Date sent: Sun, 20 Apr 97
From: Jolene Osmun <>

Hello Lyman,

Now that I know that we are for sure related, I thought I'd send you what I have on my line to the Duggan's. I've checked what I have past Archelaus Cone and Elizabeth (Betsy)Duggan against your information and I found that we are in sink. I think that you have the other descendents covered more than I do, so I'm not send what you already have. So hear is my line:

Archelaus Cone b. 1772, NC d. 1840, Sanderville, Washington Cty, GA M. around 1796 to Elizabeth (Betsy) Duggan (daughter of William Duggan II & Chloe Ann Himan)b. 1776, Bertie Cty, NC d. 1860, Sequin, TX

Children of Archelaus and Elizabeth Duggan Cone

1. Jessie Cone
2. John Cone
3. William Cone
4. James T. Cone b. 1797 NC d. October 1862 Colorado Cty, TX m. 1817 Mary Baker(Waiting to get more on this line from decendent Michael Michelsen E-Mail
5. Archibold Cone, MD b. 1805-1819 Atlanta, Washington Cty, GA d. September 22, 1869 TX m. Penelope Baker

children of Archibold and Penelope Cone
1. James Baker Cone MD
2. William Cone
3. Henry F. Cone
4. Cyrene Cone
5. Green Cone
6. Julia Ann Cone
7. Ameta P. Cone
8. Alfred W. Cone
9. Amanda Pauline Cone b. August 7, 1845 Atlanta, GA d.October 21, 1925, Nixon, Gonzales Cty, TX m. May 16 1866 Union Valley, TX Daniel Levi Wiley (son of Martha (Patsy)Pate & Samuel Wiley) b. may 16, 1841 Sabine, Parish Cty, LA d.March 5, 1921 Rancho, Gonzales Cty, TX

children of Amanda and Daniel Wiley
1. Grace Emma Wiley b. September 22, 1889 Union Valley, TX d. March 12, 1972 Gridley, Butte Cty, CA (1)m.July 11, 1909, Eugene Woods Magee (son of Clayborne Sullivan Magee & Olivia McNabb)b. Dec 21 1886 Gonzales Cty, TX d. June 17 1927 (2)James Thomas Russell

children of Grace and Eugene Magee
1. Oleta Magee
2. Paul Magee
3. Reginal Magee b. August 28, 1910 TX d. September 1986 Marysville, Butt Cty, CA m. August 28, 1940 TX, Nilia Washington
4. Lucille Magee b. January 9, 1912 TX d.December 18 1965 Hawthorne, Los Angeles Cty, CA m. July 20 1926 Gonzales Cty, TX Clyde Carpenter
5. Virgel Magee b. October 23, 1913 TX d. April 26, 1979 Pasadena, Harris Cty, TX
6. Daniel Clayborn Magee b. December 13 1914 TX d. October 17, 1981 Marysville, Yuba Cty, CA (1)m. Dorothy Delores Baker (daughter of Earl Joseph Baker & Velma Bernice Powers)b.January 4, 1920 North Platte, Lincoln Cty, NE.- Living (2)m Josephine ?

Children of Daniel and Dorothy
1. Virginia (Ginger)Maxine Magee b. January 2, 1937 Salinas, Monterey Cty, CA-Living (1)m. June 8, 1956, Soledad, Monterey Cty, CA-James Peter Barboni (son of Rocco Barboni & May Teresa Dusi)b. August 26, 1938 Salinas, Monterey Cty, CA-Living (2)m.April 8, 1970, Anehiem, CA-Paul Austin Irving (Son of Percy and Leonora Wiecil)b. September 2, 1941 Brockton MA (3)m. June 23, 1995 Ernest Paul Warskow III (Son of Ernest Paul Warskow II and Gertrude Gonzales)b. August 30 1946 Key West, Monroe Cty, FL

Children of Virginia and James Barboni
1. Barboni-Mi scarried
2. Tony Ray Barboni-Mi scarried at late term of pregnacy after 1958 3. Jolene Kaye Barboni b. April 11, 1958 Long Beach, Los Angeles Cty, CA (1)m.T homas Frank King (Common Law married December 1977 Divorced Denver, CO 1982 (2)m. April 10, 1983 Garry L.G. Osmun (Son of Virgil Adair Osmun & Alice Imogene Mackey)

Children of Jolene and Thomas
1. Micheal Steven King/Osmu n b. October 10, 1978 uses the last name Osmun, Englewood, CO

Children of Jolene and Garry
1. Tia Maxine Osmun b. May 27, 1982 Denver, Denver Cty, CO
2. Jana Imogene Osmun b. August 27, 1983 Thornton, Adams Cty, CO
3. Shay Anne Osmun b. June 12 1994, Hillsdale, Hillsdale Cty, MI

Step children to Jolene(Ga rry's)
1. Ginger Leigh Osmun b. november 22, 1973 1 . M i r a n d a R e n e e b . Oct 8 1993
2. Stephanie Wanafaye Osmun b. February 11, 1976
3. Amber LeAnn Osmun b. August 27, 1977

Children of Virginia and Paul Irving
1. Jana Kaye Irving b. August 27, 1973 Long Beach, CA

Children of Virginia and Ernest Warskow
Step Child to Virginia
1. Becky Rose Warskow b. May 21, 1975
2. Grace Wilma Magee b. May 21 1938, Soledad, Monterey, CA M. Darrel Wayne Wilson in Soledad CA also Divorced

children of Grace and Darrel
1. Darlene Wilson m. Donald Ward Divorced children-Sabrina Ward and Stacey Ward
2. Charlene Wilson m ? Divorced children-Chloe & Jessie
3. Catherine Wilson m 2 times last was Vacarro child Noel from 1st mar.
4. Laurie Wilson m John Elliot child Samatha Elliot 3. Earl Daniel Magee b. January 14 1943 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA m. in Chicago Ill, divorced ? to ?. 1 child a daughter name unknown at this time. Earl known as Danny doesn't read nor write and works in different places waiting to contact him. To date has no contact with daughter as he does not know where she is at.

Children of Daniel Magee and Josephine
1. Romona Magee
6. Pherably D. Cone b. 1819 GA d. TX 7. Elizabeth Cone b. GA d. St. Augustine, Florida m Edmund J. Davis

Well I think I got it all, I have written to most of the others for information but have gotten no responses, but will send any updates or additions that I get. If you have any questions just give me a E-mail ring glad to help.

Wishing ya'all well, Enjoying "Our Family" Jolene in Michigan