Family Newsletter nr 34.....July 1998

From:             "John Duggan" <>
Subject:          The Black Irish
Date sent:        Sat, 25 Jul 98

Dear Lyman,

Sometime ago, I mentioned that I had another theory about how some of the
Irish became black.  Well, here goes!  According to Seamus MacManus in his
book, The Story of the Irish Race, "The Vikings of Norwegian descent [were]
white bretherns, while those of the Danish descent they called black
heathens...In [850] the "Blacks" seized and plundered Dublin and in the
following year they defeated the "Whites" decisively at Carlingford
Lough"(271).  In a footnote on the same page, MacManus explains that the
color designation didn't come from the swarthiness of the Danes but from
the fact that they wore dark armor:  "It is to be found only in teh fact
hat the Danes were clad in dody armour...the Danes wore dark metal coats of
mail, helmets, and visors and were partial to the battle axe " (271).
Since one root of our family name Duggan is "Dub" or dark, it seems to make
sense that we are connected to the Danes.  The ISBN number of MacManus's
book is 0-517-06408-1.  It was printed originally in 1921.   Mine is a 1966

Sincerely yours,
John Duggan 

Date sent:        Fri, 17 Jan 1997
Subject:          Re: Notes from the Jersey Shore Duggan's

Hi Lyman
This is a response to your note .  My AOL has been busy for the past week and
I have noit read my E-Mail since Jan. 2nd.  I do not have any dates but I do
have the names of my Aunt and Uncles in the order of thier birth

David Duggan                       Died  1974
Mary Duggan Graham           Died  1987
Lillian Duggan Cullen             Died  1994
Alice Duggan Kissling            Died  1988
William Westervelt Duggan    Died 1950    (My Father)
Thomas Duggan Sr                   alive, well amd living in Flordia
Edward Duggan Sr                Died 1965

Cousin Eileen Frankland        Died 1981

Looking forward to seeing you on the home page

Date sent:        Wed, 22 Jan 1997 20:05:24 -0800
From:             james mccabe <>
Subject:          Dougan

My grandmother was a Dougan Mohill,Co Leitrim,Ireland

From:    (Tim Duggan)
Subject:          Re: A large chunk of Duggan Geneology in the USA

Hello Lyman!

Ruth Hoglan is the "Aunt Ruth" I mentioned and Robert B. Duggan, Sr. is my
father.  I guess I should have read a bit more before writing you! :-)

We would love to see you at the reunion in June.  I know that the family
would be very interested in your broader perspective on our family history,
and you in our more specific history.  There is a good bit of very
interesting hard copy documentation which, I feel, gives an interesting
view of the lives my forefathers led.  I always enjoy gathering on that
plot of's almost eerie how profoundly I feel my roots there.
There are a few of my clan down your way.

My first cousin Kathy Markett (daughter of Orton Duggan, Jr.) lives in Dunedin.
Orton (my uncle) is accross the way in Cocoa Beach.  I was recently down in Florida
and wish I had seen your page before my trip...oh well..maybe next time!  I found the
Maritime Museum's  website and was considering sending them ten dollars to
do some research for me.  Have you ever done this??  I would be willing to
send them $100 if they could give me every case of a Duggan mentioned in a
ship's log in the eighteenth century.  I would love your input.

Date sent:        Wed, 4 Jun 1997 18:06:46 -0500
Subject:          Chris Duggan  australia
Send reply to:
Priority:         normal

Lyman i read with much interest the letters in your
homepage my ggg/ great granfather was sent to van
diemans land in 1847 along with his 2 16year old sons
jeremiah  john duggan gran name was timothy he was
45years of  age he left a wife cathrine  4/5 younger
children malia born app 1835  ellen 1836   tim 1840
stephen 1847  william 1848 also timothy had a brother
denis  jeremiah  sister mary  they all came from
Canturk /Cork 1 son john duggan married in tas then went
to bendigo gold prospecting it was said that he then
left australias shores never to return he supposedly
went to johanesberg then into america gold hunting the
only contact to his family was by his
solicitor to bequeth something to his brother jeremiah
in tasmania this was during one of the world wars and
no contact was made in time to finalise his wishes.
there are only approx 90 desendants from this john
duggan in aust However there are more than 4,000
descendants from jeremiah duggan in australia
especially in Tasmania

I hope this message gets thru to you regards chris
duggan p/a  is Main Rd Glen Huon Tas Australia post
code 7109

Hope to hear from you Chris   E mail is
Al Beagan's "Genealogy Notes"© 1996 of Prince Edward Island"
"Swift Guide to Ireland" - Irish Genealogy:

        The National Archives of Canada
        Irish-Canadian List
        Canadian Association for Irish Studies

These, and other useful links, can be reached from the TIARA web site.

Dennis Ahern             |     The Irish Ancestral Research Association
Acton, Massachusetts     |     Dept. W, P.O. Box 619, Sudbury, MA 01776      |

Date sent:        Mon, 27 Jul 1998
Subject:          Surname Duggan Albion NY


I hope you can help.  My mother great grandfather family has touched on the
Duggan Surname in the Albion, NY area mid 1800's to mid 1900's.  A Katie Grace
married a Duggan and lived on a hill in Albion NY.  All my mother knows for
sure is that several of the Duggan men were priests and some of the daughters
became nuns.  One priest died during world war II, when the kitchen truck he
was riding in turned over and stove crushed him.  Specifically, I am searching
for the hustband of Katie.  She was mentioned as Mrs. Duggan in an obituary of
1932, for her brother.
If any of this sounds familiar please contact me at NJC877@AOL.Com
Neil Campbell 

Date sent:        Fri, 24 Jul 1998
From:             wizard <>
Subject:          Duggan's

I'm looking for a man with the birth name Patrick Joseph Duggan.  He was
born sometime around Aug. 1965.  If you have any information, please
tell me what you know.

Thanks in advance!

Date sent:        Fri, 24 Jul 1998
From:             Marie Keeler <>
Subject:          Terry Dugan

I have reason to believe I may have some of Terry's family history as my
father was Vincent Mitsky, brother of Marion Mitsky Dugan.
Unfortunately, I have been unable to run a address or e-mail address for
Terry that will connect.  Do you have a current e-mail address for
Terry.  I would really like to get in contact with him.


Marie Mitsky Keeler

Date sent:        Wed, 22 Jul 1998 13:20:42 +0100

Hello Lyman. My name is David James Duggan, I am 33 and I live in
Hertfordshire, England. My father David Leo Duggan came to England from
Ireland in the 1960s. He was born 12 April, 1935 in Newmarket but moved to
Mallow, Co. Cork when he was very young. He tells me that I am the seventh
consecutive David Duggan, and that started me thinking about my ancestors.
I came across your site by a general search and was gratified to discover
that I am not alone in trying to discover my roots. As I am just beginning
my search, I would appreciate any advice you can give me. I am of course
reading the backcopies of your newsletters for any clues.

The information I know so far includes my father's siblings : Donal,
Michael, Noelle, Shellagh, and Jan, and some of my grandfather's siblings :
Charles and Danial. I am writing to my aunt Noelle as she is the
self-confessed family historian and will pass on any more information that
I collect.

My father believes that the family can be traced back to the Druid times in
Ireland - a prospect that excites me immensely. I guess we all want to know
where we came from.

I look forward to talking to you again soon. Best wishes. 

From:             "Duggan Publicidad" <
Subject:          RV: Busco mi genealogia Mexico
Date sent:        Tue, 21 Jul 1998

Asunto: Busco mi genealogia
 Fecha: Lunes 13 de Julio de 1998

 Estimado Lyman, mi nombre es Cynthia R.Hernandez vivo en Monterrey n,l.
 Mexico no se hablar el inglés por esa razon te escribo en español espero que lo

 Mi padre Esequiel Victor Hernandez Duggan

 mi tia, Esthela Hernandez Duggan

 mi abuela Stella Duggan Sumaya, su padre  Daniel Duggan .

 De esta familia no sabemos mucho solo recuerdo que platicaba que su padre
 era de Buffalo N.Y. era irlandés vivieron un tiempo en Monterrey N.L
 porque el habia venido hacer un trabajo en los hornos de la fundidora de
 mty. y que ella mi abuela Stella
 vivio en Buffalo con unas religiosas porque sus padres habian fallecido.
 Su madre parece se llamaba Josefina Sumaya no estoy muy segura pero tenia
 mi bisabuelo un hermano llamado John, o el se llamaba Johon y su hermano

 Todos estos datos estan confusos pero ya murieron todos y me gustaria
 conocer a mi familia Duggan.

 No se si puedas ayudarme si tienes alguna pista te pido de favor que me
 escribas a mi direccion electronica.

 Gracias, Cynthia R Hernandez 

From:             "MANS" <>
Subject:          Duggan - Nova Scotia
Date sent:        Tue, 21 Jul 1998

Dear  Lyman,

Like so many others, I stumbled across your Duggan newsletter.  My name is Darlene Duggan. I'm
from Shad Bay, Nova Scotia.  My father is Richard Duggan, he has one sister, Dorthy.  My
grandfather died in the 1940's.  His name was Richard Duggan.  There were 10 children in his
family.  His father I believe was Henry Duggan.  All I basically know, is that the descendent
from Ireland maybe Michael or William. I'm probably only sixth genenation, with my descendant
arriving in Nova Scotia in the 1700's. We're Roman Catholic and we pronounce our name with the
two consonants together, having a hard sound.

I was surprised to see all the American writers.  I was particularly astonished at the photo
of William Duggan, of Duggan's Serra Mountain Mortuary in California.  William really looks
like the men in my father's family. Its actually kind of eerie.  It's pretty easy to tell he's
a Duggan, the eyes, cheeks, forehead and jaw line.  I'm sure this man must be a relation.

If anyone is interested in getting in touch with me, my address is #16 - 6354 Edinburgh St.,
Halifax, NS  B3L 1W4 

Date sent:        Mon, 13 Jul 1998
From:             "Fischetti, Mary D." <>
Subject:          Corrections

I wrote you several weeks ago re my Duggan heritage, and in the time
since have found I had some erroneous information; I'd like to correct
it. My grandfather, Joseph Duggan's, brother was named Hymanus McGinity
or McGinty Duggan, yes, for a local alderman, but not named Aloysius, as
my mother suggested. (Her memory is fading!) Also, Joseph Duggan's oldest
son's wife was named Bessie, not Gert. (My memory is fading!)
Additionally, I learned from my Aunt Kathleen Duggan Denton that our
ancestor was in the British Army, 12th Foot, and was discharged in/near
Quebec in the 1850's. She also passed along the story that Uncle Mann
(Hymanus) was involved with rumrunners in Brooklyn during Prohibition, an
allegedly not-so-dishonorable profession in those days. My cousin, Robert
Duggan,from Southern California, has done quite a bit of research into
the family history,according to Aunt Kathleen; and I suspect he may have
put a good deal of this information on the 'net. I haven't had the chance
to read all of the available information yet. Keep in touch, family! 

Date sent:        Fri, 10 Jul 1998
Subject:          Another Duggan

 I was wondering if you had anything on a Thomas David Duggan. He came from
Mayo Co. Ireland, born in 1836. Name was Duggan, became O'Duggan, then Thomas
changed it back in America.

I am working on my family. I am 14, so I don't have as much access to things
as adults might. I'm getting some info from my Grandpa's sister on this. I'll
put it together and send it to you. 

Date sent:        Thu, 9 Jul 1998
From:             Daniel Duggan <>
Subject:          Duggan

Dear Lyman,

Yes i've just found your duggan web site!!
My name is Daniel Paul Duggan from Newcastle Upon Tyne , England, d.o.b.
07.01.63 and like many people I would like to know my ancestral roots. The
trouble is where to begin, how to begin etc, probably the same questions
you've heard a thousand times, perhaps you can set me on the right road, ie
have you any information on the duggan name in England, or do you know of
anyone that might be able to help.
I've just printed off your first set of newsletters, and now I'm off to
read them who knows ? There maybe something there to help me.

Also could you please add me to your mailing list

Many thanks

Danny Duggan 

Date sent:        Sun, 5 Jul 1998 22:34:46 EDT
Subject:          Duggan Family

Do you know if you are related to the Duggan family from the New Haven, CT
area?  I married into the family and am in the process of researching the
family tree.  I believe that my husband's great-grandfather was William
Duggan, his father and grandfather are both named John Joseph Duggan.  Just

Alicia Duggan 

From:             "Mike" <>
Subject:          We dropped a "G".
Date sent:        Thu, 2 Jul 1998 22:01:52 -0400


My name is Kathleen A. Dugan(my married name is Cameron).  I recently found
the Dugan-Duggan web site.  How facinating to see all those in our
ancestory!  My father, Joseph E. Dugan, was an only child as was his father,
Reginald Dugan.  But my great-grandfather we believe was Duggan.  ON his
birth certificate they dropped a "G" and hence became Dugan from Duggan.  I
see now that it didn't really make much of difference since they are so
closly linked together. I have just one brother, John J. Dugan who could
potentially pass on our family name. Thank you for the enjoyment.

Kathleen A. Dugan

Date sent:        Fri, 26 Jun 1998
Subject:          Another county heard from

Dear Lyman,

I just came across the Duggan page and want to commend you for the excellent job. I hope
you'll be able to sign me up for the newsletter, too!

My grandfather was Joseph John Duggan; he married Gertrude Curley of Philadelphia in about
1903. He had several jobs at that time: he was a "japanner" who wrapped the wire coils which
were used for electrical and telephone wiring in those days; he was a "hack" driver, of the
horse and buggy variety; he was a fireman who drove the hook and ladder truck when it was
horse-drawn as well. He was stationed at the firehouse next to the police precinct in Coney
Island in Brooklyn. He retired from there, and I realThey lived on Flatlands Avenue in
Brooklyn for quite a while. At the end of their lives, they lived on 54th Street. Charlie
Duggan, who married Gert and had six children of his own. He worked for the Brooklyn Union Gas
Company. I don't know all of his children's names-there was another Charlie, called Boysie,
and a Betty. Some of this family, I think, lives in south Florida.

Caroline Duggan (Carrie) married Walter Bulger; they had three daughters, Mary, Caroline, and
Joan, and live in New Jersey. The three daughters have children and grandchildren in that

Gertrude Duggan (Trudie) married Joseph Gargiulo and had one son, Joseph. The son married
Marie and had two children, a boy and a girl. These children would be in their 40's now.

Joseph J.Duggan married Frances Cann, lived on Rogers Avenue in Brooklyn, right near Ebbets
Field. They had several children-Roddy, Robert, another son, and the youngest, Joan. Robert
married Laura,and lived in LaJolla, California after discharge from the service. Joseph,
Robert's father, lived with Robert's family until his death. Joan married Richard Edgeworth
and had four sons; they live in New Jersey.

Helen Duggan died as a toddler.

John Joseph Duggan married Margaret or Marguerite, then Mary Bateson, had one daughter, Mary
Frances Duggan, who married John Fischetti. They have four sons named Daniel, Michael, Joseph,
and John Fischetti. (This is my family) Jack (whose favorite song was really the Wild Colonial
Boy) lived in Brooklyn and on Long Island. He worked in construction, as did his older brother
Joe, and for the postal service.

Alice Duggan married Jimmy Cruise and had two sons, Jimmy and Jack. She later married Ed
Thorne and lived in the same house as Grandpa Joseph on E.54th Street in Brooklyn until her
death. Son Jimmy married and divorced Mickey Gibbons of Fall River, Mass. in the 50's and had
two children. Jack Cruise married Marie; they had a son, Kevin, who died unexpectedly in
infancy in either 1957 or 1958. He later married Rose and had a daughter

Frances Duggan married John Baehr of Philadelphia, lived at Bartram's Gardens, and had three
daughters: Judy, Bonnie, and Janet. There are several granchildren. After John Baehr's death,
Frances lived in southern New Jersey.

Kathleen Duggan married Paul Denton; they had five children: Paul, Kathleen, Christine, Betty
Ann, and Steven. All of those children have grown and had children of their own. Kathleen
lives in New York.

Elizabeth Duggan married John J. McGuire, had three children, John, Patricia, and Diane. They
lived on Long Island beginning in about 1959 or 1960. John has children of his own; he lives
in eastern Long Island.

That's all I know of my Duggan kin, though I have written to one of my aunts, who must know
more than I.  Of my grandmother Curley's side, I have the citizenship paper, complete with
stamp, that was given to her father, John Curley, in Philadelphia on Sept. 24, 1868.

Good luck to you, and hello to all my cousins!

Date sent:        Thu, 25 Jun 1998
Subject:          Dougan

I am dong research on my grandfather, Archie P. Dougan, Sr., who died in
Fargo, North Dakota sometime in late 1957 or early 1958.  His family was from
Salem, Missouri and his father is buried there.  His name is William Lee
Dougan but I do not know what his wife's name was but possibly was Mary Jane
Kennedy.  Any info you have would greatly help me.
Carol Dougan Guidry<> 

Date sent:        Wed, 24 Jun 1998
Subject:          Re: Duggan

Dear Lyman,

       I have recently started my search. My grandfather's name was Bernard
Martin Duggan born in Halifax Nova Scotia. His father James Duggan or fathers
father Andrew Duggan was the fire chief in Halivax. I'm having a diffucult
time getting anywhere with what I have. I don't have much more. HELP! I don't
know if you can. Does this ring a bell? 

Date sent:        Tue, 23 Jun 1998 15:51:18 -0400
From:             Christian Duggan<>
Subject:          My heritage

Hi my Name is Christian Duggan ,
I'm from Toronto, Canada . I was just wondering if you had any info on
my heritage ...

My Grandfathers name is Edmund Duggan from St.Johns ,Newfoundland Canada
born around 1910-15... any help would be greatly appreciated

 Date sent:        Mon, 22 Jun 1998
From:             tim dugan <>


Here's a summary of my family tree, starting with a Thomas
Dugan (#01a) who lived in South Carolina in the 1700's down
through my grandfather (#07a) and his children.

#01a, Thomas Dugan, spouse: 01b, b. chester co, SC; other
loc. Buncombe Co, NC, occupation: farmer, parents unknown
#01b, Nellie, spouse of 01a
#02a, Mary (Polly) Dugan Smith? parents: 01a & 01b
#03a, William Dugan, b. South Carolina, 1785, parents 01a &
01b, spouse 03b, b. Warren Co, TENN, 1850
#03b, Mary Tate, spouse of 03a
#04a, John Dugan, b. Grundy County, TENN, 1824, parents 03a
&03b, spouse 04b, other info: 1900, Postmaster @ Lucky, TENN
#04b, Eliza Louisa Walker, b. Grundy County, TENN, spouse
#05a, Nellie Dugan, b. Buncombe, Co., NC, 6-13-1818, d.
3/10/02, parents 03a &01b
#06a, John Stansbury Dugan, b. Grundy County, TENN,
12-18-1856, d. 3/14/35, parents 04a & 04b, spouse 06b
#06b, Virginia Ransom b. Grundy County, TENN, 1862, d.
4-10-1884, spouse 06a
#07a, Isaiah Jackson Dugan, b. Warren Co., TENN, 2-3-1884,
d. 4/7/70, parents 06a &06b, spouse 07b
#07b, Nora Lee McFarland, b. Brookland, ARK, 3-27-1890, d.
11/29/59, spouse of 07a
#08a, John Albert Dugan, b. Kiefer, OK, 10/4/11, d. 10/2/14,
parents 07a & 07b
#09a, Roy Edward Dugan, b. Kiefer, OK, 12/8/13, parents 07a
& 07b
#10a, Hattie Virginia Dugan, b. Kiefer, OK, 1/22/17, d.
11/20/89, parents 07a & 07b
#11a, Earl Raymond Dugan, b. Kiefer, OK, 12/15/18, parents
07a & 07b
#12a, Ruby Josephine Dugan, b. Kiefer, OK, 7/6/21, parents
07a &07b
#13a, Nellie Marle Dugan, b. Kiefer, OK 3/21/24, parents 07a
& 07b
#14a, Sylvia Drucilla Dugan, b. Kiefer, OK, 2/4/26, parents
07a & 07b
#15a, Bonnie Lee Dugan, b. Kiefer, OK, 10/19/29, parents 07a
& 07b

I do have more information including some narrative
descriptions, but, first try, I wanted to keep the list at
this level of detail.  I also have these references:

 Sarah W. Dugan
 2911 Cross Creek Circle
 Tallahassee, FL 32301

 Paula Dugan Bowlin
 117 Marks Style
 Peachtree City, GA

Any further information or contact from close cousins would
be appreciated.

Tim Dugan
9550 Ella Lee Ln #846
Houston, TX  77063

From:             Shawn Patrick Craig Duggan <>
To:               <>
Subject:          Duggan Family History
Date sent:        Sun, 21 Jun 1998 20:24:54 -0400

Hi Lyman,

Let me introduce myself, Shawn Patrick Craig Duggan.  I recently began thinking of trying to
trace my family history and thought I'd do a quick web search to see what I found.  I was
pretty surprised to find your page.

I have no idea where to begin, but this is a good place to start.  As I piece things together
I'll let you know.  It doesn't take too far back to find the history in my line back in

Drop me a line if there is any info you'd like....( We need all the info that you have Shawn :-)


From:            Lorene Redfern Lewis<>
Subject:          Duggan decendants
Date sent:        Sat, 20 Jun 1998

Hi Lyman,

I am one of those 9th generation Duggans.

My line is -8th gen.  Leroy Redfern
                 7th-John Leon Redfern
                 6th-Martha Dixon Jordan
                 5th-Rebecca Kelly Duggan
                 4th-Archelaus Cone Duggan
                 3rd-John Hyman Duggan
                 2nd-William Duggan, Jr.
                 1st- William Duggan, Sr.
I am  from Washington Co. Georgia.

If you need info on my generation, please reply.

Lorene Redfern Lewis  (We need all the info that you have Lorne :-) 

Date sent:        Sat, 13 Jun 1998
Subject:          Duggans in Townland of New Birminham (near Thurles), Tipperary

I am searching for more information on, and common descendants of, the family
of John Duggan.  His son, my great grandfather Robert Duggan, moved to the San
Francisco Bay Area from near Thurles in about 1868 at the age of 30.  The
Tipperary Heritage Unit has located the following information.  I am including
sponsor's names, because I know that they were routinely related in some way
to the parents:

Gortnahoe (Catholic) Parish (Townland of New Birmingham):
John Duggan m. Ellen Bowe on March 3, 1835.  Witnesses: Laurence Duggan and
John Bourke (Could be Bowe, but misread by someone).

Robert Duggan, b. __ June 1839, Sponsors: Tom Duggan and Ellen Harrigan;

Mary Duggan, b. 6 June 1841, Sponsors: John Kelly and Mary Bowe;

Mary Duggan, b. 5 November 1843, Sponsors: Henry Hunt and Ellen Sause. 

Send reply to:
From:             "The Morris Family" <>
Subject:          Duggan research
Date sent:        Mon, 8 Jun 1998

What a fantastic site.   I haven't got enough time to really read everything
but the information is fantastic.   My name is Jane Morris (nee Duggan) and I
would love to know if there are any links to America.

My GG Grandfather was Thomas Duggan (farmer) who married Mary Reynolds.    We
are unsure of exactly how many children they had.    We do know that Peter
Duggan, my G Grandfather, was born in 1839 in County Galway and emigrated to
Australia in 1858.   He had at least three other brothers James who also came
to Australia and Michael and William who emigrated to America.   They came from
a village called Menlough in County Galway.
Peter Duggan married Catherine Flanagan who was born in County Clare in 1847.
She was the daughter of Michael Flanagan and Mary Wynne.   Peter and Catherine
had twelve children the eleventh being my Grandfather Michael.
Michael Duggan married Ellen Hayes and had ten children the youngest my Dad,
Kevin Duggan.   My Dad married Patricia Hayes and have twelve children.
This is a condensed version of the information that I have.   My cousin Pat
Hayes did as much research as she could even travelling to Ireland to look up
records which unfortunately were incomplete.   In the village of Menlo there
were no baptismal records available before 1867.
I look forward to hearing of any possible links.
Jane Morris <> 

Date sent:        Sun, 7 Jun 1998
Subject:          Duggan Home Page

Although this does not appear to my relative, I thought someone reading your
home page would be interested to learn that "John Duggan 59 farmer US citizen
from Tipp" arrived, apparently alone, on the City of Berlin on 18 Apr 1885 in
New York, the "film no." is # 1027353.  I have no more information than that.

I also noted in and article in the County Tipperary Historical Journal that a
John Duggan, of Nenagh, County Tipperary, converted from Catholicism to the
Anglican Church in 1777.   His occupation was not noted.  Given the relative
rarity of such conversions, despite the social and economic benefits, I
thought this information might be of interest to anyone researching a John
Duggan in that area. 

Date sent:        Thu, 04 Jun 1998 20:51:37 -0500
From:             P/J Duggan <>

Dear Lyman,

My name is Erin Duggan Vafiades....I believe you have been
semi-corresponding with my father, Patrick E Duggan, of Edwardsville,
Ill for the past several years.  I know you have sent him the "family"
newsletter you put out.  It is with much regret and saddness that I
inform you of my father's recent passing.  He died quite suddenly on
Sunday, May 24, 1998.  Myself and the rest of my family, feel that we do
not wish to let all of his hard work on the family history go by the
wayside, so we are going to at some point attempt to go through all the
mass of information that he has accumilated.  If you would not mind, I
would appreciate it if you would send me your family newsletter to my
email address.  It is    This would be greatly
appreciated, so we can hopefully carry on somewhat what he had begun.
Thank you for your time.

Erin Duggan Vafiades<> 

From:             John Dougan <>
Subject:          Dougan/Dugan/Duggan SOUNDEX
Date sent:        Wed, 03 Jun 98

FINALLY, I finished the 1920 SOUNDEX.  Now I have ALL the 1880,
1900 and 1920 Dougan/Dugan/Duggan Surnames for the entire state
of New York posted on my homepage.
If anyone can think of a real good reason to do the 1910 SOUNDEX,
e-mail me and I'll consider it.  As usual, if you find any links that don't
work, let me know.  Other than that, have a good Summer.

John Dougan 

Date sent:        Sat, 30 May 1998
From:             Marcia Philbrick <>
Subject:          Re: Duggins


My DUGGINS family info is posted at the following site.

I am not a DUGGINS descendant. Sarah DUGGINS, wife of Alexander DUGGINS
married my ancestory James CRAWFORD. In order to correctly identify my
James CRAWFORD, I have done some research on the DUGGINS family in
Preble County, OH. Since my research was originally records in PAF
following their format for notes, they need edited in Master Genealogist
before I can include my documentation on my web site. If you would like
a printout of my notes from my PAF files, I would be happy to mail it to

Date sent:        Fri, 29 May 1998
Subject:          My DUGGAN Register


As GeoCities made 6 Mb webspace available, on 5/15 I moved my Wm. DUGGAN
register along with 20 or so other registers to my website at

That site is also hyperlinked with my main webpage at

My growing DUGGAN register now includes 3514 Duggan descendants plus
1790 spouses...over 5300 names.  The register is in TXT format, has over
200 pages (660 kb), and includes a name index at the end.

Sorry this didn't make it into Newsletter #33.

Happy genealogy!

Bob in Atlanta 

Date sent:        Mon, 25 May 1998 15:14:04 -0400
From:             Ernie Dugan <>
Subject:          lost

hey lyman cousin ernie here, ERNIE DUGAN FROM OWLS HEAD to
know where to go from here, i traced back to 1848, my gg grandfather owen
dugan shows up in bangor maine from ireland, can not make any connection
from there back to the old country...he may have come through st john
canada, do you have any suggestions as to where i should be looking
now..thanks ernie dugan.... 

From:             Tarbtarb <>
Date sent:        Sun, 24 May 1998

Hello - saw your newsletter and would like to get on the mailing list.  My
great grandmother was Mary DUGGAN of County Wexford.  Her parents were John
DUGGAN & Mary DELANEY.  John's parents were Patrick DUGGAN & Mary CODD.
Patrick's father was Roger and Roger's father was Hodge DUGGAN.  Look forward
to hearing from you 

Date sent:        Mon, 18 May 1998
From:             Mary Beth Wheeler <>
Subject:          DOUGANS OF BUTLER CO., PA

Hi, Lyman!

I don't have all my PA Dougans in a dedicated database, but they all can
be found at:  These
Dougans are all members/descendants of the Donegal settlement of Butler
& Armstrong Co., PA @1800; the story of this group was told by Paul
Robison in an earlier issue of your newsletter.

If your readers have roots in western PA, this site will be of interest!

Mary Beth 

Date sent:        Sun, 17 May 1998
From:             Royal Vista Equine <>
Subject:          Duggans in South Georgia

Dear Sir,

I have my own family to add to your descendants of William Duggan of
Ulster.  My second cousin, Henry Coleman Duggan III of Albany, GA,
researched our family several years ago and I am surprised to find the
lineage here.  To what address should I send our branch?  If I remember
correctly, Henry Coleman Duggan I, my great-grandfather, was a son of
one Archelaus Cone Duggan.  His wife, my great-grandmother, was Maggie
Franks, a daughter of Martha Frances Fowler.  Anyway, they all came
originally from Worthen, GA, Washington County.  My mother's father was
George Leonard Duggan of Albany, GA.  There's a bunch of us!  And, as
you can see, we've spread out!

Christine London Hamilton -- Chris
(daughter of Agnes Malissa Duggan)
Royal Vista Equine, Inc.
Vaughn Cook / Jill Thayer DVM

5412 East County Road 32E
Fort Collins, CO  80528
phone: 970-226-4747
fax:          -4748


Date sent:        Sun, 17 May 1998 17:54:23 -0500
From:             Curtis Duggan <>
Subject:          Howdy

 You sent me aletter a while
back. Anyway I am trying to
piece together my part of
Duggan family history. As soon
as I get some information
together I will send it your
way. I  was given Ultimate
Family Tree Maker for my
Birthday. So I have my work
cut out for me to get all the
information together from
relatives. I do have my own
Homepage. It is
. You can add it to your list
if you like. That's all for
now.  Curtis 

From:             Dabble2 <>
Date sent:        Tue, 12 May 1998 11:32:17 EDT
Subject:          DUGGINS

My ancestors were Duggins. I wonder if you had any that spelled it that way?
My gr-grandfather was Nathan Lyon Duggins,born 1863 in Ozark Co., Mo. He
married Mary Ellen Morris in same county in 1888. His death certificate says
his parents were John Duggins of Mo. and Elizabeth Clarkston of Iowa.  I know
this is a long shot , but I have seen your name and references to your
impressive home page many times. I thought , it wouldn't hurt to ask.
                                               Thank You,
                                               Liz Dabbs<> 

Date sent:        Sun, 10 May 1998 21:09:19 -0700
From:             Amelia Reimer-Davisson <>
Subject:          Wild Colonial Boy

Some of the spellings may be a bit off, but this is an Australian version
(one of the many, I'm sure):

There was a Wild Colonial Boy, Jack Duggan was his name
Of poor but honest parents, He was born in Castlemaine
He was his father's only hope and his mother's pride and joy
And dearly did his parents love their Wild Colonial Boy

At the tender age of sixteen years, he left his native home
And to Australia's sunny clime, a bushranger did roam
He robbed the wealthy sqatters; their stocks he did destroy
A terror to the rich man was the Wild Colonial Boy

So come away my hearties, we'll range the mountain-side
Together we will plunder and together we will ride
We'll cross the Wild Blue Mountains and we'll scour the battler's plain
We scorn to live in slavery, bound down with iron chains

In '61, this daring youth commenced his wild career
With a heart that knew no danger; no foeman did he fear
He held the Beechwood mail coach up and he robbed Judge McEvoy
Who tremblin' cold gave up his gold to the Wild Colonial Boy

He bade the judge good morning, and he told him to beware
For he'd never rob a decent judge who acted on the square
But to rob a mother of her one and only joy,
You'll breed a race of outlaws like the Wild Colonial Boy

One day as he was ridin' the mountain side along,
A'listenin' to the kookaburra's happy, laughin' song
He spied three mounted troopers:  Kelly, Davis, and Fitzroy
Ridin' up to capture him, the Wild Colonial Boy

"Surrender now, Jack Duggan, for you see there's three to one.
Surrender in the Queen's name, for you're a plunderin' son."
Jack drew a pistol from his belt, and he waved it like a toy
"I'll fight but not surrender" cried the Wild Colonial Boy

He fired at Trooper Kelly, and he brought him to the ground
And in return from Davis, he received a mortal wound
All shattered through the jaws he lay, still firing at Fitzroy
And that's the way they captured him, the Wild Colonial Boy

(BTW, I have also heard the name as Jack Doogan, Jack Doolan, and Jack

Date sent:        Sat, 02 May 1998 01:45:59 -0400
From:             Mike Deigan <>
Subject:          O'Duigen Castle


What's up ?

You might find a new page of mine of interest .... do you consider your
people from this line ????

Let me know if you have any interest !

Mike Deigan 

Date sent:        Thu, 30 Apr 1998
From:             Ellen J Adair <>
Subject:          Duggans'

Well - I think I finally figured out I need to scan while on internet.
I was thinking I could load to my hard disk and read at my leisure.
Anyway - here are some of my direct ancestors.  I would gladly send you
a copy of what my sister has looked up - it contains many Duggans that
are brothers/sisters of my ancestors.:

Ellen Jeanne Willard Adair (myself) (1932 -)
(John Gordon Willard, Mittie
Anne Cone Ingram, Sarah (Sallie) Jane Cone, James Cone, Elizabeth
(Betsy) Duggan, William Duggan, Jr, Mary Smithwick, John Smithwick,
Edward Smithwick, Hugh Smithwick)
John Gordon Willard (my father) (1884-1969
Mittie Anne Cone Ingram (my father's mother) (1855-1949
Sarah (Sallie) Jane Cone (Mittie Anne's mother) (1827-1891)
James Cone (Sarah's father) (1797-1862)
Elizabeth (Betsy) Duggan (b 1776 Bertie County NC, d after 1860 Seguin
TX, m Archelaus Cone before 1796)
William Duggan  Jr (Elizabeth's father)( b 1754, died after 3 Jan 1800,
m Chloe Ann Hyman March 1770; dau of John Hyman & Dinah Manning)
Mary Smithwick
John Smithwick
Edward Smithwick
Hugh Smithwick
If you would like a copy of Duggans' I have, I will gladly mail you a
copy.     EJA 

Date sent:        Wed, 29 Apr 1998
From:    (Sean Duggan (Dream))

My name is Sean Christopher Duggan. I am 18 years of age, the 3rd child in
my family. I will encourage the rest of my family to write out their pieces.
I live in Ashland, KY, a smallish town that's rather advanced and yet lacks
the crime of large cities. I plan to go to the University of Dayton in
Computer Engineering. I am descended of the Duggans and O'Grady's and then
from the Duggans, Websters, MacAllisters, and O'Grady's. We have fairly
detailed family trees dating back many generations on both sides. I am
largely of Irish and Scottish descent. Oh, and we participate in a Duggan
family reunion up in Tennessee near Gatlinburg every year. About 100 family
members ascend the Hilltop and we talk and eat, finally ending the night
with a visit to the Duggan cemetary.

Maybe I'm wrong...      Sean C. Duggan
UIN : 5662668 

Date sent:        Mon, 27 Apr 1998
To:      (Duggan Mailing List)
Subject:          Greetings From The Duggans


I have a Harris DUGGAN of Washington Co., GA born around 1840, and I
have Dean Jackson DUGGAN of Irwinton, GA 1921-1984.  Don't know if
they're in your tree or not.  I also have numerous Charles and James
DUGGANs, but none with Orville.

I have my huge DUGGAN registry at <
duggan/duggan.htm> with several thousand descendants (3314 direct
descendants plus 1701 spouses) of the early DUGGAN immigrants who came
to coastal NC in the early 1700s from Ulster (Northern Ireland) during
the wave of Scotch-Irish immigration.

None of your specific names are in my database, but the names above
sound possibly kin.

Bob Duggan in Atlanta 

From:             DugganDive <>
Date sent:        Sat, 25 Apr 1998
Subject:          Welcome To FamilyTrees

My name is John Joseph Duggan born at Clinton, MA. My father was Thomas
Vincent Duggan (deceased), my grandfather :James Edward Duggan (deceased) from
Ireland. I am 58 years old and have a son Thomas vincent Duggan here in Texas.
I have three brothers: Thomas, Robert and Kevin. 

Date sent:        Fri, 24 Apr 1998 01:23:54 -0500
From:             Richard Duggan <>

My name is Richard Keller Duggan. I am 41 years old. My Father was
Orville Morgan Duggan and was raised in the Jacksonville/Gadsden Alabama
area. My Grandfather was Harris Dean Duggan who died in 1950. I have two
older brothers, Phillip Dean Duggan and Charles Orville Duggan. I have a
son, James Orville Duggan. 

The Duggan Family Tree Mailing List Server

Subject:          Welcome To FamilyTrees
Date sent:        Thu, 23 Apr 1998
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Date sent:        Sat, 18 Apr 1998
From:             shane duggan<>
Subject:          hey

my name is shane duggan,i live in australia,
my grandfather was lionel duggan,and wife dulcie duggan.....
im 25.....just wondering 

From:             SJDuggan <>
Date sent:        Sat, 18 Apr 1998 11:28:00 EDT
Subject:          John Duggan of Tipperary


The Tipperary Heritage Unit responded to my request that they search for my
ggf Robert Duggan (1844-1918), and his parents John Duggan and Ellen (maiden
name illegible on Robert's death certificate).  They couldn't find a baptism
record for Robert, but they came up with three possibilities for a marriage
record in a search of 23 parishes for John and Ellen.  I am convinced that
they hit on one: John Duggan and Ellen Bowe, m. March 3, 1835 in the parish of
Gortnahoe.  I am going to have them search for baptism records for them, as
well as children's baptism.  Since those searches take a while, I am providing
the information now.  In case others may benefit from the other information, I
am also providing the following:  John Duggan and Ellen Meagher, m. February
2, 1837, Parish Drangan, witnesses Henry Maher and Robert Maher (Meagher/Maher
in register); John Duggan and Ellen Cronin, m. May 24, 1837, Parish Bansha,
witnesses Patrick Cronin and John Murphy, (Cronin and Croneen in register). 

Date sent:        Fri, 17 Apr 1998
From:             The Paceys <>
Subject:          Duggan's in Canada

My wife (on her mother's side) has been wondering about the Duggan name and
I just stumbled across your HUGE site.  Anyway,  the Duggan in question is
a Cornelius Duggan, born in early 1900's in Owen Sound (in the "Irish
Block"), Ontario Canada.  Family story is that Cornelius' father and 3
brothers moved to this area from somewhere else (Ireland) to start a life
for themselves.

 Have you heard or do you have any info on such a happening?  Would be very
appreciative of anything or anywhere you could send or point us to.  Thanks
very much

Ian Pacey (not a Duggan) 

From:             "Joey Duggan" <>
Subject:          My Father will be excited!
Date sent:        Tue, 14 Apr 1998

My name is George "Joey" Joseph Duggan,III (Ocean Springs, MS). My father,
of course, George Joseph Duggan, II (York, NE) has been researching the
Duggan family history for a few years now. I have been trying to talk him
into purchasing a computer to get connected to the web. After telling him
about the Duggan Family Homepage, I bet he will go buy one tomorrow!

What do I need to do to add information to the Site?

Please email me @ or call me at home at
228-872-7049. I'll be glad to help in anyway possible add to the Duggan
Family Homepage.


Joey Duggan 

Date sent:        Sun, 5 Apr 1998
From:             Steven Dougan <>
Subject:          Dougan surname

Hi Lyman,

I am a Scottish Dougan, I currently line in Darlington, England, my family
are from the Renfrewshire area of Scotland. I have not seen many Dougans
mentioned in this site and so I thought I would send you a quick note.

I will try and send you a list of family names as soon as I can.

Like the web site.

Steven Dougan 

From:             TORACE4U <>
Date sent:        Sat, 28 Mar 1998
Subject:          Dugan/ Fouts

Hello,  I  am wondering if you have any connections with the Pfautz/Fouts
families. I do know that several of the Fouts men married Dugan/Dougan women.
Thanks, Rosa

Date sent:        Thu, 26 Mar 1998
From:             Marc Duggan <marc@holly.ColoState.EDU>

       I don't know much about my history.  But I can give you my closest
relatives.  I am Marc Edward Duggan born in San Diego, CA of Mark
Edward Duggan who was born in St. Louis Missouri.  My mother is named Jane
Duggan.  My fathers father was named Edward Price Duggan.  I'm not sure
where he was born, but he grew up in St. Louis as well.  My father has two
brothers, Dennis and Edward, and one sister Debborah.  My grandfathers
wife was named Betty.  Have good irish luck and keep us Duggans proud! :)

                Marc Duggan

Date sent:        Wed, 18 Mar 1998
From:             D G Peoples <>

Lyman-  I think I corresponded with you a few years ago about your
newsletter about the DUGGAN genealogy, but don't think anything ever
came of it.  I am looking for information about Martha Ann DUGAN b. 1839
m. Andrew Jackson PEOPLES.  Martha Ann is the daughter of Absalom L.
DUGAN and Susannah SANDERS.  I hope there is a chance of some links with
your network of subscribers. Please add me to your list.

Dave Peoples 

From:             "Richard Rollins" <rrollins@WHC.NET>
Subject:          duggan family history
Date sent:        Thu, 12 Mar 98


My name is Richard Rollins and I am a descendent of Tuachail O'Duigan. My great grandfather on
my  Mother's side was Micheal Duggan/Doogan. My grandmother Annie Duggan/Doogan was a cousin
of the singer Enya's grandmother. This coming April I and my mother will be traveling to
Donegal Ireland and to my ancestral cottage located on the south eastern shore of Lough Anure.
The farm is located in a place called Bunawack. I am just getting used to the internet so I
was cautious about downloading too much data into my computer from your web site and causing
my computer to crash. I have a family tree that was assembled and given to me by a distant
relative living in Annagry. I would like to learn as much as possible about my ancestry. I
would like to communicate with you and share some of the information that I have and obtain
more about my own family history. While I am in Donegal is there anyone I might contact to
help me in my search? While in Donegal is there anything I can do to help add to your family
history web site? Please get in touch as soon as you can. I will be leaving in early April,

Thank you in advance.


R. Rollins

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