
they were divorced and later the son was put up for adapotion in Nebrasksa, by
a with the last name of Matthews. Frank and John were involved in politics in
John Dugan died at the age of 38. He worked for the L&N as a machinest
and was a foreman there.Served on the the Board of Councilmen of the 10th ward. Also ran a
saloon at 12th and Market. Was amember of the Jefferson Democracy and of the Mose Green Club. He
attened St. Patrick's parochial school. His sevice's were at the St. Louis Bertrand Church,
burial in St. Louis cemetery. His brother Frank also ran a saloon for many years and was a prominent
Democrat . Also was a silent partner in the firm printing firm of Smith& Dugan , his brother Martin was one of
the active people in the firm. Martin was aprinter. He had one son, by the name of John Dugan who
worked for Inter-Southern Lfe Insurance Company.
Martin J. Dugan was 65 when he died,was a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Mackin Council,
Y.M.I. and St.Brigid's Catholic Church. Had four daughters,Lucy, Helen, and Mildred, a son Mark J.  and a Sister
Patrice of the Uusuline Sisterhood. Burial in the Calvary Cemetry. Some of theis information came from my
research at the library in Louisville.

If anybody can help me, it will be graetly appreciated.

Beverly Herndon

From:            JIMcF <>
To:              "''" <>
Subject:         Michael Duggan/Dugan
Date sent:       Tue, 8 Jun 1999 22:29:33 -0400

Hello Lyman,
      I was surprised to find the Duggan/Dugan, etc. newsletter while
researching my maternal grandfather, Michael Duggan/Dugan.  I don't know
what county he came from, but I had seen his citizenship papers and the
spelling was with 2 g's.  However, the story is that he changed it to only
1 'g'.  What is the likelihood of these changes meaning something?
     Michael married Bridget O'Donnell and they lived in the Bronx, NY,
had 6 children:
Edward, Joseph, John, Mary, Ellen and Anne (my mother).  I don't know
whether they married here or in Ireland, but I think in NY.  I have a bit
of info on Bridget, but I need to find out something about Michael.  What
do you suggest?
     How can I get the newsletter regularly?
Thanks.  Agnes (

Date sent:       Sun, 13 Jun 1999 23:24:19 EDT


i am looking for any information on eliza jane dugan who married samuel rupe.

they lived in ohio kansas, colorado, utah, and idaho.


mary lou faulkner-steadman

Date sent:       Mon, 14 Jun 1999 05:54:19 EDT
Subject:         Re: Dugans (or Duggans) Sutton Fowler Dugan

Hello again Lyman,

I'm sending an abbreviated, e mail version of my Dugan lineage chart.  A
great deal of the information included here was compiled by my great aunt,
Bertha Pearl (Dugan) Hofman.  It begins with my ggggrandfather, Sutton
Fowler Dugan, and his siblings.

I and several other Dugan "cousins" believe that Sutton Fowler's parents were
probably James Dugan and Hannah Fowler, who were married May 5, 1808,
in Campbell Co, KY.  All of Sutton Fowler Dugan's siblings,
(Isaac Franklin, James, Sarah, Anna, and Altha or Althea) were
born at least 10 years after Sutton Fowler, and may have been from a second
wife of James Dugan.  I'm also investigating the possibility that James Dugan
who married Hannah Fowler, may be the same man as James Duggan (with 2 g's),
born in Tyrell Co, NC in 1790.

1 Isaac Franklin Dugan
   + Emily Berry
      2 Richard Dugan
        + Mary Indamay Berry
           3 Mamie Edna Dugan
              + Carl Swenson
1 James Dugan
1 Sarah Dugan
   + ? Gardners
1 Anna Dugan
1 Altha (?Althea?) Dugan
1 Sutton Fowler (I) Dugan b Oct 30, 1813 Hardin Co, KY d Feb 17, 1895 May
   + Mary Ann Walker  b Aug 12, 1815 OH  d July 4, 1904  May Day, KS,
daughter of
      Ebenezer Walker and Sarah ? of Maine
      2 Sarah Ann Dugan  b 1837 IN  d March 4, 1899
         + Watson C. Brees (or Breese)
      2 Ebenezer Dugan b March 5, 1839  d Sept 1839
      2 Susana Dugan  b April 3, 1840  d April 6, 1840
      2 Joseph W Dugan b April 3, 1841 Huntersville, IN d Jul 27, 1930
Manhattan, KS
         + Alice Carley  m Oct 8, 1865  Audubon Co, IA
      2 Lucy Dugan  b 1843 IN  d Oct 2, 1892 May Day, KS
         + Thomas W Osbourn
      2 Eliza Dugan  b 1846 OH
         + Samuel Rupe
      2 Robert G Dugan  b Feb 28, 1849 OH  d April 9, 1907 May Day, KS
         + (1st) Clara E Hulin
         + (2nd) Anna Bell Ingram
      2 Isaac Dugan  b 1851 IN  d ? Kansas City
         + Mary Elizabeth Carpenter
      2 John F Dugan  b Nov 2, 1853 Randolph Co, IN  d Aug 25, 1943
Manhattan, KS
          + Nancy Flora Putnam  m April 9, 1877
      2 William Harper Dugan b Apr 2, 1855 Dewitt Co, IL d Oct 9, 1941 St
         + Mary Jane Putnam  m Aug 12, 1877
            3 Joseph Edwan Dugan
               + Julia Elizabeth Picolet
                  4 Gene LaVerne Dugan
                     + Eunice Carr
      2 James Dugan b Jan 14, 1834 Randolph Co, IN d Apr 26, 1914 near
          + Martha Guilliams b 1834 IN  d ? IL  daughter of William
and Edith
             3 Sutton Fowler (II) Dugan b 1864 IA
             3 William Guilliams Dugan b Feb 28, 1867 IA  d Nov 21, 1949
Yakima, WA
                + Mary Ann ?Dugan?  b Feb 14, 1871 May Day, KS
                   4 Chester Lawrence Dugan b Feb 28, 1914 KS  d ? WA
             3 David Dugan b Mar 10, 1871 May Day, KS  d March 17, 1948
Kansas City
             3 Mary Ann Dugan  b 1874  KS
                + ? Lewis
             3 Melissa Dugan  b ? MO
                + ? Bangs
             3 Edith Dugan  b 1877 IN
                + ? Bayers
             3 Aaron Dugan b Apr 17, 1869 May Day, KS d Feb 10, 1892
Manhattan, KS
                + Nellie Alberta Carrington b Apr 21, 1873 Putnam Co, IN d
May 30, 1924
                   4 Bertha Pearl Dugan b Feb 10, 1893 Clay Co, KS  d 1978
St George
                     + Carl Edwin Hofman
                        5 Lucille Hofman
                        5 Raymond Hofman
                    4 Bessie Alberta Dugan b Nov 22, 1894 Clay Co, KS d
Clay Co
                       + Robert Brodie
                        5 Arlene Brodie b ca 1925  d 1976?
                        5 Arden Brodie b ca 1925 (twins)
                    4 Edna E Dugan b Apr 7, 1897 Clay Co, KS d Nov 6, 1964
St George
                       + Ira Edward Farley
                        5 Leroy Farley b ca 1925
                           + Imogene ?Bucholsky?
                    4 Oscar Claude Dugan b Feb 23, 1901 Zeandale, Riley
Co, KS  d?
                       + Elsie Mae Effan  m Jul 14, 1928 Peoria, IL
                    4 Jesse C Dugan  b Apr 9, 1903 St George, KS  d Jan 6,
1968 Denver
                    4 Jimmie Dugan b April 22, 1905 St George KS  d 1976
Clay Co, KS
                       + Ilma Glass m July 12, 1925
                    4 Marjorie Helen Dugan b Jan 29, 1908 St George, KS d
Oct 16, 1964
                       Manhattan, KS
                       + Paul McClure  m Nov 12, 1929 Manhattan, KS
                          5 Betty Lou McClure (and others?)
                    4 Dorothy Winifred Dugan b Oct 25, 1910 St George, KS
d 1968 Denver
                       + Joseph Tully
                    4 Frances Marie Dugan b Aug 18, 1914 St George, KS
(still living)
                       + (1st) Dale Helmlinger
                       + (2nd) Ralph Wellman
                    4 Mabel Genevieve Dugan  b Nov 19, 1898 Clay Co, KS d
Feb 17, 1924
                       Clay Co, KS
                       + Leland Tell Paro (Perrault) m June 24, 1918
Salina, Saline Co, KS
                          5 Robert Leland Paro b Feb 17, 1919 Clay Co, KS
d 1990 Denver
                          5 Audrey Lois Paro b 1920 Clay Co, KS
                            + Herbert (Bert) Thompson
                               6 Leslie Thompson b 1942
                                  + Thaddeus (Ted) Wiggins
                                     7 Sean Wiggins
                               6 John Leland Thompson b 1953
                          5 Donis Cleo Paro b Mar 22, 1922 Clay Co, KS
                            + Elmer Eugene (Gene) Vaughn b Sept 28, 1921
Adams Co, IA
                               6 Robert Bruce Vaughn b Dec 19, 1944
Hastings, NE
                               6 Steven Craig Vaughn b April 27, 1954
Hastings, NE
                                  + Melinda K Kohnen b Feb 11, 1955
Celina, Mercer Co, OH
                                      7 Eric Edward Vaughn b Sept 24, 1978
                                      7 Laura Michele Vaughn b Mar 14,
1980 OH
                                      7 Kyle Holden Vaughn b Jan 10, 1988
                               6 Susan Lee Vaughn (me) b Sept 19, 1961
Hastings, NE
                                  + Stephen Boyd Turner b April 22, 1955
                                      7 Leland Christopher Turner b Jan
15, 1981 Manhattan, KS

I'm currently in contact with four other descendants of Sutton Fowler
Dugan, and one descendant of Sutton Fowler's brother, Isaac Franklin Dugan.  All
these families were around May Day, Riley Co, KS by the 1860's.  Although
the town of May Day, KS, no longer exists, the cemetery is still there, and is
the final resting place of many Dugans.  About 1/2 mile to the west of the
cemetery is a ridge line which is still known as the "Dugan Hills."  I'll
be recording information from the cemetery for inclusion in the USGenWeb
Tombstone Transcription Project, sometime this summer.  It's located at .

Well, let me know if you can use this information as is, Lyman.

Thanks a lot,  Sue  :)

Sue (Vaughn) Turner

From:            "Patricia Stephan" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Dugans
Date sent:       Tue, 15 Jun 1999 14:00:58 -0500

I have a list of Dugans also.  Let me know if their names can help.I am
trying to find the ancestors of Dennis Dugan, my ggrandfather.  He
arrived from Ireland (probably Kerry because he stayed with a Kerry group and
married a girl whose father was from Kenmare, Kerry) about 1860.  There
are a lot of us in Wisconsin.  He lived in Columbia co., WI.  His son was
Johnny, my grandfather.

Thanks, PatriciaCS@msn

From:            Dawn Pattison <>
Subject:         Duggan
Date sent:       Wed, 16 Jun 1999 09:47:03 GMT

HI, My name is Dawn Pattison, I'm 25 years old. I was born July 16, 1973 Norton on Tees England.

I would like your help in finding out some infromation about my family.
My mothers name is Rosemary Weliever her madian name is Duggan. Her fathers
name is John Duggan, he married my grandmother Dorris Duggan Madian name
unknown they had 3 children Rosemary, Pat, and Maureen.  My mother married
an American and we currently live in the United States. My parents live in
Riverton, Wyoming. I live in Bemidji, Minnesota.

That is all I know about my family I would like to know more about
ancestory but with little information on them I'm not getting to far.
If you have any information about this I would really appreacate it.

Mye-mail address is

From:            "Paul Bines" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Duggan
Date sent:       Thu, 17 Jun 1999 14:04:08 +0100

Sir, I found your site today and, given that my maternal grandmother's
maiden name was Duggan, I thought I'd have a look.
It may interest you to know that my Great-Grandfather, one John Duggan,
of Carrick-on-Suir, near Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, has a chapter
devoted to him in the 1901 Methuen book "The Green Sphinx", an Irish travel book
by one Bart Kennedy.
I don't know if this might help anyone but I offer it just in case!
Further to my previous message; it occurs to me that I have
been somewhat vague about my family!  a brief explanation; unfortunately my
grandmother, Bella Johnson nee Duggan, died a few years ago, before I
could get the family history from her.  She was the eldest of, I think, five
children, the others being John, William, Margaret and Sarah.
Her father was John (I don't have to hand the name of my Great
Grandmother), and they lived, if memory serves correctly in Carrick.  When John and
his wife died, Bella took care of the family; upon marriage she moved to
Clonmel, where she lived until she died.  William lives in Dublin, where
one of his sons works for Aer Lingus in a senior capacity.  John still lives
in Clonmel.  Margaret married and moved to London (my mother, Margaret's
niece, married Margaret's husband's brother!)  Sarah became a nun and is now
based in Bendigo, Australia.
Some distant cousins of the family own a jewellers shop in Clonmel,
called "Duggan". I don't have dates, but my grandmother was born in the early part of
this century (no later than about 1915)
All I know of John, my great grandfather is that he was a waiter in a
Carrick hotel, where he was interviewed by Bart Kennedy for the
aforementioned book (It has been some time since I have seen a copy of
this book, I don't currently own a copy, so some of the above details may be
slightly inaccurate)
I have not made a serious effort to follow the family history, hence the
large gaps!

My apologies for the vagueness of this, but I hope it may be of some use!

Best Wishes,
Paul Bines.

Date sent:       Thu, 17 Jun 1999 19:24:14 EDT
Subject:         Duggan family line

I am currently trying to trace my Duggan family line.  What I know is that
my great- grandmother  Marie Therese Dugan b. July 2 1879or80 d. 1946or7
married Cecil Jay Francisco, and her father was Michael Cornelius Duggan, or
b. 1826 d. 1904 who married Bridget Crimins b. 1840 d. 1938 in 1854, his
father came from Ireland and that is all I could find out, any help would
be appreaciated, thanks


Date sent:       Sat, 19 Jun 1999 00:20:25 EDT
Subject:         Duggan family

Dear Mr.Lyman,
 Just to let you know that my mother was a Duggan born in Athlone, Eire, and I would be interested to know more about her.

Here is all I know:

Bettine Elizabeth Duggan

Born: Athlone, Eire,in l910.

Daughter of James Duggan, horse trainer and Charmaine De Silva, homekeeper

Married  Royston Martin HUMPHRY, about 1927.  Divorced.     Then married
John Eden in Sydney, Australia, in l941.

Two sons by first marriage:  Garth Humphry (deceased l986)  & Derek Humphry  (myself).

One son by 2nd marriage, Shane Eden.

Mrs. Eden (nee Duggan) died in Bull Creek, Western Australia, aged 81, on 7th October l991.

I would be interested in hearing anything about the Irish side of theDuggan family, whom I believe lived mainly in the CORK  area.

Thank you.
Derek J Humphry
Junction City, Oregon
Phone: +541-998-3285.
Homepage:  <>

Date sent:       Fri, 18 Jun 1999 20:45:53 -0700
From:            "Lore Wizard" <>
Subject:         Duggan
Organization:    IGNMail  (

Hello out there I am a west coast B.C. Duggan. I am the great grandson of
CORNELIUS Duggan from the irish block near Owen Sound Ontario. I am verry
interested in talking with you about Your family history.

Abel Vincent Duggan

Date sent:       Sat, 19 Jun 1999 22:49:50 -0500
From:            Roy Dugan <>
Organization:    @Home Network
Subject:         Another Dugan

Thank you very much for your contribution to our history ive learned
much or at least given more to ponder on .I dont type well so please
forgive.Ive been told of a town in irland called ol dugan town i am
not sure of this. Ive been told a trate of dugans is that we usully
peace loving clan yet when pushed to great anger no one could be a
worse enemy to have again i am not sure of this but from what ive seen
in several family members as well as stories from years past it might be
a trate dose any one else know of such stories .Some personal family
history   my father was lowell dean dugan born in parker county texas
grew up in aledo texas uncles are lester dugan of calafornia oliver
carel and an aunt doris of aledo tx grand fathers name was george
who lived several years in aledo he died when my father lowell
was 12 years of age he cut wood and worked at american armory during
the war i was told he was a hard worker hard drinker and liked cards.
all in the family love to play pratical jokes tease others when were all
together thiers always lots of laughter .

   if anyone is intersted in sharing such information about family
trates good or bad its of interst to me thanks to every one who shared
so far

Date sent:       Tue, 22 Jun 1999 17:51:00 -0400
Subject:         Dugan Fam. Newsletter nr 24 2/97
From:            NANCY B DUGAN <>

Dear Friends,
     I'm responding to a section in your newsletter from a Linda Naranjo dated 02-25-97.
She said that she had reached a dead end with her search for her grandfather Irvin's family.
I have also reached the same end with my search for my grandfather
Maurice's family.  Both born in St Paul, MN.  Since BOTH of these names
appear in her "article" I think we may be related, but I can't get in
touch with her because the e-mail address no longer works.

     Nancy B. Dugan
     Branford, Ct

<ed note:  Before too long all the email addresses will be bad.....this is reason to include your mailing address. Already more than half of the email addresses I started with are no longer good>

From:            "Terry Dugan" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Searching for LaCrosse, WI, Dugans
Date sent:       Tue, 22 Jun 1999 22:05:52 -0700

Thanks for maintaining this page. My search for Dugan ancestors has been
eased by your efforts, but alas, to no avail -- so far.
Does anyone out there know of a Dugan family in LaCrosse, WI, about 1900?
Lawrence Dugan, my grandfather, was a policeman in the LaCrosse PD. His
wife was Ellen Conway.
They had three children:

John was my father, but family records were lost in a fire. I know details of the three children and their children,
but virtually nothing of the grandparents and their ancestors. None of the
references that I have seen on this Dugan Homepage seem to provide any links.

Other names on the Conway side are, I believe, Charles Hoeschler
(married Ellen Conway's sister); Don Welsh (a cousin via another Conway sister);
and LaVeque (sp?), also a married name of a Conway sister). I think all of
these people lived in or near LaCrosse at about 1900. I've had no
connections thus far on any of these names either.

Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Terry Dugan


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