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McGaughan Family

Their generation and eventual marriage with the Duggan family James Goggin or Gaughran was tried in County Meath ,during Lent in1816 and sentenced to seven years transportation. He left Cork per "CHAPMAN" on25th March1817.During the 123 day voyage the ship experienced a bloody mutiny,with 12 men killed and 30 wounded. There were198 convicts on board ship.

James Goggin or Gaughran arrived in Port Jackson on 26th July 1817. He was described as a brogue Maker,5'6'' in height aged 23, dark complexion, hazel eyes and his native place was County Cavan. He was sent on to Hobart per "JUPITER" arriving on the 9th August 1817. In Hobart he was described as John Garchen or Gaughren, a shoemaker, 5'51/4'' in height, aged 25, dark complexion, brown hair,and hazel eyes. On arrival he was assigned to Mr. Foley.

The following offences were committed by him in the colony: 8 April 1822. Ticket of Leave / Absent from muster and Church /reprimanded. 13th June 1829.Free by Servitude / Bound over to keep the peace for 6 Months towards John Lynch. 24th November 1830. F-S / Appears to answer the complaint of his assigned servant Benjamin Jones for assaulting him / Admonished and ordered to find Jones a pair of Shoes. 20thDecember 1830. F-S /Breach of Act in Council No 11.- in having a dog in his possession unlicensed /Quashed. 23rd July 1832. F-S / Assaulting Richard Ashworth /Ordered to find sureties of the peace - 6 months 15th October 1832. F-S / Threatening to do John Lynch some grievous bodily harm /Ordered to find sureties of the peace 12 months. 17th June 1833. F-S / Assaulting and threatening Henry O'Hara on the 14th last, also with drunkenness /Fined 5/- and find sureties of the peace himself in 30 Pound and two of15 Pound each.

Copy of grant shows John Gaughren as adjoining that of John Sherburd, dated 30th December 1829, it says "John Gaughren living at Browns ' River, being ' Free by Servitude', had been given 40 acres in previous grant ( 10 cleared and under cultivation ). Land was needed for stock. Tender to purchase 200 acres- some land inferior, and would be subject to rent". He had been granted 40 acres of land at Browns' River (Kingston) sometime before1830, and in January 1830 he applied for an additional grant. He was ordered an additional 200 acres in consideration of him having a family of five children and appearing an industrious man. John (shown as corrected to James ) Gaughren had been granted 40 acres on Brunie Island on 7th June 1825 and 200 acres on 7th January 1830

The Statistical View of Van Diemens Land - Emigrants Guide 1832, by Charles M Goodridge, lists (Mc)Gaughan amongst other Blackman's' Bay farmers and seamen- including Lucas, Foley, Sherburd, and Chamberlain.

Elizabeth Sherburd was born on Norfolk Island on the 19th November 1801 and baptised the daughter ofWillim and Esther Sherbert on 20th December 1801. (St Phillips Register, Sydney).

When the settlement of Norfolk Island was closed ,the Sherburd Family came to Van Diemens Land. They left on 9th September 1808 on 'City of Edinburgh'. It was the 5th Embarkation to the Derwent where they arrived on 2nd October 1808.

No record of marriage can be found in Tasmania for James McGaughan and Elizabeth Sherburd as there was no Catholic Priest in Tasmania before 1821 and children's baptismal records state they were not married. The register kept by the first Priest in Tasmania, 1821 - 1836 includes the following baptisms of James McGaughan and Elizabeth Sherburd's children :- 23 April 1821, baptised John, parents James McGaughan and Elizabeth Sherberd, parents not married, sponsor Eleanor Kelly. 14th March 1823, baptised James, parents James McGaughan and ----- Shearbeard, illegitimate, sponsor was Eleanor Kinsella. 3rd February 1827, baptised Susanna, parents James McGaughan andElizabeth Sherburd sponsor was Margaret McCauley. 18th November 1830, baptised Henry, parents James McGaughan and Elizabeth Sherbet, sponsor was Catherine Gormely. 19th October 1835, baptised William, parents James McGaughan (per 'CHAPMAN") and Elizabeth Sherburd, sponsor John Coffee. James McGaughan married a Margaret Green sometime before 1837.

There is no record of their marriage in the registers of St Joseph's R.C. Church. There is no record of what happened to Elizabeth Sherburd. ST Joseph's Church was not opened until 1841, but the first register begins in 1836 and includes the following records of the baptisms of the children of James and Margaret McGaughran or Mcgaughan:- , Margaret ,daughter of James and Margaret McGaughan, born 30th October 1837,was baptised on 6th September 1840 by Rev J.J.Therry Godparents were Lawrence Pigeon andMary McDonnell. Phillip,same parents, born 15th April 1840, baptised same day.

Ann, daughter of James and Margaret McGaughan, born 30th October 1836, was baptised on 12th October 1842, by Rev J.J.Therry. Godparents were James Trainor and Maria Errard. Elizabeth, same parents, born 29th August 1842, baptised same day.

Thomas, son of James McGaughan and Margaret (formerly Green), was baptised on 8th October 1856, by Rev W.Hall, aged 13 years at date of baptism. Godparents were David Wallis and Margaret McGaughan. He was again tried (as James McGaughran) at the Supreme Court, Hobart on the 7th December 1844 for sheep stealing (3 sheep the property ofJohn Gresley) and sentenced to life which was commuted to seven years .

He was sent to Pt Arthur for two years initially. He received a ticket of leave on18th July 1848 and his certificate of freedom on the 14th October 1852 The report of his trial in1844 states that he had a young wife, aged 25 years. This was presumably his second wife Margaret Green as she could not be the mother of the children born in the1820's John McGaughan (James McGaughan's eldest son) and Mary Rollins took out a Licence to Marry (no 733) on 4th August 1852.

They were married on 10th August in the Kingston Church, in the Parish of Kingston, according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the United Church of England and Ireland by Licence. John McGaughan was a bachelor aged 31 years ,and his rank was a Blacksmith. Mary Rollins was a s[pinster, aged 19 years. The marriage was solemnised in the presence of William Rollins (who left his mark), George McGuire and Eliza Rollins.

The clergyman was Rev Edward Freeman. (from official marriage certificate)

Elizabeth Mary Ann McGaughan, the eldest daughter of John McGaughan blacksmith and Mary McGaughan (nee Rollins) was born on 16th October 1853. The informant was her father, John McGaughan, living in Frederick Street. The birth was registered on 18th October 1853.She was born in the District of Hobart (from birth certificate)

Elizabeth Mary Ann McGaughan was My Grandmother (Ossie Duggan)

John Mcgaughan and Mary McGaughan were living at 73 Davey Street. in a house owned by John Sherburd. By 1857their address was 12 Kelly street Battery Point, His epitaph checks his date of birth as being James McGaughan's eldest son. The inscription on the tombstone of John McGaughan and family reads :-In remembrance of John McGaughan, died 11/9/80 in the 60th year of his age; also Mary McGaughan, wife of the above , died 29/3/09, aged 75 years also Elizabeth Mary Ann died 23/5/08 aged 55 years. Cecil Harry Duggan , Oswald Rollins Duggan, and Michael Duggan. are also buried there. ( Michael Duggan was my Grandfather)

Michael Duggan the eldest son of John Duggan and Ann Duggan (nee McNamarra) married Elizabeth Mary Ann McGaughan on 8th September 1873 in the residence of Rev T.E.O. Mell ,Macquarie Street, Hobart. Their children were :-

Melville Louis Duggan married Sarah ???? 5 children from this union.

Eileen Duggan married Lenard Morgan, 2 children from this union Mansell Duggan married Rose Dobson, 2 children from this union Oswald Rollins Duggan born1869 suicided 4/12/07

Percival John Folley Duggan born14th January1874, married Mary Underall. who died in April 1922, they had three daughters. He then married Mary Bennadetta Dobbin, She was an English war widow whose husband, an Australian serviceman, had been killed in action during the First World War. She had 2 children by a previous marriage

Cecil Harry Duggan born Sept 1884 died 1885

Clarice Duggan married Thomas Weston, 2 children from this union Percival John Folley Duggan, a widdower ,married Mary Bennadetta Dobbin in 1925 They had two children, Oswald John Clifford Duggan married Ruby Beth Hollands, 4 sons came from this union.

Coralie Eileen Duggan, married Lance Reuben Bewley, 5 children came from this union

The Family of Oswald J C Duggan and Ruby Beth Duggan Oswald John Clifford Duggan (
born 21/10/25) married Ruby Beth Hollands (born 12/11/28) at the Col Light Gardens Methodist Church Adelaide South Australia on 19th November 1949
Michael John Duggan born 1st December 1951, married Kaye Rollison born 13th July 1951. they were married on13th March 1976 in St Phillips Church, Somerton Park Adelaide South Australia.

1 Timothy John Duggan born 28/5/77
2 Christopher Ian Duggan born 28/12/78
3 Jennifer Dawn Duggan born 4/7/81
4 Suzanne Renee Duggan born 25/10/82

Trevor Allan Duggan, born 21st April 1955, married Kathryn Ruth Brokensha born 23rd April 1959, they were married at Stirling on 5th March 1983

1 Anthony James Duggan born 6/1/83
2 Claire Leah Duggan born 21/4/86
3 Joanna Jane Duggan born 4/7/88

Stephen Mark Duggan born 28thNovember 1960, married Yvonne Gartner born 25th November 1963, they were married at North Adelaide on 25th March 1988 No issue

Peter Lloyd Duggan, born 1st April 1964, married Janine Travers born 18th July 1961, they were married at Glenelg on 28th March 1991 1

Kate Travers ( Step Daughter) born 2/5/88 2 Brinley Thomas Mcpherson Duggan, born 6/7/93.

Phillip Bewley son of Lance Reuben Bewley and Coralie Eileen Bewley (nee Duggan) compiled most of these lists

There is further info relating to the Sherburd Family if anyone wants it.

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