Family Newsletter  38.....Feb 1999
Date sent:       Sat, 20 Feb 1999 11:42:57 EST
Subject:         duggan geneology

hello lyman!
              my name is bill (wm.f.)duggan and am a neighbor of yours in tarpon springs. i am searching for info on my grandfather Joseph
Stanislaus Duggan. he died in Manchester NH at age 78. he was a professor of music who was born in Dublin in 1858. he purportedly studied and
graduated from trinity college in 1878. for the next three years he studied under of organ/harmony).he was organist and
choirmaster at Mt. Zion college,waterford ire. and teacher of modern languages at our lady's mount college, cork. in search of better health he
came to the united states (probably in the early 1880's).he was in charge of the choir at st.joseph's cathedral,manchester,nh. for over 20 years. he
was also professor of music at nearby Mary's college. he died in 1936. the us history is correct, but i am wondering about the Irish
history.   I should also mention that my grandfather, Prof. Joseph S. Duggan, married Johanna Doyle (born October 28.1866) on February 8.1885. !

Here are the children of Prof. Joseph S. & Johanna (Doyle)Duggan:
Reginald,b.10/14/1899d.1/9/1976(my father)
Dorothy(killed by a locomotive at age 13)
Frankie (died at an early age)
All are deceased.


William F. Duggan
1398 Saratoga, CT.
Tarpon Springs,
FL 34689-3934
phone: 727-938-4219

 p.s.  I have some info on Johanna's father, Patrick Doyle, for folks interested in the Doyle Family.

Date sent:       Fri, 19 Feb 1999 13:06:39 EST
Subject:         DuGan

I have some information on DuGan in N.Y. and Pa. I have tried to send it
but for some reason it doesn't get through Any Suggestions. I would like
to share it goes back to N.Y before 1860 . Let me know if you're
interested. My Mother was a DuGan born 1900 in Philadelphia. Waiting to
hear from you.

 From:   (Mary Lou Bowen)
Date sent:       Mon, 15 Feb 1999 11:44:13 -0800 (PST)

Thank you for your reply.  William Young Duggan from Leander, Texas was a
friend of my dad's who was MIA in Viet Nam.  We found his name on the Wall
In Washington DC.  My mom was always curious as to what happened to his
family.  I believe they had 2 kids( one boy and one girl).  He was MIA in
1971.  His wife was named Annie.

Thanks again for your reply.  You have done a wonderful job tracing your
history.  I too have relatives in Ireland.  My mom was a Quinn.  We will
be going to Ireland in June, but we don't have a clue where any relatives
may be.  Our history stops back at Ireland.

Thank You

 Date sent:       Mon, 15 Feb 1999 13:11:43 -0600
From:            Juanima McFarland <>
Subject:         Re: The Duggan Family Newsletter

Lyman, enjoyed Issue 37 as usual, always hopeful in finding Samuel
Dug(g)an... since I did not... am sending the meager data I have for this
family.  I am needing data on Sarah's parents James and Nancy (King)
Pursley and it could be one of the Dugan descendants just might be able to
help me.  Sarah's brother, James G. Pursley, is my great,
great-grandfather. He was born 1825 in E. TN.

Samuel Dug(g)an, born about 1799 in TN, married Sarah (K. or E.) Pursley
before 1835 in TN, probably Polk Co.  Sarah, born about 1812 in E. TN to
James and Nancy (or Sarah) (King) Pursley, born in SC, probably York Co.

Known children of Samuel and Sarah (Pursley) Dug(g)an:
Elizabeth J.... born about 1835
James W.... born about 1840
Samuel J.... born about 1842
Sarah (E. or F.)... born about 1845

A letter of dimission was granted to Samuel Duggan and wife Sarah K.
Duggan and sister Nancy Pursley and Bro. All by letter Nov 2, 1838 to the
Ocoee Baptist Church, in TN. [shown as was written] [Ocoee Baptist Church
was also known as Four Mile Baptist.]

On the 1850 Polk Co., TN census, Samuel was age 51.  He was a farmer with
value of 1000. He signed his name, or was referred to, as Samuel Duggan
rather than Dugan.  Sarah, was age 36. They were living next door to her
mother or aunt, Nancy, and brother William Pursley. On the other side of
her mother lived her sister, Nancy, and her spouse Moses Matlock & family.
Families #287-291, 288-292 & 289-293.

On the 1860 Polk Co., TN census, Samuel was age 61, born in TN; farmer
with real value of $2,000. and personal value of $800. On the census date
of 10th of June he was living in 2 District with PO at Benton, TN. Sarah
was age 48, born TN. The same 4 children were listed as was on the 1850
census. The oldest was James, age 21. The surname was spelled Dugan. This
was family #219 on the census. ----- 1870 Polk Co., TN census James Dugan
was married, age 30, clerk in store. his wife was Margret, age 26, born
TN.  Her mother may have been Rachel Bible, age 64, born TN. She was
living with them.  James and Margret's children in 1870 were: Alpha A, age
2, female, b. TN and Samuel age 8/12, b. TN.  They were living in District
2, 105-147, family number 135.   Name spelled as Dugan. Family number 139
was James A. Bible, age 38, b. TN, and his family. He was a Dry Goods

[1880 Polk Co., TN census, 7th Civil District, Jun 1880 was a James
Duggan, age 72, b. TN, farmer. His mother and father were born in
IRELAND... would this be a brother to Sam? Wife was Laura, age 56, b. TN,
and 7 children; Tennessee, age 26, John, age 21, Eliza, age 18?, Nancy,
age 19, Allie age 17, Henry age 15 and Lottie, age 7. All the children
were born in TN.]

Thank you,
Juanima McFarland
7410 East 84th Street
Tulsa, OK 74133-6631

Date sent:       Sun, 14 Feb 1999 19:07:28 EST
Subject:         Duggan family ties

I am searching for any information on a James Duggan b: unk d: bef 1947 in
Abion, NY married Katie Grace daughter of Timothy Grace and Josephine
Murphy. Last known residence Beaver St. Albion, NY Children:

-John Duggan no further information
-Margaret Duggan married a Mr. Martin - no further information
-Mary Duggan no further information
-Daniel Duggan no further information

It is known that many of the sibling of James Duggan became preists or
nuns. One priest was killed in North Carolina in a freak motor vehicle
accident.  He was with the 44th Division. Any information will be
appreciated  NJC877@AOL.COM

 From:            "Cindy Duggan" <>
To:              "''" <>
Subject:         surprised
Date sent:       Sun, 14 Feb 1999 07:49:47 -0600

hi there,
I am proud to be a Duggan.  I live in Canada and do not have many family
duggan realatives here. most are in county cork or chicago usa.  i would
be very interested to know if you  have a newsletter you send out.  it
maybe on the site but i couldn't find anything. thanks a lot

Cindy Duggan
ESN  393-3918
Supply Management

Date sent:       Sat, 13 Feb 1999 20:06:34 -0600
From:            Jan Duggan <>
Send reply to:
Subject:         as info

Hello Lyman

I am Jan Duggan, wife of Pat.  You address him as cousin and I know you
and he had talked and exchanged info regarding the family.  I should have
let you know earlier, but I didn't and I apologize.  But, I lost Pat May
24th last year.  He had  very sudden heart failure and died within the
hour.  A large clot apparently.  I have had a very difficult time
accepting it and maybe that's why I didn't notify you earlier.

If you don't mind, though, I would appreciate being left on your address
list because I forward the newsletter to some of his nephews.  He did love
researching his family history and we did a lot of travelling to libraries
wherever they took us..........He has volumes and volumes of hastily
scrawled notes of info he found.  I think only he could decipher.  Good
thing he did finish his family tree in the computer.  Or least fairly well

Thanks again for the newsletter.

Jan Duggan

Date sent:       Sat, 13 Feb 1999 13:25:04 EST
Subject:         Elizabeth Ready Duggan


Just found your more than fabulous website!!!!!!!!   : )

My maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Duggan was the daughter of Walter
Duggan of Tiverton, R.I.  In fact, they named the main street after the
family!!  She was born in Tiverton in 1888.  Sorry this is so amateur-ish,
but I haven't done too much with that side of the family yet and I can see
I can spend ALOT of time on your site looking for connections!  Any help
will be greatly appreciated.


Nancy Wholey Blackburn
San Clemente, CA

 Date sent:       Tue, 09 Feb 1999 08:46:45 -0500
From:            Gerald Christ <>
Subject:         Duggans in Civil War

I have a Great Grandfather whose name was James Jefferson Elliott. He
enlisted in the Civil War in Athens, Tenn. in 1864 under the name of
Thomas P. Duggan.  I have no information as to why he did this. He may
have been paid to serve in someone else's place.  Anyway, he was shortly
made a Captain and was captured by Rebels.  After the war, he tried to
apply for a pension, but was denied because the Government had no record
of him in the war(as J.J.Elliott)  He had no way to prove that he was
Thomas P. Duggan. He tried for 30 years to get the pension and died in
1909. His widow filed for widows pension and never recieved it. However,
in 1910 there was an entry in the Congressional Record, saying that the
Government recognized that James Jefferson Elliott was indeed, Thomas P.
     There were 2 other Duggans listed in his unit in the war.  Do you
know how I might find the real Thomas P. Duggan?  J.J.Elliotts enlistment
papers as T.P.Duggan state that he was 27 years old and a school teacher.
J.J. was actually only 18 or 19 at the time.  This is a big mystery to me,
but I have documentation to prove it really happened.  Can you help me?
                                     Jerry Christ
                                     Gainesville, Florida

Date sent:       Tue, 9 Feb 1999 11:56:55 EST
Subject:         The Website/Family History.

 My name is Andrew P. Duggan, of Buffalo, NY, and I'm currently beginning
 to research my families geneaology.  I am half Irish (father's side) and half
German (mother's side)... my mother's lineage is rather well documented,
and thus poses less interest for me... whereas my father's side is nearly
"empty" of any history.  My grandmother (father's) maiden name was
O'Boyle, and there is much known about them... though my grandfather's
relatives (the Duggan's) aren't well documented whatsoever.  What I do
know, thanx to my father, is that they settled in Scranton PA and upon my
grandfather's death, my father (Thomas M. Duggan) moved to Buffalo NY...
and that's where the hsitory ends!!! I have a LONG way to go in my
research, but thanx to this website/newsletter my initiative is so much
greater to look fer "cousins" of mine.  I want to thank you for putting
out such a good source of information.

Sincerest Regards, Andrew P. Duggan

Date sent:       Sun, 7 Feb 1999 16:54:38 EST
Subject:         Duggan Newspaper

Can you tell me something about the Duggan Newsletter?My ancestors are DUGGANS & one Married a Dugan.


 Date sent:       Fri, 05 Feb 1999 06:26:32 +0000
From:            Peter Fulcher-Meredith <>
Subject:         Australian Duggan’s

Hi from Down Under!

I have just started researching my family tree and got to my great
grandfather George William Duggan who was born before 1925 and worked as a
miner at Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia.  He married a Rose
Weeks.  If you have any clues that might help me pursue the matter further
I would greatly appreciate it.

Peter Fulcher-Meredith (nee Peter John Meredith)

                         Peter Fulcher-Meredith
                       Director of Communication
                      Australian Business Theatre
                          Level 67 MLC Centre
                        Martin Place  NSW  2000

 From:            "Shawn & Kathy Clemett" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Thomas Augustine Duggan
Date sent:       Sat, 30 Jan 1999 14:54:06 -0500

Dear Lyman,

I have just come across the Duggan home page, and I am delighted to
information about the family.  I have been trying to find out any
information on my husband's g-grandfather, Thomas Augustine Duggan.
The information we have is that he was born in 1878 in Lahore, India (now
Pakistan). Whether his father was part of the Army, or with the East India
Company, or in the civil service, we don't know. We also don't know
whether the family is from Ireland, Scotland, Wales or England.  We know
he married Emmeline Quertier Bourgaize, from Guernsey, U.K. (when and
where are unknown), and ended up in Toronto, Ontario. He died on March 23,
1915 in Toronto. They had four children, Emmeline Gertrude (Duggan)
Garbutt, b. 1909, d. 1967 (no children), David Duggan, b. 1910 (died at
age 9), Catherine Winifred (Duggan) Clemett, b. 1911, d. 1993 (my
husband's grandmother), and Basil Thomas Duggan, b. 1912, d. 1998.  If
anyone researching the Duggan family has found a reference to Thomas
Augustine Duggan, I would love to hear from them.

Many thanks,

Kathy Clemett


Date sent:       Fri, 29 Jan 1999 22:46:43 -0600
From:            don felsenthal <>
Subject:         DUGGAN/LONERGAN

Don't know it this connects -but, this is what I have...My
gg/grandmother was Bridget LONERGAN b. 1830 Tipperary, IRE  m.Michael
Thomas FINNAN 1853 - Buffalo, NY (immigrated: ? IRE>CAN>NY>CAN>PA>ILL).
They had 8 children, I only know of 5 names: Bridget, Paul, Michael, John
E., Nell.

Paul FINNAN was a witness to Nicholas DUGGAN  - Naturalization
Papers:   DUGGAN, Nicholas  Nat. Rec. Bk B6 p49  April 14, 1884   Final
ord: DOI filed from GB  Witnesses: Paul FINNAN and C.H. WICK .  McLean
Cty, ILL (Paul was born in Sutton, CAN)


From:            "Merlin Esau" <>
Subject:         Dougan newsletter
Date sent:       Thu, 28 Jan 1999 16:38:35 -0600

Hi Lyman,

Came upon your Dougan newsletter while surfing one afternoon.  I am Bonita
Dougan, Esau.  My father was Jasper Leo Dougan. He had two sisters, Lois
Dougan, Finley and Katie Dougan, Jones.  His father was Gilbert Dougan who
passed away when the children were quite young.  His mother was Elizabeth
Ann Murray, (or Murry) Dougan.  They settled in Kansas and I believe they
came from Oklahoma before that.   As I scanned through the newsletters, it
seemed the spelling Dougan was not as popular as Dugan or Duggan.  Wonder

I would love to recieve the newsletter.  E-mail address is   Thanks for all the information.



From:            "Roger Oliver" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         patrick minahan
Date sent:       Wed, 27 Jan 1999 12:10:13 +0800

i came across a patrick minahan as part of the duggan family. a gt gt
grandfather of mine was thomas kyte minahan, born killaloe, co. clare,
ireland in 1828. his father was michael minahan and mother isabella

thomas kyte minahan married margaret williamsom, born downpatrick, they
went to liverpool uk, where my great grandmother isabella was born and
another sister or two.

they immigrated to melbourne in 1861, sponsored by a politician at the
time, and likely relative, ambrose kyte. any help much appreciated  thanks

Date sent:       Mon, 25 Jan 1999 19:47:41 EST
Subject:         Re: duggan family

looking fir some information on the duggan family origins
my fathers family was from cork
came to america in the late 1800
settled in but had uncles that settled in bloomington,illinois

Names are;

   grandfather - James Duggan/Ireland
   father         - Francis Duggan/ Boston, Ma
   sisters       - Maureeen Duggan McEntee
                      Rosamond Duggan Dorrance
                      Karen-Colleen Duggan Kelley


From:            <>Gilbert Dougans
Date sent:       Thu, 21 Jan 1999 21:08:26 +0000
Send reply to:
Subject:         Dougans

Hello .I'm Gilbert Dougans living on the Isle of Mull, Scotland
I am origanally from Glasgow My parents and grand- parents.are
from Glasgow.My D.O.B.  7/12/46
                       Gilbert Dougans

Date: Wednesday, 20-Jan-99 09:50 PM

From: Chris Thurston (

Subject: Dougan/Duggan Help

If you can help with ANY information I will truly appreciate your efforts.

Searching for information to fill in the blanks.  My gg-grandfather was:

David DOUGAN, b. 15 Mar 1839 MO, d. 08 APR 1819 Washington, Co., AR. His
parents: _______ DOUGAN (b. Scotland/Ireland, so the family tale goes, but
not substantiated) and Catherine _________, b. 1805 KY.

Siblings of David DOUGAN: Margaret Jane, b 1832 KY, m. 22 DEC 1853 William M. CAMPBELL; Mary
Ann, b 1836 KY, m. _________ ROEBUCK; James b. 1838 MO; Barbara b. 1842 MO
m. ______ McADAMS; John b. 1845 Mo.; William b. 1850 MO.  David served in
the Civil War (CSA), was a blacksmith in Winslow, Washington Co., AR.

There are some colorful family tales about this fella. The name
DOUGAN/DUGGIN/DUGAN, etc. was shown in 8 different spellings on his
pension/war records.

Thank you for any assistance you might be able to provide.

Chris Thurston
Clemson, SC


Date sent:       Wed, 20 Jan 1999 14:30:44 +1000
From:            gtearle <>
Subject:         <no subject>

dear lyman

the duggan line that i am researching started in western australia
with my husbands grandfather william george duggan, he was born in
aldershot uk, i believe his dad was in the army then.
his dad was patrick duggan born in cork ireland around 1853.

duggans are definitely good breeders, william had 8 children, i think his
sister and brother also migrated from uk to western australian, he came
over on the ship the tss borda with his wife and their growing brood.

any help would be great


 From:   (Dean Duggan)
To:              "''" <>
Subject:         Duggans in Tasmania - Australia
Date sent:       Tue, 19 Jan 1999 16:11:31 +1100

Greetings from Tasmania

My name is Dean Duggan.  I was surfing the net and thought I would try
Duggan and found your extensive site.

I haven't read all the information on your site to see if any others have
made contact from Tassie.

On the 31 January 1991 the Duggans in Tasmania are having a family

I am not sure of the exact time the first Duggans came to Tassie but I
believe I am about the 6th generation.

After the reunion I may be able to give more detail.

I have known from a child that the Duggans settled in a place called
Pelverata.  The original homestead is still there which is a miracle due
to the amount of bush fires that have been through the area.  Most likely
the original one came out as a convict ???? as most peole did.

Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, was first settled in the very early
1800's with the idea of Tasmania (know then as Van Diemens Land) being a
penal settlement.

I also know that we originated from the County Cork (Kilkarney?).

Anyway - if possible I will send more information after the reunion.

I'll also try to take some photo's to scan and send for all to view.

Thanks - Dean


Date sent:       Mon, 18 Jan 1999 21:48:29 EST
Subject:         dugan family history

Hello, my name is Sharon Dierks my great grandmother was bertha Ellen
dugan. she gave birth to my grandmother in St. Louis, MO on 22 May 1908. I
do not have info on bertha Ellen's dob/dod. the only info that I have is
that her father is john dudgeon (specifically one g ) and that he was from
county cork. Please let me know of any information you may have about this
family. also feel free to pass my e-mail along to anyone who may be of
assistance. Thank you.

Sharon Dierks<>


From:            "avion" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Dougan
Date sent:       Mon, 18 Jan 1999 12:18:49 -0800

Hi Lyman:

My great great grandfather was John Hunter Dougan June 24, 1819 - Jan 19,
1896 born somewhere in Ireland came to New Brunswick Canada on a cattle
boat, married first margaret Thorn one son Thomas. Second wife Rachel
Wooden Feb 22, 1827 - 1911 children :

-Theophilus ( my great grandfather),
-Hedley - lived in Seattle ,
-Dr. Benjamin,
-Anne Marie.

Am just getting this on Family Tree Maker.
Please let me know if you know of anyone with any connections.



Date sent:       Mon, 18 Jan 1999 07:46:45, -0500
To:    ,
Subject:         Caroline Doty

My wife's great grandmother was Caroline Doty, b. November 1838 in
Ohio, m. Christian "CC" Harbaugh (b. Sept 1834 Allegheny, PA) Jan 12, 1854 in Cincinnati, OH.

The time frame and Ohio fits your Caroline, could they be the same?

Vince in Cincinnati


Date sent:       Thu, 7 Jan 1999 19:14:55 EST
Subject:         Re: Dugan surname

Hi I have just started working with my side of the family and was so
pleased to see your information.  Here's what I have from my Dugans:

-Helen Dugan      b  1876              d 1914 Illinois
-Twins Edward Dugan    b 1869               d 1902 Illinois
-Samuel Addison Dugan b 1869     d 1954  Illinois
-Katherine Fitzgerald      b 1868     d 1951  Illinois

Children of Samuel Dugan and Katherine ( my great grandparents)

-William Lawrence Dugan   b. Iowa 1898 d 1979 ( my grandfather)
- Joseph Dugan
-Margaret Dugan
-Samuel Dugan Jr

William Dugan md Jesseline Lillian-Dougherty (parents Jame Dougherty,
Elizabeth Donovan)

children of Wm Dugan and Jesseline

                   Richard Addison Dugan  b. 1925 (my father)
twins           Mary-Jane Katherine Dugan  b. 1927 Illinois
                   Virginia Ann Elizabeth Dugan b. 1927  Illinois
                   William Dugan  b. 1921 (married many times, lots of children)
                   James Joseph Dugan b. 1923

any information on any of these Dugans would be greatly appreciated,  I
don't know Samuel Addison's parents, but my g was born in Iowa so there
must be some Iowa Dugan cousins.

If you get time, could you please search your data base for the
following Dugan names to see if they are in your tree,

I am researching a Samuel Addison Dugan b. 1869 d. 1954 buried Illinois
                             Katherine Fitzgerald b. 1868 d. 1951 buried Illinois

All children were born in Britt, Iowa

-William Lawrence Dugan b. 1898 d 1979 (my grandfather)
 -Joseph Dugan b.1895
 -Margaret Dugan
-Samuel Jr. (b 1900 d. 1912)

Family moved from Iowa to DuPont county Illinois, don't know when they
came to Iowa, maybe Samuel's parents were there?? Samuel had a twin
brother Edward (died at age 33) Any information would be greatly appreciated.


From:   (Van Gundy, Jane)
To:              <>
Subject:         Dugin ancestry
Date sent:       Tue, 12 Jan 1999 21:32:43 -0600

I ran across your web page & browsed thru to no avail on my Dugin/Dugan
names.  I would appreciate any info you might have or anyone you can put
me in contact with about the following:

Joseph Dugin, b 1768, m Deborah Norman, d 1/16/1820 in Brown Co, OH.  They
had 12 children, some of whom arrived in Cumberland Co, IL, under the
Dugan name.

The story goes that Joseph was traveling west with his parents when he
became too ill to continue so they left him in the care of the George
Norman family.  He had no word from his family after that and it was
supposed they were killed by Indians.  He married George's daughter &
immigrated to OH with them abt 1800 but crossed the Ohio to KY for a short
stint before returning to Brown Co, OH.

Joseph's family immigrated from MD but his birthplace is unknown.  It is
also unknown whether he married in MD or KY but he was a married man in

There is a big beautiful brick bed and breakfast in Higginsport, OH,
overlooking the Ohio River which was originally the home of Joseph's son,
Jesse.  Whether the owners are related is unknown as they were away when I
visited there.

I would appreciate any information you can give me on this family.
Jane Van Gundy


From:            "Marie Keeler" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         I found him!
Date sent:       Tue, 12 Jan 1999 16:13:30 -0600

Dear Lyman,

Thanks to your good help, I finally found my cousin Terry L. Dugan.

Marie Keeler


From:            "Steven and Susan Haslam" <>
Subject:         Mary Catherine Duggan
Date sent:       Fri, 8 Jan 1999 15:23:42 -0800

After many years of searching, I have found out that my father's mother
was Mary Catherine Duggan who married Clarence Thomas Weeks in the very
late 1800's or early 1900's.  My father John was born in 1921 in Faulkland
Delaware.  I have no other information, but would like to try to locate
Mary Catherine Duggan.  The name is obviously Irish and possible therefore
Catholic, which will make it hard to find, but anything that you can do to
help me would be greatly appreciated.  I am still pending my fathers birth
certificate which hopefully can now be located.  My father was very
secretive as to his heritage and led all in our family to believe that he
was born in 1923 or 1925 in Louisiana, not Delaware.  We have had a
difficult time trying to get information.

Please e-mail me at if you can give me any additional

Thank you

Susan Haslam


Date sent:       Fri, 8 Jan 1999 10:13:42 -0500
From:            Erin Perkowski <>
Subject:         dugan

        I read a bit of your page.   My maiden name is DUGAN./
        Father-Robert J. Dugan/Cleveland, OH
        Grandfather -Robert A.Dugan/Cincinnati, OH
        Grandfather's Mother's Maiden  name is Dooin.

 I am just beginning to research our family history   Any suggestions
for the Dugan side of the research??  I would appreciate any advise you
can give, I am new at this stuff.


        Erin (Dugan) Perkowski



Date sent:       Thu, 07 Jan 1999 20:30:41 -0500
From:            Ken Cook <>
Subject:         Descendents of William Duggan of Ireland (Ulster)..born approx 1660.

Do you have a GED file of this page? My family connects with yours with
Samuel Gheesling and Elizabeth Duggan. They had a daughter Martha who
married a Cook.

68. Samuel A. Gheesling #8921 m. 19 Aug 1851, in Washington Co., GA,
Elizabeth Duggan #8912, b. 10 Feb 1827, (daughter of Asa Duggan, Rev. #422
and Elizabeth Susie Lord #533). Children: 132. i Samuel H. Gheesling #8922
b. 23 Dec 1864.

Ken Cook


Date sent:       Wed, 6 Jan 1999 23:04:45 EST
Subject:         Duggan's

Hello Lyman.  I got the address of the Duggan family newsletter from my
cousin in Florida.  We are trying to locate our family.  My grandfather
was WILLIAM WARREN "BILLY" DUGGAN.  He was born in Savannah, GA.  He was
also a memeber of the 106th Infantry during WWII.  His father was EUGENE
SYDNEY DUGGAN.  He was also from Savannah.  I am just starting to research
my family tree and would appreciate any useful tips you might be able to
throw my way.



Date sent:       Fri, 1 Jan 1999 21:54:08 -0800 (PST)
From:            Aaron Duggan <>
Subject:         Duggan info

 Thanks for your reply, this is what I have so far.

William Francis Duggan:  -Born 1894, Boston
(Great Grandfather)  -Died 1943, NY
    -Attended Boston College and graduated (not sure
     what year)
    -He was a bother, I think the order was Christian
     Brothers and he taught at Boston College
    -Maried to Mary Brickley-Duggan
    -Two children: William Joseph Duggan and Mary

William Joseph Duggan:  -Born August 9, 1929, NY
(My grandfather)

I know that my great grandfather was born in the states, but I'm not sure
if his parents come over from Ireland or if they were born here too.  Let
me know what you think about the information that I have.  Thanks for your

   Aaron Duggan

ed note:  yes they are two different Aaron Duggans!

Date sent:       Tue, 29 Dec 1998 02:19:45 EST
Subject:         Duggan

Hi my name Aaron William Duggan, I live in Portland, Oregon.  I'm trying
to trace my lineage and I don't have too much to go on.  I spoke to my
grandfather (William Duggan) and he never met his grandparents so I only
know about my great grandfather (he  came to the US from Ireland).  I not
sure how to go about tracing my lineage and was wondering if you had any
suggestions as far as methods, resources or computer software.  I'm a
student at the University of Portland and my email is (I'm
writing from my parents AOL account).  I know you're probably busy, but if
you get a chance I would appreciate any help.  Thanks for your time.

Aaron Duggan


Date sent:       Thu, 31 Dec 1998 14:09:25 EST
Subject:         Mary Duggan

Hi to all the Duggans,

Looking for research clues to Mary Duggan b ca 1810 who was the godmother
of my ggrandfather Robert Riordan b. 1834 in Charleville, Co. Cork.

Robert's parents were Ann Dee (Day, O'Dea) and Denis Riordan.  Perhaps
this Mary Duggan was a sister or cousin of Ann Dee or even Denis Riordan's
sister or cousin. The godfather to Robert was a Patrick Murphy.  Names of
sponsors to his children who  were also baptised in Charleville, Co. Cork
were Larkin, Dealy, Brien, Kennedy, Cronin, Sweeney, Grogan, Carmody.

Charleville is in North Cork near the Limerick border.  Although the
Robert Riordans lived in the town of Charleville, they may have come from
a surrounding town.

Thanks for any information you may have.
Pat Reardon<>


Date sent:       Sun, 20 Dec 1998 19:12:49 -0400
From:            Barb & Brian Weeks <>
Subject:         small world

Hi there,

I was looking up an e-mail address for my cousin (Garth Pickering) and
imagine my surprise to find his name buried amongst so many others in your
family genealogy.  You've done an excellent job.  For your records, Harry
Caseley (#334) passed away this past spring (March, 5, 1998).  I'm not
sure how often you update this file.  If you like I could help with
missing (or incorrect) information to some of the names that I am familiar



From:            "Duggan, Sean (Namdeb)" <>
To:              "''" <>
Subject:         another duggan
Date sent:       Wed, 9 Dec 1998 07:41:37 +0200

Hi Lyman

I am very interested to have stumbled across the story of the Duggan
family this morning on the net. I am a geologist living in Namibia with my
family which includes two sons - Kieran Eamon and Seamus James. I do not
have time to write more now because I am leaving for Cape Town but in the
new year I will let you have as much information that I have about the
Duggan's in southern Africa.

Sean Duggan
Evaluation Manager - Mineral Resource Department
Namdeb Diamond Corporation
Tel :+264 63 235546 Fax: +264 63 235460



Date sent:       Sun, 06 Dec 1998 03:20:58 +0700
From:            camilla duggan <>
Subject:         duggan

I am Camilla Duggan.  My father was Timothy James Duggan from Schull,
County Cork.  His parents were Hannah and John Duggan.  Timothy, my father
had three brothers.  Two of whom are deceased: Daniel and Gerald Duggan.
One surviving brother lives in Dublin. My mother is English ans we all
grew up in the U. K but retain close ties with SChull. Please add me to
your list and i would be very interested if there are other Duggans you
know who are from West Cork, in particular, Schull



Date sent:       Thu, 03 Dec 1998 10:25:24 -0600
From:            Bob <>
Subject:         Re: John Weldon Dugan

Lyman, thank you for your speedy response. Wish the response would be
equally as speedy from someone out there in my Dugan line. This is all the
information that I have on my ggrandfather James Dugan. He lived in
Kentucky and Kansas. My grandfather John Weldon lived in Carthage, Ohio;
Benton, Arkansas; Friona, Texas; and Wyoming, Illinois. I have been in
contact with other cousins from Clement and Ruby's line and they also do
not have any additional information. I am from Berneice's line and would
appreciate any information that anyone has regarding this line. I suspect
the ggg's line came from New York but have no proof or names.

Mary Lou Owen Boddy
2624 North Propps
Hobbs, New Mexico 88240

| James Dugan*
|   b. 12 Mar 1820, Kenton Co, Kentucky
|   d. 25 Nov 1908, Leavenworth, Kansas
| & Jane Loper
|   b. abt 1820
|   d. 4 Sep 1869
|   m. Sep 1849, Hamilton Co., KY
| | John Weldon Dugan
| |   b. 26 Sep 1865, Carthage, Hamilton, Ohio
| |   d. 1 Dec 1945, Benton, Saline, Arkansas
| | & Mary Eliza Stagg
| |   b. 21 Jul 1872, Tipton, Cedar County, Iowa
| |   d. 21 Nov 1914, Friona, Texas
| |   m. 19 Aug 1894, Wyoming, Stark, Illinois
| | | Carl Henry Dugan
| | |   b. 16 Dec 1895, Hennipen, Putnman Co, Illinois
| | |   d. 26 Aug 1961, Kewanee, Illinois
| | | & Dora Ren
| | |   d. 6 Sep 1971, Kewanee, Illinois
| | |   m. 1 Oct 1925, Rushville, Illinois
| | | Berneice Dugan
| | |   b. 20 Jun 1897, Wyoming, Stark  Illinois
| | |   d. 20 May 1970, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Oklahoma
| | | & John Frank Owen
| | |   b. 3 Dec 1885, Westminister, Collin Co. Texas
| | |   d. 12 Mar 1959, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Oklahoma
| | |   m. 13 Dec 1914, Friona , Parmer Co, TX
| | | | Joe Frank Owen*
| | | | Anna Bernice Owen
| | | | Albert Weldon Owen
| | | | Thomas Deyo Owen*
| | | | Patsy Flo Owen*
| | | | Mary Lou Owen
| | | | Harriet Hope Owen
| | | Clement "Clem" Dugan
| | |   b. 23 Jul 1898, Wyoming, Stark Co, Illinois
| | |   d. 10 Apr 1994, Canyon, Randall Co TX
| | | & Ida Belle Walker
| | |   b. 28 Aug 1897, Liberty Hill, TX
| | |   d. 28 Apr 1994, Canyon, Randall Co. TX
| | |   m. 31 Oct 1920, Hereford, Deaf Smith, TX
| | | | Wilma Aline Dugan
| | | | Roger Clement Dugan
| | | | Billy Glenn Dugan*
| | | | Ida Annelle Dugan
| | | Vera Mae Dugan*
| | |   b. 30 Sep 1899, Wyoming, Stark Co., Illinois
| | |   d. 13 Jun 1984, Benton, Arkansas
| | | & Crouch
| | |   m. bef 1932
| | |   div. abt 1933
| | | | Herbert Crouch
| | | Vera Mae Dugan*
| | | & Clarence Lilburn “Blondie” Smith
| | |   b. 1915
| | |   d. 11 Feb 1980, Traskwood, Ark
| | |   m. 2 Mar 1933
| | | | James Smith
| | | | W. T. “Jacky” Smith
| | | | George Smith
| | | Cortie Dugan
| | |   b. 10 Oct 1900, Wyoming, Stark Co, Illinois
| | |   d. 6 Sep 1901, Wyoming, Stark Co, Illinois
| | | Ruth Dugan
| | |   b. 4 Jan 1902, Wyoming, Stark County, Illinois
| | |   d. 16 Jun 1987, Russelville, Pope Co., Arkansas
| | | & John H. Freeman
| | |   d. 28 Jun 1962, Morrilton, Arkansas
| | |   m. 16 May 1946
| | | Alberta “Berdie” Dugan
| | |   b. 1 Feb 1903, Wyoming, Stark County, Illinois
| | |   d. 28 Dec 1980, Benton, Arkansas
| | | & Clyde Witham
| | |   b. 1903
| | |   d. 1969
| | |   m. 26 Aug 1936, Benton, Arkansas
| | | Ruby Edith Dugan
| | |   b. 29 Nov 1905, Wyoming, Stark County, Illinois
| | |   d. 25 Jan 1976, Benton, Saline Co., Arkansas
| | | & John Henry Barnett
| | |   b. 23 Sep 1913, Grannis, Ark.
| | |   d. 3 Jul 1974, Benton, Saline Co., Arkansas
| | |   m. 12 May 1934, Benton, Arkansas
| | | | Marion “Barney” Barnett*
| | | | Wesley Barnett
| | | James Everett Dugan
| | |   b. 27 May 1907, Wyoming, Stark County, Illinois
| | |   d. 26 Jan 1932, Benton, Saline Co., Arkansas
| | Roy Dugan
| |   b. abt 1869
| James Dugan*
|   b. 12 Mar 1820, Kenton Co, Kentucky
|   d. 25 Nov 1908, Leavenworth, Kansas
| & Fannie L. Eaton
|   b. May 1841, Pennsyvania
|   m. 1870


From:            "JB" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Duggan web page
Date sent:       Thu, 3 Dec 1998 00:10:26 -0600


    I just wanted to let you know that I find your web site extemely
    interesting and will try to use it to help fill out my own family
    tree.  Just to let you know - I am a descendant of William Duggan and
    the only date (which marks what we don't know) is 1844 - we do know
    that his daughter married a Mohawk Indian named Andrew.  We also
    believe that he came from Ireland and settled somewhere in Vermont
    (perhaps Fair Haven - but the public library burned down years ago and
    all records were lost) - I do not know how many generations are in
    between but my great-grandfather, William Howard (a Golden Glove
    Boxer, NY), was 50% Mohawk and hailed from Fair Haven, VT (possibly
    born 1904 and died in the 1960's).

    Anyways....I thought your web site was the most detailed I have ever
    seen and I know it must have taken many years to accomplish.  Thanks
    for sharing it with the rest of us.

JB Volpe


Date sent:       Wed, 2 Dec 1998 11:10:50 -0800 (PST)
From:            abigail wondrasek <>
Subject:         Re: Dug(g)an ancestry

Thank you so much for your quick response!  As far as I know, all of
Patrick Dugan Jr.'s children were born in Houtzdale, PA.  I'm also
almost certain that Patrick Dugan Sr. (b. 1851 in Ireland) died in
Houtzdale, but I do not have any death or cemetery records to prove
it. He died sometime between 1900 and 1910, as his wife, Mary is
listed as a widow in the 1910 census.

Mary Brady was born in Pennsylvania (Western PA, I'm almost certain), and
both of her parents were from Ireland.  The Dugan family thinks the
Brady's were Famine immigrants (early 1850s), but nothing more is known
about them.  I think Mary must have died in Houtzdale, but again, I do not
have any records of this.

My address, for anyone who would like to contact me, is:

Abigail Wondrasek
1105 Brashear Lane
Cedar Park, TX 78613

Thank you again!



 Date sent:       Wed, 02 Dec 1998 10:58:22 -0800
From:            Bill Steele <>
Subject:         William "Johnny" Duggan

I am looking for my grandfather who at one time, lived in Montreal,
Canada.  William "Johnny"  Duggan was born in 1861 to Mary Drisccole
and Patrick Duggan.  Mary Driscole's parents were Ann Oconnor and James
Dricole of County Clare, Ireland.  Patrick Duggan's parents were Bridget
Henane and Andrew Duggan of County Clare in Ireland

William "Johnny" Duggan married Isabella "Bella" Jane Calder in
Montreal, Canada and Johnny Duggan was a hard drinking Hockey player who
had four  daughters amongst them was my mother Elizabeth Alice Duggan who
was born in Montreal  12/02/1897.

William "Johnny" Duggan  disappeared and Isabella remarried a Sven
Sigfried Kronberg in Minneapolis and my records show nothing as to

Can you tell me what happened to William Johnny Duggan - I heard a rumor
he went to work as a coach for the New York Rangers Hockey team.

Marion William "Bill" Steele  <>



Date sent:       Wed, 2 Dec 1998 08:52:31 -0800 (PST)
From:            abigail wondrasek <>
Subject:         Dug(g)an ancestry

Dear Lyman,

I am doing research on my Dugan ancestry and was thrilled to find your
website.  I looked through the past newsletters on your site, but
unfortunately could not find anything on our family's Dugan line.  I was
wondering if you might know of anyone with any information.

My great-great grandfather was Patrick Duggan (listed in the 1880
census as Duggan, then changed to Dugan by the 1900 census; we're not sure
whether the first spelling might have been an accident by the person
taking the census).  He was born in 1851 in Ireland (we don't know where),
immigrated to the U.S. in 1868 and settled in western Pennsylvania.  The
family says that the Dugans settled in the Cresson, PA (Cambria County)
area, but apparently he and his wife have 2 children buried in Latrobe, PA
(Westmoreland Co.).

Patrick married Mary Brady around the year 1870, and by 1880 they were
living in Houtzdale, PA, where they settled (Patrick worked as a coal
miner).  They had 11 children:

-Mary (b.1874),
-Catherine (b.1878),
-John (b.1880),
-Patrick (my great-grandfather, b.1882),
-Anna Satatia (b.1884),
-Edward (b.1886), Bertha (b.1888),
-Joseph (b.1892), William (b. 1895),
-Relia (b.1896), and Gerald (b. 1898).

My great-grandfather, Patrick Dugan (jr.), then married Mary Haney,
and they had 15 children:

-Kathryn (b.1903), Patrick (b.1904),
-Sophia (b.1906),
-Mary (my grandmother, b. 1907),
-Juliatte (b.1910),
-John (b.1911), Jerome 9b.1913),
-William (b.1914),
-Rose (b.1916),
-Ruth (b.1917),
-Allice (b. 1918),
-Peter Haney (b. 1919),
-Margaret, and
-Helen (all born after 1920).

If you know of anyone who knows anything about this Dugan line I would be
thrilled.  In the meantime, I'm continuing my research and will update you
as I find more information.

Thank you!
Abigail Sutton Wondrasek


From:            "Duggan, Graham BT" <>
To:              "''" <>
Subject:         Duggan
Date sent:       Tue, 24 Nov 1998 16:22:01 -0800

Hello Lyman:

My name is Graham Bernard Duggan, originally from Birkenhead, Merseyside,
England, and for the last 25 years from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

I saw the Duggan web page today for the first time, was interested
immediately, and would like to contribute what I can.

While waiting to hear from you, I'll try to get my facts straight
regarding the few forbears I know about!




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