Family Newsletter nr 27 .....July 1997

Date sent: Fri, 6 Jun 97
From: "David Duggan" <>
Subject: Geneology


My name is Dave Duggan. I am 36 years old. I have been interested in my family geneology for years but never took the time to do the research. Last week my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. I thought it would be nice for my family to trace his heritage before the disease progressed.

I know my grandfather, grandmother, aunts, uncles, etc but I do not know any ancestors beyond my grandparents. I know their date of death and approximate birth in a small coal town in Pennsylvania. I do not know anything else but I am anxious to get started. I work with computers for a living and I decided to browse the Duggan name on the Internet. Thus I came upon your page with the Duggan name.

I was wondering if you can help me out or point me in the right direction since I do not have any idea how to get started. If you have any advice and can find some time to me email me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Are there organizations that can help? Would you recommend any? Should I start with marriage, birth, and death certificates? Are there central agencies which capture this data? How about the National Archives? Can they help? Are there online databases which can be searched? Is there a book on the Duggan name and its descendants, specifically in the Pennsylvania area?

Again, I would appreciate any advice you have. Thank you and best wishes.

Dave Duggan

ed note: I hope to hear from David again with some of his family history

Date sent: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 10:36:30 -0500
From: Patrick Duggan <>
Copies to:
Subject: kidnapped (Susan Duggan?)-newsletter # 26


In 1945-1946 a William Heirens, Chicago, murdered Susanne Degnan, 11, after mutilating her. He also killed at least two adult women before he was captured in June 1946. Heirens spent the rest of his sordid life in Joliet State Penitentiary, Joliet, Il. He was not put to death for his crimes but I believe he finally died in prison a few years ago.

I'm pretty sure that this is the young girl that rp13-2 is making reference to. Coverage of the murders was big at the time. It should be easy to find reference to William Heirens in the archives of any of the Chicago papers from that period. Or Libraries also should have some reference to that major crime.

I previously contributed to Newsletter #20 in August or September, 1996 and I look forward to your periodic distributions.

Best Wishes,

Patrick Duggan

Date sent: Wed, 04 Jun 1997
Subject: Duggins

I have the name Duggins. Does any one in your family spell their name DUGGINS. If so, do you have any Duggins in Spartanburg SC in the 1700s. Harold

ed note: I sent some Duggins data from the archives to Harold. There appears to be a Duggan connection

Descendents of Robert (Doogan) Dugan d: Abt 1804 in Fayette County, Pa.

Bill and Diana Sowers * 1746 Fairmont Rd * Topeka, KS 66604

To: nlewis <>
From: John S Dougan <>
Subject: Re: Dougan
Date sent: Wed, 26 Feb 97


It's a long story! My Greatgrandfather Joseph Peter Dugan,1838-1921 immigrated in 1850. We think from Armagh, but he may have come through Canada. Have found no record to prove or disprove either (kinda like a contribution to the DNC!)

The name was spelled Duggan on the 1880 New York City Census and listed wife Rose, son John, niece Jennie, and boarder Patrick. John, 1873-1924, is my grandfather who added the "O". I know a great deal about him from my aunt (but I still think it's probably true!)

I have Joseph's naturalization (Troy, NY 1863), Civil War service (NY 69th Inf) and pension documents.

Nothing ties him to a specific location in the Old Country. I think the key will be this Jennie(b. abt 1861 in IRE) and Patrick (I think neice means there are brothers or sisters).

My dad Joseph John Dougan, 1907-1968 (actually his birth certificate said DUGAN) was born in the Bronx and died in Newark, NJ. I know this has nothing to do with your Dougan's, but if you stumble across anything that might help me out, let me know.

If you need any NY Census stuff, I can look it up for you. We have all the NY, NJ, PA and New England Census records in the public library in Syracuse. There now you have it!

John Dougan <>

Date sent: Tue, 10 Jun 1997
From: Laura Duggan <>
Subject: Duggans


I am Laura Duggan, born in Stoke Newington, London in 1969.

The only information I can give you is that my grandfather (deceased), Cornelius Duggan, came from Ireland (surprise). If I can I'll quiz my father, Christopher Duggan and my uncle, Patrick Duggan, for more information.

I looked up in a genealogy book once that the literal gaelic meaning of Duggan is "lives by the black peat bog". Not very flattering.

Best regards -- Laura Duggan

Date sent: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 17:25:22 -0700
From: Mark Doan <>

I was just surfing the internet and I came accross your web site. My name is Mark Doan and I live with my family in Vancouver, WA. My mother, Virwinifred Briney Doan, was the daughter of Winifred Virginia Duggan Briney. My great-grandmother, Mary Reed (Reid)married Thomas Duggan in Lancastershire, England in 1883. They emigrated to the U. S. sometime after that. They initially settled in Virginia. At one point they lived in a town called Winifred, Virginia (hence my grandmothger's and mother's namesake.

The marriage papers indicate that Thomas Duggan was a miner. Prior to the turn of the century, the Duggan family moved to Butte, Montana, where Thomas and Mary raised a large family (6+ children). Thomas was a miner in the Buute copper mines.

Most of the Duggan children settled in Seattle, Wash. One child, Edward, was a Shriner. I think he may have worked for an insurance company on the east coast. He traveled quite extensively. My grandmother, Winifred Virginia Duggan Briney died of high blood pressure at age 57, in 1949. All of the children of Thomas and Mary Duggan have passed on.

Please let me know if this information has been helpful. Perhaps you have information of the Duggans that may help me. Thanks.

From: "Sean" <>
To: <>
Subject: Dugan - Deegan
Date sent: Sat, 28 Jun 1997

My grandmother Anne Dugan ( from WVA I think) Married my grandfather James Richard Deegan. I have been trying to research the Deegan's. Sorry I don't know very much about my grandmother.

Regards, Mike Deegan

Date sent: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 21:42:45 -0600
From: Doug Ginnings <>
Subject: Dougan update

Hi Lyman Since last I wrote I have a bit more info on my Tennessee Dougans. I hae determined that while in Tennessee I consistently find the spelling Dougan. The Dougan was retained in Arkansas (abt 1880-1889) and was changed to Duggan when moving to Texas about 1890. This spelling change now appears to have been a possible attempt to evade questioning in Arkansas for an involvement in a murder, and the departure from Arkansas to Texas was quite hasty. <grin>

My slightly updated info includes the following:

John Dougan b: abt 1820 to 1825 (not much on him yet) death date and place unknown so far He married Henrietta Ann Harris (aka Ritter and Ritterann Harris) on Jan 15, 1845 in Fayette County, Tennessee. She later followed her son Hugh to Texas and died in 1902 in Eastland County, Texas.

I believe I have identified correctly the following children who started spelling the name Dougan as children, but by the time they all reached Texas, were spelling it Duggan:

S. T. Duggan b: 26 Feb 1850 d: 1 Mar 1910
Sarah Jane (Sally) b: 6 Mar, 1852 d: 9 Aug 1931 married Joseph Noonkester (prob in Arkansas)
Hugh Moore Duggan b: 14 Jul 1853 d: 9 NOv 1935 married Harriet Virginia Hawley abt 1878 in Tenn
William Emitt Duggan b: 12 Mar 1868 d: 16 Dec 1941 married Minda Noonkester in Eastland Co, Texas

Not a great deal more info, but what I have is confirmed and accurate and may match someone else's data.

Susan Ginnings

Date sent: Sun, 22 Jun 1997
From: Jim & Gail Shults <>
Subject: DUGGAN Newsletter

Hello Lyman,

I saw your Duggan Newsletter # 15. You (or someone, I couldn't be sure who) quoted a ton of Duggan info from David Beckwith's "Ancestral Quest" home page. You, or the person quoting this family info said "I can't find out whose home page it is". I can't understand that, it should have been very identifiable. These are Duggans from Sevier County, TN. David Beckwith is in Chicago but his 'Ancestral Quest' page is the TENNGENWEB site for Sevier County. He has ancestral connections to Sevier County, all the SHULTSes listed there are my line. Are these Duggans in Sevier County part of your Duggan line?

Jim SHults Knoxville, TN

ed note: The Ancestral Quest Homepage is at:

Date sent: Thu, 19 Jun 1997
From: Special Collections <>
Subject: Re: Duggan deed from Davy Crocket

Dear Mr. Duggan:

Sorry to report but we, despite extensive searching, cannot locate that the University of Tennessee, Knoxville ever received the donation of the Duggan-Crockett item.

Another place to look is the McClung Collection, which is a part of the Knox County Public Library. Often we have people come in looking for things that relatives have told them had been donated to UT only to have it turn out that the material was given to the McClung. They do not have an e-mail address. Their postal address is

McClung Collection Lawson McGee Library 500 West Church Ave. Knoxville, Tennessee 37902-2505

William B. Eigelsbach Manuscripts University of Tennessee Libraries

Duggans of Buenos Aires, Argentina

From: "hinke" <>
To: <>
Subject: Duggans of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date sent: Thu, 12 Jun 1997

I just came across your website after serching for the word Duggan. My first surname is not Duggan, because my mother. I live in Argentina and I'm very close to my Duggan cousins and aunts.

I first visited Ireland a year ago and I loved it. There I met lots of relatives ( second cousins and their parents) and we had a terrific time. Since I don't know much about my backgrounds, all I can give you is a small history of how my grandparents got here. All this I got from one of my mother's cousins in Ireland, Neil and Annie Scott, who we have to thank deeply for all the attention we had when we stayed in their house, Abbey Cottage, in Templemore, Co. Tipperary, where the have a business named Duggan Bros. Ltd.

The story begins like this:

Dennis Duggan was born 1898 at Gurteen, Casteleiney, Templemore, youngest of 7 children to Edward Duggan and Mary Hayes Duggan - from Kylemakill, Moyne. He served as court clerk and Officer in National Army before emigrating to Buenos Aires in 1924. He worked with British-run Argentine Railways until Peron nationalisation, and later as Argentina agent for British exporters and property and business adviser to Pallotine Fathers and Irish Christian Brothers. His first return visit to Ireland was in October - December 1946 with his wife Lita and 6 children staying in Templemore with his sister Kathy Duggan Scott and Family.

His older brother Edward (bro. Dermot) was a leading teacher and Superior of the Christian Brothers in South Africa from 1922 until his death in 1983. He brought representations from the large Irish Emigrant Community in Buenos Aires to the Christian Brothers during his 1946 visit, with some help from his brother Br. Dermot, and prepared negotations and arrangements for their establishment of Cardinal Newman College in 1948. He was also a founder member of the famous Irish Social and Sports Organisation - still known as the Hurling Club - in 1941, and was it's 3rd. president.

He married Lita Dolan Marianni in 1926 and they haad 8 children.

Eamon (RIP) born 1928,
Maureen, Eileen (RIP),
Margaret (my mother) and
Ana Maria, born in 1947.

Dennis died suddendly in 1980 leaving a football match cup in River Plate Stadium with his son in law, Eugenio Chavanne. He was only 82. Denis children are first cousins to children of late Kathy Duggan Scott - Neil, late Bill Duggan - Eamonn, Billy, Mary E and Jimmy and late Jim Duggan - Aine, Kevin, Margaret & Claire. Neil Scott and wife Annie Power Scott visited Argentinian cousins in March - April 1993.

In next generation , there are 23 Irish who are second cousins to 20 Argentinian grandchildren of late Denis Duggan. The second cousins are aged from 15 to 38 years.

Hope this piece of information is useful. If there is anything else you would want to know about, you can e-mail me. I'll keep in touch if I can get any other things.

Saludos de Argentina
Fernando von Hinke Duggan

Date sent: Sun, 8 Jun 1997
Subject: Duggan


I have traced my Duggan line back to Michael J. Duggan b.1844 in Achill Island, Ireland. He came to the states in 1854. I think his father was John or James but I haven't been able to prove it yet. That's about all I have been able to find out so far. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you earlier. It's been a busy summer. I am waiting for a passenger ship list info from the Archives. I sent away for it quite a while ago and have yet to hear. It will help confirm some of my info. This is all I have so far.

John (James) Duggan b. 1816 in Achill, Ireland d. between 1880 & 1900 married Mary b. 1816. They had 4 children:

-Mary Duggan b. 1836 married Michael Moran
-John Duggan b. 1843 married Delia (?) died in a train crash
-Michael Joseph Duggan b. June 24, 1844 d. February 6, 1906
-James Duggan b. July 1857 married Lucy Kennedy

Michael Joseph Duggan b. June 24, 1844 in Achill Island, Ireland d. February 6, 1906 in Highland Park, Illinois married Sabina (Sibina) Kilbane b. January 24, 1844 in Achill, Ireland d.February 10, 1915 in Waukegan, Illinois (Her father was Anthony Kilbane). They had 9 children:

-Mary E. Duggan b. September 7,1866 in Waukegan, IL Katherine
-S. Duggan b. October 15, 1867 in Highland Park, Illinois
-Sarah L. Duggan b. March 30, 1870 d. October 5, 1951 married Pete Loesch
-John H. Duggan b.July 30,1871 d. December 22, 1955 married Lettie Masterson
-Agnes Duggan b. March 15, 1873 d. 1940
-Ellen J. Duggan b. February 2, 1875
-Edward C. Duggan b. January 20, 1877 d. January 15, 1900 (RR accident)
-Michael Joseph Duggan b. February 6, 1879 d. April 22, 1960 married Sarah Melissa

Cathy Sheehan (Cat

Date sent: Mon, 30 Jun 1997
From: FREDMCC <>
Subject: Dugan

I am looking for information regarding my Great Grandmother, Rosetta Dugan. The only records I have , indicate she was born in Darke County Ohio in 1835. She married Samuel McCord in Aug, 1853 in Gettysburg Ohio. If you have any information on this family I would appreciate a response

Thank you, Fred McCord

Date sent: Thu, 3 Jul 97
From: "David Duggan" <>
Subject: Research Update

I received very useful information from Jim Duggan in North Carolina whose family is from Pennsylvania. I visited your site/newsletter and saw my note. Thank you very much. I am talking with my aunt's and father on any information I can get. I am beginning my investigation with church records, census, web, and libraries. I greatly appreciate yours and others help. I will pass along any findings. Here is what I have so far:

-James Bernard Duggan (grandfather) from Mt. Carmel/Shomoakin area in Pennsylvania; born in 1890's; brother
-John Duggan Married Miriam Delaney (grandmother) from Mt. Carmel/Shomoakin area in Pennsylvania; born in 1890's; father
-Malachy Delaney; brother
-Matthew Delaney James Duggan (father) from Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania; born 1930

Best wishes, Dave Duggan

Date sent: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 11:46:07 -0400
From: (Dan Fly)
Subject: Duggan data

Hi Lyman: Thanks so much for contacting me again. Frankly, I had almost given up hope that my Dad would provide any information regarding his Father because he didn't seem into it. But, he surprised me today and called with his Dad's Birth Certificate... The following info is about all I have. Hopefully it can get me started:

My Grandfather: John Joseph Duggan Born: July 17, 1892 County: Cork District of Registration: Clonakilty # of Entry: 483 Died: 1978 in Plymouth England

- Moved to England and served in the Royal Navy. Had 3 children with his wife:

--Sidney (born 1921, died 1964)

-- Eileen (born 1920, died 1934)

-- John (my father) ( born 1928-)

Married: February 10, 1920 To My Grandmother: Mary (Molly) Theresa Wiseman At: Rooska East (Under Special License in Grandma's Family Home called Rooska East) County: Cork District: Bantry Entry #: 230

Died: 1988 (I think)

--Lyman-- Thank you for the opportunity to explore the possibility of relatives I don't know about. I hope the limited information I have is at least a decent start. Any suggestions from you would be greatly appreciated. You are obviously the EXPERT!! Thanks again Lyman.

ed note: I'm no expert Kate. You are off to a start but a lot of work to do yet :-) I hope to see you expand on the data above. I can make additions and changes when ever you want...just be sure to remember which issue its in!...lyman

Kate (Catherine) Duggan Fly

Date sent: Wed, 02 Jul 1997
From: Becky Hargett <>
Subject: Re: Duggan - Sibley-Duggan info and Descendants of Mary Duggan

The Duggan - Sibley Connections

Name Birth date Death date Spouse

Duggan, Amanda Emaline December 29, 1886 October 19, 1889
Duggan, Ann Elizabeth Private Butler,
David Duggan, Annie Bell February 24, 1883 September 28, 1886
Duggan, Audry Cordelia October 22, 1888 February 01, 1967 Keadle, Shadrack Gardner
Duggan, Barbara Ann Private Duggan, Bertie Mae December 15, 1892 August 04, 1917 Leach, Moses Vandy
Duggan, Brian William Private Duggan, Christine Lucille(bennet) Private
Duggan, Cora Virginia February 28, 1891 April 27, 1972 Collyer, C.E.
Duggan, Daisy Belle March 22, 1896 WFT Est. 1897-1990 Duggan, Daniel Ryan Private Duggan, Darrell Roy Private Duggan, Debbie Lea Private Barry, Nathan
Duggan, Delma Delia Private Weldon, Milton Dennis
Duggan, Dierdre Private Weber, Anthony
Duggan, Donald Edward Private
Duggan, Edmund September 30, 1813 August 10, 1888 Swint, Elizabeth
Duggan, Elizabeth Claire Private
Duggan, Erin Michelle Private
Duggan, Evelyn Jane Private Bell, Eugene Victor Debs
Duggan, George Hubert Private Leblanc, Juanita
Duggan, Gregory Cade Private
Duggan, Harvey Cade August 04, 1899 March 16, 1956 Coburn, Leona Marie
Duggan, Herbert Elos Private Duggan, Honie Lynn Private
Duggan, Hubert Enoch November 11, 1897 December 13, 1955 Geeary, Aubrey Augustine
Duggan, James Roy February 25, 1895 December 01, 1956 Nelson, Evie
Duggan, James Swint November 11, 1840 August 03, 1911 Miller, Nancy
Duggan, Janice Anne Private
Duggan, Jeremy Scott Private
Duggan, Jesse Kirkland February 08, 1848 March 23, 1938 Sibley, Mattie Belle
Duggan, John WFT Est. 1641-1695 WFT Est. 1679-1773
Duggan, John Private
Duggan, John Claude February 27, 1881 April 23, 1949 Leach, Jesse Judith
Duggan, John Hyman December 22, 1770 WFT Est. 1815-1862 Joyce, Mary
Duggan, John Michael Private Lefreve, Michele
Duggan, John Michael, Jr. Private
Duggan, John William Private Solar, Judith Ann
Duggan, Joseph Eldred Private
Duggan, Josephine Mildred October 14, 1918 1987 Barnhill, Willard Berry
Duggan, Julie Ellen Private
Duggan, June Alain Private
Duggan, Katherine Elsie Private Risor, Frank A.
Duggan, Kelli Anne Private
Duggan, Laura Ann Private
Duggan, Lawrence Clyde October 04, 1901 January 04, 1957 Sibley, Bertha Ray
Duggan, Lawrence Clyde Private Barnhouse, Karen Lynn
Duggan, Lona Mae Marguerite Private Gordon, Nathan
Duggan, Lovell Coleman October 26, 1889 February 21, 1938
Duggan, Lucimar Private Jones, Danny Lee
Duggan, Mack Floy February 25, 1895 April 08, 1962 Nelson, Rosabel Ethel
Duggan, Mack Raynond Private Unknown, Jean
Duggan, Marshall Edmond October 19, 1877 December 22, 1936
Duggan, Martha Elizabeth July 12, 1871 November 07, 1897 Gentry, Allen Rufus
Duggan, Mary WFT Est. 1820-1843 WFT Est. 1865-1931 Sibley, Robert K.
Duggan, Mary Rebecca November 13, 1869 August 18, 1888 Miller, B.S.
Duggan, Mary Zenobia Private
Duggan, Megan Marie Private
Duggan, Michael David Private
Duggan, Minnie Lee August 29, 1873 January 09, 1875
Duggan, Monica Lyn Private
Duggan, Nancy Catherine May 04, 1876 June 19, 1944 Gentry, Allen Rufus
Duggan, Nathan David Private
Duggan, Nelson James Private
Duggan, Neva Elizabeth Private Kelly, Rufus Gandy
Duggan, Oswald Lambert January 17, 1923 February 22, 1986
Duggan, Patrick David Private Mura, Mary Claire
Duggan, Patrick Henry January 04, 1885 March 03, 1949 Aldredge, Ethel Serena
Duggan, Quenan Denise Private Sands, George Byron
Duggan, Reo E. Private Johns, Mary Bonner
Duggan, Rosalie Eva Private Clinkscales, Thomas Newton
Duggan, Rosemary Private Curtis, Michael Wayne
Duggan, Ruth Venita June 09, 1914 February 08, 1970 Windham, Wilmer James, Jr.
Duggan, Samuel Floy Private Smith, Helen Lee
Duggan, Samuel Mack Private
Duggan, Samuel Reed Private Hughes, Cheryl Jan
Duggan, Tamarlane Gail Private Franks, Mark Alfred
Duggan, Ted Edward Private Cloutier, Elisa Amelie
Duggan, Ted Edward Private Martin, Patricia Jean
Duggan, Thurman Elmo Private Hopkins, Ruby Lee
Duggan, Wanda Jan February 19, 1947 November 02, 1967 Murry, Jimmy Dale
Duggan, Willa Dean Private Reynolds, David Harvey
Duggan, William WFT Est. 1679-1722 1754 Smithwick, Mary
Duggan, William WFT Est. 1829-1864 WFT Est. 1869-1943 Self, Leona
Duggan, William Clyde Private Moody, Eleanor Emma
Duggan, William Duncan WFT Est. 1719-1748 WFT Est. 1773-1833 Hyman, Chloe Ann
Duggan, William James December 30, 1878 October 03, 1880
Duggan, William Michael Private Higby, Louise Ellen
Duggan, Wilma Leta July 13, 1925 September 05, 1931

Descendants of Mary Duggan

1 [1] Mary Duggan b: WFT Est. 1820-1843 d: WFT Est. 1865-1931
.. +Robert K. Sibley b: July 23, 1829 d: April 08, 1864 m: December 06, 1860 2 Reddick Matthew Sibley b: October 28, 1861 d: November 08, 1907
.... +Clara Small b: August 17, 1868 d: March 07, 1955 m: WFT Est. 1896-1906
.. 3 Louis Reddick Sibley b: WFT Est. 1883-1906 d: WFT Est. 1889-1988
.. 3 Ellis Kirkland Sibley b: August 27, 1888 d: WFT Est. 1889-1978
.. 3 Mary Avonlea Sibley b: July 05, 1890 Many, Sabine Parish, LA d: 1985 Jasper, TX, USA
...... +Edward Shufflin b: January 16, 1886 Miller County, AR d: February 26, 1961 Many, Sabine Parish, LA m: December 26, 1908 Many, Sabine Parish, LA
..... 4 Pat Shufflin b: October 22, 1913 d: January 1984 Greenwood, MS
......... +Kathryn Grubbs b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Mary Patricia Shufflin b: Private
........... +Theodore Kelly b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Barbara Adele Shufflin b: Private
........... +Jim Murff b: Private m: Private
..... 4 Ellis Howard Shuflin b: May 02, 1919 Logging camp near Many, Sabine Parish, LA d: February 1986 Benld, Macoupin County, IL
......... +Lucille W. Shuflin b: April 15, 1920 Alton, Madison, Il (at home) d: May 31, 1996 VenCor Hospital, Sycamore, DeKalb County, IL m: April 15, 1950 New Orleans, LA
....... 5 Martha Lucille Shuflin b: April 14, 1951 Canton, Illinois
........... +Timothy Dart m: Virginia
....... 5 Rebecca Ann Shuflin b: December 21, 1953 Staunton,Macoupin, Illinois
........... +Ricky Jerome Hargett b: April 19, 1953 DuQuoin, Perry, Illinois m: March 02, 1974 Benld, IL
....... 5 Joel Howard Shuflin b: May 10, 1955
........... +Margo Amos b: Private m: Private DeKalb, Illinois
....... 5 Beth Ann Shuflin b: March 07, 1963
........... +David Underhill ..... 4 Mable Shufflin b: Private
......... +Wilbur Kemp b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Evelyn Kemp b: Private
........... +Edwin Earl Wilkinson b: Private m: Private
..... 4 Elizabeth b: Private
......... +John E. Barnett b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Mary Elizabeth Barnett b: September 17, 1836 d: WFT Est. 1923-1943
........... +James Kennedy b: Private m: Private
....... 5 John E. Barnett b: Private
........... +Joy Rowe b: Private m: Private
..... 4 Lucy Mae Shufflin b: Private
......... +Leroy Kirkland b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Leroy Carter Kirkland b: Private
........... +Marilyn Sexton b: Private m: Private
....... 5 William Edward Kirkland b: Private
........... +Rita Ball b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Mary Frances Kirkland b: Private
........... +Myron Bounds b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Patrick Dale Kirkland b: Private
..... 4 Otha Shufflin b: Private
......... +Mildred Stephens b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Steven Shufflin b: Private
....... 5 Christopher Clay Shufflin b: Private
..... 4 Ruth Shufflin b: Private
......... +Albert Lundquist b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Linda Marie Lundquist b: Private
........... +Jack Royce Meyers b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Richard Andrew Lundquist b: Private
........... +Eleanor Wolfford b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Cherlyn Ranel Lundquist b: Private
....... 5 Charles Reynolds Lundquist b: Private
..... 4 Florence b: Private
......... +Frank Morganti b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Frank Morganti, Jr b: Private
........... +Sabine Roesner b: Private m: Private
..... 4 Charles Edward Shufflin b: Private
......... +Vicki Jones b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Charles Edward Shufflin b: Private
....... 5 Vicki Lynn Shufflin b: Private
........... +Danny Houston b: Private m: Private
....... 5 David Wayne Shufflin b: Private
........... +Carol Hemingway b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Lila Theresa Shufflin b: Private
....... 5 Joseph Henry Shufflin b: Private
..... 4 Elton Shufflin b: July 06, 1930 d: August 06, 1930
..... 4 Elden Shufflin b: July 06, 1930 d: August 06, 1930
.. 3 Florien Tillman Sibley b: July 12, 1892 d: March 1966
...... +Ida Mccollister b: WFT Est. 1875-1894 d: WFT Est. 1934-1986 m: February 06, 1905
..... 4 Mary Louis Sibley b: Private
......... +Hershel Willard Gandy b: Private m: Private
..... 4 Willard Pierce Sibley b: Private
......... +Alma Ruth Davis b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Carmen Denise Sibley b: Private
....... 5 Lora Renee Sibley b: Private
..... 4 James Bernard Sibley b: Private
......... +Martha Berle b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Debra Lynn Sibley b: Private
........... +James Earl Peterson b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Judy Kay Sibley b: Private
..... 4 Reddick Isom Sibley b: Private
......... +Freda Waldron b: Private m: Private
.. 3 Lucy Madora Sibley b: May 28, 1895 d: WFT Est. 1932-1990
...... +Willie Seldon Davis b: January 28, 1890 d: January 03, 1952 m: November 06, 1912
..... 4 Willie Arthur Davis b: Private
......... +Eudolie Echols b: Private m: Private
....... 5 David Davis b: Private
....... 5 Daniel Davis b: Private
....... 5 Mary Beth Davis b: Private
....... 5 Catherine Davis b: Private
........... +Larry Baker b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Anthony Davis b: Private
..... 4 Louis Reddick Davis b: Private
..... 4 Rachel Lucille Davis b: Private
..... 4 James Howard Davis b: Private
......... +Margurite Cloud b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Patricia Davis b: Private
........... +John Longo b: Private m: Private
..... 4 Alice Mae Davis b: Private
......... +George Walter Foster b: April 16, 1923 d: July 18, 1966 m: Private
....... 5 Walter Stanley Foster b: Private
........... +Gina Ann Wofford b: Private m: Private
..... 4 Agnes Marguerite Davis b: Private
......... +Lloyd H. Lecroy b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Tommie Lecroy b: Private
..... 4 Beatrice Nell Davis b: Private
......... +Charley B. Tramel b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Julia Claire Tramel b: Private
........... +Charles Dowden b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Clay B. Tramel b: Private
....... 5 Andrew B. Tramel b: Private
..... 4 Joseph Murray Davis b: Private
......... +Jessie Von Mccollister b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Barbara Davis b: Private
........... +Tim Hageman b: Private m: Private
.. 3 Addie Alice Sibley b: Private
...... +Albert Castle Phillips b: October 17, 1894 d: WFT Est. 1928-1985 m: Private
..... 4 Albert Castle Phillips b: 1914 d: 1918
..... 4 Lela Leona Phillips b: Private
......... +L.C. Logan b: Private m: Private
..... 4 Mildred Alice Phillips b: Private
......... +Arthur Bees b: Private m: Private
..... 4 Ralph Talmadge Phillips b: Private
......... +Hazel Blackman b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Clara L. Phillips b: Private
........... +Earl Lights b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Gary Wayne Phillips b: Private
........... +Eliza Borella b: Private m: Private
....... 5 Ralph Wade Phillips b: Private
....... 5 Belinda Shawn Phillips b: Private
..... 4 Reddick Phillips b: Private
..... 4 Clara Lavina Phillips b: Private *2nd Husband of [1] Mary Duggan:
.. +George Addison b: WFT Est. 1810-1842 d: WFT Est. 1852-1925 m: Aft. 1864 2 Sid Addison b: WFT Est. 1844-1879 d: WFT Est. 1871-1958
.. 3 Fred Addison b: Private 2 Eddie Addison b: WFT Est. 1844-1879 d: WFT Est. 1855-1958

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