Family Newsletter nr 31.....February 1998

Dear Cousins, It's been a while since the last Newsletter. You may have thought I had given up on you. I have been very busy with my business and have had to put a lot of personal matters aside for a while. It looks like it will be nose to the grindstone for another year. Not to worry, I will still publish but I can't get as involved as I have in the past. Did I forget to print  someones email? Please let me know......Wishing you all the best....Lyman

From:             JOHN.EADIE@EY.COM
To:                 Lyman (a)" <>
Subject:          Duggan Family
Date sent:        Thu, 4 Dec 1997

My name is John Duggan Eadie, #11598 in your web site.  I
happened upon your web site over the Thanksgiving holidays, and
I found it very interesting. My father, John Riley Eadie, has
been researching the Duggan family himself.  Your site has made
is work much easier.

Just a couple of updates.

I am married to Elizabeth Webb Eadie b. June 14, 1962.  We were
married August 25, 1984.  We have one son, Matthew Duggan Eadie,
b. Sept. 7, 1990.

My sister, Carolyn Clark Eadie, now Davis (you have her listed
as Caroline) is married to Mike Davis and they have two
 Jake Davis b. Nov 1991 and Patrick Davis b. June 1993.

Date sent:        Sat, 22 Nov 1997 09:55:58 -0500
From:             "Timothy F. Murnane" <>
Subject:          Duggans from West Cork


I have checked out your Duggan web page. Would you happen to
know if you have ever came in contact with any Duggans from West
Cork ?

While doing research on my Murnanes, I have come across the
Duggan name frequently. Duggans have been sponsors at Murnane
baptisms and witness at Murnane marriages.

My grandmother, Ellen Lucey, was born in Ratooragh, Schull West
in 1886. She is the one that married a Murnane. Her mother was
Mary Duggan.

At this point I am only working on the Murnane side, but if you
know of any Duggans in West Cork, I would love to know.

Thank you,

Tim Murnane

Subject:          Thanks!
Date sent:        Mon, 15 Dec 97 23:50:53 -0500
From:             Woody Eadie <>
To:               <>

Just wanted to say thanks for all the great info on your web
page. My family has been doing some research on our history, and
in one fell swoop you've provided information all the way back
to the 17th century for us! Thank you.

According to the information on your page, we are descendants of
William Duggan of Ulster, Ireland. My father is the son of
Nannie Sue Duggan and Riley Daniel Eadie. Sadly, my father
passed September 18, 1997.

My nephew John found your page and has alerted the rest of the
family about it. I'll be plugging this information into my
geneology software (after I get something that works a little
better) and adding our little branch to it.

If you haven't heard from him already, my younger brother, Mell
Duggan Eadie, will be sending you some updated information on
our part of the family. If you'd like once I get all this
plugged in I'll send you a GEDCOM file of it. Of course, I'd
like to get all the info my uncle (also named Mell Duggan
Eadie--he's the Mell in your file) gathered entered in as well,
but we need to get copies of all his research.

I was hoping as well that you might be able to tell me where you
discovered the geneology of William Duggan. Did you do the
research yourself? I'd love to be able to credit you for all
this information if appropriate.

Thanks again!
Derwood Eadie

Ok, so I'm not very perceptive sometimes. I see the credit to R.
S. Duggan in the file now... Oh well.

I also thought of another bit of information you might like. My
grandparents Nannie Sue Duggan and Riley Daniel Eadie lived in
Clayton, Rabun County, Georgia. Their home is being maintained
by my uncle Frank. The hill they live on is called Duggan Hill,
and is a part of (from what I remember) Screamer Mountain. This
is in the extreme northeast corner of the state in the
Appalachians. I have many very fond memories of summer vacations
on Duggan Hill.

To:               <>
Subject:          DUGGAN
Date sent:        Tue, 16 Dec 1997


My name is Matthew Duggan, I live in England.
I came across your site whilst searching in Yahoo, it's very

I'm not sure what else to say!

Looking forward to get a reply


From:             "June van de Molen" <>
To:               <>
Subject:          Fletcher-Duggan marriage.
Date sent:        Thu, 25 Dec 1997

Dear Lyman,
                   I have in my possession, a letter written by
                   my mother's cousin named Isabella J Duggan
                   from Rossmore, Vicarstown, Stradbally on June
                   9, 1920 describing some family affairs.
                   Isabella's mother was Jeanette Gordon
                   Fletcher and hopefully she was my
                   grandmother's sister.  My grandmother was
                   Sarah Adelaide Gordon born in 1861.  Father
                   was Robert Gordon, mother Elizabeth Brodie,
                   born in Leith, Scotland.
  I have been trying to find out where Sarah was born and
  someone mentioned the Police Barracks.  Sarah told my mother
  in later life that she was born in Ballyfair.  But since I
  haven't been able to get through some of the usual channels,
  Iv'e tried others. Apparently, Robert was in the Royal Irish
  Constabulary in 1861.  I am seriously trying to write a book
  about my dear grandmother who died here in New Zealand Feb 13
  1932, When I was three! On her engagement to our grandfather,
  Sarah was described as the second daughter of Robert Gordon.
  Sarah Adelaide came to New Zealand at the age of 17 years, in
  1878. Jeanette's last address was given as C/- Moore Abbey
  Lodge, Monastrevin.

Please e-mail my daughter and leave a message if you can help.

Thank you very much. Patricia Bennett. New Zealand.

From:             "rjg207" <>
To:               <>
Subject:          Margaret Duggan
Date sent:        Thu, 25 Dec 1997 15:43:09 -0800


Just stumbled onto your page while searching for my mother,
Margaret Duggan. I believe Margaret was born circa 1924 and grew
up in the Buffalo New York area. I have recently learned that
she is currently residing somewhere in the state of New York
with a new married surname.

Any help that you or your subscribers could offer me would be
greatly appreciated.


Bob Grandolfo<>

Date sent:        Mon, 29 Dec 1997
From:             Skeptic <>
Organization:     University of Texas at Austin
Subject:          Dugan Geneaology Search

Dear fellow geneologist,

My birth name was Michael Joseph Dugan, born on the Autumnal
Equinox > 39 years ago, born in Norristown, Pa.  My father's
name is Joseph Dennis Dugan, born in Glocester, NJ on Dec. 31,
1927. He married Alice Morgan (Dugan) (now Bodell) in 1955. His
father was also Joseph Dennis Dugan, born ?  also in Glocester?
New Jersey?
  Any help in this search for Joseph Dennis Dugan, Sr. or his
  lineage is sincerely appreciated.  He had a brother Charles, who worked in
the shipyards in WWII.

Mike Wilson<>

Date sent:        Thu, 08 Jan 1998 11:00:04 -0800
From:             Glyn Geis <>
Subject:          Western Maryland Dugan/Dougan/Duggan

William Dugan, b 1811, arrived in USA in 1836 from Wales,
declared his intentions for citizenship on October 30, 1850 in
the Allegany County Court House in Cumberland, Maryland. He was
a miner and married Barbara Griffith, b 1820, daughter of
Charles Griffith and Frances Fike (daughter of John Fike, Sr).
The family lived on land originally owned by John Fike, Sr (370
acres prior to 1800) located near the northwest corner of
Maryland, near the Maryland/Pennsylvania border, north of
Friendsville, Maryland and south of Addison, Pennsylvania.

Children of William Dougan and Barbara Fike Griffith (1850

1. Mary Dougan, b 1839 Deaf and Dumb (1850 census)

2. Catharine "Kate" Duggan, b April 19, 1845, m. William Geis
(1843-1931) on November 12, 1865, d August 9, 1915, buried Old
English Lutheran Church Cemetery, Accident, Maryland. Children:
Newton, Edward, Allis, William, John, Martha.

3. Martha Duggan, b 1846, m. Charles J. Cherry (1831-1902), d
1932, buried Frostburg Memorial Park, Frostburg, Maryland. There
were children.

4. John O. Duggan, b 1847/48.

5. Silas Wright Duggan, b 1849, m. Caroline "Carrie" Bell
Griffith (1853-1922) on October 30, 1875, d December 1, 1925,
buried Frostburg, Memorial Park, Frostburg, Maryland. Children:
Lydia, Alica, Nell, Oscela, Maude, Stanley, Gladys.

6. Frances Elizabeth Duggan, b 1850, m. James Hanson
(1846-1920), d 1944, buried Frostburg Memorial Park, Frostburg,
Maryland. Children: Katherine, Anna, William, Walter, James,
Cora, Olive, Mildred.

I would appreciate hearing from anybody who can connect with any
of the above information.

Edward Glyn GEIS, 117 Center Street, Frostburg, Maryland 21532

Date sent:        Wed, 07 Jan 1998
From:             "James F. McCabe" <>
Subject:          Duggan

My Great Grandfather was James Doogan {Duggan}. He was born in
Gubadruish,Gorvagh,Co. Leitrim in 1819.

From:             "Robert W. White" <>
To:               <>
Subject:          Duggan Genealogy
Date sent:        Sat, 10 Jan 1998

Just found your Duggan site tonight.  I'm trying to trace the
ancestry of my wife's grandmother, who was born Helen Agnes

We interviewed her in the 1970s, and learned the following:

Her father was Charles Cornelius Duggan, born 20 Nov 1849 in New
Orleans, LA.  His father was probably also named Charles.
Charles Cornelius was a chemist and fresco painter, belonged to
the Catholic church, lived at one time in San Francisco, CA, and
died in Brooklyn,NY in April of 1916.

He married Margaret Mary McBride, who was born in Texas on 15
Aug 1856.  She died in Brooklyn, NY about 1906.

They had 6 children: Mame, Suzie, Charles David, Annie, Sarah
(Sadie), and Helen Agnes.  The children were all born in
Brooklyn between 1875 and 1887. Suzie and Charles David never
married.  Annie and Sadie married but had no children.  Mame and
Helen had children.

I have more info on these folks if you are interested.

Please let me know if you can tie Charles Cornelius in with any
of your known Duggans.  In searching your newsletters, I find 2
different Charles's that are the right age, but no mention of
them in the New Orleans area.

Thanks in advance for any help.

------ Bob White (

Date sent:        Sat, 17 Jan 1998
From:             Sharon Clay <>
Subject:          Dugan Genealogy

Hi Lyman,
   I am trying to reach Robert Dugan, who referenced your home
page on HIS genealogy information.  His email address was listed as and it got bounced when I wrote to him.
He has MY name and family in his line and I would very much like
to contact him. Do you have his correct email address?

  By the way, I like your homepage and info.  I am 57, live in Calif.,
am a widow, and also love to travel.  Have recently taken a
terrific trip to Africa.  Interests include travel, genealogy,
writing, puppetry, theater and music.  I teach at a community
college, part time, and work with 4-H and my other interest when
not working on my class activities.

Sharon Clay,

From:             "Phillip Dougan" <>
To:               "Lyman Duggan" <>
Subject:          Dalriada an Irish kingdom in the S.W.Scotland
Date sent:        Sat, 17 Jan 1998

Dalriada was an Irish kingdom in the S.W. of Scotland, in the
area where Loch Dougan and Dougan Hill is, Dougan being the
spelling in Scotland of the clan. I came across some research
data from a group of historians and archaeologists from
Cambridge University in England. My neighbour is a professor at
my local university and it was He who gave the collection of the
data to me knowing I was interested in Irish / Scottish
history.The research was compiled from data collected over 100
yrs. I have always thought that the Dougan/Duggan name was
stronger in Scotland than Ireland and this research answers a
lot of questions. the coat of arms is in Scottish colours and
many landmarks are named after the clan.I believe the clan came
across with the Scots from Ireland to form Dalriada.

Date sent:        Sat, 17 Jan 1998
From:             jeff <>
Subject:          Duggan

know of any Duggan's from Bekan, Knock, and half of them ended
up Connecticut?


From:             "TARLTON1" <>
To:               <>
Subject:          Dugan
Date sent:        Thu, 29 Jan 1998 19:45:00 -0800

 I have recently become interested in researching my geneology.
 My father
is Lawrence Dugan born in 1931 in Cleveland OH to William Dugan
born 1902, died 1952 and Mildred Ralston Dugan from Garland PA .
William had many sisters: Mayme, Gracie,Lottie, and Nettie none
of which had children. Their parents were Laurence Dugan born in
Ireland in 1884 and Eliza Pire Dugan.  Laurence had a brother
Michael who married Johanna Hanby who we believe settled in
Boston.  Laurence and Michaels parents were Patrick Duggan who
we believe later changed his name to Dugan, although it may have
been his son, and Margaret Quinlan Duggan.  How can I get a list
of the names you already have? I'm interested.
                                Patti Dugan Tarlton <>

Date sent:        Mon, 02 Feb 1998
From:             jmcconnell <>
Subject:          I'm a Duggan Too!

Hello Lyman:

My maiden name is Judith Anne Duggan (Jude for short) and I live
in Ontario, Canada.  I was just cruising the net looking for any
Duggans and came across your Geneology page and started laughing
because it was last updated on my birthday.  So..being of Irish
ancestry and failing miserably at trying to be a grown up and
not be superstitious...well, I decided to email you and
introduce myself. Hi!

When a person reaches middle age and starts looking at their
"place" in the lineage, I guess she starts wondering where all
the people that influenced her genetics came from.  All I know
is my fathers name...his fathers name...and my great
grandmothers name (Boadicea ... I wonder if Grandpa was fooling
me).  And they came from Ireland.  If not, then the red hair and
the personality is really misplaced! :)))

I hope that you will contact me...wonder if we are related at

Jude McConnell<>

From:          James Thomas Duggan<>
Date sent:        Wed, 4 Feb 1998 09:14:33 +0000
Subject:          The Wild Colonial Boy

Dear Lyman:

I was exploring your "Duggan" page and saw that you were seeking
additional lyrics to "The Wild Colonial Boy."  My name is James
Thomas Duggan.  I am an attorney practicing in Suffern, New York
(Rockland County).  I am married to Erin O'Brien-Duggan, and I
have a brother named Patrick M. Duggan.  My sister, Eleanor
Elizabeth Duggan-Riordan died in 1986 from a second heart

My mother and father were Raymond John Duggan and Kathleen Agnes
Duggan. My mother's mother and father were Varos (Abrahamian)
and Elizabeth (McLaughlin) Abraham.  My paternal grandfather was
Patrick Duggan.

My father was born (I believe in the Bronx) in 1914.  He died in
February of 1986.  I believe that all of my grandparents (with
the exception of Varos who was born in Armenia) were born in the
United States.  So much for geneology.

As to the song:

I used to be part of a musical trio that performed in a
restaurant known as Flanagan's in New York City.  As the token
American, it was my privilege to sing one of the verses of "The
Wild Colonial Boy" each night we performed.  I seem to remember
the verse going something like this:

 "Ah, surrender now, Jack Duggan, for you see it's
 three-to-one," "Surrender in the king's high name for you are a
 prodigal son," Jack drew two pistols from his vest and proudly
 waived them high, "I'll fight but not surrender," said the wild
 colonial boy.

I hope this has been of some help to you.

Date sent:        Sat, 7 Feb 1998 18:31:53 EST
To:               LYMAN@CYBERSPY.COM
Subject:          Duggan, Dugan Family Newletter

Hi,  I am looking for a anyone who might be related to the following Duggan (Dugan) family:

  Dennis (Denis) Duggan (Dugan)  B: 1797 Tipperary Co., IRE  D:
  1886  MN
     Parents:  Dennis & Mary Duggan (Dugan)     Arrived MN:
  Mary Ryan Duggan                    B: 1819
    IRE  D:
1908  MN
     Parents:  T. Ryan & M. Kennedy
  Children of Dennis & Mary:
     William                                B:  1852 NY
D:  1893 MN
          Married Bridget Cummings of Clermont, IA on 8-16-1877
     Thomas                                B:  1854 NY
     James                                B:  1859 NY
          Married Margaret Birgine (Bergine) on 2-13-1883
     Bridget                                B:  1857 NY
D:  1871  MN
     Michael                                B:  1859 NY
          Married Mary F. Cummings on 11-23-1886
     Jerome                                B:  1863 NY
D:  1876  MN
     Kate                                B:  1865 NY
D:  1892  MN
     Johanna                                B:  1868 NY
D:  1944  MN
          Married William Pellar on 11-25-1891
  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Date sent:        Tue, 10 Feb 1998
Subject:          New DUGGAN Register

Hi, Lyman:

I've now compiled a new Duggan register of my Duggans
(descendants of William Duggan).

It includes 4176 descendants plus 2077 spouses.  It's in .TXT
format (about 780 kB) and has over 200 pages plus another 50+
pages of index.

Happy genealogy!

Bob Duggan in Atlanta

ed note:  Click on this link to see Bob's file <>

Date sent:        Wed, 11 Feb 1998 16:29:19 EST
Subject:          your web page

hello, I am Christopher Dougan originally from Hamilton in
Scotland with Irish Connection now living in South East England.

Good page!


Date sent:        Thu, 12 Feb 1998
From:             Paddy Duggan <>
Subject:          Research

Dear Lyman, Since contacting you last I have been kept on the
ball by new leads poping up here and there. There are a couple
of Canadian Duggan/Dougans who I am trying to help find their
roots which is in the same area my own people once lived. Anyway
I have a Couple of tit-bits for you Memorial Inscription Kenmure
Scotland Erected by the families of Jane and Elizabeth Dougan;
Elizabeth wife of Peter Young b.c.1802, died  28 Nov. 1864 aged
62 at Chicago.Wigtown Free Press Scotland Date of entry 28
Feb.1867 Alex Dougan of Wigtownshire died Canada, this is taken
from the index the complete newspaper clipping may give more

I have some material on some Duggans born in Ireland
went to Whitehaven, Cumbria, England before moving on to the
U.S. The family members I have been told about James Benedict
Duggan sailed for New York and California in 1867 and did well
in San Fracisco. Joseph is said to have left about 1880 and
settled in New York.He was married in New York about 1887 to a
Mary Fox. The family later joined his brothers James and Edward
in San Francisco.

There is quite a lot more but I have some
doubts about the early findings as a statement was made that
"there were no Duggans found in the 1851 census for Maryport
Cumbria" but I now know this to be incorrect. Keep up the good
work, will drop in again sometime..........Regards Paddy.

Date sent:        Mon, 16 Feb 1998
Subject:          fellow Dugan

I am interested in any info on Dugan with any sp. that migrated
to Minnesota. I am new to geneology and found your site by
chance.  VERY NICE.

This family has been in Minn for 4 or 5 generations.  I do know
that they are one of the few Dugans that switched from Catholic
to Luth after a spat between a Dugan and a Bishop. It's fun to
read all of the letters.

Tom Dugan
and Pam Billington soon to be Dugan.

From:              Barbara Duggan Dahl<>
Date sent:        Tue, 17 Feb 1998
Copies to:
Subject:          Duggan Baptismals from Ireland

Dear Luann,  my name is Barbara Duggan Dahl.  I recently printed
out all of the Duggan newletters and found you baptismal list
from County Tipperary, Cahir.  According to my g. grandfather's
death certificate his name was Dennis Duggan and he was the son
of Dennis Duggan and Mary Kennedy from Tipperary. His birthdate
is listed as 6-4-1797.  He married Mary Ryan (2-2-1819) and they
had several children.  According to the 1900 census Mary
immigrated from Ireland in 1850.  I do not if she and Dennis
were married in Ireland or in the U.S.  Known children are:

     William     abt. 1852     NY
     Thomas    7-1854         NY
     James      4-1856         NY
     Bridget     abt. 1857     NY
     Michael    9-1859         NY
     Johanna   3-1862         NY
     Jerome    2-1863         NY
     Kate        6-1865        NY

     The family settled in Owatonna, Minnesota in 1867.  Some
family members spelled their name Dugan and others Duggan.
I have looked through passenger lists, etc. for additional information on
Dennis and Mary, but so far have not found anything, until I saw
your list in the newsletter.  Nothing that matches, but a lot of
the same names.  I could sure use your help in identifying other
resources I might check.  Thank you.............Barbara

Date sent:        Wed, 18 Feb 1998
From:             "David B. Jenks" <>
Subject:          Dougan

My mother's maiden name is Dougan. Following is my lineage as
communicated to me by an aunt. I am at the very bottom of the
list. No information was ever given to me about alternate
spellings of the Dougan name. Do you have any information about
any of these individuals, particularly Mathew Dougan? I saw a
reference to the "infamous Dougans" in your newsletters. Why are
they infamous?

Mathew Dougan (b. Ireland) m. Roxana Wheaton (b. Genesee, NY)
and had Charles E. Dougan (b. 1834).

Charles E. Dougan (b. 1834) m. Rachel Davis in 1834 and had
Lucinda Dougan (b. 5 Jun 1836), Isiah W. Dougan (b. 19 Nov
1837), Dennison H. Dougan (b. 16 Nov 1839), Horace B. Dougan (b.
29 Oct 1841), Polly R. Dougan (b. 20 Sep 1843), Sally J. Dougan
(b. 18 Sep 1845), Moranda H. Dougan (b. 1 Aug 1847), William J.
M. Dougan (b. 24 May 1849), Unice D. Dougan (b. 12 Jul 1851),
David A. Dougan (b. 27 Jul 1853), George W. Dougan (b. 25 Sep
1855), John C.E. Dougan (b. 25 Jul 1857), Eliza Thresa Dougan
(b. 16 Aug 1860), and Frank C. Dougan (b. 5 Dec 1863)

David A. Dougan (b. 27 Jul 1853) m. Alice Fidler (or Fiedler) 31
Aug 1881 and had Maude A. Dougan (b. 26 Sep 1882), Agnes Dougan,
Aldora Dougan, Francis L. Dougan (b. 20 Sep 1885), Bud Dougan,
Frederick A. Dougan (b. 29 Nov. 1887), and Mable E. Dougan (b.
22 Jul 1892)

Frederick A. Dougan (b. 29 Nov. 1887) m. Edith Esma Harrison 12
Jun 1912 and had Leota A. Dougan (b. 6 Jul 1913), Opal Wilma
Dougan (b. 2 Apr 1917), and Gladys Dougan (b. 27 Mar 1924).

Opal Wilma Dougan (b. 2 Apr 1917) m. Charles Cooper Jenks Jr.
(b. 13 Jan 1916) on 8 Jul 1938 and had Patricia Elizabeth Jenks
(b. 10 Jan 1941), Charles Dougan Jenks (b. 15 Jul 1943), and
David Bradley Jenks (b. 16 Sep 1954).

Best Regards,
David Jenks

Date sent:        Mon, 23 Feb 1998
Subject:          Duggan

My name is Mark Johnson, I am currently researching my family
tree. I have traced back to my Great-Great-Great Grandfather a
certain "Swim" Duggan. He lived on the Isle of Man and was so
called because he was notoriously the best swimmer on the
island. He was tragically killed trying to rescue some men
fishing for conger eels one stormy night.
 Anyway I will be back with the information I have collected at
 a later date as I don't have it handy, I found your page purely by
accident. I was very interested to read some of your back
issues, best wishes, Mark.

From:             "Georgeann" <>
To:               <>
Date sent:        Mon, 23 Feb 1998


Hi. I just learned Bridget DUGAN (? DUGGAN) was the wife of
Edward GARRITY, parents of Peter GARRITY b. Ireland 1863 d.
1915, Dayton, Ohio. I set up a DUGAN/DUGGAN page on

I set up a link to your page on my DUGAN page.

Georgeann Malowney
(714) 846-5772
P O Box 3047
Newport Beach, CA 92659

Date sent:        Wed, 19 Nov 1997
From:             Sean Duggan <>
Subject:          Richard Duggan and Elizabeth Raymond of Merthyr Tydfil Australia
Copies to:

Dear Jeff Duggan

I saw your posting on Lyman Duggan's Duggan website.

We are not related but my own ancestors were Irish immigrants to
Merthyr Tydfil and I have gathered information on all the
Duggans I could find there. This includes some concerning your
ancestors Richard and Elizabeth.

The 1851 census was taken on 30 March 1851. Your ancestors are
listed in North Georgetown, Lower Merthyr Tydfil. This may be
seen using the reference HO 107/2458 at the Family History
Centre in London, or, more conveniently, looking at Microfilm
number 0104200 which you can arrange to see at a Mormon (Latter
Day Saints) Family History Centre. There must be many of these
in Australia. (As you may know, Mormons take genealogy very
seriously and devote enormous resources to gathering data. They
are very hospitable to non-Mormons like myself.)

The listing in Enumeration District 2 shows for 131 Georgetown
(not a proper address, most people had no official address
 Richard Duggan, Head, age 30, Collier, born Radnor, Llanstephan
 Elizabeth Duggan, wife, age 24, Collier's wife, born Merthyr
 Tydfil Richard Duggan, son, age 3, scholar[!], born Merthyr

I have some birth  and death certificates. William was born on
20 Jan 1846 in Georgetown. His father was an Iron-miner and
illiterate (he made his mark rather than signing his name when
he registered the birth.) Margaret was born on 5 March 1850 in
Georgetown. Again the father registered the birth leaving an X;
he was a Miner.

Deaths: William Duggan died 9 March 1849 at CaePanTwyll (I think
this should be Cae Pant Twyll). He was aged 3. He died of Croup
from which he had suffered for 2 days. He was the son of Richard
Duggan, a Miner of Georgetown. Again an X.

I will see if I can identify Thomas, Francis, and Mary Jane in
the indexes of births and deaths.

There were (probably still are) quite a few Duggans in what used
to be Radnorshire. They were not Irish Duggans. The name has a
quite separate Welsh origin, and comes from Cadogan; there were
Duggans in Pembrokeshire and also in English counties close to
Wales such as Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

There is another Radnorshire Duggan family in the Merthyr census
of 1851; a widow named Meleory Duggan (at least that's what it
looks like) aged 59 who was born in Herefordshire, and Robert
and Edwin Duggan aged 22 and 20, both born Radnorshire and
probably her sons. I have no way of knowing whether the young
men were perhaps Richard's brothers.

Hope this is helpful. It should be possible to find Richard's
christening in Llanstephan church records. Again the Mormon
Family History Centres may save you a trip to Wales.

Sean Duggan

Date sent:        Mon, 17 Nov 1997 1
Subject:          These Dugan/Duggan passenger names may be of interest

The following info is from an index to a passenger list at The Public Records Office ,Victoria, Australia

DUGAN . . . Given name: ---- MRS . . . Age: 24
Arrival date: JAN 1856 . . . Ship: BLACK SEA . . . Port: F . . .
Fiche: 042 . . . Page: 001
DUGAN . . . Given name: E . . . Age:
20 Arrival date: JAN 1859 . . . Ship: FLORIDA . . . Port: F . .
. Fiche: 063 . . . Page: 002
DUGAN . . . Given name: E . . .
Age: 25 Arrival date: JAN 1859 . . . Ship: FLORIDA . . . Port: F
. . . Fiche: 063 . . . Page: 001
DUGAN . . . Given name: H . . .
Age: 25 Arrival date: JAN 1856 . . . Ship: BLACK SEA . . . Port:
F . . . Fiche: 042 . . . Page: 001
DUGAN . . . Given name: JNO .
. . Age: - Arrival date: APR 1853 . . . Ship: ALBUS . . . Port:
F . . . Fiche: 008 . . . Page: 001
DUGAN . . . Given name: MARGT
. . . Age: - Arrival date: APR 1853 . . . Ship: ALBUS . . .
Port: F . . . Fiche: 008 . . . Page: 001
DUGAN . . . Given name:
N V . . . Age: 17 Arrival date: NOV 1852 . . . Ship: MAGNOLIA .
. . Port: F . . . Fiche: 004 . . . Page: 003
DUGGAN . . . Given
name: CORNELIUS . . . Age: A Arrival date: JUL 1859 . . . Ship:
SALSETTE . . . Port: F . . . Fiche: 067 . . . Page: 001
. . Given name: DAVID . . . Age: 26 Arrival date: SEP 1852 . . .
Ship: ROBERT CLIVE . . . Port: F . . . Fiche: 003 . . . Page:
DUGGAN . . . Given name: JAS . . . Age: 25 Arrival date: AUG
1855 . . . Ship: OCEAN STEED . . . Port: F . . . Fiche: 038 . .
. Page: 001

Date sent:        Fri, 24 Oct 1997
From:             Mike Slinker <>
Organization:     Humboldt State University
Subject:          Dugan

Anyone have any info on the following?
 Hugh Dugan b. 1877 d. 1957 buried Goodland City Cemetery, KS
 wife-Ethel b. 1891 d. 1963
 daughter-Margaret (stillborn) 2-28-1930

Pamela J. Pickering Slinker

Date sent:        Wed, 18 Feb 1998 00:18:32 -0800
From:             Mendi Hull Warren <>
Subject:          could you update my email address?

Hi Lyman:  It has been a while since I have written.  But I have
a favor to ask.  Could you please change my email on issue 19 to  This address should not change.  Recently
a cousin found me through your page.  She sent an email to the
old address and thankfully someone there forwarded the bounce to
me.  This list gave her some information as to her namesake and
her father's middle name.  It was really kind of neat.  I'm sure
I'll keep in contact with her. Thanks again for providing a
place for Dugans of all backgrounds to gather.

Thanks, Mendi Hull Warren     (ed. note:  Mendi I changed your address on issue 19!)

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