Family Newsletter nr 32.....17 March 1998
Date sent:        Tue, 03 Mar 1998
From:             Mark Johnson<>

--The Duggans on the Isle of Man--

I E-Mailed you earlier this year in relation to My Duggan Ancestors on the Isle of Man. As promised here is some of
the information I have already gathered.

Here follows a transcript written by a Mr Alfred  Duggan (my Great Grandfather's Brother) for my
Grandfather back in the 1950's.

" What justification I may claim for speaking to you on this subject is entirely personal. I have no
special knowledge. Others are better informed. But I am emotionally involved, and I carry upon my heart a sense
of things, places and people some remembered, others half forgotten, all associated with this island in the sea. I
feel the ghosts and spirits of the past.

My Mother was a Duggan, born in Laxey of a family of six, and to Laxey I went at the tender age of three, to my
first school, and living in the Glen road which goes down to the sea.

Of Mothers brothers, two went to sea, one to the Royal Navy and Alf to the Merchant Navy. He lived in Ramsey and
was nicknamed "Stormy", because it is said he would put to sea whatever the weather. He sent me this little note
of our family-tree. I offer it as my own credentials.

 Dada (your grandfather)was born in 1871 in the little thatched cottage at the top of Whitebridge hill on
the Laxey side of Onchan village. His father was known on the island as "Swim" Duggan. One Moonlight light
accompanied by two other men, he went conger-fishing from Onchan Harbour. It is assumed that the boat capsized and
all were thrown into the water. They must have clung to each other for all were drowned, though "swim" was said
to be the best swimmer on the island. "Swim" duggan's wife was a Mylchreest, her mother coming from the South of the island. This Grandma Mylchreest went blind, and she was very old when she died,being about 90 years of age. I remember her.
"Swim's" wife died soon after his drowning, when Dada was five years old. As a result, Dada was separated from his
sister Eliza, and he went to live with his uncle Jimmy Duggan, who farmed Ballacallister in Lonan, while his
sister Eliza went to live with Uncle Billie Duggan who farmed Hoanes. Eliza eventually married a Kennish, who
was a mason, and they lived in Chester Street in Douglas.Dada (whose name was William Duggan) married Eleanor Ann Kermode who was born at Laxey in 1872. They died in 1935 and 1936 respectively and are buried in Lonan Churchyard. Eleanor Ann Kermode's father was Jim Kermode, a carpenter, as indeed were all the Kermodes. Her mother died at the age
of 36 when Ann was 12 years old.

Grandma kermode was a Caley. Grandad Kermode was the son of Danny and Nance Veg, (veg meaning little in
Manx)She habitually smoked a pipe, and she talked to the birds as she went up Laxey Hill. Danny and all the
Kermodes were all great joiners and Danny helped to build the great wheel, "Lady Isobella" which was erected in
1854 for the purpose of keeping the lead mines free from water. Jim Kermode married again and had two daughters
named Lucy and Rebecca. He ended his days with Mary, the daughter of the first marriage, who lived at the bottom
of Captain's Hill. Mary was the only sister of Eleanor Ann to the first marriage. Their mother Grandma Caley
,I remember well.They were Caleys the bakers in Onchan Village. Grandma Caley was a great herbalist. When I was
a young man in my early teens and suffered from stomach trouble I was sent to Grandma Caley for a cure. The
treatment was wormwood twice a day and the eating of raw salt herrings first thing in the morning. It did the Trick."

I would be very grateful if you could include this information within you next newsletter. I hope it will be
of interest to future visitors to your site, who are themselves researching  their Duggan Ancestors on the
Isle of Man.

Best wishes Mark Johnson 3/3/98.

Date sent:        Wed, 04 Mar 1998 16:37:45 +0000
From:             Virginia Green <>
Subject:          Duggan-Robason

Dear Lyman,

Some kind soul sent me a hint of your home page for genealogy and I
would like to have more information about my husband's Duggan-Robason

We have thought Cloe Duggan - daughter of William - married James
Robason.  But your info says her cousin Millicent - daughter of John - was
James's wife.

So that knocks in the head our great Smithwick conection!

Could anyone give me any evidence of it's being Milly instead of Cloe
who married the Robason in 1760?

If Lanier is the line we should be looking for, is this family related to
the Laniers of Brunswick County, Virginia of the same time?



From:             "Christine Dougan" <>
To:               <>
Subject:          Hello there
Date sent:        Mon, 2 Mar 1998

My family spells our name Dougan,  I was once told by an Irishman that this
is the true Irish spelling of the name.

Have you heard any thing like this?

Thanks for your time

Christine A.Dougan

Date sent:        Sun, 01 Mar 1998
From:             D W Duggan <>
Subject:          R.S. Duggan, Jr.

Dear Lyman,
     We are trying to locate R.S. Duggan, Jr.   If you have an e-mail
address or home
telephone number can you please send it to us.
     My son, Dan Duggan, Jr., has done extensive research on our family
history and while browsing through the computer at the geneology site I was
delighted to come across our family name which included myself, my older
brother, Don, and my father Hoyt W. Duggan.
     I am sending you some updated information for your records.
     I am unsure of the issue number, however, our information is on
page 43,    290.
Hoyt Duggan #29896.  We are descendents of William Duggan of Ireland

Hoyt W. Duggan b. 1901, Sabine Parish, Many, Louisiana  died  in 1963
Occu:  Oil field worker    married to Lola Belle Gandy in 1922  in Many,
     Children:  1. Donald H. Duggan #29898 b. 11-23   in Many, Louisiana d.
10-92 in

                        Shreveport, Louisiana
                       Occu:  President of Duggan Machine Corp.
                        married to Molly Faye Jones
                        They have three children:  Don, Michael and
Molly Ann

                   2.  Dan W. Duggan, Sr. #29899, b. 11-19-26 in Many,
                         Occu:  Retired State Patrol Lieut.
                          married to Pauline Weaver on March 9, 1952
                          Three children:
                       i.  Dan W. Duggan, Jr. b. 12-30-53 in Beaumont,
                           Occu:  Attorney at Law in Jackson,
                      ii.  Linda Lea Duggan Hower  b. 4-5-55 in Liberty,
                           Occu:  housewife, lives in Pueblo, Colo., has 1
daughter, Jaclyn
                            Frances Hutton b. 11-17-80
                      iii.   Frances Ann Duggan b. 3-30-56 in Beaumont,
                             Occu:  Nanny, lives in Henderson, Texas

                 3.  Hoyt N. Duggan  b. 4-5-38 in Atlanta, Texas
                      Occu:  Professor of English, U. of Virginia,
Rhodes Scholar
                      married to Gail Young
                       They have two children:  Michael and Terry

                  4.  Ramona Etoice Duggan Kirkpatrick b. 2-4-40 in
Atlanta, Texas
                        Occu:  Secretary and housewife
                        married to Alvin Kirkpatrick
                         They have three children:  Bill, Susan and

     My mailing address is 208 Cumberland Lane, Henderson, Tx. 75652,
903 657-7050.

Dan W. Duggan, Sr. 

From:             "Peter Duggan" <>
To:               <>
Subject:          LOST RELATIVES
Date sent:        Thu, 26 Feb 1998 11:43:01 -0500


     BOX 820, BEETON

From:             "Trigram Trade" <>
To:               <>
Subject:          Duggans in Clonikilty, Cork
Date sent:        Wed, 25 Feb 1998

Dear Lyman,
 My name is Joseph P. Duggan. My sister ( Kate Duggan Fly, Traverse City
M.I.) told me about your page and suggested I take a look at it. I find it
quite intresting but had trouble finding information that reflected what I
found on a recent trip to Ireland.

I was searching my entire family history so my time allotment for the Duggans was
small.I used the services of theBirths, Deaths and Marriges located in Skibbereen, Co. Cork.
I contacted a gentleman named Shamus Ryan tel.028-21299. He told me that my grandfather
John Duggan was born in the parish of Ross Carbery, in the townland of
Tullineasky. His birthcertificate had no father on the record. His mother
was Bridget Duggan. Mr. Ryan then looked further for any Bridget Duggan
born about tweenty years before in the same townland. He found a girl born
on Jan. 26, 1873 to John Duggan and Ellen Hurley. That was all the
information that he could provide. But, I went down to a pub in Tullineasky
called the Pike Bar and found out that the principle of the national school
had a book with Michael Collins name in it. My grandfather was born in July
1892, about two miles from Collins house and they attended the same school
at Lisavaird. I also talked to a John Duggan in Clonikilty and he told me
of several families of Duggans in the area. The Duggans used to live in a
townland named Ardfield, but they just recently died out. The second set of
Duggans live in Cashbliskey and there are still several families living
there. I'm new at this game, and I learned a lot in just two days in
Ireland, but not all the information pertains to my Duggans. Maybe in the
future you could post a leads board.  If you have any suggestions for
finding more information I would like your advice.P.P. If you want to post
this on your page let me know and I'll clean it up and remail you.
ThankYou......... Joe Duggan 

Date sent:        Tue, 24 Feb 1998
From:             "Robert J. Dougan" <>
Subject:          Dougan Genealogy

February 24, 1998
From: Robert J Dougan (
Subject: Dougan Genealogy

Hi Lyman, my name is Robert Dougan and I just happened to be surfing the
net and came across your websight. I'm a Dougan born in Montreal 1941 Apr
19. My father was a John McGregor Dougan, born in Scotland (county of
Renfrew)1908 Oct 2.  His Father was a John Dougan , also born in Scotland
and married a Jane McGregor on 1901 Dec 02 at Glasgow. He moved from
Scotland to St Ann de Bellevue, Quebec Canada to bring up a family of 5
children while working in agriculture at the famous MacDonald College for
40 years. Some of his brothers I believe moved from Scotland to
Saskatchewan  in Canada as wheat farmers. I'm relatively new to genealogy
and just starting to research the family tree, therefore any information or
direction you could give would really be appreciated.

Robert J Dougan 

Date sent:        Tue, 24 Feb 1998
Copies to:
Subject:          Tipperary Duggan

Hi Chad, I just pulled some Duggan newsletters and found your Email to
Lyman in May of 97.  I too, have Tipperary Duggan relatives, but I'm not
sure where in Tipperary.  My gg grandfather was Dennis Duggan (Dugan),
family used both spellings of name, born 6-4-1797 to Dennis and Mary
Duggan.  He married Mary Ryan, born 2-2-1819 to T. Ryan and M. Kennedy.
Mary arrived in U.S. in 1850, probably NY, and I do not know when Dennis
arrived.  They may have been married in U.S. rather than Ireland since
earliest child I know of was born in 1852 in NY.  In 1867, they moved to
Owatonna, Minnesota where Dennis was a farmer.  Their children (at least
the ones I'm aware of) were William, Thomas, James, Bridget, Michael,
Jerome, Kate, and Johanna.  Please let me know if any of these names sound

Barbara Duggan Dahl
2218 Union Street
San Diego, CA  92101

Lyman, here's a Duggan query from Australia for the newsletter.  (I'm
referring him to the newsletter, also).........Bob Duggan in Atlanta

------- FORWARD, Original message follows -------

Date: Friday, 26-Sep-97
From: Jeff Duggan ( au)
Subject: Re: Family History Search

Hi Bob,

My name is Jeff Duggan, from Melbourne Australia.
I am interested in traceing my family history. My farther Ron Duggan has
spent many years in laying out a family tree. My interest in Family history
probably commenced in 1965. It followed discussions at the funeral of a
family member. I was prompted by the relization that the members of that
generation were fast leaving us, with the consequent loss of family

The early enthusiam when information was readily available gradually
warned as investigations became more difficult.( A little history

Richard Duggan, born 30 October 1819, and Elizabeth Raymond, born 12
October 1826,were married on the 8th June 1845 at the English
Independant Chapel In Merthyr Tydfil,Wales. The marriage certificate
showed that Richard was a Batchelor, miner and lived in Georgetown,
(part of Merthyr.) His farther was Richard Duggan a farmer. It also
showed that Elizabeth Raymond was a spinster, a servant and that her
farther was William Raymond, a miner. Richard migrated to Australia in a
ship, (White Star) which left Livepool, England on 22 June 1857 and arrived
in Melbourne on 4th September 1857. Elizabeth followed almost 3 years later
on the 5th April 1860 aboard the Yong America. She arrived in Melbourne 2
July 1860 and was accompanied by their sons Richard 11 years, Thomas 9
years, and Francis 6 years. (Copies of Ships manifests are available.)
Other children William born 1846, Margarat born 1850, and Mary Jane
born1856 apparently died before Richard sailed in 1857.

There were to be twelve children of the marriage, of whom six died
shortly after birth, or at a very young age. Living conditions including
sanitation were very poor for working class people and there was a lot of
sickness which could have contributed to the early deaths.

Richard died at Chewton Victoria 16 December 1875 aged 56 years.

Thomas Duggan, Richards son (My Great grandfarther ) married Agnes Mc
Cance on 30th December 1873 at Chewton. During the ensuring twenty years ,
Agnes had twelve children. she died on 6th August 1893, aged just under 43
years, and one week after the birth of her twelfth child.

I trust this information may be of interest, and look forward to further
contact with others interested in family history. If any one could asssit
in furthering our contacts in the aim of traceing Richard Duggan would you
please contact myself on

"You have a very interesting family and history" It is nice to no that
others share the same interest.

Yours Faithfully
Jeff Duggan

Date sent:        Thu, 05 Mar 1998
From:             vel <>
Subject:          Duggan surname

Hi Lyman: Just found this great site.My Duggan/Dugan info is as follows:

William Duggan b Tipperary 1850's, emmigrated NY 1870's or 80's.
Married Annastasia Gallagher in 1882. Children:
Patrick Duggan
Johanna(Hannah) Duggan
William (Willie) Duggan
Mary (Mamie) Duggan
John Duggan
Ambrose Duggan (my grandfather b. NYC 1892 m. Bridget Keenan 1920)

The Duggan children were listed as Dugans, not Duggans, as each was baptized.
The name offically became Dugan just by dropping a "g".
Wiiliam, the father, was  a hurler in Tipperarry. William died in 1938 in NYC, he was in produce.
Patrick, the son, was a NYC cop,
AMbrose, my grandfather, was a
Just your basic hard core Hell's Kitchen Irishmen. Please
e mail me, any readers, at Thanks !

Ellen Norton Namchini

From:             DARTBOB <>
Date sent:        Thu, 5 Mar 1998
Subject:          Thank you

Dear Lyman,

I got to your page from Bob Duggan's Home Page. Bob (apparently one very
fine fellow) has provided me with some superb data. I am a Duggan
descendent from Pheraby Duggan's marriage to Benjamin Manning. I've been
trying to download files from links on your web page but my tired old
computer (much like me) balks when trying to load the bloodwor.txt file.
Can't even find out whether there is connection or not. This is apparently
the text of a GEDCOM file. Is it available as GEDCOM, perhaps accessible by
ftp? The William Duggan of Ulster file, this is much the same, perhaps is
the same, as Bob's descendency file. Is it available in GEDCOM?

I've downloaded all of the newsletters and shall enjoy browsing them.
Pretty soon I'll be updating my web page to show what I've gotten on my
Duggan ancestry. (It takes about four to five hours with my old 14.4

Many thanks for a great source of genealogy and all of the fun that goes
with it. (Love the Wild Colonial Boy!)


Harris R. (Bob) Manning,                        Charleston, SC, CSA


Date sent:        Sat, 07 Mar 1998
From:             Ted Bozick <>
Subject:          Dugan

My name is Rita Bozick. I found you site on the internet. My grandfather
was a Dugan. He was married to Elizabeth Lucinda White. His father's name
was John Dugan and his mother's name was Mary Elizabeth (Cole).  He had 3
brothers and 4 sisters:

 Willis Dugan (Wills)
 Oscar Dugan
 John Dugan (Jack)
 Olive Beveridge (Dugan)
  + George Beveridge
 Irene Coughener (Dugan)
 Emma Hunter (Dugan)
 Odessa Johnson (Dugan)
  + Godfrey Johnson

His family was from Westmoreland County or Mammouth, Pa.  Ancestors came
from Ireland. My mothers name is Elizabeth Irene Silbaugh (Dugan).  My
Grandfather has 7 children.

 Elizabeth Irene Silbaugh
   +William Theodore Silbaugh Sr.
 Shirley Marie Silbaugh
   +Donald Richard Silbaugh
 Raymond David Dugan
   +Kathleen Joan
 Donald Dugan
 Martha Hogue
 Olive Jean Dugan
 Patricia Ann Alexander
   +Ben Alexander

As I receive information I will forward it to you. Thanks for having a
great site.

  Rita Bozick

ed note:  My grandparents were also John (called Jack) and Olive but from Canada!

 From:             Gene Duggan<>
Date sent:        Sat, 7 Mar 1998
Subject:          A new Duggan

Hi Lyman,
 I hope this reaches you.  I stumbled on the 'Duggan' listings on the web.
 Needless to say I was astounded.  How do I sign up for the newsletter?
My Grandfather's name was Eugene Sidney Duggan, he lived in Savannah Ga.  I
wonder if you've run across any references to that branch of the family.
Cant' wait to hear from you. Gene Duggan

Date sent:        Sun, 08 Mar 1998
From:             James McCabe <>
Subject:          Doogan / Dougan

My great grandfather was James Doogan { on some papers Doogan, on others
Dougan }. He was born in 1819 in Gubadruish, Co.Gorvagh, Leitrim, Ireland. He
Married Bridget McGarty and had 8 children.

-Catherin born 1864, came to America and married Henry Costy a French man who lived in NJ.
-Mary born 1844, died 1908
-Rose Ann born 1885 {my grand mother} married Michael Reynolds Lisomedaun,Mohill,Co. Leitrim, and had 7 children.
-Anne born1845,
-Bridget born 1853,
-James born 1858,
-Peter born1870,
-John born 1849.

Elizabeth, my mother, was born in 1895 and came to America  and married James McCabe.
James Doogan married Bridget Reynolds one had one child, Mary Ann.
She came to America  and married Phil Reynolds  and had 7 children.
They live in the Boston area.

I have no info on Anne,Bridget Peter & John.
They must have come to America for there are no death records in Ireland.

 Jim McCabe in Ct.

 From:             SJDuggan <>
Date sent:        Sun, 8 Mar 1998
Subject:          Found a Robert Duggan, not mine

In checking sources to find my great grandfather's birthplace, I came
across this information on another Robert Duggan on the LDS computer:
Robert Duggan b feb 12 1866 in Whitechurch, Kilkenny, IRE  father Patrick
Duggan mother Mary Kennedy, processed by Boise LDS.  Thought it might help

From:             Idamac223 <>
Date sent:        Sun, 8 Mar 1998
Subject:          Looking for Jack Duggan

Jack Duggan Sent E-Mail to you about hisfamily.  He is a decendent of
Michael Duggan of Tipperary.  I also found other cousins and am attempting
to E-Mail them. I tried to E-Mail Jack, but they say he is not longer a
member of AOL.  Would you by chance have a more recent E-Mail address.  Or
maybe you could put in you genealogy home page letter and will contact me.
Hopefully.          Ida McDevitt(Duggan)

ed note:  This is the reason I ask you to leave a mailing address. Email addresses change often and these archives will hopefully last forever

Date sent:        Sun, 08 Mar 1998
From:             Steven and Carol Andersen <>
Organization:     Andersen Family Services
Subject:          meredith darlington duggan

I am not a duggan, but my gggf was meredith darlington"brock" lamb and was
a contemporary of your meredith darlington duggan. I'm wondering if any of
you folks know how this name was brought into being. Our hypothesis is that
there was a folk hero of sorts in Ohio or surroundings about that time, and
people such as your ancestors and mine adapted the name to our respective
ancestors. There is a Brock crossing in fairfield county ohio, but im not
yet successful in getting that story. If any of you know who this folk hero
was, I'd be glad to hear.

Thx Carol Andersen

From:    (Danny R Dugan)
Date sent:        Sat, 14 Mar 1998

Hi, my name is Danny Dugan and I was wondering if I could get some info. on
what my family motto means. I was doing a project in school and my teacher
printed up my family crest from the internet. the motto says: buadh-no-bug
,    at least that is what I think it says..... It would be greatly
appreciated if you could give my some info on this. Thank you.

 ed note: I think it means "don't bug me" but I am not sure. :-)

From:             "Richard Rollins" <rrollins@WHC.NET>
Subject:          duggan family history
Date sent:        Thu, 12 Mar 98

My name is Richard Rollins and I am a descendent of Tuachail O'Duigan. My great
grandfather on my  Mother's side was Micheal Duggan/Doogan. My grandmother Annie
Duggan/Doogan was a cousin of the singer Enya's grandmother. This coming April I and my
mother will be traveling to Donegal Ireland and to my ancestral cottage located on the
south eastern shore of Lough Anure. The farm is located in a place called Bunawack. I
am just getting used to the internet so I was cautious about downloading too much data
into my computer from your web site and causing my computer to crash. I have a family
tree that was assembled and given to me by a distant relative living in Annagry. I
would like to learn as much as possible about my ancestry. I would like to communicate
with you and share some of the information that I have and obtain more about my own
family history. While I am in Donegal is there anyone I might contact to help me in my
search? While in Donegal is there anything I can do to help add to your family history
web site? Please get in touch as soon as you can. I will be leaving in early April,

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely,   R. Rollins

1880 New York Census SOUNDEX "D250"


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These are Duggan/Dugan files from the New York Census of 1880 in alphabetical order starting with file 001

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Date sent:        Fri, 06 Mar 1998
From:             "M. Duggan" <>
Send reply to:
Subject:          Duggan

I ran across your web page for Duggans. We are related to some of the
people who have posted messages. I am working on the family tree and
would like to contact some of them by email. Can you tell me how I can
do that? We are descendants of Michael Duggan from Tipperary, Ireland.
He settled in MO in the 1850"s.
Thank you for your help..........Maureen Duggan

Please document your Duggan Genealogy and send it to me for publishing and for the Archive. When you have new data, dates etc let me know and they will be published and archived too. Please let meknow the Issue Number so I can go back and make the changes/additions. These Archives will be available for many years to come...hopefully forever. For this reason, it is a good idea to include your mailing address so that interested parties can contact you years into the future.

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