Family Newsletter nr 36.....Nov 1998
 Date sent:       Tue, 10 Nov 1998
From:            colleen bonds <>
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Subject:         Dougan

Hi:  I was wondering if your "Duggan"  is a variation on the name
Dougan.  I have decendents from Lurgan, County Armagh, Northern
Ireland.  If so, can you direct me to how to find info?  I have names, but
not many dates.

Thanks, Colleen Graham Bonds

Date sent:       Tue, 10 Nov 1998
Subject:         Wow

My name is Kelly Duggan.  I live in San Diego California, (United States)
I have a brother named Joseph. My father's name is Charles Christopher
Duggan, and his father's name was Con.  I think that is is really
exciting, and I am going to look deeper into this web site when I get home
from school today.

 From:            "JULIE DOUGANS" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         possible connections
Date sent:       Sun, 1 Nov 1998


Do you know if the family name Dougans is related in any way to

Any info would be appreciated.

Julie Dougans

From:   (mary dugan)
Date sent:       Fri, 30 Oct 1998 21:23:12 -0500 (EST)
Subject:         hi cousin

 I have enjoyed reading your news letter this evening. I found you
through "infoseek search " on my web tv. I have many Dugan ancestors
and three beautiful children. Please write back
I wil update asap!
                                Love,Mary E.Dugan
                                   Erin Go Braugh!

Date sent:       Thu, 29 Oct 1998 19:17:34 EST
Subject:         Duggan christening---found it.

Cousin Ly--

I found that copy I thought I didn't make!  I had shuffled stuff around
and when cleaning up, found it.

Anthony John Duggan
chr. 13 Feb 1853, St. Dunstan's Charlottetown, PEI
son of  William Duggan and Catherine Kenedy
Sponsors:  George Howlan and Ann Nash
chr. by Thomas Phelan

See ya,

Cousin Sue

Date sent:       Wed, 28 Oct 1998
Subject:         Daniel Dugan


Sorry it has taken so long to respond.  This email is in response to your
last message asking about a Daniel Dugan in Aylesford that you ran across
on a 1792-3 poll tax.  My Daniel Dugan was born in 1801, however up until
now, the earliest mention of Dugan in Aylesford that I ran across was for
my Christopher Dugan's marriage to Phebe Hines in 1796.

In the history of Kings County, only Christopher Dugan and John Dugan's
families are mentioned.  I would like to know more about the Daniel Dugan
that you found, he may be a brother of Christopher and/or John.

As far as the church that Christopher Dugan's marriage was performed in, I
only have reference to "Anglican church in Wilmot parish.  J. Wiswall,

As far as the church were Christopher Dugan's children are baptised, I
only have reference to "Anglican church in Aylesford parish.  J. Wiswall,

Paul Castillo

Date sent:       Sat, 24 Oct 1998
From:            Judy LaPlante <>
Subject:         newsletter

Dear Lyman
I've been working on my family genealogy for about 3 years now , off and
on..... More off than on.  My mother is a Dugan and I would like very much
to receive your newsletter.  I find this all very interesting. I'm using
Family Tree Maker for my data.  I'm from the Ira Dugan family from Ohio.
My ggreatfather William Archie Dugan from PA and my grandfather Ollie Ira
Houston Dugan from TN.  Each generation they moved.  My mother Helen Doris
(Dugan) Hill  was born in Aledo TX

Again Lyman I would like very much to be added to your mailing list.
Thank you in advance.
I had a few minutes here at work to send you this email.......
                               My email address is

Sincerely yours
Judy LaPlante

Date sent:       Tue, 20 Oct 1998
From:            ziggy2 <>
Subject:         Re: Edward Leo Duggan


I found your web page on the Duggan family name today.

Hoping you could be of more help.

I am seeking more information on a Corporal Edward Leo Duggan, who
served in F Battery, 29th Field Artillery, during the World War I
era. He passed away on July 9, 1949 and is buried in the Old Calvary
Cemetery, Carlinville, IL.

If you have any records of him, or his surving family, I would truly
appreciate a reply!


Dan Fisher, MSG(Ret), 6-29 FA, "CAN DO" Webmaster
29th Field Artillery Regimental Home Page

Date sent:       Thu, 15 Oct 1998
From:            Gavin Lena Durbridge <>
Subject:         New to the internet and guess what? We're Duggan's

Hi Lyman

I am the youngest of four descendents of Martin Paul Duggan, of which he
is the 2nd eldest of 12 descendents of the late (1989) William Duggan of
Whitehall (Collins Ave) Dublin.  (Originally from Gallway).  My name is
Lena named after William's wife (my grandmother). Lena was originally a
McCabe from Monahon.

I live in Perth, Western Australia with my sisters Pauline, Jennifer and
eldest brother Eugene.  We emigrated from Luton, UK, where a fair few of
the clan live now.

My nan still runs the family home as if she was a spring chicken even
thought she is 82 and going strong.

Well we don't know many Duggan's here in Perth, so it was good to see a
big web site like this full of (no doubt) really good people.

Any suggestions for good Duggan chat lines?


Lena and Jenny DUGGAN

Date sent:       Fri, 9 Oct 1998
Subject:         William T. Dougan and Mary Jane Yarrow Dougan

Some time ago, I e-mailed you concerning research I was doing on my above
great grandparents.  I just returned from a trip to Salem, Missouri  where
William T. and his son Thomas are buried.  Mary Jane Yarrow Kennedy died
in California in 1925.  William T. Dougan was born in Scotland May 23,
1833 and died in Salem, Missouri on June 4, 1890.  His son Thomas was born
in Frankford, Missouri June 19, 1863 and died in Salem, Mo. on December
28, 1989. William T. and Mary Jane Yarrow, who was born in Ireland, had 7
children, one of which was my grandfather, Archie Patterson Dougan who was
born in Frankford, Missouri on October 8, 1964 and died at the age of 93
in Fargo, North Dakota on December 4, 1957.  Any information on these
Dougans would be appreciated.  I am especially interested in learning when
and where William T. Dougan and Mary Jane Yarrow were married and when and
where the emigrated to the U.S.

Carol Dougan Guidry

Date sent:       Tue, 6 Oct 1998
Subject:         VA..Dugan/Duggan

Hi Lyman!  Was browsing and ran across your great web page!  I don't know
if you would be able to help or not but here goes.  I am trying to help a
friend find his sister.  He was adopted by a Gibbs couple in Richmond VA.
He was b. in Sept 1931 to John Chapman and Lois ? Greaver.  He knows he
has a sister, Nancy who was a couple of yrs older.  She was adopted by a
family of Dugan/Duggans who had Dugan Lake near Mechanicsville, VA.  It is
poss that she m. a Robt. Kelly and lived at one time in upstate NY and it
is also poss that Robt worked for the FBI at one time.  He remembers as a
child visiting Nancy at Dugans Lake and that she was a great swimmer.  If
you can be of any help, please email.  Thanks in advance!

Hughleta Edmiston <Heehee>

From:            "Joel Neal" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Michael Charles Duggan
Date sent:       Mon, 5 Oct 1998 18:21:39 -0700

I am trying to look up information about my g,g,g,g grandfather Michael
Charles Duggan.  He was apperantly born in Kildare Ireland in 1822, and
soon moved to America where he was a Captain in the Civil War for the
union.  Also he had a brother?, James Duggan, who was a Bishop in Chicago.
Do you have any information about these people?

From:            "Guiliano's" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Duggans
Date sent:       Mon, 5 Oct 1998 20:33:51 -0400

Lyman, I'd love to get the Duggan newsletter. I recently discovered these
Duggans in my family line. I hope someone out there can "connect" to them.

Duggan Family Line
Maynooth Parish, County Kildare, Ireland

Thomas Duggan married Margaret Hanlon 11/4/1822 Maynooth Parish, County

1. William  bapt.  8/19/1823 m. Ellen Cox 10/29/1855  children unknown
2. James  bapt. 5/22/1825  4th Bishop of Chicago 3. Malachy  bapt.
 12/23/1826    m.Catherine Wafer 4. Michael  circa  1928    m. Mary Rallls
1857   m. Ardena Hays 5/11/1878
     d.12/17/1902 Gillum, Arkansas
5. Thomas  bapt. 5/9/1829  buried 2/16/1865 ?
6. John  bapt. 6/27/1831
7. Mary Ann bapt. 8/17/1833  m. William Briody
8. Margaret bapt. 9/25/1835    m. Patrick Flanagan   m ___ Reilly
d.12/13/1917 Richmond, IN
9. Elizabeth bapt. 12/14/1841  joined convent Sister Mary Jane d.1/14/1907

 Parents: 4. Michael Duggan and Mary Ralls (2/5/1837- TN, d. 11/8/1877)
  James    b. 1/1/1858
  Margaret Elizabeth b. 12/17/1859
  Mary Anne  b  5/2/1862
  Pauline   b. 2/15/1866  (Lena)
  Elenor Amelia  b. 2/18/1867
  Allie   b.10/26/1869 (Alice)
  Thomas Malachy b. 8/25/1871
  Norah   b. 6/10/1862
  Florence Roseline b. 9/14/1875
 4. Michael Duggan and Ardena Frances Hays (b. 2/1853 - Arkansas)
  Rowena  b. 7/1879
  Michael   b. 1880  d. 1883
  Robert   b. 1881  d. 1883
  Vincent   b. 1883  d. 1883
  Benjamin Franklin b. 1/4/1884  grandfather of Doris Pendleton
  Susie Elizabeth  b. 3/17/1887
  Ethel Agnes  b. 6/26/1891

 Parents: 7. Mary Ann and William Briody
  Mary Jane (Sister Mary Adelaide) Sisters of Mercy d. 6/9/1937
  Margaret Teresa (Sister Lucy Agnes) ireland
  Lillian Briody - Chicago

 Parents: 8. Margaret and Patrick Flanagan
  Frank d. 1879
  Batholomew - Chicago, children Mary Reid, Kathleen Canney, Dixie Wilson

Also, Henry Dugan b. 1835 d. 1909 Edgar County, IL m . Ellen Duggan b.
1843, d. 1915, Edgar County IL

Jan Guiliano

From:            "John Fisher" <>
To:              <>
Date sent:       Wed, 30 Sep 1998 19:15:23 -0700

John Golden: Born: NYC?
Married: Jane Farris b NYC.
Son Frederick Newell Golden b. April 37,l860 Pipestone, MN dSe[t. 8,
l917.Tacoma, WA burried Tacoma, WA Married:  in Keliapell, Mont Hattie
Ellen (Duggan, Dugan, Millar) b Mar 13,1869 Norfork, Neb. She died April
4,1916, in Four Lakes, WA.B Greenwood Cemetery,    Spokane, WA. Hattie
EllensParents: Father; Samuel Dugan b Ireland.

                                Mother, Mary Hetrick, b Penn.
Hattie was raised by her Grandparents, she was 5 or 6 years old when her
mother died of Cholera.she used her stepfathers name (Miller) , as her
maiden name on the Birth Certificates. of her sons Fred, Floyd and also on
( Napoleon B. Johnson, (1st marriage). Fredrick N Golden and his wife
Hattie had  3 children Frederick Newell Golden Jr. b 18/4/1904 Spokane, WA
d 16/11/1980 Floyd O. Golden                 b.11/10/1905 Spokane, WA d
11/10/1981   Florence Gertrude Golden    b. 7/12/1907 Spokane, WAd

    Cathy Fisher
    10126 Campbell LN E
    Eatonville, WA 98328

Date sent:       Tue, 29 Sep 1998
From:            "Shannon Duggan O'Hare" <>
Organization:    OIM
Subject:         DUGGAN NEWSLETTER

Hi! I'm a student at the University of Illinois.  My Mother is a Duggan
(pronounced Doogan)and my middle name is Duggan.  I am assuming that is
how I received your e-mail.  My grandfather, Michael J. Duggan was born
and raised in Swinford, County Mayo until he and his brother made the
journey to America when he was 12.  He is still alive and kicking at age
84 and lives in a suburb of Chicago.  He had 3 brothers: James, Thomas,
and Patrick, 1 sister: Mary, and 1 live-in cousin: Red Mary.  All but Tom
were located in Chicago.  Tom lived in Florida.  My grandfather's parents
were Bridget and Jim. If you have any information on anyone from Mayo or
Swinford, I'd love to know! Thanks so much for the e-mail & the web page
is great.  I'm going to have my grandpa e-mail more!
     Thanks again!
      Shannon Duggan O'Hare

Date sent:       Tue, 10 Nov 1998 18:07:10 -0500
From:            Myles Nathan Dougan <>
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Subject:         Dougans from Vancouver Island, BC Canada

I like many others was searching the web for Dougan web pages and found
yours. I checked out the back issues to see if any of my known relatives
have emailed you but didn't see any. I am a Dougan from a LARGE family of
Dougans on Vancouver Island. I'm sure there is a family tree as well as a
few books written about our geneology around in the family bookcases. I
believe we arrived in Canada directly from Ireland. I will look into it
and see what I can drag up for next time. My name is Myles Nathan Dougan.
My father's name is Errol Stanley Dougan. My grandfather's name is Fred
Dougan and my great-grandfather's name was Nathan Dougan. For more
information I'll have to check in with the rest of the family. Great work
on the web page. It is very interesting to read about so many
Dougans/Duggans etc. around the world. Cheers, Myles

From:            "John Fisher" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         DugganDugan Dugan newsletter
Date sent:       Tue, 29 Sep 1998 11:25:34 -0700

I stumbled across your newsletter last week. I have been doing my
geneology for several years and have my mothers going back to 1700.  My
father is somewhat difficult. He was Floyd Glolden was married to Louise
Stewart. His father was Fredrick newell Golden, my grandfather was married
to Hattie Ellen DUGGAN, born in Norfork,Neb, 13/3/1869 d in Four Lakes, WA
4/4/1916 Fredricks father was John Golden b NYC. his mother was Jand
Ferris . Hatties father was Samuel Duggan, b Ireland ca 1840.  Her mother
was Mary Hetrick b penn. .That is all  I know about them.
Cathy Fisher <>
10126 Campbell LN E Eatonville, WA 98328

ate sent:       Mon, 28 Sep 1998
From:            Multimedia Creations <>
Subject:         Help! looking for Martin B. Duggan


I came across your page as a result of contacting another Duggan, hoping
vainly that someone might have a Martin Duggan. I have searched and hi and
low, and after going all through your on-line newsletters, did not find my
Martin Duggan. My hope is that you will put this e-mail in with your
newsletter and someone somewhere has info on these people. Below is all
that I know about him and his children:

Martin B. Duggan: b abt 1860 in Ireland; d either 1907 or 1908 in
Nashville, Davidson Co., TN
  spouse: Margaret A. "Maggie": b abt 1860 in Ireland; d aft 1908 in
Nashville, Davidson Co., TN
According to family legend, one of her children was born on the ship en
route to America. Other than this one factoid, the only 2 children that I
have for Martin and Maggie are:

 Annie Theresia Duggan: b 11/30/1889 in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN; d
10/20/1969 in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN    Spouse: John Henry Brackman,
Sr. m. 11/9/1910
  John Henry Brackman, Jr.
  Margaret "Sis" Brackman
  Herman "Red" Brackman
  Elizabeth "Liz" Brackman
  William Duggan Brackman, Sr.

 Bessie (Elizabeth?) Duggan: b abt 1893 in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN

That's it. I'm looking for parents, brothers, sisters, and other kids -
including all their spouses and resulting kids. I'm at a dead end and have
been for years. I hope that someone out there can help me. Thank you very

Sondra Brackman Moore <>

Date sent:       Mon, 28 Sep 1998 11:47:14 -0500
From:            Marie Keeler <>
Subject:         e-mail connection request

I have reason to believe that I am a cousin to Terry Dugan, whos name and
request I have seen on some of your newsleters.  Do you have a current
e-mail address for him?  Would really like to get hold of him somehow.
His mother and my father were brother & sister.

Thanks for your help.

From:            Judith Fazio <>
Subject:         Duggan
Date sent:       Sat, 26 Sep 1998 23:32:49 -0400

I was looking thought the internet and came across the Duggan newsletter
#33. Thank you you have help me much. I come from Daniel Duggan and
Katherine McDermott  they are my 3rd great grant parents. We have been
looking for John Duggan's and Bridget Enright parents for some time. I
Will send you what I have if you wish. Please let me know thanks.

From:            "Larry Stackhouse" <>
Subject:         Re: correction to my submitall to you
Date sent:       Wed, 23 Sep 1998


I don' have my old E-mail that I sent you.  I will write a new one below.

Subject: DOUGAN Family Mowhan, Markethill, Armagh, Warrenpoint, Down, and
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada Henry DOUGAN of County  Armagh and James
DOUGAN who went to St Catharines, Ontario, Canada were brothers?  Henry
had 3 children; Samuel d ca 1913, George, and Sara (d 4 January 1923).
They all went to Warrenpoint,  County Down around 1890.  Sara lived at St
Leornards.  She is buried at the Ballylane Reformed Church, Mowhan?
Cousins were the SINTONS and McCLINTONS. James DOUGAN born ca 1813 d  26
October1887 St Catharines married a Mary Ann?

He may have gone back to Ulster and married a Mary GREY  or a Jane GREY. He and Mary Ann had 8
children James Jnr, Sarah Jane,  John,  William, Robena, Samuel,  Joseph
W,  and Hannah(Isabella).  James Jnr. married Mary Ann HOLMES and went to
Seattle, WA, John went to NYC and so did his brother Joseph W. I am
looking for parents of James and Henry, other siblings, info on the
SINTONS and McCLINTONS, where the DOUGANS came from before County Armagh
and dates, etc.  Any help would be appreciated. ]

Thank you. Larry Stackhouse --

Date sent:       Wed, 23 Sep 1998 18:01:04 EDT
Subject:         Duggans in Wales


Came across this today on my Midmarch list for Wales.

I have been researching a family of Duggans who hail from
Brilley/Winforton in Hef. around the 1790's. Quite a number of them moved
down to the Bedwellty area in the late 19th century. I would be delighted
to hear from anyone who has Duggans appearing anywhere on their family
tree (In either county.),

The 'movers' to Mon.are;
MARY DUGGAN (nee HARRIS) born Kingsland, Hef. c1835. (widow of William c1830)
Her children WILLIAM F.DUGGAN       born Brilley, Hef. c1863 EDITH
DUGGAN              born Brilley         c1867
ALFRED DUGGAN          born Brilley         c1870
LOUISA DUGGAN           born Brilley         c1872
AMELIA DUGGAN           born Brilley          c1874
ELEANOR DUGGAN       born Brilley          c1877

GEORGE DUGGAN                          born Winforton Hef. c1839
His wife
ELIZABETH DUGGAN(nee POWELL)  born Creswell(?) c1857
Their children
ALBERT DUGGAN                            born Longton (?) c1877
IVO(R) DUGGAN                               born Longton (?) c1879
GEORGE DUGGAN                           born Bedwellty   c1881
SAMUEL DUGGAN                            born Bedwellty   c1883
ELIZABETH ELIZA DUGGAN               born Bedwellty   c1886

JOSEPH DUGGAN                            born Winforton   c1842
His wife
EMILY DUGGAN (nee PRICE)            born ??             c1852
(Her son
ALBERT PRICE                                 born Michaelchurch Hef.

Their children
UNKNOWN AT PRESENT!!                born  ??              c1878
RUTH DUGGAN                                born Bedwellty     c1880
GWYN DUGGAN                              born Bedwellty     c1883

Also, ELIZA DUGGAN (1849-97) m.DAVID WILLIAMS (born c1849) in Bedwellty in
1874. Had 6 children. This is my branch. (But David is not my ancestor's

Thanks for taking the time to read this, here's hoping for a flicker of
recognition from someone!! Regards, Deborah.

Date sent:       Sun, 20 Sep 1998
From:            vonnie pittman <>
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Organization:    none
Subject:         JAMES SWINT DUGGAN B. 11-11-1840




From:            "Mike" <>
To:              <>
Date sent:       Fri, 18 Sep 1998

Just a quick note. Sorry I meant to attach the doc. to this e-mail. My
name is Michael and I am new to the internet. Saw your page and had to
send you a copy of our research to date. We are travelling to the UK for a
white XMAS this year to do a little more research. Respond to me if you so
desire. Looks like you and us might be related as well.

P.S. Do you know that we are related to the 500cc world Champ Michael

My e-mail is



Edited by Diane Deegan 14.9.98

First of all the names:- DEEGAN, Doogan, Duffin, Doohan, Duggan and Diggan
are anglicised versions of an old distinguished Gaelic name which was

The family originated in Fermoy, Cork and split into septs located in
Munster, Connacht and Leinster. Although there is even more different
variations of the name, all of these families are descendants of
O'DIUBHGHINN and the following is a list of his ancestors and where his
descendants went.

Click here for the DEEGAN FAMILY HISTORY

Date sent:       Tue, 15 Sep 1998 09:45:41 -0700
From:            Terry Duggan <>
Subject:         Thomas Duggan (great-great-grandfather) memoriam is a scanned copy of my great-great grandfather's funeral
honoring. This paper is now over 100 years old. If someone else has one
too, then would be interesting to contact them. Terry Duggan..please post
in next news letter.

Click here to see the photo

From:   (Myrtle Moreda)
Date sent:       Tue, 10 Nov 1998
Subject:         Dugan

I don't have AOL but I managed to come across your newsletter anyway. I've
just spent the last hr. reading them. I'll have to bookmark you and get
back to reading, as this could takes weeks.

I can start my Dugans with my gparents William Gilliam Dugan m. Mary Ann Dugan
(her maiden name was Dugan) in Indian Territory 1-27-1891 I have the marriage license.
They had 2 children:
Sylvia Chlorine (Clo) b. 4-24-1896m Jessie Scott d. 1980
Yakima, Wa. 1 child  Donald Scott b.? d.1953 accident Chester Lawerence
Dugan b. 2-28-1913  Kansas d.1-4-1996
Enumclaw Wa.m Anna Agnes Hartley 5-2-1935  Wyoming or New Mexico  had 11 children
Marilyn Agness b.3-20-1936
Lawerence Albertb. 8-8-1937 d.1938
Chester Paul b.10-21938
Myrtle June b.2-24-1941
Doloris Rae b.2-8-1943
Dixie Lee b.1-22-1944
Pamela Rae b.3-12-1951
Sylvia Ann b, 3-5-1952
Calvin Edward b8-6-1953  d.8-30-1986 accident
Terry Lynn (F) b.12-19-1956
Charles Fredrick b.d.11-1959
All together there are about 70 or 80 of us         Mostly in WA. state


 From:            "Mark Moskvitch" <>
Date sent:       Mon, 14 Sep 1998
Subject:         Duggan (What else?)

Dear  Lyman,

My name is Mark Moskvitch, and I live in Sydney, Australia. My
grand father (William Duggan) on my mothers side migrated to
Australia around the 1920's/1930's.

His fathers name was Thomas William Duggan. Our family home is 'The
Castle' at Two Mile Borris in Thurles, where my family has lived, as I
understand it, for several centuries; though some live in Dublin and

Our branch of the Duggan family is closely associated with the
Giltinanes and the Butlers. Also (anecdotally) with the Flynn's and
the Maloney's.

I was pleased to find your site and hope that perhaps you know of my
branch of the family or perhaps someone is looking for my details.

Once again, thankyou for your website.

Mark Moskvitch

Health, Safety & Building Co-Ordinator
NSW Institute of Forensic Medicine
Ph. 9660-5977 ext. 207

Date sent:       13 Sep 1998
Subject:         desperation.....


I am trying to track my Duggan line back to the other side of the pond. I
have been through all of your files without any firm leads, and I am
hoping you know something I don't. Here's what I do know:

1. My maternal grandmother was Mary A. Duggan, born 1912 in Ohio, most
likely in Canton. She was an only child. She married William Bernhart of
Buffalo NY in 1929, and died in Buffalo in 1984.

2. Her father was William.Duggan, born sometime in the 1880's in New York State, possibly in
Syracuse. He married Anna (M?) Jordan of Virgina sometime after the turn
of the century.

3. He was from a large family; among his brothers was Patrick Duggan and Michael Duggan.
These brothers are supposed to have died in a fire.

4. My mother says that her mother (Mary Duggan) believed
that her family came from County Cork. I don't know when the family came
over, but I expect it would either have been William Duggan's father or
grandfather, else the information would be lost. If William Duggan's
father, that would have been a Potato Famine migration, I expect.

Any assistance you can render would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Craney

From:            "Eileen Dougan" <>
Date sent:       Wed, 9 Sep 1998

Dear Lyman
I was surfing the other day and came across the family history site.
My branch of the family originates from William John Dougan, originally
from Newry, Northern Ireland, who settled in Richmond, Yorkshire after

My father David John Dougan, now lives in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, and
I have settled in Sydney, Australia, where there are a few other Dougans
but not many

My mother and father know a lot more about our family history than me, so
I will encourage them to write in.

Mark Dougan
(DOB 14-11-1962)

Date sent:       Mon, 7 Sep 1998 23:16:10 EDT
Subject:         Dougans

Good evening!   I am writing in regards to my gr-grandmother's family who
came from County Down and Antrim to Poughkeepsie, NY in 1849-50. The
family consists of William Dougan (1814 or 1820 to 1870), his wife Jane
Stevenson (1828-1862), and son John Dougan b.1849 in Ireland, then son
Robert Dougan b.1851 in NY, daughter Elizabeth (Lizzie) Dougan Daly
(1853-1876) and my gr- grandmother Mary Dougan Goddard (1854-1932).

The family moved from NY to Ottawa, LaSalle County approx.1856. I have tracked
down Lizzie and her family but have lost John and his family after 1880.
Both he and his brother worked for the railroads most likely the Rock
Island, John as a conductor, Robert as a brakeman. John married in 1877 to
Eugenia Neill from WI, had son Arthur in 1878 and son Frank in 1880. They
are listed in the 1880 Census on the south side of Chicago, but I have no
record of them from there.  Robert is also living with them in 1880 in
Chicago-no wife or family. He reappears in the 1920 Census still in

Any ideas?  Seen any of this family? I would appreciate any help
you might be able to give.

Ken Brodbeck

Date sent:       Sun, 06 Sep 1998
From:            "Robert E. Duggan" <>
Subject:         Robert E. Duggan in San Diego

Dear Lyman.... I wrote to you a few weeks ago asking for help with my
family tree [John Duggan who married Margaret "McGinity"Duggan] who came
into the U.S. through Canada in 1851. I hope someone can help.

I forgot to ask you to put me on the newsletter and any Duggan's net who I can keep in
touch with.  My mailing address is 3740 Fourth Ave, San Diego, Ca. 92103,
or you can e'mail me any info....Best regards, Bob Duggan in San Diego.

From:            "Glenn Duggan" <>
To:              <>
Subject:         Duggan Family Tree
Date sent:       Sun, 6 Sep 1998


Just happend to look up the Internet and was delighted to see so much
information !   My name is Glenn Michael Duggan and I live in Fareham,
Hampshire, England and it is some considerable time since I actively
undertook any family tree work however a few years ago I put together the
following (summary only:

Glenn Michael Duggan born 19 Feb 48 Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire
son of
Arthur Edward Duggan born 15 July 19 Plumstead, London
Irene Florence Duggan (nee Reid)
son of
Edward George Duggan born 4 Feb 1876 Woolwich, London died 23 July 1946
Woolwich, London son of Arthur Duggan born 7 Jul 1851 Southwark, London
died before 13 Dec 1916 ?
Mary Ann Adelaide Duggan (nee Driver) Married 5
Feb 1871 Charlton, Kent son of John Duggan (possibly born 1816 Ireland)
Mary Duggan (nee O'Keefe) (possibly born 1821 Woolwich)

From:   (chris duggan)
Date sent:       Sat, 5 Sep 1998 11:34:21 -0600 (MDT)
Subject:         detroit DUGGAN liiving in Idaho

Curious about Duggans in detriot ,also a bunch in Idaho

From:            "H P Duggan" <>
Subject:         Your Web Site
Date sent:       Sat, 5 Sep 1998

Hi Lyman

I was refering to your own personal home page, I think you have it very well laid
out with lots of interest in it.

My own radio ham call sign is GI4 ZVY but not very active, I did however
use it when I sailed from Belfast to the Azores the year before last.  I
was one of 5 crew aboard a 36'  sloop.  The Icom IC706 was converted to
enable use in the Marine band and I made several calls via Portishead

My Mum who lived with me has just recently died leaving my Dad to look
after their trusted friend a Yorkshire Terrier.  My own dog is a Labrador
cross, however it only takes notice of what my wife says.


Howard Duggan,  Northern Ireland

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