Family Newsletter nr 26 .....June 1997

Date sent: Sat, 31 May 1997
Subject: Duggan Newsletter No. 25

Really enjoyed the newsletter, as always.

Found out a little more about my ggf, Robert Duggan. My uncle, Father Paul Duggan, reports that Robert was born in the parish of Thurles, Tipperary County, in about 1843, and his parents were John Duggan and Ellen Cowan (Although I am unsure about that name, as the spelling on the death certificate is hard to read.) I saw a couple of e-mails of relatives from Tipperary, so I will try to contact them.

Thanks again. Stephen Duggan, Novato, California.

From: "Duggan, Michael" <>
To: <>
Subject: Duggans
Date sent: Wed, 28 May 1997


My name is Michael John Duggan, Father:John Neville Duggan, Grandfather: Ensor Duggan. All three generations from BUILTH WELLS (Wales). The only thing we seem to know about previous generations is that the family is from Ireland(surprise) and moved to Wales as the Tennants of a Flour Mill (Hundred House) near Builth Wells.

Any idea as to where we came from ?

From: "James D. McDermott, Jr." <>
To: "'Lyman Duggan'" <>
Subject: Duggan Dugan Dougan Newsletter #25
Date sent: Wed, 28 May 1997

My second son was born on April 9th of this year. His name is Dugan James McDermott. My First son's name is Reilly David McDermott.

Have you come across any others who have used the Dugan surname as a first name ?

Date sent: Fri, 23 May 1997 22:21:13 -0700
From: al duggan <>
Subject: New e-mail Address


Please revise your address book, my new address is

I recieved your latest message re Terry & Susan Duggan ( I have sent them a reply. I do belive that Terry's father is my cousin. His grandfather and my father were brothers. When I get some free time I will attempt to put together some info on my family and send it to you. Keep in touch.

Al Duggan

Date sent: Thu, 22 May 1997
From: Drew <>
Subject: duggan family info

Dear Lyman,

My father has printed your newsletters off of his computer at work in hopes of it helping me with my family research. I find this very interesting! I think you have done a wonderful job collecting info from all of the Duggans in hopes of someone finding a link. I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself.

My name is Misty Dawn Duggan I am 20 years old and attend Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. I am a junior accounting major. I have been researching my dad's side of the family for the pass six months and I have learned alot and I am still learning! In fact I have written letters to my father's siblings and I have organized a family gathering this summer. I guess why I am so intersted in my family roots, is that I never met my paternal grandmother, and I didn't know my paternal grandfather very well. He passed away when I was 8 years old.

I'm sure you are wondering where I came from?! My father's name is James Len Duggan and he has 4 other siblings, (in order of age)

Veda Clifford Ravey,
Doyle Hugh Duggan,
Benny Carl Duggan, My dad,
James Len and
Debra Darlene Duggan.

My dad's parents were Clifford Carl Duggan (born July 16, 1911 in Rising Star, Tx,died Septembr 29, 1985 in Beaumont, TX.)and Willie Vell Hageman (born January 21, 1913 in Cisco, TX and died in Beaumont, TX on November 21, 1965.

My great grandfather, Hugh Moore Duggan, Clifford Carl Duggan's father was born July 14, 1855, he was Irish, a farmer by trade, and belonged to the Church of Christ. He had no military experience. He had 3 children by his first wife. I do not know her name, but the children were:

Elbert Duggan,
Hubie Duggan and
Nancy Duggan.

After his first wife had passed away he married my great grandmother: Mary Fransis Harris, and had 8 children with her. The children's name were:

Bell Duggan,
Carie Duggan,
Artie Duggan,
Robert Duggan,
Pearl Duggan,
Ravey Duggan,
Clifford Duggan and
Marvin Duggan.

I have been told that Hugh Moore Duggan was 20+ years older than Mary Fransis Harrris. I am looking for any information on Hugh Moore Duggan or any of his children. All of his children have passed away, but they have children and grandchildren that I hope will read this and be able to help me find my roots.

My father seems to think that Hugh Moore Duggan was born out of State, but my aunt Veda seems to think he may have been born in Rising Star, TX.

Robert Duggan married a woman by the name of "Mertle" (I may have misspelled that) and had 12 children, 2 of which were twins named Larry and Gary. I have told you most of what I know but I will e-mail you once again when I find more.

Can you please mail me a copy of the archive disk and a copy of the program "Brothers Keeper"? My mailing address:Misty Duggan 16035 Arborlea, Friendswood, Texas 77546. I will be happy to send you money for the postage. Thank you I look forward to hearing from you.

Date sent: Wed, 21 May 1997 17:48:35 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Tipperary Duggan

Hi, I just stumbled across your site and was amazed to find so many Duggans. I am from Thurles, Co. Tipperary and can trace my ancestors back to the mid 1800s in Two-Mile-Borris and Cabra, both near Thurles. Interested in hearing from anyone with Tipperary ancestors.


From: "Chad" <>
To: <>
Date sent: Mon, 19 May 1997


My name is Chad Manis. I was born Baby Boy "Dugan". Although, my Adoptive mom seems to think it was "Duggan".

I was born in Maricopa County, Arizona to a single mom, about 18 years of age. At or near the then 'city' of Grand Canyon on April 22, 1967 (folks have been moved out and it is now a State Park, no permanent residences).

My father was some kind of pilot and in the service, and never acknowleged the pregnancy. I believe that my Birth Grandfather and Great Grandfather (maternal) were some kind of religious (pastors, priests, etc.). I am not sure of the religious denomination. My adoption was handled through a private attorney, therefore there are no public records available.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, for the past 5 or 6 years I have made some half-hearted attempts at finding my birth mother and any siblings or just blood related family in general. I have been unsuccessful, other than to pick up a few facts here and there.

When I found your newsletter stuff, I figured I might give you an E-Mail, just to let you know I was here and in some way we are probably realated !?!?!? I don't know. But, I also thought that perhaps you might have some information that could be helpful related to Dugans or Duggans in Arizona.

I have a HomePage at:

and my E-Mail address is: or:

I am not out to hurt anyone or cause problems in anyone's life. I realize that my Birth mother has a life and therefore, there may or may not be room in it for me. But my hope is that maybe she would like to hear from me, as well, and someday I hope to find her and/or other relatives. So, any info you might have would be treated discreetly and I would proceed with extreme caution. So as not to cause any harm.

Anyway, sorry to bother you, but if you do have anything that you think might help I would very much appreciate your help. Please check out my page,I do have an adoption page with a few more details on it.

Thanks in advance, and for your time!


Date sent: Mon, 19 May 1997
Subject: Duggan

I was just able to reach your newsletter after 2 yrs aol would not translate to my computer I would like to know if there are any other Duggans akin to mine I have 2 families which I believe are related I also have a photo of 2 DUGGAN, Daniel E.+ DUNLEAVY, Sarah (Sadie) m: Oct/23/1877 Ashuelot, Winchester, NH at there 50th anniversary I also have photos of cemetery plots

Descendants of Dennis Duggan

1 DUGGAN, Dennis b: Co. Cork, Ireland +MAHONEY, Margaret b: Co. Cork, Ireland Father: Mother:
2 DUGGAN, Timothy b: 1841 Winchester, NH d: Jan/07/1921 Hinsale, NH
* +THOMPSON, Ellen b: Abt 1850 Father: Mother:
3 DUGGAN, Daniel W. b: Dec/14/1894 Winchester,NH d: Dec/12/1967 Brattleboro Memorial Hosp., Brattleboro, VT
2 DUGGAN, Jeremiah b: 1847 Ireland d: Dec/07/1923 Hinsale, NH
* +FLEMING, Julia b: May/08/1856 Killarney, Co.Kerry,Ireland Father: FLEMING, David Mother: COWAN, Kathonia d: Dec/21/1915 Hinsdale, NH
3 DUGGAN, Josephine b: 1882 Brattleboro, VT
** +MANNIS, John E. b: Nov/22/1876 Burke, NY m: Apr/01/1902 Hinsale, NH Father: MANNIS, Michael Mother: FITZGERALD, Bridget d: Jun/1965
2 DUGGAN, Daniel E. b: Aug/1852 W. Ireland d: Feb/22/1936 Hinsdale, NH
* +DUNLEAVY, Sarah b: Aug/15/1847 Ballynabucky, Peterswell , Gort, Co. Galway, Ireland m: Oct/23/1877 Ashuelot, Winchester, NH Father: DUNLEAVY, James Francis Mother: HEALY, Margaret d: Dec/01/1931 Northfield St.,Hinsale, NH 3 DUGGAN, Dennis b: Apr/1879 Hinsdale, NH d: Arlington, MA
** +STEWART, ??? Father: Mother:
* 4 DUGGAN, Lawrence b: 1903 d: 1922 * 4 DUGGAN, Mary Stewart b: Feb/23/1905 d: Oct/1991
* 4 DUGGAN, Ruth b: May/13/1907 d: May/02/1993 77 Grafton St, Arlington, MA
*** +KUHN, Frederick b: Apr/05/1904 Father: Mother: d: Apr/1981 Arlington, Middlesex, MA
** 5 KUHN, Sally Ann b: May/17/1934
**** +SQUIRES, William Father: Mother:
*** 6 SQUIRES, Mary Susan
*** 6 SQUIRES, William
*** 6 SQUIRES, Gerard
** 5 KUHN, Margaret b: Apr/05/1938 Arlington,MA
**** +LARSON, David b: CA Father: Mother:
*** 6 LARSON, Carol Ann b: Dec/12/1968
*** 6 LARSON, Nancy b: Mar/06/1970
*** 6 LARSON, Paul b: Sep/24/1971
*** 6 LARSON, Kathleen b: Jan/25/1974
*** 6 LARSON, Sarah Elizabeth b: Dec/25/1975
** 5 KUHN, Ruth Mary b: Apr/29/1942
*** 6 KUHN, Maria Walker
*** 6 KUHN, Lilly Ann
*** 6 KUHN, Christopher
*** 6 KUHN, Larry

3 DUGGAN, James b: Mar/1880 Brattleboro, VT d: 1882 Brattleboro, VT
3 DUGGAN, Mary Elizabeth b: Jul/23/1881 Winchester, Hinsale, NH d: May/1976 46 West St., Greenfield, MA
** +MCDONALD, Edward A. b: 1873 Walpole, NH m: Oct/25/1904 Hinsdale, NH Father:
MCDONALD, Thomas Mother: BEAN, Jane
* 4 MCDONALD, Edward b: Abt 1905 d: 35 School, St., Greenfield, MA
** 5 MCDONALD, Dennis
** 5 MCDONALD, Ann Marie
* 4 MCDONALD, James b: Apr/17/1909 d: Oct/1958
** 5 MCDONALD, Sheila
** 5 MCDONALD, Maureen
** 5 MCDONALD, James
** 5 MCDONALD, Teddy
** 5 MCDONALD, Larry
* 4 MCDONALD, Donald b: Abt 1911
** 5 MCDONALD, Paul
** 5 MCDONALD, David
** 5 MCDONALD, Marie
* 4 MCDONALD, Charles b: Jan/28/1915 d: Jun/03/1994 Greenfield, MA
*** +???, Gertrude Father: Mother:
** 5 MCDONALD, Francis
** 5 MCDONALD, Mary Ellen
3 DUGGAN, Agnes Sarah b: Mar/28/1883 Winchester,NH or J 28,1881 d: Sep/19/1966 Northfield St., Hindsale, NH
** +GOLDEN, Thomas William b: Jul/12/1878 Poquanic, Windsor, Ontario, Can m: Nov/17/1902 Hinsdale, NH Father: GOLDEN, Patrick J. Mother: LYNCH, Rosella E. d: Dec/01/1918 Northfield St., Hindsale, NH
* 4 GOLDEN, Agnes Rose b: Nov/30/1903 Hinsale, NH d: Dec/04/1903 Hinsale, NH
* 4 GOLDEN, Teresa J. b: Sep/02/1905 Hinsale, NH d: Oct/06/1994 Hinsale, NH
* 4 GOLDEN, Thomas William, Jr. b: Oct/17/1907 Hinsale, NH d: Apr/09/1979 Hinsale, NH
*** +KIMBALL, Elizabeth Stockbridge b: Feb/24/1907 Roxbury, MA m: Nov/29/1941 Hinsale, NH Father: KIMBALL, William Stockbridge Mother: WALKER, Mary Ellen Cleaves d: Mar/04/1986 Brattleboro Memorial HospBrattleboro, VT
** 5 GOLDEN, Mary-Elizabeth b: Nov/23/1942 Brattleboro, NH
**** +MICHAUD, Peter Father: Mother:
*** 6 MICHAUD, Kathleen b: Sep/06/1967 Auburn, NE
*** 6 MICHAUD, Peter Andrew b: Jul/30/1968 Auburn, NE
*** 6 MICHAUD, Brian Douglas b: Nov/29/1969 Guilford, CT
*** 6 MICHAUD, Sarah b: Sep/08/1971 Guilford, CT
** 5 GOLDEN, William Thomas III b: Oct/21/1947 Brattleboro
* 4 GOLDEN, Paul D. b: Jul/10/1910 Hinsale, NH d: Sep/03/1924 Melrose Hospital, Brattleboro, VT
* 4 GOLDEN, Rose Elizabeth b: Sep/11/1912 Hinsale, NH
*** +RITTER, William Joseph b: Dec/08/1911 Father: Mother: d: Greenfield, MA
** 5 RITTER, Frances b: 1943 Greenfield, MA
** 5 RITTER, William Joseph, Jr. b: Dec/18/1945 Greenfield, MA
**** +HORRIGAN, Mary Louise Father: Mother:
* 4 GOLDEN, Francis b: Abt 1918 Hinsale, NH d: Okinawa, Japan
*2nd Husband of Agnes Sarah Duggan:
** +COUGHLIN, William b: Jan/21/1877 m: Aft 1918 Father: Mother: d: Mar/1965
* 4 COUGHLIN, Mary b: Aft 1918
* 4 COUGHLIN, William b: Aft 1918
* 4 COUGHLIN, Bernard b: Mar/28/1923 d: Jan/27/1989 West Springfield, MA
3 DUGGAN, Margaret C. b: 1884 d: 1884
3 DUGGAN, Jenni L. b: Aug/1885 d: Bef 1900
3 DUGGAN, Rose E. b: Aug/1889 d: 1912 Brattleboro, VT
3 DUGGAN, Margaret I. b: Sep/01/1890 Winchester,NH d: Aug/30/1898 Hinsdale, NH
2 DUGGAN, Dennis b: 1864 1861? d: 1939 Brattleboro, VT
* +KEHOE, Margaret b: 1860 Father: Mother: d: 1918

Tahnks so much Barbara Finizia 10285 Hunt Club LAne Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418

Date sent: Sat, 31 May 1997
From: Jim Duggan <>
Subject: Duggan Home Page and ........World of Duggan Book.

The Duggan book that someone was asking about is not really worth it. I got one several years ago (They are always 'just going to press') and keep getting mailings. It has some generic pieces on Ireland, outtakes from books on the origins of the surname and then a directory taken from phone listings. I think the most recent versions add some material from the US Census listings. As long as you think of it as an interesting vanity piece it is ok, but it is disappointing as family history or a source of data.

The newsletters are still very interesting. I thought you might be interested in looking at the Maris home page, which is a nice way of presenting the family history data. I also see links from GENWEB into pages like yours and the MARIS page. The connection lets someone looking at for the Duggan name in Bradford Co PA directly jump to the Duggan Home page.

I am playing with my data trying to get it into form like the Maris page. If I succeed I'll drop you a note with the URL.

Incidentally, I believe the oldest recorded mention of the Duggan surname in Wales is in the 15th Century sometime, I will begin to watch for the references on that.

Jim in NC. (Duggan's in Carmarthenshire, Wales and Bradford County PA.)

From: "Roger C. Dugan" <>
Subject: Dugan Genealogy Update
Date sent: Sat, 31 May 1997


I'd like to bring you and your readers up to date on the latest research into our Dugan family line. Apparently, our ancestors were in America earlier than many of the Duggans or Dugans. I just returned from visiting the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus where we've been able to go back another generation to a Peter Dugan apparently born in PA , possibly Fayette Co., shortly before 1800.

I've attached an abbreviated listing of the known descendants through the 4th generation. I've also attached a listing of John S. Dugan descendants. Family lore has it that we are descended from one of two brothers who ran a saloon in Zanesville, OH. History books list John S. (d. 1825) many times as the prominent proprietor of the best hotel in Zanesville at the time, but there is no mention of a brother. However, there is strong circumstantial evidence they were related due to the similar names of descendants (Lewis Henry) and that they were all part of the same church (St. Thomas) in Zanesville.

The elder Lewis Henry was quoted in a newspaper article in the late 1800's as saying the St. Thomas church began in his Grandmother's home. This suggests the previous generation of Dugans was also present in Zanesville in 1820.

I have not yet discovered the names of the other Dugans. The Zanesville marriage records show that several Dugan women were married there between 1825 and 1835. There was also an Elizabeth Dugan, age 102, buried at St. Thomas cemetery in 1848. She could be the wife of a Samuel Dugan who lived in PA during the latter half of the 1700's. Was she the grandmother of Lewis Henry?

Peter died sometime after the 1830 census. His wife Ann Maria then married William Mattingly. She is referred to in the Mattingly history as "Anna Mary," a name which she may have actually used or the historians simply misinterpreted. There are several Annas and Marys among the descendants. However, the official records show Ann Maria. Peter and Ann Maria had at least two sons, Richard H. (my g-g-grandfather) and John, who was living in Oregon in 1895. They also apparently had at least one daughter, whose name we have yet to learn.

Incidentally, my daughter, Kathleen, just returned from 5 months studying (so she says!) at the University College of Cork. She met some Duggans there (all with the "gg" spelling) and I have a nice framed picture she made for me of a store front with the name "Duggan's" from downtown Cork, I am assuming.

Descendants of: Peter Dugan and Ann Maria Williams

1 Peter Dugan m. 28 Jul 1818 Ann Maria Williams
2 Richard H. Dugan b. 1819 d. 11 Aug 1895 m. 5 May 1843 Ellen C. Faust b. 1823 d. 19 Mar 1905 3 Peter Dugan b. 1843 m. Mary C. Johnston m. Luanna Bird b. 10 Mar 1851 d. 22 Mar 1870
4 Lewis Henry Dugan b. 22 May 1880
3 Mary F. Dugan b. 1846 m. John C. O'Neill 3 Albert H. Dugan b. 1847 d. 17 Mar 1890 m. 2 Dec 1875 Julia Viola Etta Eloise Wines b. 20 Aug 1853 d. 15 May 1940
4 Albert Issachar Dugan b. 23 Jul 1876 d. 15 Aug 1944 m. 28 May 1908 Mildred Ball Hereford b. 31 Mar 1884 d. 24 Mar 1967
4 Julia W Dugan b. DEC 1878 4 Zella R. Dugan b. AUG 1879
4 George Richey Dugan b. 11 Jan 1881 d. 25 Nov 1915
4 James A. Garfield Dugan b. 28 Oct 1882 d. 27 Mar 1910
4 Nellie A. Dugan b. JUNE 1885 d. 24 SEPT 1943
4 Sarah Anne Dugan b. 18 Feb 1888
4 Ella May Dugan b. 23 May 1889
3 John W. Dugan b. 1849
3 Ella Josephine Dugan b. 1853 d. 5 Mar 1919 m. 25 Aug 1873 Charles M. Clark m. C1896-1897 Walter Wilbert Still d. C1906
4 Lewis R. Clark b. C1883
4 Elmo Still b. C1904 d. 1985 (?)
3 Charles Dugan b. 1856 d. 23 Aug 1928 m. 1880 Rosa M Todd b. C1859 d. 30 Nov 1894
4 Myrtle Fay Dugan b. 1886 d. 1974 m. Herman Bone b. 1885 d. 1985
4 Meredith Darlington Dugan b. 30 Aug 1889 d. 3 Dec 1963 m. SEPT 1915 Mabel Offord b. 13 JULY 1895 d. 4 Dec 1973 4 Mary F Dugan b. 1892 d. 1892
3 L??? Dugan b. 1858 3 Anna Dugan b. 1863 m. 30 Oct 1889 William T. Morton d. 25 Mar 1912
3 Louis F. Dugan b. 1866
2 John Dugan b. C1825 m. 6 Jul 1843 Mrs. Jane Avery

Descendants of: John S. Dugan

1 John S. Dugan b. C1792 d. 11 Mar 1825 m. Barbara Catherine _____ b. 24 Oct 1784 d. 16 May 1867
2 Lewis Henry Dugan b. 10 JULY 1812 d. 25 Apr 1899 m. 19 Apr 1839 Sarah Ann Culbertson
3 Barbara Caroline Dugan m. William A Fillmore d. 1909
3 John Simon Dugan ??? (Died age 3)
2 Female Dugan b. C1820

Regards, Roger C. Dugan

Date sent: Fri, 30 May 1997 23:05:06 +0000
From: J Michael <>
Subject: Great webpage


Came across your webpage - it's grand. I supposed I don't qualify as a Duggan - but maybe honorary !

Mike Deigan

Actually, you may have come across a ditty I've heard several people in my family mention. They say that they remember the old people singing an Irish ditty, which relates the various spellings of Deegan/Deigan/Duggan/Dugan/Degan. Of which there are many.

Ever heard of it ??

Send reply to:
Subject: information for library patron on susan duggan of chicago, illinois

A library patron has requested information on a young girl, Susan Duggan maybe 8-10 years old who was kidnapped and murdered, in the 1940's in chicago. Do you have anything in your files? thanks. apparently it was a similar case to our Megan Kanka case here in New Jersey.

Date sent: Fri, 21 Mar 1997
Subject: To:


I recently spoke to a Bill Duggan who told me that you write a newsletter all about "Duggan's". I be interested in finding out about it. Margie

Date sent: Sun, 9 Mar 1997
Subject: Davy Crockett'

Dear Lyman,

We greatly appreciate your interest in researching the deed from UofT. The only thing I can add is as follows. Upon speaking with my father, I learned that my Great Uncle and Aunt gave the deed to Uof T probably in the late 1960s. There names were Robert and Fannie Mae Duggan from near Athens, TN. The Duggan farm was near Madisonville, TN and was about 100 acres. The property was a land grant from Tenn. with Davy Crockett's signiture and would have occurred in the late 1790s.

Please let me know if you have success.

Thank You,

Paul J. Duggan

Date sent: Thu, 6 Mar 1997
From: Special Collections <>
To: Subject: Davy Crocket

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your request in regard Davy Crockett. Regretfully, we do not appear to have the item that you are interested in. If you could give further information about the citation showing us as having the requested document, we would be glad to look further.

William B. Eigelsbach
Special Collections
University of Tennessee

Hi, fellow Duggans:

I thought you might be interested in this e-mail I received last night. All descendants of immigrant William DUGGAN and Mary SMITHWICK may be interested in this.

Happy genealogy!

Bob Duggan in Atlanta

------- FORWARD, Original message follows -------

Hi Bob,

We communicated briefly last year about the Smithwick genealogy. I am writing now to inform you that the folks over in NE North Carolina are now taking orders for the upcoming book on the Smithwick Family - The First 150 Years. The price is $40. If you are interested, please contact:

Mr. Paul Peel
308 Iron Horse Road
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

Regards, Luke Smithwick

Date: Wed, 28 May 1997
From: (Harvest Charters)

Dear Lyman:

I happened to stumble on to your homepage concerning different Dugan's and I'm hoping that you can shed some light on my Dugan roots. This is the story I have:

Two brothers came to Canada from Ireland:

John Dugan- I have no other info on him. Althought he could be the mentioned in the 1871 Canada Census, age: 27- Occupation:Carpenter- Living in Peterborough Township, Ontario.

Daniel Dugan who married Sadie Fergeson, they had four children:

1.Fergie Dugan who married Emily ?- no children

2.Ida A Dugan- died as an infant

3.Edna Dugan b.1906 in Haliburton, Ontario..d.1964 in Hailebury, Ontario who married Vince Arney (around 1924) they had five children: 1. Glen b.1925 2. Earl b.1926 3. Walter b.1927 4. Dan b.1937 5. Gail b.1940

4. Lillian Dugan- died as a teenager.

I've come to a stone wall trying to research anything about the brothers John and Daniel, they hold the key to a genetic disorder that has caused the death of most of my family members. I can't help but think that John must of had children. Could you please sent me any information you have on this small family group. I know the info is sketchy. Perhaps this can fill in a blank or two to someone else.

Warm Regards, Dawn Hiltz

Date: 97-05-27


Glad the Hugh Duggan link now works OK.

I ran into some Irish folks from Dublin at a computer show in Gaithersburg, MD on 5/24. They mentioned most Irish pronounce Duggan as "DUH' gan", though a few put the accent on the second syllable and call it "doo GAN'". They'd not heard it pronounced "DOO' gan" as the Hugh Duggan line calls it.

Happy genealogy!

Bob Duggan in Atlanta

From: "Jill C. Rogers" <>
Subject: Big Dugan Update!!

I would like to update my Dugan line that was published in your newsletter nr 23 of January 1997. Please run in your next newsletter the following:

My DUGAN quest started a year ago when I discovered my grandmother had notebooks of handwritten family outlines. I'm trying to verify the information she had as quickly as possible and the best way to do that is find some cousins out there!!

My 4th great-grandparents, John and Eliza Dugan had 8 children, I'm a descendant of Erastus Dugan and I already have connections to Sarah Dugan!

John Dugan b: October 1800 d: January 11, 1857 Married: Eliza Tallis on July 19, 1829 in Madison Cnty, Ohio

Children of John Duggan and Eliza Tallis:

-Robert Dugan b: October 19, 1832 in Ohio d: June 09, 1901 Married: Mary Ann Murray in 1865
-Rosetta Ann Dugan b: March 16, 1835 in Darke Cnty, Ohio d: February 06, 1908 Married Sam McCord on August 07, 1863 in Darke County, Ohio
-Erastus Dugan b: January 16, 1837 in Darke Cnty, Ohio d: November 18, 1927 in Ft. Scott, Kansas Married Caroline Josephine Etterlein on January 17, 1865 in Lincoln, Illinois
-Elias Dugan b: 1838 d: February 06, 1862
-Sarah Dugan b: May 20, 1840 d: July 30, 1909 Married Willis Adams on May 26, 1856
-David Dugan b: January 10, 1843 d: May 14, 1937 Married Mary Dolly Adams in 1866
-Hattie Dugan b: 1844 d: in infancy
-Eliza Mary Dugan b: January 27, 1850 d: January 15, 1923 Married Henry Hamner

Here's the list of Erastus' children. I'm a descendant of Alva and I already have connections with the lines of Fred, Harriet and Kathern!!

Children of Erastus and Caroline:

-Alva Dugan b: April 14, 1867 in Garland, Kansas d: July 28, 1951 in Galena, Kansas Married Margaret Emily Rarey on December 26, 1887 in Ft. Scott, Kansas
-Fredrick Dugan b: January 18, 1870 in Bourbon Cnty, Kansas d: March 26, 1955 in Galena, Kansas Married Susan Aristena Rarey on February 19, 1893 in Pawnee Station, KS
-Rosetta Joy Dugan b: January 08, 1873 in Bourbon Cnty, Kansas d: October 17, 1896 Married John A. Case
-Caroline (Lina) Dugan b: February 19, 1876 in Pawnee Station, Kansas d: November 15, 1960 in Fulton, Kansas Married Cornelius Edward Townsend on September 28, 1903 in Ft. Scott, KS
-Harriet Dugan b: August 30, 1878 in Hiattville, Kansas d: November 30, 1976 in Oxford, Kansas Married William James Fields on September 04, ?
-Kathern Dugan b: February 14, 1881 in Pawnee Station, Kansas d: March 15, 1969 in Girard, Kansas Married Charles Henry Zimmerman on December 10, 1899 in Hiattville, KS
-Erastus Dugan, Jr. b: October 07, 1883 in Kansas d: April 12, 1966 in Illinois Married Elsie Smith in 1905
-Emma Bessie Dugan b: March 10, 1886 in Pawnee Station, Kansas d: October 23, 1975 in Ft. Scott, Kansas Married James Harvey Chambers on January 23, 1912 in Ft. Scott, KS
-Eliza Mary Dugan b: November 14, 1888 d: January 25, 1889
-John Ingalls Dugan b: March 14, 1890 in Anna, Kansas d: June 16, 1955 in Ft. Scott, Kansas Married Ora Wright on July 02, 1992 in Ft. Scott, Kansas
-Harry Dugan b: June 06, 1893 in Bourbon County, Kansas d: November 06, 1975 in Great Bend, Barton, Kansas Married Frances Pellett on January 06, 1914 in Ft. Scott, Kansas


Jill C. Rogers 11145 West 76th Terrace, #8 Shawnee, KS 66214 email:


I read with much interest the letters in your homepage.

My ggg/great granfather, Timothy Duggan was sent to Van Diemans Land (now Tasmania) in 1847 when he was 45 years old along with his 2-16 year old sons Jeremiah and John Duggan. He left a wife Cathrine 4/5 younger children malia born app 1835.

-Ellen 1836
-Tim 1840
-Stephen 1847
-William 1848 also timothy had a brother
-Denis Jeremiah and a sister
-Mary they all came from Canturk /Cork.

One son, John Duggan married in Tas then went to Bendigo gold prospecting It was said that he then left Australias shores never to return. He supposedly went to Johanesberg then into America gold hunting. The only contact to his family was by his solicitor to bequeth something to his brother Jeremiah in Tasmania. This was during one of the world wars and no contact was made in time to finalize his wishes. There are only approx 90 descendants from this John Duggan in Australia. However, there are more than 4,000 descendants from Jeremiah Duggan in Austraia especially in Tasmania

Myself, I am 46 years old married with 3 daughters and one son. I also have 3 lovely grandchildren .I'm employed as a commercial officer. Our family live on a small farm with cattle horses etc. As a hobbie I collect and restore old antique horse drawn sulkies and buggies. I love trout fishing , hiking , diving , deep sea fishing , collecting antiques , my main sport is badminton . We live in a lovely small country town called Glen Huon which is situated on banks of the Huon River. My wife Winsome Duggan ( nee Woolley) is a direct descendant of the original settlers of this area and we live on one of their old homes.

I hope this message gets through to you. regards,

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Date sent: Wed, 04 Jun 1997
Subject: Duggins

Hello Lyman

I have a very interesting story to tell you. Solomon Abbot was my ggggg grandfather. He had a daughter named Cynthia who married William Dermit and they had a daughter Louisa. Solomon also had a son named Henry who married Elizabeth Proctor and they had a son named Norman. Norman and Louisa were first cousins and husband and wife. They had Frances Abbot who is my gg grandmother. She is buried in Wellford SC next to my gg grandfather Christopher Columbus Bell. Solomon lived to a ripe old age with Cynthia being his favorite daughter....until she took up with William Duggins while still being married to Henry Abbot. She had children by William Duggins. Solomon left her nothing in his will and refused to acknowledge her childern by William Duggins. She accused him of being crazy and concorting with his house slave. A court found him competent. The first people mentioned in his will was his house slave and her childern (their children).

All of this took place in Spartanburg Co SC in the mid 1800s. William Duggins and Cynthia's children's names are Ga b1842 and Archer b1845 Duggins.

To throw some more spice in there Frances's father Norman Abbot is listed as having a grandson named Moses Jackson. Frank Abbot who compiled the Abbot genealogy says Moses was Frances's son and that she must have married a Jackson. He gives no sorces for proof.

My aunt Ethel who knew her grandmother Frances Abbot says Moses was an illigetiment child of Frances's sister. What a soap opera of a family. Most of this info came from an archives file on Solomon Abbot from the SC state Archives. I think we have an interesting family tree.

Would you like to exchange info? Harold Harrison Jr

Please document your Duggan Genealogy and send it to me for publishing and for the Archive. When you have new data, dates etc., let me know and it will be published and archived too. These Archives will be available for many years to come...hopefully forever. For this reason, it is a good idea to include your mailing address so that interested parties can contact you years into the future.....cousin Lyman Duggan

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