Family Newsletter  39.....June 1999

More and more it seems, email comes asking me to find someone and less and less information is coming in. If you are one of the ones with questions, I hope that someone will have answers for you one of these days. In the mean time, here is a place to Archive what information you do have. The more data that you give us, the more chance you have of making a family contact who can help you fill in the blanks. We want your family data. Everyone comes here looking for data. When you have data to share, please submit it in an orderly fashion. Include birthdates, spouses, birth places, dates of death and place of death, etc. Do not leave anything out. Stories are most welcome too. Remember that this data will hopefully be archived forever and someone will be searching through this 100 years from now....yes even 1000 years from now. Well how about someone reading these notes 10 years from now. Will they be able to find you again. Email address change often so why not leave your mailing address. 

Date sent:       Tue, 22 Jun 1999 17:51:00 -0400
Subject:         Dugan Fam. Newsletter nr 24 2/97
From:            NANCY B DUGAN <>

Dear Friends,

     I'm responding to a section in your newsletter from a Linda Naranjo
dated 02-25-97. She said that she had reached a dead end with her search
for her grandfather Irvin's family. I have also reached the same end with
my search for my grandfather Maurice's family.  Both born in St Paul, MN.
Since BOTH of these names appear in her "article" I think we may be
related, but I can't get in touch with her because the e-mail address no
longer works. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

                                  <<<ed note: here is an example of not leaving a mailing address!!>>

     Nancy B. Dugan
     Branford, Ct

From:            "Ivor Duggan" <>
Subject:         Duggan History
Date sent:       Sun, 13 Jun 1999 21:28:51 +0100

I am currently starting my own family tree and you guessed it the surname
is Duggan. before I commence I was just wondering if you know anything
about a Joe Duggan who was my grandfather and his ancestors. I can get the
information but if it is already compiled I will add to it for a wider

he was from County Mayo - Claremorris to be exact in ireland.He died on
the 5th November 1996.

I will have my own web site on and it
should grow fairly quickly with the assistance of a few members of the

Can you tell me who runs


Date sent:       Sat, 12 Jun 1999 10:33:40 EDT
Subject:         Pa. Dugan

In your archives I found a letter from a Charles J. Dugan b. In Bristol,
Pa. in 1954. It was in Duggan Newsletter nr 4d,e, dated 3/18/95.

My research has led me to My gg grandmother (Catherine Dugan), living in
Bristol, Pa. in 1880.  I still live in Bristol, Pa and coincidentally, I
was also born 1954.

Do you know how I could contact Charles J. Dugan. There is no listing in
the phone book. The posting says From: Dugan.  I don't know if that is an
active email, besides it is a fairly old posting.

Catherine Dugan married Edward McElroy.  There daughter Grace, (my
maternal grandmother), married Charles E. Finney.  Their daughter is Mary
Jane Finney , my mother.

Any help is appreciated.

Sincerely Yours,
Mark Saxton
738 Beaver St.
Bristol, Pa. 19007

From:            "Janice" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         genealogy
Date sent:       Fri, 11 Jun 1999 12:13:01 -0000

I have  Lucinda F. Dugan married Solomon Fuller 6 Dec 1826 in Kentucky.  I
have only one child, a son Anno Fuller married Melvina Duzan or Montaquein
1850.  Do you happen to have any info on these people?
     My E-mail
           Thanks  Janice Prescott

From:            "Dave & Christina" <>
Subject:         Maggie Duggan
Date sent:       Thu, 10 Jun 1999 11:26:15 -0700

Hello there, you might get a lot of email  like this, so if this is
tedious I'm sorry, its just that I'm having so much trouble trying to find
a relative by the name of Margaret May Duggan.

All I know is that she was born in Canada in 1881 and that her father's
last name was Duggan - there was no other information on a more specific
birth date or any other family given names on her death certificate.

She married my great grandfather, Lorin (sp?) Douthett in Big Sky Montana.
 She had evidently been with a traveling show and it went bankrupt in Big
Sky so that's where she stayed and met my Great Grandfather.  She died
March 23rd, 1919, and unfortunately, the courthouse in town burned so
there are no records of her there for anything else - I'm pretty sure
there is no marriage certificate, and I'm hoping to be able to check
census files for 1910 to see if there was anything there for her.

If you have any ideas for me I'd really appreciate it,
Thanks so much,
Christina Lorentzen

From:            Barbara Modesto<>
Date sent:       Wed, 9 Jun 1999 22:37:07 EDT
Subject:         Duggan surname

Our gggrandmother was Ellen Aileen Duggan born May 3,1858 in Mullagh,
Ballyduggan Co., Galway, Ireland.  She married William James Donnelly and
they settled in Julesburg, Colorado, USA.  We have lots of information on
her after she came to the USA but nothing on her or her family befor.
Would like to find her parents and family.  Do you have any suggestions on
how to find them? Thank you, Barbara Modesto, CA

From:            "Diane E. Lane" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Descendents of John Dugan of Clark Co., OH
Date sent:       Wed, 9 Jun 1999 06:28:46 -0600

Dear Lyman,
I recently found your website and intend to search it more thoroughly.
However, I thought I would send you what I have on my Dugan line.  I
copied it in report form from my FTM file.  Let me know if you would like
it in another format.  I haven't yet had time to work with immigration
records for my John Dugan. Diane Lane Descendants of John J. Dugan

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN J.1 DUGAN was born in Ireland. He married MARGARET SHAW 27
December 1855 in Clark County, Ohio.

Notes for JOHN J. DUGAN:


1. According to great granddaughter Louise Davis, John Dugan came fom
Ireland to Ohio and was lost in the Civil War. Margaret Shaw later married
someone named Joe Walker in Illinois. This Joe Walker had a son named Joe
Walker, who lived in Clinton, Indiana. There is a Walker buried near the
Dugan's and Davis's in Little Grove Cemetery in Edgar County, Illinois. I
have an obituary for a Walker from Clinton, Indiana.

2. Marriage records (on LDS microfilm) from Clark County, Ohio, show the
marriage of John and Margaret.


2. i. WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON2 DUGAN, b. 12 March 1857, Springfield, Clark
County, Ohio; d. 7 May 1944, Edgar County, Illinois.

Generation No. 2

2. WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON2 DUGAN (JOHN J.1) was born 12 March 1857 in
Springfield, Clark County, Ohio, and died 7 May 1944 in Edgar County,
Illinois. He married ELIZABETH JANE FLINT 27 August 1879 in Edgar County,
Illinois, daughter of THOMAS FLINT and MARY MOORE.



1. 1900 U.S. Census of Edgar County, Illinois, Stratton Township.

2. Early plat map of Edgar County shows Dugan land in Stratton Township.

3. Register of Marriages, Edgar County, Illinois

4. Death Register for 1902, Edgar County, Illinois, lists Elizabeth Dugan,
giving cause of death as nephritis.

5. Death certificate for William Dugan, Edgar County, Illinois (see copy).


Elizabeth Flint called "Lizzie" in marriage record. Buried in Little Grove
Cemetery, Edgar County, Illinois, with Davis family.

According to recollections of granddaughter Louise Davis, Elizabeth Flint
had two sisters, Sarah and Mary. According to the 1900 U.S. Census, both
of Elizabeth's parents were born in Kentucky. Edgar County, Illinois,
marriage records list a Sallie Flint as daughter of Thomas Flint and ?
Moore; m. 5 August 1883 at age of 21 to Clanthus Kite. This could be the
sister Sarah who Louise recollected. Also, Mary C. Flint, who married
Zacharia Jewel 8 August 1891 (age 24) was the daughter of Thomas M. Flint
and Jane Moore, according the Edgar County marriage records. Census of
1860 for Edgar County lists Thomas Flint and Mary J. Flint as residing in
Edgar County with a daughter Elizabeth (age 1 year) who was born in


3. i. EFFIE EDNA3 DUGAN, b. Kansas Township (town?), Edgar County,
Illinois; d. 30 March 1957, Edgar County, Illinois.

ii. INFANT DAUGHTER DUGAN, b. 26 August 1880, Edgar County, Illinois; d. 3
October 1880, Edgar County, Illinois.



1. DAR cemetery book for Embarass Township, Edgar County, Illinois, lists
this entry

iii. CHARLES OTHO DUGAN, b. October 1881.

iv. OTIS EDWARD DUGAN, b. 15 November 1887; d. 6 September 1945, Edgar
County, Illinois; m. FLORENCE MERKEL.

4. v. GRACE INEZ DUGAN, b. 6 June 1891, Edgar County, Illinois; d. 24
February 1919, Paris, Edgar County, Illinois.

Generation No. 3

Kansas Township (town?), Edgar County, Illinois, and died 30 March 1957 in
Edgar County, Illinois. She married JAMES WALTER DAVIS 1923 in Edgar
County, Illinois, son of GEORGE DAVIS and SARAH SUNDERLAND.


Effie Dugan was a sister of Grace Dugan, James' first wife.


James and Grace were living at 2234 Fifth Ave., Terre Haute, Indiana, when
Louise and Lucile were born (have photo of house at 2234 Fifth Ave.); as
of 1996 there was a house at that address, but it was hard to tell if it
was the same one as in the picture.


1. Birth record on file at Health Dept., Vigo County, Indiana, for James
Walter Davis.


5. i. INEZ MARY4 DAVIS, b. 17 August 1924; d. 18 November 1998.

1891 in Edgar County, Illinois1, and died 24 February 1919 in Paris, Edgar
County, Illinois1. She married JAMES WALTER DAVIS 25 June 1911, son of


Fact 12: 24 February 1919, Died in Spanish flu epidemic1

Fact 13: 26 February 1919, buried Little Grove Cemetery, Edgar County,


James and Grace were living at 2234 Fifth Ave., Terre Haute, Indiana, when
Louise and Lucile were born (have photo of house at 2234 Fifth Ave.); as
of 1996 there was a house at that address, but it was hard to tell if it
was the same one as in the picture.


1. Birth record on file at Health Dept., Vigo County, Indiana, for James
Walter Davis.

Children of GRACE DUGAN and JAMES DAVIS are:

6. i. LOUISE SARAH4 DAVIS, b. 1 May 1912, Terre Haute, Vigo County,
Indiana; d. 24 August 1989, Denver, Denver County, Colorado.

7. ii. LUCILE ELIZABETH DAVIS, b. 1 May 1912; d. 4 October 1993,

iii. DOYNE RUTH DAVIS2, b. 14 December 1917, Edgar County, Illinois2; d.
26 February 1919, Edgar County, Illinois2.


Fact 12: 26 February 1919, died in Spanish flu epidemic2

Fact 13: 26 February 1919, buried Little Grove Cemetery, Edgar County,

Generation No. 4

was born 17 August 19243, and died 18 November 1998. She married VIRGIL
OYER 27 July 19473.

Children of INEZ DAVIS and VIRGIL OYER are:

8. i. MICHAEL LEE5 OYER, b. 26 February 1955, Illinois.

ii. JAMES ARTHUR OYER, b. 15 July 1957, Illinois3.

9. iii. KENNETH ALLAN OYER, b. 26 December 1958, Minnesota.

J.1) was born 1 May 1912 in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, and died 24
August 1989 in Denver, Denver County, Colorado. She married LELAND ERNEST
LANE 15 May 1937 in Kendleville, Indiana, son of CARL LANE and DELLA

Children of LOUISE DAVIS and LELAND LANE are:

i. DIANE ESTELLE5 LANE, b. 13 September 1946.

ii. JULIA LUCILE LANE, b. 3 January 1950; m. GEORGE HENDERSON.

JOHN J.1) was born 1 May 1912, and died 4 October 1993 in California. She
married (1) DAVID MARR Abt. 1952 in Illinois. She married (2) RUSSELL
HAIGHT Abt. 1980 in California.


i. DAVID5 MARR, b. 1952.

Generation No. 5

HARRISON2, JOHN J.1) was born 26 February 1955 in Illinois3. He married


i. JOSEPH MICHAEL6 OYER, b. 3 July 19863.

HARRISON2, JOHN J.1) was born 26 December 1958 in Minnesota3. He married
DAWN HOOPER June 1984 in California?3.


Fact 1: 2 September 1993, Divorced from Dawn Hooper

Children of KENNETH OYER and DAWN HOOPER are:

i. TAYLOR6 OYER, b. 11 December 19903.

ii. MEGAN OYER, b. 8 June 19923.


1. State of Illinois Death Certificate for Grace I. Davis.

2. State of Illinois Death Certificate for Doyne Ruth Davis.

3. Notes written by Inez Davis Oyer about 1994.

Diane E. Lane<>

Date sent:       Mon, 07 Jun 1999 00:15:51 -0400
From:            Cathy Kennard <>
Subject:         Dugan

I am researching Margrett Dugan.  She was my 4thgreat grandmother.  She
Married Jonathan Tracy, their son James Henry Tracy was my 3rd great
grandfather.  I do not have any dates except for James Henry's birth and
death.  He was born on 4/21/1847 his death certificate states birthplace
as Ohio.  James Henry lived in Madison County, Ohio (as far as I know) all
his life and was a farmer. Thank you Cathy Clark Kennard Ohio

Date sent:       Mon, 7 Jun 1999 01:00:07 EDT
Subject:         Monford Chesley Dugan
Copies to:

I ran across your web page and found it very informative.

I am presently working on my mother's side of the family.

I am looking for any information regarding:

Grandfather:   Montford Chesley Dugan, born Sept 10, 1898; died around
1969-1980; married Elpha Edith (maiden name unknown), born Oct. 10 1896;
died Oct. 3, 1934.  They had the following children: Freda Luella Dugan,
born Apr 6, 1921 - she married a man by the name of Ralph Dill (last known
area of residence Newton, KS.)

Elmer Elsworth Dugan, b May 28, 1922 (last know residence Nebraska)

Erma Arlene Dugan, b Aug 20, 1923 (last know residence Indiana, Illinois
somewhere in the mid west) she married a (Okkie) BLANKENSHIP from West
Virginia, they had 3 children - 1 girl (name unknown) and two sons, Ernest
we called him Ernie and Benjamin we called him Benny.  Around 1967 or 1968
Ernie came to live with us in District Heights, MD from somewhere in West
 I remember Aunt Erma working on her family history back in the early
 1970's. I have tried to track them down with no luck so far.

Leo Murrel Dugan, born Oct 8, 1925

Betty Lucille Dugan, born Jul 14, 1927, died October 1927, burried
Tucumseh, OK.

Naomi Ruth Dugan, born July 23, 1929

JoAnn Dugan, born Jul 19, 1930, died Aug 11, 1988 in Pasadena, TX. buried
at the Veteran's Cemetery, Houston, TX.  This was my mother.  She was
raised by Ruby and Harry Schmidt who had a son Richard Schmidt.  They
lived in Swanton/Western/Beatrice, Nebraska.  She married Charles Bernard
Nisbet in Oct. 1930 in Washington, DC.  They had seven children; Jaquelyne
L. Nisbet, born April 1, 1951, Jeffery Stephen Nisbet, Charles Bernard
Nisbet JR, Sandra Kay Nisbet (married James Beehner), Richard John Nisbet,
Kelly Nisbet, born Nov 11, 1964, and Scot Thomas died several hours after

Other relatives but I don't know how they are/were related are:

Hilda Maril Dugan, born July 23, 1934
Russel Dugan, born Jun 11, 1901
Minnie Dugan born Feb 25, 1904
Wynona Eloise Dugan, born Aug 13, 1924
Leroy Russel Dugan, born Jun 23, 1925
Juaneta June Dugan, born Jun 29, 1926
Rosa Maxine Dugan, b Aug 11, 1927
Max JR, born June 10, 1931 - died Jan 19, 1932
Donald Eugene Dugan born Nov 27, 1932
Ralph Emmit Dugan, born Oct 1, 1934

I am interested in finding my mother relatives.  I would like to obtain
information on the family history and see if there are aunts, uncles or
cousins out there that would like to do the same.

My mother did not talk about her family much and our side of the family
didn't have too much correspondence with the family since from what I
remember they lived so far away.

If you could guide me to a new starting point or put me in touch with
someone who could help I would greatly appreciate it.

You may reach me at

Date sent:       Thu, 3 Jun 1999

Hi - I just briefly went through your web site and am very excited.  I am
a Dugan from Wilmington, Delaware.  My Aunt Jeannette, who moved several
years ago to Ireland, and I have been trying to do some tracing of our
family roots and as soon as I get done this brief note to you I plan to
e-mail her and let her know about your site.  I will be happy to give you
more family history but at this time I must get off line.

I will be in touch.
I e-mailed you last night and am again reading through your newletters.  I
feel like I've hit the jackpot.  Please be sure to add my name to your
mailing list.  I've contacted several family members and we are delighted.
 We are the Dugan's from Delaware and I have informed my aunt who
relocated to Ireland of your site.

You have done an exceptional job!

Date sent:       Fri, 04 Jun 1999 11:19:23 -0400
From:            Lee F. Johnson<>
Subject:         Duggan Genealogy Update

Dear Mr. Duggan:

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I found your Duggan website and was
delighted to find myself!  However, I noticed that some changes/additions
are needed to bring it up to date.

 The changes are in the William Duggan from Ulster database.

1) My mom's name - Carolyn Glasco #11576 - was spelled incorrectly.
2) My brother - John Thomas Duggan (Tom - not Tommy) #11577 - died Oct.
24, 1996 3) My brother and his wife, Terri, had another son:   Jason
Duggan - born Dec. 19, 1990 4)Mary Frances Duggan (me) #11578 and Lee
Frederick Johnson #12894 had two children:  Laura Frances Johnson, born
Nov. 7, 1989 and Amy Elizabeth Johnson, born July 16, 1991. 5) Kendra Ann
Duggan #12889 and Bonnie Jeanne Duggan #12890 are not natural children of
John Edmondson Duggan (my father).  I don't know if you have a special
notation for this or not.

Your website is wonderful and I can't wait to explore it more fully!

Mary Johnson

Date sent:       Fri, 4 Jun 1999 09:42:37 EDT
Subject:         Dugan

I am Lucretia Dugan Pennington.   I have trying to do this for several years.
I have found a lot of information in Bangor, Maine.  I have traced back
as far as Owen and Barbary (Gallagher) Dugan.  I am trying to find out where
in Ireland they came from.  Are all the Dougan's,  Duggan's and Dugan's
one in the same?  Maybe that is why I am stuck.  I am only looking for
Dugan.  Should I be researching the others too?

Thank you.  Lucretia Dugan <>

Date sent:       Thu, 3 Jun 1999 10:17:45 EDT
Subject:         Duggan

My name is William James Duggan known as Jim. I am currently living in
Germany as a member of Her Majestys forces, The 1st Battalion Irish
Guards. I am on leave at he moment from Masadonia, in fact I go back
tomorrow. I would be interested to here from any of the Duggan clan
especially with connections with Co Clare where my father was from.

Jim Duggan<>

From:            Dianne Duggan<>
Date sent:       Wed, 2 Jun 1999 23:28:31 EDT
Subject:         I am a Duggan too

Just found your "Duggan" page.  I am Dianne Duggan, daughter of John T. Duggan of Pittsburgh.  He had family, unknown to me in New York, Canada,and maybe Michigan.  Paul H. Duggan was a brother of John T. Duggan.  The father's name was James Duggan and the Mother was Margaret Walsh (Welsh)
Duggan.  I remember hearing that Margaret changed the spelling of her name but I don't know which was the original.  I can see hours of work in this search.  You have done a great job.  Please add me to your list for  the newsletter.  Thank you, Dianne Duggan Monroe (gigimonro) p.s.  we are neighbors, we live in Clearwater in the winter.

Date sent:       Wed, 2 Jun 1999 15:20:43 EDT
Subject:         dugan family in buffalo ny

My mother was Margaret dugan daughter of Patrick and minnie summers.
Patrick was born 3/17/1873 married minnie 9/27/05 ST brigades church
buffalo.  Margaret was born 11/21/1907 died 4/5 72 married Raymond j
McCarthy. Patrick was the son of Michael dugan (doughan) and Margaret
mcmahon. the dugans, mcmahons, lynch are buried in holy cross cemetery
Lackawanna NY. i believe they all came through Niagara on the Lake Canada.
  Ray McCarthy<>

Date sent:       Wed, 2 Jun 1999 11:56:37 EDT
Subject:         Dugan geneology

We are Dugans who originated in Connecticut when my grandfather came from
the former County Queens, where he was born John Dugan in 1865, He arrived
and lived in New Canaan, Ct. when he was 18 years old  in 1883.  Have you
got anything that might touch on us? 

From:            Dot Wilson Duncan<>
Date sent:       Tue, 1 Jun 1999 17:42:39 EDT
Subject:         Robert Duggan, d. Fayette Co., PA


I just discovered your website and tried to open your link to the file on
Robert Duggan, d. 1804, Fayette Co., Pa.  The message indicates that is
could not be found on that server.  Have you relocated it?  Could you
share it's new location?  I'm trying to find info about William Duggan, b.
1811, m. Barbara Griffith, b. 1820.

I can't wait to look through all your wonderful information but wanted you
to know that there may be a problem on this one file. Dot Wilson Duncan
Tampa, Florida

Date sent:       Tue, 1 Jun 1999 16:50:42 EDT
Subject:         Dugans


Can you help me, I am somewhat new at this researching.  I  am looking for
information about:  Nancy Alter (1799-1885) who married a George Dugan.  I
believe their daughter is Eliza Dugan (1822-1895) who married Robert
Martin (1813-1880).  I am trying to find a way to connect Eliza to George
and Nancy.
 By the way Nancy Alter is the daughter of David Alter and Elizabeth Mell.
David is the son of Jacob Alter and Margaret Landis.  I believe they came
from Lancaster, Pa.

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Janet Lauer<> 

From:            Phil<>
To:              <>
Subject:         family history
Date sent:       Tue, 1 Jun 1999 14:45:57 +1000

desendents of timothy and  catherine duggan cork ireland
could you please help me.i am a quadreplegic and finding typing difficult.

my email is humecp au

From:            Christine Mabee<>
Date sent:       Mon, 31 May 1999 11:48:48 EDT
Subject:         (no subject)

I visited your website looking for information on my family. I am
originally a Dugan, (only one g please) now married with a new last name.
I am  doing a graduate  project on family history.  I have never attempted
to trace my roots so this is going to be a big project.  The Dugan family
I am decedent from resides mainly in Upstate New York, with a few
scattered here and there as well. I enjoyed your cite! Christine Mabee
(formally, and will always be a Dugan) 

Date sent:       Fri, 28 May 1999 15:47:38 +0100
From:            Cathal Duggan <>
Subject:         duggan

Hi I am intrested in decendants of Hugh Duggan of ulster as I am also a
decendand of a Hugh Duggan from county tyrone In ulster any information
you have would be appreciated
                            Regards Cathal Duggan

From:            Michael Duggan<>
Date sent:       Thu, 27 May 1999 13:21:33 EDT
Subject:         I am a Duggan

Dear Sir,
I fell across you web page today as I was trying to find out a little
about where I come from. I was impressed at how much information there is.
How do I start to trace my family and link it to the Duggan tree you
started? Any information you have or if you can guide me would be helpful.
Here is some information about myself:

My name is Michael Paul Duggan
Born: 08/27/66
Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee

Immediate Family:

Russell R. Duggan - Father
Dorothy L. Duggan - Mother (Maiden name Bailey)

Russell R. Duggan II - Brother
Charles Steven Duggan - Brother
Teresa Elaine Duggan Patrick - Sister
Sarah Beth Duggan Chalk - Sister
Anita Carol Duggan - Sister
Jenny Marie Duggan - Sister

We all are from Tennessee and reside in Memphis or close by. Please guide
me in my search. I would appreciate it. If you need anymore information, I
would be happy to provide it.

Michael Duggan

Date sent:       Sun, 23 May 1999 18:05:26 -0400
From:            Garrett Dugan <>
Send reply to:
Subject:         Dugan book

I have located a book entitled "Descendants of George William Dugan
(1810-1885)" written by Lucille Dugan published by Gateway Press, Inc. As
far as I can tell he was from E. Tennessee (probably McMinn or Monroe co).
He and his family relocated to Webster Co, Missouri about 1848. I do not
have any early info on him. I can do look-ups if anyone thinks they might
have a connection.

Date sent:       Sun, 16 May 1999 23:50:15 +2909
From:            Olivia <>
Subject:         Duggan Family from County Cork

Hi there

I am trying to locate some of my family unfortunately I dont have a lot of information but I   have to start somewhre. As the family talk goes my grandfather came from County Cork in ireland. There were four brothers. 2 went to Argentina & 2 came to Australia. My grandfather had a timber Mill in Country N.S.W. & the
2 other brothers went to Mareeba in QLD apparently to establish sugar plantations.

My grandparents had 5 children.
EDELINE DUGGAN - BRIAN DUGGAN - ROGER DUGGAN - VERLIE DUGGAN & my father JOHN JOSEPH DUGGAN. My grandfathers name was Joseph. As i said I dont have a lot of information   so I hope someone may recognise these names from their family tree.

My name is Suzanne Gale Coulthard (nee Duggan). I also have 2 brothers Anthony Thomas John & John Denis Duggan we were all born in New South Wales  -AUSTRALIA. My mothers name was Norma Joyce Duggan (nee GALE).


Date sent:       Thu, 13 May 1999 19:47:19 -0700 (PDT)
From:            michaela duggan <>
Subject:         HELP!!!!

 Hello  I am a 7th grader from Washington and I inherited the same last
name as you. I am doing a family tree for a class project and I was hoping
you might be able to help me find out about some of our ancestors. All I
need is some basic information. I need as far back as we can get which is
hard when your only resource is the internet and family. I don't know when
you might be able to help me but i need it as soon as i can get it. My
teacher requires these things: ( you don't have to find all of them or any
of them. no stress )
              why they migrated
              and any other information you may
              be able to dig up or already know.
\ I would like you to know that although this is a class project i also am
very interested in the history of the Duggan's. So anything you might have
would be a great help.

Michaela Duggan

Subject:         Dugan
Date sent:       Thu, 13 May 1999 12:34:34 -0700

Hello Lyman!

I am so pleased to find your page!  I've been thinking recently of my
Irish heritage and would love to find cousins unknown.

How does one go about this?  I have very little to work with because my
maternal grandfather, Samuel Ross Dugan (born in South Dakota around the
late 1800's), was estranged from his father at a very young age.  I
believe his father's name was Charles.

My maternal grandmother is of Irish decent as well (her maiden name was
Jeffers, and her mother's was Orr), so I consider myself to be very Irish!
And I'm very proud!

Alas, some have called me "an abomination", due to my maiden name...
Woodruff...  and my paternal grandmother's maiden name...  Quiggle...
very English.  Research revealed many an Irish man and woman in both lines
as well.  Don't get me wrong, this doesn't bother me in the least.  I find
it quite humorous!  I think it is my Irish spunk that compels me to thumb
my nose at such nonsense.

Any advice you can give would be very appreciated.

June Parker  &

Send reply to:   <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Searching name Dugan, changes
Date sent:       Mon, 10 May 1999 14:28:28 -0500

Hi, my name is Beverly Herndon, & I'm trying to find out more about
the Dugans who lived in the Louisvill area. They came there after the
Civil War and never left the area.Martin Dugan was from Ireland & married
Ann from Canada, no maiden name for Ann. There was 5 children born to
them. Martin worked for the police dept. and later was the keeper at the
Clay Street station. Oldest son John, was born in Wisconsin in 1857.
Supposedly married a woman by the name of Rose Caroline Fry(s) no marriage
date.Had a son born June 24,1880.Divorced * the son was put up for
adopetation, by his mother & adopeted by a family in Nebraska & they
changed his name to William Henry Matthews & he was my grandfather. John
Dugan died on Feb. 22  or 24,1895 at the age of 38. He's my
greatgrandfather. Was on the Board of Councilmen in 1892 & 1893. Then
owned asaloon at 12th & Market.Belonged to the orginizations Jefferson
Demoracy and the Mose Green Club.Also his brother Frank also belonged to
the clubs. John, also worked forL&N Railroad as a machinest. Attended
St.Patrick's parochial school. Burial services were at St.Louis Bertand
Church, burial in St. Louis cemetery. Here's his brothers names & dates.
Martin birthWisconsin no dates Frank birth 1868? Louisville Death
July,1926. There also were two sisters. Their mothe & father's dates :
Martin death 12-3-1909 birth 1830 Ireland Annie M.death 10-26-1901 Birth
1831. Wm. Henry Matthews Birth 6-24-1880 Death 2-10-1935. Hope these dates
help, have a little bit more info, but didn't feel it imprtant right now.

Beverly Herndon<>

Do you need my address?

Date sent:       Tue, 4 May 1999 20:38:33 EDT
Subject:         Hi Lynne

Hi Lynne!

My friend Merry Casey is looking for a Buddy Duggan who was an attorney in
NYC in the late 40s and a congressional attorney in DC after that.
Wondered if he might be a relative and if you might have contact info?

Thanks and God bless. Geraldine Gallagher

Date sent:       Sun, 2 May 1999 16:54:48 EDT
Subject:         Renewed Inquiry


I last wrote in July 1997.  During most of that time I was living outside
the U.S., but am home now with a new e-mail address.  My connection to the
Dugans is through my grandmother, Katherine C. Dougan, b. 1877 in
Pittsburgh.  Her father was John Dougan, a policeman in Pittsburgh, b.
1853 in PA.  His father was also John Dougan, a tavernkeeper, born 1813 in
Ireland.  Several cousins are also working this line with me.  We would be
interested in anyone with information particularly a County
identification.  (The name has been spelled Dugan, Duggan, and Dougan
depending on which set of records.)  Thanks.

Maureen McGowan<>

Date sent:       Fri, 30 Apr 1999 13:54:44 -0400
From:            Jim Duggan <>
Subject:         [Fwd: Duggan - the Welsh connection]

Have you thought of moving the e-mail to a DUGGAN surname list on
Rootsweb?  That might make it easier, particularly for you!  You  could
tie to the list through a hot link, and get archiving and search engine
support.  It may be more involved than it seems, but might work out.

I haven't sent a note for a while so some updates are in order.

Recently had a note from Alex Duggan in the UK who is from the same
village in Wales (Pontyberem) that my GGGrand Father James Duggan
emigrated from 137 years ago.  I am hopeful that we will be able to
close the generation or two gap between my tree and his family.     .

There is a photo of James Duggan and his son William H. that is posted on
the Bradford County PA web site.

Also look in Barclay Township for history of the mining towns that James

and his younger brother Henry worked in.. Duggan family members are
mentioned in "The Romance of old Barclay". Mining town photos as well.

Some information on the Duggan family name that I found interesting :
Rowland's Surnames of Wales gives the following as Welsh useage.  >From
Rolands' p 83

CADOGAN is a Welsh patronymic surname, from the ancient forename
Cadwgan(which has elements in common with Gwrgan/Wogan). ... As a
surname it is subject to several variant forms, including Carduggan,
Carigan, Gudwgan, even KDuggan (Cosheston PR, Pembroke) and most notably
misleading, Duggan.  Though some of the latter may be directly Irish, that
many are Welsh may be deduced from their numbers in the border countries

and from a survey of the PR's 1813-1837:  Found only spasmodically
across south Wales. It is at its greatest concentration in Glamorgan
but is also to be found in Monmouthshire and Pembrokeshire.

The following, from a Welsh history page pick up on a discussion of the
term "black" as applied to the Northman invaders. see for more.

Welsh Names for the Northmen

The first raiders were Norwegians, known to the Irish as Finn Gaill, for
in 854, the chronicles record a new type of Northman appearing upon the
Welsh shores. Like the Irish, who called the Danes Dubh Gaill or "black
foreigners," the Welsh called the new sea-rovers appearing upon their
shores various names describing them as "black":

     gentiles nigri (the black heathen)
     y llu du (the black host)
     kenhedloedd duon (the black nations)
     y Normanyeit duon (black Normans)
     dub gint (black heathen, from Irish dubh Gennti)
     Brithwyr du (black Brithwyr)
     dieifyl du (black devils)

Some Welsh terms for the Vikings referred to the heathen, non-Christian
ways of the Norse Invaders:

     Gentiles "gentiles"
     Paganaid "pagans"

Other Welsh names for the Vikings included:

     Y Cenhedloedd (the nations)
     Nordmani (northmen)
     gwyr Dulyn (men from Dublin)
     y genedyl (the nation)
     y pobloedd (the peoples)
     Gwyddyl (Irish, but referring in actuality to the Hiberno-Norse)
     Daenysseit (Danes) gwyr Denmarc (men of Denmark) Lochlannaigh or
     Llychynwyr (men of "Lochlann" meaning Norway) Llychlynwys

From:            Jim Flowers<>
To:              <>
Subject:         DUGGAN
Date sent:       Thu, 29 Apr 1999 09:46:27 -0500

Hi Lyman
I have just located you and Bob you both have done a great job.wish I
could do half as good. havent read everthing as of yet.  didnt find anyone
i knew. my mother was DELLIA MYRTLE DUGGAN b 3/8/1908.a first cousin and I
are doing our family. as for back as we have gone is WILLIAM BAUFMAN
DUGGANb10/17 1824,tenn.d 3/14 1864 dardnel, arkansas. he m. ELIZEBETH
WHITE b.4/29/1829 tenn. d 12/24/1894, pike, co. ark. she also thanks was named SAMUAL but have no proof. does any off this ring a bell
with you if so please let me know  thanks  Bobbie( yandell,duggan) flowers 


From:        John Duggan
To:    Robert S. Duggan, Jr.

Hi. Being a newcommer to the net & computers please excuse my lack of
keyboard knowledge.My wife, Reny, & I are dairy farmers in Tropical Nth
Queensland, Australia. I was born in Birmingham UK, My parents from London
& some evidence of forbares in Canada & Guatemala. I had a great uncle,
George Duggan, who sailed as an offcer with Scott on the Discovery, to the
Antartic. I inherited his silver hipflask... MT! We have relatives intered
in the Channel Islands. Beleive originally from Galway & Hillsbourgh.Some
documents I have the family name is Dugan.

        Whilst more than happy to pass on any info: I have, we work
extremely long hours in pursuit of the $, & it could take a little while
to sort out what you may require...if anything. Incidently my Father,
William George, was an Electrical Engineer.

        I will study your pages futher, wishing you well. Regards
                   John Duggan <>

From:            "laurent gireaudeau" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         presentation of my Maste dissertation
Date sent:       Sun, 25 Apr 1999 23:43:30 +0200

I am a french student writing my Master dissertation on : the case of some
Irsih emigrants to the USA during the Famine years. The particularity of
my work is to try and find American people who could tell me stories or
anecdotes about their Irish ancestors when they emigrated to the USA in
the years 1845-1855. I f you could help me I would appreciate. sincerely

From:            "DUGGAN, Alex" <>
To:              "''" <>
Subject:         Duggan - the Welsh connection
Date sent:       Fri, 23 Apr 1999 13:53:30 +0100

I was browsing the 'Duggan' genealogy on the internet when I came across
the Duggan family and specifically the 'family newsletter'.  I am writing
to you with reference to the section entitled 'William Duggan of
Carmarthenshire, Wales' as I was born in Carmarthen 1967.  I currently
live in London, England.

In your excellent genealogy, you give the history of some of my relatives.
You specifically mention the village of PONTYBEREM on a number of
occasions. There are a number of Duggans buried in the village,
specifically at the church which is known simply as Pontyberem church.

My father, Neville Goodwin Duggan, was born in Pontyates, which is about
three miles from Pontyberem, in 1930.  He was very successful in the oil
industry, working for BP for 35 years, and lived all over the world,
finally settling near Aberdeen, Scotland where he lived for many years.
He was also a very good rugby player, playing for Swansea, one of the top
sides in Wales.  Sadly, he died suddenly a few months ago, on 8th December
1998, aged 68.  He is buried near his parents in Pontyberem church. My
mother, Thelma, still lives just outside Aberdeen, although she is
planning to move back to Wales shortly.

My father's father was Redvers Duggan, who was a Colliery Repairman in a
coal mine near Pontyberem. He died in 1966.  He was married to Clarice May
Duggan (nee Walters) who died in 1980. Both are also buried in Pontyberem

My own knowledge of the family history is quite sketchy.  There are still
a number of relatives living in Pontyberem and the surrounding area.  My
great aunt, Audrey Duggan, still lives in the village and is a wealth of
information about the family.

I know that two of my father's uncles went to Argentina (Patagonia) in the
early part of this century. They went out there to mine silver and to my
knowledge were quite successful.

Another of my uncles, Harry Duggan, was one of the original members of the
Welsh Guards and his name is apparently on a plaque in Caernarfon Castle
(a large castle in North Wales). I think he died in a battle Turkey around

Some other Duggans emigrated to Australia from South Wales. I believe that
they settled in Melbourne.

Anyway, it was great to read about some insight into the Duggan family
tree. I am currently writing from my work, so I would appreciate if you
didn't post this current e-mail address in the newsletter. I hope to have
a private e-mail address soon (my own computer died on me recently).
However, you can contact me on this e-mail address at present. I will
foreword you my new e-mail address when I have it. Meanwhile, you can
contact me at the following address:

 108B Kingston Road,


Alex Duggan <> 

Date sent:       Thu, 22 Apr 1999 09:33:09 -0300
From:            James E. Roberts<>
Send reply to:
Subject:         Maria DUGGAN

I was steered onto the DUGGAN page by a friend about 2 weeks ago. I
fiund an interesting entry in Newsletter #24, and I would like to follow
up on it.

I sent an email to <> at that time, but have received no

Can you tell me if that address is still good, or how I might contact him.

Our MORGAN research in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has determined that one
Joseph Morgan, born 1800 in Guysborough, married a Maria DUGGAN. The maria
of the entry was born 1803 in Aylsford, NS, daughter of Christopher
DUGGAN. The time frame and geography are logical, plus our Joseph and
maria named a son `Christopher', and I would like to pursue this avenue a
bit farther,  and I would like to contact the submitter, if you could

Thanks, Jim and Lois Roberts, New Brunswick, Canada 

Date sent:       Thu, 22 Apr 1999 04:32:30 -0700 (PDT)
From:            Francis Dugan <>
Subject:         Dugan History
To:              Lyman Duggan <>

Hi,   I have been looking for information on the Dugan Family History. My
name is Francis LaDale Carver Dugan and I am married to Bruce Edward Dugan
born in Marietta, Ohio on March 27, 1964.  I have been give a book that
was started in 1960 by Blanche M. (Dugan) Marshall,  It dates back to 1839
starting with Samuel Duggan , name changed to Dugan upon settling in
united states from England about 1889.  If you are interest in this
information please let me know, I am interested in finding out how to go
about making this information available to anyone who is interested in it.
 Thank you,  Francis Dugan

Lyman,   So glad to hear from you so quickly,  My husband was shocked to
see how closely you and his father resembled when we opened your WEB page,
 It may take me a while to type in the information I have due to my work
schedule and family obligations but I will start working on it as soon as
possible.  I do not know, how would be the best way to send them to you so
give me some time to work on it.  Do you have ICQ, if so let me know.
Thanks again,
                     Francis Carver-Dugan

Date sent:       Wed, 21 Apr 1999 13:01:31 -0700
From:            Judy Nordquist <>
Send reply to:
Organization:    Elora Floral Design
Subject:         Dougan/Foutz, Illinois

Researching the family of Eleanor Dougan, b ca 1789, Randolph County, NC,
married Jacob Foutz 1810, died ca 1858 Clark County, Indiana. Parents may
have been Thomas Dougan, Jr. and Isabella Sharp.  Resided in Fulton Co.,
IL.  Children:  Dougan, Rebecca, Jacob, William, Salem, Thomas, Levi,
Lewis, Francis C., Malcolm.  My husband descends from Francis C., m Amanda
F. Kirkpatrick 1861, Fulton Co., IL, resettled in Sedan, Chautauqua
County, KS  1870s or 1880s; he died 1907 and is buried in Sedan. Children:
Dora Eleanor, Adda A. and Dr. Edwin Rolander, my husband's grandfather.
Would like to correspond with descendents of Eleanor Dougan's siblings.
Judy Nordquist

From:            Janet Schweitzer<>
To:              <>
Subject:         Cornelius Duggan, Irish Block, Owen Sound area, Ontario
Date sent:       Wed, 21 Apr 1999 16:09:48 -0000

Today I was reading A letter to you dated Mar.'96. I dont know if you
wanted the Duggan's from the Irish Block,but if so I am related to them.
Cornelius Duggan was my grandfather. He passed away Oct. 17,1964. He is
now buried in Hamilton. He married Grace Taylor and had 11 children to
her. Actually, he was married once before. Before she died, this other
woman had a child to him. Of his 12 children (total) 8 still live. Grace
passed away Sept. '98 at the age of 97. The Irish Block is a place that
meaned a lot to the family. Grandpa was very proud of his Irish
heritage.If this is the same Cornelius Duggan that you were looking for,
please contact me and I can tell you a lot about him. Also, please tell me
why you were looking for him.

Date sent:       Mon, 19 Apr 1999 20:00:26 +0100 (IST)
From:            Mark Duggan <>

Hello, I believe you are trying to trace the Duggan name as far back as
possible.  I traced the name back as far as the sixth century where an
Archbishop was conferred in Donegal ( although his name was Dugan ).  The
gaelic name is O'Dubhgain and has been anglecised into Duggan, Dougan
Dugan, etc.  Anyway, I'll dig up the information that I have and forward
it on if you are interested.

Mark Duggan

Date sent:        Wed, 04 Mar 1998 16:37:45 +0000
From:             Virginia Green <>
Subject:          Duggan-Robason

Dear Lyman,

Some kind soul sent me a hint of your home page for genealogy and I
would like to have more information about my husband's Duggan-Robason

We have thought Cloe Duggan - daughter of William - married James
Robason.  But your info says her cousin Millicent - daughter of John - was
James's wife.

So that knocks in the head our great Smithwick conection!

Could anyone give me any evidence of it's being Milly instead of Cloe who
married the Robason in 1760?

If Lanier is the line we should be looking for, is this family related to
the Laniers of Brunswick County, Virginia of the same time?



Date sent:       Thu, 15 Apr 1999 16:23:56 -0500
From:            "Boyd Dugan" <>
Subject:         Dugan

I accidently came across this web site today. I will take the time to go
through it more indepth at home ( I am at work now).

We have been very interested in starting research on our ancestors. Wow
this looks like fun! I know some of it is done because I did a search one
day on my name and came up with my dad's family under Boyd Dean Dugan (I
am a JR.also with that name)  He was listed under decendents of Joshua

My father was born Jan 06,1920   so I think that is as far back as we go.
Any hints on how to start???

Home e-mail is:

Boyd Dugan 

Date sent:       Thu, 15 Apr 1999 10:44:06 -0600
From:            Holly Merrill <>
Subject:         Dugan Information

I found our recently that I have a Dugan ancestor while researching my
mother Dearmore Ancestry.  Her name was Mary Elizabeth Dugan, Born 9
November 1852, TN to Dr. Andrew Jackson Dugan and unknown woman. I have
brothers of Mary as Tom, Dan, and  Bob. and her sisters as Tenny Dugan
(Morrison) and Nancy Ann Dugan (Baze).   Andrew Jackson Dugan moved his
family from Tennessee to Flat Creek bottom (near Cassville, Missouri)
until the end of the Civil War when he moved to Ozark, Ark, where his
daughter Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Dugan married James Hugh Dearmore. They
later migrated to Texas.  She was buried in Bowie, TX about 1937. I would
be interested if anyone had any informations on these Dugans. Thank you,
Holly.  my e-mail address is

Date sent:       Mon, 12 Apr 1999 19:54:23 EDT
Subject:         Additions to Prof. Joseph Duggan's File/Newsletter 38...20 February

   Hi Lyman!
          Here are the children of Prof. Joseph S. & Johanna
                 Reginald,b.10/14/1899d.1/9/1976(my father)
                 Dorothy(killed by a locomotive at age 13)
                 Frankie (died at an early age)   All are deceased.
         From Bill Duggan
                  1398 Saratoga, CT.
                   Tarpon Springs, FL 34689-3934  phone: 727-938-4219

From:            Susan Turner<>
Date sent:       Mon, 12 Apr 1999 03:58:52 EDT
Subject:         Dugans (or Duggans)
Send reply to:

Dear Lyman,

Hi.  I was researching another line of family when I happened on your
Duggan/Dugan/Dougan Home Page.  What a find!  My mother's mother was Mabel
Genevieve Dugan, born in Clay County, KS, in 1898.  Her father was James
Dugan, whose father was Sutton Fowler Dugan, whose father was Aaron Dugan
(spelled Duggan in the chart in your newsletter), married to Nancy Brown.

As I was browsing through volume I of your newsletter, I found a line that
would appear to include Aaron, and seems to go back to John Duggan I, born
1690, in Ireland.  If this information is correct it will take me back
another four generations!  I can't wait to tell my mother (Donis Cleo
Vaughn, nee Paro) and my niece about this find!

I'll be happy to send my geneological chart, if you're still collecting
this information.

Let me know,   Sue (Susan Turner)   :)

Date sent:       Fri, 09 Apr 1999 14:49:06 -0300
From:            "James E. Roberts" <>
Subject:         DUGGAN connection


I was recently pointed to your web site by a person who noted a DUGGAN
connection in one of my emails. I have spent some time looking at your
site today, but there is more to be done.

I have very little on DUGGAN, but I will list it for the benefit of your
researchers. Who knows, someone may have further MORGAN connections I am
looking for.

In December past I received a bit more MORGAN info.. We had researched
back to a Joseph MORGAN, but now know he was born in Guysborough, Nova
Scotia, Canada in 1800 (from his death notice). His father was a John
MORGAN, mother unknown at this time. Considering the location and date, we
suspect the elder John was an United Empire Loyalist. Disbanded members of
the 71st Reg't of Foot, founded Guysborough in 1784, but we have yet to
prove he was one of them.

Joseph MORGAN, b:1800, Guysborough, NS. Married to a Mona /Maria /Marina
or Mariha DUGGAN. No further info at this time on her. My original
discovery was difficult to decipher, could have been Mona or Maria. Two
years ago I found a record of the marriages of three of their children in
Cape Breton, NS, and she is listed with one of the above variant given
names on each one. That didn't solve our mystery - it added a third
possibility. Another person copied it as Mara.

Joseph and Maria had the following known children -

John, b abt 1835/36, Baddeck, NS. Marr 2nd, Catherine Morrison 1880.
First wife unknown at this time, but a possible son John.
 2nd-Edward Wilson, Effie M., Amanda J. (my wife's connection).

Christopher, b abt 1836/37, Cape Breton, NS. Exact place not known.
He married-1) Elizabeth Patterson, b Margaree, CB, NS, died 26 Feb 1874,
Little Bras D'Or, CB, NS. 2nd) Rachael ROSS, dau of Wm. ROSS of NE
Margaree, and Margaret MACKINNON of Middle River.
 -William, Jacob, Joseph, Flora, Manah?, Christopher.
Note - `Manah' copied by the other party. I never found that child. Could
have been Maria.

Maria Pheby, b abt 1841, Little Bras D'Or. Marr Thomas Sherwin Newman of
CT, USA. No children known, not researched.

Albert, b abt 1843, Little Bras D'Or, a seaman, married Harriet WAYSON of
same place. Married 1870, died a few short years later. Left young wife
and children.

Another possible son. Nothing known.

Margaret MORGAN, b abt 1846, as above, marr. 1866 Donald ROSS of NE
Margaree. No futher info. on them, but much ROSS info available.

Another possible child.

The unknown children are interpolated from early census statistics which
did not list children by name, but by the number in one of several age

If any of your DUGGANs recognise any of this I would appreciate hearing,
so I could show a bit more of the DUGGAN connection. The DUGGANs of
Aylesford, NS, are most interesting, some given names are common with our
MORGAN gang.

You are free to publish this info.

By the way, you and your contributors have done a terrific job.

Cheers, Jim

Jim & Lois Roberts, New Brunswick, Canada. Members of MLFHS #8778; S&DFHS
#7623.B; DevonFHS #7506; HGS #7748. Researching- PIPP(E)Y/PEPPY, anywhere.
Bay Roberts, NF, and area.

Date sent:       Fri, 9 Apr 1999 09:44:36 -0700 (PDT)
From:            Gerald Duggan <>
Subject:         Searching for Duggans

Dear Lyman,

I,ve been meaning to do some research on the family
tree for years, so it was a real pleasure to find your
Duggan family web page. Perhaps now I can get down to
some serious business.If anyone out there can help I'd
be very greatful.
Our branch of the family come from around Castlewellan
in County Down. My grandfgather, Frank Duggan had a
smallholding on the Ballybannon road and also worked
as a blacksmith.At some point near the end of the
first world war he was working in the shipyards at
Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria, England.At a guess he
was born sometime in the eighteen seventies or
eighties. If my memory serves me right my
Grandmother's maiden name was Byrne (Burn?). My
father, Malachy Duggan, came over to Birmingham,
England in the late nineteen forties and joined up
with his brother Dick and his sisters Peggy and Kate,
some time later they were joined by another brother
Mick, who later emigrated to Melbourne, Australia.If
any of this rings a bell with anyone I'd love to hear
from them.

All the best,

Gerald Duggan  (Commonly known as Paddy)

From:            John R. Eadie<>
To:              <>
Subject:         Duggan Family Newsletter
Date sent:       Wed, 7 Apr 1999 09:00:21 -0500

I'm a member of the Duggan Family  Ivy Duggan GG Grandfather, Mell Duggan
G Grandfather, Nancy Susan Eadie Duggan Grandmother) and would like to be
added to your mailing list.  Thanks. John R. Eadie

From:            "Dennis Duggan" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         New family member
Date sent:       Sun, 4 Apr 1999 17:35:17 +0100

Hello Lyman,

Found the Duggan Home Page while surfing the net and thought we would
introduce ourselves.

Den and Joyce Duggan, originally from Leicester, UK, now living in Holton
St Peter, Suffolk.

I believe our son, Jim Duggan, has been in touch with you before. We have
come to the electronic age quite late in life, but we have managed to
upload some web pages with the help of our grandson, Tom Horton.

We would be pleased to hear from any members of the Duggan clan. Our
e-mail address is

Our web pages can be viewed at

Kind Regards
Den and Joyce Duggan 

Send reply to:   <>
From:            "James Dugan" <>
To:              <>
Copies to:       <>
Subject:         Dugan
Date sent:       Sun, 28 Mar 1999 21:08:26 -0500

Hi I am interested in lookig back at geneology and finding how I link up
with other Dugan's. My Name is James Patrick Dugan, My father is James
Joseph Dugan, My grandfather is Thomas Carroll Dugan, My great-grandfather
was Bernard Dugan the first professor of Drama at LaSalle University as I
was told. We are from Philadelphia.

Send reply to:   <>
From:            "Steven M. Finger" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Dugannes in NY
Date sent:       Sun, 28 Mar 1999 08:33:34 -0500

Hi! Just happened upon your page while doing a surname search on the
Family Tree Maker site. I am interested in the Duganne family because they
keep turning up on records relating to other lines I am researching.

My ggg-grandmother, Emma Jane Leonard married John Mann in NYC in 1875.
The witnesses were Albert and Mary Duganne. In 1874, Emma's sister Mary
Leonard married Alfred Duganne in NYC. And in 1895, Emma's daughter, Anna
Maria Mann, married William Henry and the marriage was witnessed by J.H.
Duganne in Brooklyn, NY. Obviously, the Dugannes and my ancestors were
very close.

Any help you might be able to offer on these Dugannes would be very much

Good luck with your research!

Lisa Ann Finger 

From:            "Luke Duggan" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Duggan's page
Date sent:       Sun, 28 Mar 1999 22:05:15 +0900

I was very pleased to discover your Duggan page on the net.
My name is Luke Duggan, an Australian Duggan living in
Japan at the moment.
I was even more pleased to note my own homepage attatched
to the Duggan links page.  You may be interested that I
have updated it and it is now at the following address:

Thanks again and I'll look forward to reading all of the other
information on your page.


Luke Duggan..

Date sent:       Fri, 26 Mar 1999 03:12:37 EST
Subject:         mailing list

Please add me to the mailing list.  My gg grandfather John Dugan was b.
1832 Co. Down.  Immigrated 1851.  Married Mary McConagly 9/9/1866.
Settled in Jersey City, NJ.  His parents: John Dugan & Rosa McEvers?
Siblings: Mary b. 1843  d. 6/1/1880 Jersey City, NJ,
                                     Alice b. 1845
                                     Ellen b. ?
                                     Margaret b. ?
Still trying to locate townland in Co. Down.  I believe it is Magherabeg
or Lisadian. Jerrilyn Eckardt

Date sent:       Wed, 24 Mar 1999 13:35:34 -0800 (PST)
From:            casey duggan <>
Subject:         Duggan Family

Hi Lyman,
     My name is William Casey Duggan, I was born in lubbuck, texas
11-16-70. My father's name is William Robert Duggan Jr. He was born
09-11-48 possibly in Macon, Ga. However due to an error Robert was left
off his birth certificate. My father, Grandfather, and Grandmother are all
deceased. The only thing I know about my grandfather is his name,William
Robert Duggan, and that he lived in the Atlanta Ga. area. My grandmother
refused to give any futher information before she died. I would like to
trace my family back as far as possible, but I don't know how. Can you
help me?

Date sent:       Sat, 20 Mar 1999 17:19:38 -0500
From:            Leo Luther <">
Subject:         Reuben Duggins

Trying to locate information on my Reuben Duggins who was born in
Virginia around 1780.  He shows up on the 1807 tax list of Harrison
County, Indiana and is still there on the 1850 census.  He has a brother
Richard who also settled there in 1820.

Reuben is thought to have been married to a Clara Boaz and later married a
Margaret Deatrick.  He has children by both marriages.  Any help would be
appreciated.  I would be very happy to share what information that I have.


Leo Luther 

Send reply to:   paula ferron<>
From:            "paula" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Duggan Name
Date sent:       Fri, 19 Mar 1999 18:24:20 -0600

I am beginning to research my grandmothers family name. She believes no
one knows where her family came from but she thought they were Irish. If
you know of anyone who has done any research on Wilson Duggan [Col]  b 12
Sept 1808 d. 14 Feb 1875. Married to Elizabeth Keeler. They had at least
one son- Wilson Duggan (my GGrandfather). At some point they lived in
Sevier county TN, I would truly appreciate hearing from them. How to I get
the Duggan newsletter? Maybe we're cousins!

Thank you,
Paula Ferron 

Date sent:       Wed, 17 Mar 1999 18:24:42 EST
Subject:         Elizabeth Dougan and Richard Anvil Clark

Still searching for my Dougan ancestors.  My great-aunt, Elizabeth Dougan,
was born in Frankford, Missouri on October 12, 1867.  She married Richard
Anvil Clark, born September 28, 1865 in Sullivan, Franklin Co., Missouri,
on August 19, 1896 in Salem, Missouri.  They moved to Berkley,California
where their first child Morris Richard Clark was born August 27, 1921.

Send reply to:   Deanna Bedgood<>
From:            "Deanna Bedgood" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Dugan
Date sent:       Sat, 13 Mar 1999 19:25:06 -0800

Sarah Dugan
b. 5 Apr 1825; Covington, Kenton, KY
d. 20 Mar 1903; Kansas City, KS
m. 27 Mar 1842, Robert Gardner; Covington, Kenton, KY
                        daughter of.........
James Dugan/Dugean
b. pos Kenton Co., KY

Any information will be greatly appreciated.  Please contact me at

Thanks, Deanna

From:            Pat & Bruce Roberts<>
To:              <>
Subject:         Duggan Genealogy
Date sent:       Fri, 12 Mar 1999 19:58:59 -0600

Terrific genealogy site. There seems to be so much that would fit together
somehow.  I have a lot of information on my mother's side of the family
and I would love to find out some more about my father's side. My name is
Carlotta Patricia Roberts nee Duggan, I was born and raised in Miss. My
father was James Howard Duggan born in New Orleans, LA in 1909, later
moved to Miss, my grandfather was Henry ?? Duggan. He had one brother that
I am aware of, Tom Duggan of Yazoo City, MS.  If anyone has any
information that can help me, I would appreciate an E-Mail at

From:   (Kenneth Powell)
Date sent:       Mon, 8 Mar 1999 02:29:56 -0500 (EST)
Subject:         DUGAN

My grandmother was Bridget Dugan
Her parents were Mary and Hugh Dugan from County Cork.  They came to
Philadelphia from Ireland.  I would love to know how to find out more
about my ancestors and if there are still some Dugans relations still in


From:            Maureen Duggan Athens<>
Date sent:       Thu, 4 Mar 1999 21:49:03 EST
Subject:         Duggan family research

Hi Lyman,
My name is Maureen Duggan Athens.  My cousin and I are trying to find out
about our grandfather Thomas Duggan.  Born around 1900 .  We think in Ma.
He was not heard from after the death of our grandmother Annie Doherty
Duggan. All three of their children are deceased so this is just family
tree info.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Date sent:       Wed, 3 Mar 1999 17:27:55 -0700
Subject:         Found your web site:

Hi Lyman:

You have a very interesting web site.  I am Edward Grayton Duggan (W7FKP)
and commercial pilot license 293425.  My career was Electronic Mtc
engineer for the Federal Aviation Adm. My g grandfather was William
Harrison Duggan dating back to 1851, he settled in Tennessee. I have quite
a complete genealogy of Duggan's beginning with him. I have been using
family tree maker.  Looks like our interests are along similar lines.  I am the elder
of our family (84) and would like to share what I have collected with the rest of the

Here is the geneology that I have collected.  The names are correct but I
am missing a lot of dates.  I seem to have trouble getting all of the
correct dates.  Hope this helps someone.  Edward Grayton Duggan

Edward G. Duggan<>
351 N. Meridian Rd. Sp-80
Apache Junction AZ. 85220

Date sent:       Mon, 01 Mar 1999 13:18:50 -0800
From:            "Reiley Kidd, MD" <>
Subject:         Dogans of Wilkes Co., NC

I visited your page on the Dougans, and tried to go to your link to
"Desc. of Robert Doougan, b. 1804...PA", but the link didn't work.  I got
the message, "not found on this server."

I'm trying to find more on the Dogan/Doogan family that was in Wilkes Co.
NC (Surry and Rowan before that) in the 1760-1790 time frame. My ancestor
John Robins Sr. had a wife, Elizabeth in Wilkes Co.  She is said by others
to have been Elizabeth DOGAN, and I'm trying to confirm that. This couple
moved with their adult children first to Franklin Co., GA in the 1790's,
and later to Franklin Co. TN (not adjacent to FCGA), where they both died
in their later years. Can you direct me to information on this clan?

Thanks, Reiley Kidd 


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