Family Newsletter nr 29 .....Sept 1997

Date sent: Sun, 17 Aug 1997

Dear "Cousin Lyman":

I have recently discovered your newsletters, and I am enjoying them very much.

My great-grandparents were Michael Dugan and Mary Curtin Dugan. They were married in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary in December, 1884. They emigrated to Philadelphia in the late 1880s. They had 22 children. My 80 year old aunt told me this, and it is confirmed by the census. Only about 14 children survived infancy. Those who survived include: Patrick, Mary, Michael, Catherine (or Katie), Hannah (my grandmother), Emily and Joseph. Two of these sons fought in WWII; one was captured at Corregidor Island and one was killed at Guadalcanal.

They were Catholic and very devout -- always praying the rosary. I wonder if all the Dugans were originally Catholic (at lease since St. Patrick's visit) but those who moved to England or Wales became Anglican, and did so to conform and to avoid further persecution.

I have heard that Mary Curtin Dugan was very strong-willed and was called the "roaring pip from the Devil's pit" (meaning Tipperary). She and her husband worked very hard. He came to Philadelphia first and worked for her passage. She joined him about a year later with their infant. He was a stone mason and they owned a small grocery store. They eventually lived in a 4 story townhome on Van Pelt Street in what is now a very nice restored area of Philadelphia and they owned several rental properties nearby. Mary was able to bring her parents from Ireland to live in America (Patrick and Margaret Curtin). They did not trust banks and kept all their money in a "pot bellied" stove. Unfortunately, they lost their money and the rental properties when one of the children turned on the stove and burnt up all the money.

Michael Dugan died in 1917 at the age of 49. Unfortunately, he did not get to see the Irish Free State or the Republic. At least he must have heard about the uprising of 1916. Judging by my father's opinions on Irish politics, I think this would have made his grandfather happy. Mary Dugan died in 1934. I understand she was able to go back to Ireland to visit in the later years of her life with her daughter Emily (married name "Trent.")

My grandparents were Hannah Dugan and William T. Crawford. They lived in Philadelphia. Other family surnames included McDermott, Trent, Crossan, Barry, Dinan and Stevans. All the relatives I know abou live in the PA/NJ area.

I too have been told by relatives that the name was "Dugan" in Ireland and that immigration officials mispelled it as "Duggan." My great-grandmother's death certificate says "Dugan" but I have some pictures on which my grandmother wrote the names of her nieces and nephews as "Duggan," so I am not sure if some members of the family changed the name back to "Duggan." I was also told emphatically by a man from Co. Waterford that the name was never "Dugan" in Ireland, but always "Duggan." (?)

Carolyn Crawford >From Philadelphia, PA to Scottsdale, AZ

Date sent: Thu, 07 Aug 1997
From: "Deigan, J Michael" <J.Michael.Deigan@GSC.GTE.Com>
Subject: O'Duigenans

I just sent you (US Mail) a copy of several chapters from a book, "Irish Men of Learning".

These chapters detail the O'Duigenan family of Roscommon. Now, I have no idea if I am related to them, or if you are.

But they were a well know family of historians, scholars, scribes, genealogists from 500 years ago. The names Deegan, Deignan, etc are often cited as being descended from this line.

Take it for what it is worth, If you ever found a connection to one of the guys listed here (late 1600's), his lineage could get you back to 1000 AD (!).


Date: 97-08-02


The July-August 1997 issue of IRELAND of the Welcomes has a 2-page write up on DUGGANs. It's written by John Gresham, author of "Tracing Your Irish Ancestors" and "Clans and Families of Ireland".

It says "...The surname arose simultaneously in a number of areas, including Cork, Roscommon/Galway, Wexford, and Fermanagh." Those in the north descend from O Dugain of Inishkeen, Co. Fermanagh, "but Dugan and Dougan are well-known Scottish names. In 1890 Doogan was most common in Antrim, Armagh, and Donegal, while Dugan was frequent in Antrim and Down ."

Both Duggan coats of arms are shown, though the crescent moon version has greater prominence.

Several prominent Duggans are cited, including poet John O'Dugan (d. 1372) of east Galway, Bishop of Clonfert Patrick Duggan (1813-1896) of Galway, Church of Ireland Bishop (1970-1985) Dr. John Coote Duggan of Offaly, Irish nationalist Eamonn Duggan (1874-1936), Cork businessman Noel C. Duggan (b. 1933), and George Chester Duggan (1887-1967) - a prominent civil servant in both Northern Ireland and in Dublin.

Early in this century an Alfredo Duggan of Argentina (from Wexford Duggans) died quite wealthy but with no heirs, causing quite a flurry of publicity. Eventually, in 1944 a 72-year old nephew from Rosslare inherited several million pounds.

It's an interesting article.

Happy genealogy!

Bob Duggan in Atlanta

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From: "R.H.C. Dougan" <>
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Subject: Dougan ancestry
Date sent: Thu, 31 Jul 1997

Hello Lyman.

My name is Ron Dougan, a third generation Canadian. My great Grandfather came from Ireland in the early 1800's, but I do not know from which port. I noticed the absence of Dougans in your list. Do you ever hear from people of that that spelling.?

Actually the 1867 Census referred to my ancestors as Dugans, but I don't know whether or not that was a beurocrats decision to spell it so or whether they changed it later. We are having a reunion of the relatives in the Canadian Rockies near Banff, Alberta in Kananaskis Country in early August and I hope to be able to fill in the genealogy a bit more. Good luck in your endeavors. Ron Dougan

Date sent: Thu, 31 Jul 1997
From: Terry Duggan <>
Subject: Web Page

Lyman I have designed and posted a simple web page on my net server. Could you please add it to the list of web pages linked to yours. The address is Thank you and have a nice summer.

Terry Duggan

Date sent: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 13:17:50 -0400 (EDT)
To: From: LdeVries <>

Lyman, I was refered to a new website. At least I think it's new as I clicked on the site to do a search for the name Duggan and there was none. So I posted mine and suggested all Duggan's check out "our"/"your" home page for Duggan. Here is the address:

Thought you and other might like to know this.

Luann Hughes DeVries;

"Snail mail address" for updating -- Luann Hughes DeVries 9426 Perry Street Zeeland, Michigan 49464 U.S.A.

Date sent: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 01:35:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: Donna Brown <>
Subject: Re: Duggans-Halifax Area -Nova scotia

Hi Lyman, I just received the message from Ed, and I think we're set to compare notes. When this gets a bit more organized, I'll let you know.

My Duggan connection was James Duggan who served as mayor of Halifax in the 1870's and established quite a business as a commission merchant (or auctioneer). He came from Windsor, NS, but beyond that, there is a big void. Thank you for giving the Duggan's a platform!

Donna Brown

Date sent: Tue, 29 Jul 1997
Subject: Re: George Nelson Duggan
Copies to:,

Sorry, I don't have any info for you. However, Lyman might be able to help. Good luck.

At 7:24 PM 7/28/97, JONATHAN GUSHEN wrote:

My name is Jonathan Gushen and I am researching information on George Nelson Duggan who was belived to have been in Ireland near the mid-1800's His son was George Nelson Duggan II who was born near Jackson, MI on 9-6-1881 and married Ethel Millard.

They had 4 children:

-George Nelson Duggan III,
-Velma and

Velma was my grandmother and was born 4-30-1921 and died 7-13-1958 in Detroit, MI.

I you have andy information to share or are interested in recieving information please contact me at

Thank you ........Jonathan Gushen

Date sent: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 18:54:28 -0400
From: Tony Deas <>
Subject: Eddie Vincent Duggan

Dear Lyman,

My cousin, Eddie Duggan, has spent a great deal of time researching his Duggan ancestors. Aside from a relentless inquisitiveness, he is possessed of a marvelous wit and is a reliable pen pal. He seems to have plenty of time to roam about Ireland and any graveyards that look likely.

I took the liberty of downloading a few files that I stumbled upon, thanks to your efforts, and forwarded them to Eddie. He quickly realized that you were the motivating spirit for the Duggans upon the Internet. He wonders if you might have data re the Galway-Roscommon-Mayo sept and asked if I would query you about indulging in "ordinary postal correspondence". He has no talent with cyberspace, he says. He is really very well informed about our line and just returned from visiting with some fascinating distant relatives in Claregalway, Montiagh and so on.

I could serve as a relay but I live in Nashville, TN, and Eddie lives in Arlington, VA. And, of course, as a correspondent, I am a wondrous procrastinator. Forgive me, I ramble on like a Mick on a toot. If you would consider Eddie's request I would be most appreciative, Eddie would be tickled, and you would not be disappointed.

Tony Deas

Date sent: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 17:40:54 -0700
From: eric hawthorneduggan <>
Subject: Genealogy ,Duggan family ,Wales at Builth and Llandrindod

Hello Lyman.Hope your trip was ok. Tabulating my family tree has spooked me but am finally getting it down. here goes.

First generation Thomas Duggan of Builth Wales.
Grandmothers name unknown .

Second gen. (children of Thomas & ?) Sons Wives daughters Husbands Thomas Clara Alice ??? William Kathleen Minnie ??? Milwyn Toots ?? Florence ??? Joseph Bessie Adeline Henry Rand John ??? Ethel ??? Henry Fred gladys (my parents) Edith ??? Hector ??? Lilian G Blackstock

Third Generation Thomas Clara of Winfield BC

Children and wives of same

Thomas Ida Stanley Elizabeth Fred Ethel Hector ??? Cecil ??? Donald ??? Roy ???

William and Kathleen of Kelowna BC Tom ??? Fred ??? Hilda (Thomson)

Joseph and Bessie of Edmonton Alta Kenneth ???

Milwyn and "Toots" of Edmonton Kenneth ??? Eric ??? Dimple ?? ??? Grace ???

Henry Fred and gladys of Kelowna BC (My parents) Mabel Derrick Hawkins of West Vancouver Eric H. and Anne of Parksville BC (me and my wife} John Edgar and Jean of Comox BC

Lillian and G Blackstock of Edmonton Patrick

Hector and `Jackie of Medicine Hat Alta

Whew what a prolific family . Will send the kids of the second generation later ???

regards Eric D.`

Date sent: Mon, 18 Aug 1997
Subject: Duggan Ancestors

Hugh Duggan is my earliest known Duggan Ancestor, supposedly from Ireland in the late 1700's. His wife was Margaret Wilson and had children named:

Daniel Wilson Duggan,
William Duggan,
Robert Duggan,
Hugh Duggan ??,
and maybe others.

I track thru Daniel Wilson Duggan to: Emert, McMahan, Shultz, McMillan, Taylor.

Thanks, Zack F. Taylor, Jr. potluck@aol,com

Please document your Duggan Genealogy and send it to me for publishing and for the Archive. When you have new data, dates etc., let me know and it will be published and archived too. These Archives will be available for many years to come...hopefully forever. For this reason, it is a good idea to include your mailing address so that interested parties can contact you years into the future.....cousin Lyman Duggan

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