Family Newsletter nr 23 .....January 1997

Date sent: Wed, 20 Nov 1996
From: Richard Scott Erwin <>
Subject: Re: Duggan

I only know that my grandmother (Kathleen aka Cathrine Duggan) was from in or around Athlone, County Wexford.


From: "mike dugan" <>
Date sent: Sat, 7 Dec 1996


My name is Mike Dugan and recently found your site on the Net. I thought I would give you our family stats so you can update your database.

My Father is Henry James Dugan, who married Janet Gail Johnson. They had 4 children:

Michael James Dugan(me-oldest-9/4/63),
Henry James Dugan(2nd-8/21/64),
Patrick James Dugan(3rd-3/19/68?), and
Lisa Marie Dugan(4th-4/26/71).

My father's father was also Henry James Dugan; we don't know a lot about him. He passed away when I was roughly five; my dad doesn't talk about him much. I know they were originally from the East Coast(Mass?), and he worked in the oil business and traveled a lot. His first wife(my father's mother) was named Vita. I have an aunt(my Dad's sister) that I have lost track of and haven't seen in about 15 years. My father doesn't speak to her, but I would like to track her down. Last I knew she was still on the East Coast(NYC?).

My family consists of myself, my wife Colleen Marie Dugan(maiden name Power), and 4 children:

Erin Marie Dugan(oldest-10-16-85),
Johanna Lynn Dugan(2nd-5/27/88),
Ryan Michael Dugan(3rd-8/9/90), and
Caleb Joel Dugan(4th-6/25/93).

My parents raised me in the West Michigan area-Middleville, MI- and this is where I currently reside and am raising my family as well.

If you need to contact me, or have any ideas on the location and full identity of my aunt, or any more detail on my family tree, I can be reached at

For snail mail:.......Mike Dugan

12481 Green Lake Rd. Middleville, MI 49333 616-795-4362

Thanks for a great and intriguing website!

To: "Lyman Duggan" <>
From: (Ossie Duggan)
Subject: Re:The McGaughan Generation

G'Day Lyman, Herewith is the promised info on the McGaughan Family

Their generation and eventual marriage with the Duggan family

James Goggin or Gaughran was tried in County Meath ,during Lent in1816 and sentenced to seven years transportation. He left Cork per "CHAPMAN" on25th March1817. During the 123 day voyage the ship experienced a bloody mutiny,with 12 men killed and 30 wounded. There were198 convicts on board ship.

This is a big file and quite interesting. To view the file, click here ....McGaughan

Date sent: Mon, 13 Jan 1997
Subject: Duggan/Durgan Genealogy

Hi there: Just accessed your WEB page at work, and to let you know that I have some information about my DUGGAN -> DURGAN genealogy that you might what to add. The name was DUGGAN/DUGAN/DOUGAN in records in Nova Scotia, but became DURGAN in Maine/Wisconsin records.

I haven't had a chance to review all that you have here. Perhaps you have information on my Christopher DUGGAN that married Phebe HINDs 1796 in Nova Scotia. He was born in Ireland, probably around 1776. I'll send you another e-mail once I get home.

Thanks, Paul Castillo


Hi Paul.....that is very interesting information. try loading up some of the big files from the Dugan page and then doing a "find" to try and locate the names you are interested in. We look forward to hearing from you again soon!


Date sent: Sat, 23 Nov 1996
From: al duggan <>
Subject: Return message from Allan R. Duggan and family.

Lyman, I was very surprised and pleased to get your message. I have been somewhat interested in our family history and have been documenting as much as I know. I will put it into some kind of order and send it off as soon as I can. Breifly, my father's family was from Bilth, Wales although my father was born here in Canada, Indian Head, Sask. shortly after coming to Canada. Father's birthdate Sept. 9, 1908, deceased June 1,1995. Will get more detailed info to you later. Thanks for the e-mail.


Date sent: Wed, 4 Dec 96
From: "Dana Duggan" <>
To: "Lyman Duggan" <>
Subject: RE: Duggan Family

I have an uncle named Lyman...his sister is Mary Claude Duggan, my grandmother. Are you related...well, of course you are somehow, but directly? Sure, I'll read your newsletter, at least for awhile.

Date sent: Thu, 5 Dec 1996
From: Davi Duggan <>
Subject: re:to find out about Duggan family

Lyman, Hi, my name is Davi Duggan. I am very interested in any information on Duggan genealogy or any promising books. I am also interested in your newsletter. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Davi Duggan

Date sent: Sun, 8 Dec 1996
From: Mike Dugan <>
Subject: updated info

I found out today a little more info regarding my family. My father(Henry James Dugan) married my mother(Janet Gail Johnson) in Griffith, IN on Dec. 21, 1959. My father's father (Henry Dugan also) had a brother named Frank. My father's mother was named Vida Sellers; I believe she committed suicide when my father was roughly sixteen. He(my grandfather) remarried a woman named Florence. This probably one of the reasons my father doesn't like to talk a whole lot about his family tree.

I did find out that my father's sister is named Evelyn. We believe she has been married several times; I believe her first married name was Fimeti. She has(had?) two sons, one whose name was Anthony. Last we knew she was living in NYC, NY.

I'll keep adding information as I get it. If you find any missing pieces, we would love to hear from you. Thanks for any and all help-

Mike and Colleen Dugan

Date sent: Tue, 10 Dec 1996
Subject: Duggan ancestory

Lyman Hello again. I was born 12-26-1956 in Chicago Il., married Douglas Kurtz 3-3-1982 . We have four children, Molly Kristen Kurtz 7-8-1982
Jacob Martin Kurtz 7-29-1987,
Gavin Howard Kurtz 5-22-1989 , and
Spencer Levi Kurtz 9-19-1990.

I have one sister, Kathleen, born 11-23-1961 Chicago, Il.

My father George Anthony Duggan was born 9-26-1932 Chicago Il.
He married Delores Elinor Zagorski 2-19-1952 Chicago Il.
He died 3-11-1993 in Joliet, Il.

His father, George Aliousius Duggan was born 12-4-1910 in Chicago, married Sarah Ellen McManus 6-18-1932 in Chicago, and died 3-12-1965 in Chicago( but there is some Wisconsin connection here I think the name might be Hays)

His sister, Johanna "Florence" Duggan was born 1-1-1906 in Chicago and died 3-18-1971 at the Santa Fe hospital in Topeka, Kansas..

His brother, Francis Duggan, was born 3-11-1900 in Chicago and he died 7-23-1922 in Joliet, Il. as the result of an auto accident.

His final brother, M. Raymond Duggan was a mystery to me. I know that he died about 1-30-1947 in Kansas City Mo. but he is interred with the others at Mount Olivet Cemetary in Chicago.

Their father was James Duggan born ca 1879, his death record says Ireland. He was the one shot by the policeman on 11-19-1913 and killed about 8 AM. His wife was Margaret Gavin also of Chicago.

In this generation there is some link to Mrs. Margaret Duggan, wife of Michael P. Duggan police sergent Grand Crossing area Chicago, She is also interred at Holy Seplechere. I got her obituary with many other things that belonged to my great-aunt "Florence" .

James' father was Edward Duggan born about 1855 Ireland?, He died 4-5-1898 in Chicago. He married Nora (Whom everyone called Mano) Quinlan . Each of their fathers are signers on the others important papers from Waterford, Ireland.

All I know from there is that Edward was the son of Edward. Edward J. Duggan died 9-10-1887 in Chicago as well. Edward Dugan of 4934 Wood St. Chicago buried in their plot, died 5-19-1896 so where did he come from???

ALL of these Duggans(with the only exception my sister Kathy) have almost black hair and tan skin. They broght a family named O'Brien with them and Mary O'Brien-sister of Nora Quinlan Duggan- is buried in this plot as well. They were Catholic


Date sent: Wed, 11 Dec 1996
Subject: The treaty 75 years ago

Eamonn Duggan was one of the negotiating team with Michael Collins that negotiated the treaty in 1921 establishing the Irish Free State. I don't know anything more than that, but maybe one of our correspondents to the Web page has more info. .

Date sent: Wed, 11 Dec 1996
From: (Dr. J. Michael Slinker)
Subject: Dugan Family Newsletter

Are the following in any issues? If not, please include in future issues.

Dugan, Louise Olga b. 14 Mar 1899 Smith Centre, Smith Co., KS m. 22 Jan 1921 Andrew Earl Dyatt d. 7 Oct 1984 Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX

Dugan, Elmer Ellsworth b. 2 Oct 1864 Lairdsville or Hazelton, Lycoming Co., PA m. 23 May 1889 Lillis Adele Fleming d. 2 Dec 1915 Boulder , Boulder Co., CO

Dugan, Ashley b. 27 Jul 1828/29 Lairdsville, Lycoming Co., PA m. 3 Sep 1854 Margaret Mather Shively d. 14 Nov 1914 Banks Twp., Audenried, Carbon Co., PA

Dugan, John Clark b. 2 Jul 1791Llairdsville, Lycoming Co., PA m. 13 Nov 1817 Lydia Holmes d. 28 Apr 1851 Franklin Twp., Lycoming Co., PA

Dugan, Daniel b. 9 Mar 1750 NJ Revolutionary War Veteran m. 1) Ms. Kinney abt 1775 2) Mary (Dawes) Egbert Jun 1785/88 3) Catharine ( ) Spring 19 Aug 1813 d. 24 May 1836 Franklin Twp.,Lairdsville, Lycoming Co., PA

Pamela J. Pickering Slinker
1971 Gwin Rd
McKinleyville, CA
(707) 839-7235

Date sent: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 19:51:29 -0800
From: DOUGANS <>
Subject: Dougan geneology

Hello Lyman, My name is Jerry Dougan and I have been doing geneology on my family for about 2 years and I am wondering if you have heard from any other Dougan's who spell there name as I do? I am corresponding to Marge Ried and she has been helpful in my reseach. A brief history on my family tree. Mathew Dougan came from Ireland around 1800, he was born near Dublin in 1782. He most likely settled in New York or Vermont. Mathew and his wife Roxanna had 3 children 1 girl and 2 boys. I do not have the name of the girl but the boys names were Joel and Charles. Charles was my great great grandfather. He lived in the Harborcreek PA area and he and his wife Rachel raised 14 children; Lucinda, Isiah, Horace, Dennison, George, John, Frank, Sallyjane, Unice, William, Miranda, Eliza, Pollyanne, and David. All lived in PA accept William who traveled to MI about 1871, he is my great grandfather. I have more than 1200 names in my geneology program so far but would like to add more. I do not know what happened to Joel Dougan or his sister. All for now and hope to hear from you or other Dougan's who can assist me in my research.

Thanks in advance, J Dougan

Date sent: Tue, 24 Dec 1996
From: Roger and Marie Braden <>
Subject: Duggan genealogy

I've only recently gotten into this hobby, and am actually stuck at my grandfather's level. So, if anyone out there is kin to me or can help me out, I would appreciate it! smile

Marietta Marie Duggan (6-21-72) born to John Wayne Duggan(11-25-45) and Wanda Dianne Pruitt(2-14-55) born to Mary Brister Edmonds Duggan(3-13-13) and Van Russell Duggan

My grandfather also had at least one other son from a previous marriage: Russell Rainey Duggan.

Our family is from the Mid-SOuth, Millington, TN area. ANY help or guidelines would be appreciated....

Date sent: Mon, 23 Dec 1996
From: Michael Hughes <>
Subject: Duggan family newsletter


I came across your newsletter recently, and the reference to PEI caught my attention. I am an extreme novice when it comes to geneology research, but I have some information from an aunt of mine that shows a connection with Dougans from Prince Edward Island (probably spelled Duggan at one time).

I know that my great-great-grandmother's name was Mary Meline Dougan (b. 1848) who married John Bernard Hughes in 1872 according to PEI records. (One of the witnesses to the marriage was John A. Dougan). Mary's parents were James Dougan and Mary Keefe. This is about all I know but would be interested in learning more.

My aunt Elaine may have additional information that she gathered in PEI. In fact, she attended a Duggan/Dougan family reunion there in 1993. Was that your family? Also, do you have any information on the Dougan spelling?

If you are able to make any connection with this line of Dougans, I would appreciate your help, and a copy of your family tree software. Keep up the good work. Although I don't share the Duggan name, your efforts are much appreciated by the Hughes family as well.

Mike Hughes

From: From:
Date sent: Mon, 30 Dec 1996
Subject: Duggan family

Dear Lyman;

My name is James J. Duggan , born 12/08/47 in the Bronx, NY. I have two sons, James J. and Robert Emmett.

My father was James J. Duggan, born 1/26/18 in NY, NY, died 7/8/88. He was the only child to survive to adulthood of the union between James Duggan and Bridget Foley. He was six foot tall, slender all his life, had a large and distinguished nose, brown eyes and black hair. He looked a bit like Sean Connery (particularly so as Sean has aged) and Andrew Duggan (the movie star) and also Senator Foley (but without big ears) of Washington State. He worked in TV broadcasting as a technician for CBS News and other companies.

My grandfather was James Duggan born c. 1885 in Dublin, died 10/21/46 , NY, NY. During much of his life he resided in the neighborhood around 94th St and Central Park West, but was known to travel abroad frequently. My father said that he was trained as a tailor, but I don't believe he worked at that very much , if at all. He had four brothers , Cornelius, Andrew, Flur, and John. They all immigrated to the US prior to 1916 but I do not know when. I have never seen a picture of him but he was discribed as being very handsome, tall with long legs, long fingers and he spoke and moved and dressed elegantly. Not much was said about how he maid his living, but my grandmother stated with much disapproval that he took too many risks. Others in the family spoke of him with great respect and indicated that he was well known in NYC and upstate NY.

Cornelius resided in Stamford, Ct.and had a construction business. His offspring were two girls.

Andrew died in the 1930's after having two daughters. His wife remarried and took the name Hannah Sullivan and lived until the 1960's in a brownstone on 94th Street in NYC. I believe the daughters were named Nancy and Dorothy. They retained their names as Duggans until their marriages. Many Duggans and Sullivans lived for short intervals in the brownstone... and Hannah was well known in New York, Boston, and Ireland by many family members and clergy as her brother-in-law was Fr Joeseph Sullivan, a Jesuit priest and Dean of Fairfield University, CT.

Flur lived his life in NYC and I believe he had no children. All I know of him is that he worked as a steel construction worker on bridges.

John moved to San Francisco prior to 1906. After the earthquake, no one seems to have heard of him again.

I believe that there are still some of our family in Ireland and it appears that my grandfather had had strong contacts in Dublin, Ireland all his life, but my grandmother and he never got along very much and in fact were separated after my father was born. My father was raised by his mother in the Hell's Kithchen district of NYC and always respected his mother however, ... she pronounced the name as Do-gan... while my father insisted on it being pronounce Dug-gan and corrected anyone who pronounced it incorrectly... just as his father had done.

My mother has told me that the other Duggans disapproved of my grandmother and thought that my grandfather had married below his station. She indicated that after my grandmother and grandfather separated the rest of the Duggans treated my grandmother and my father as outcasts, except for Hannah and Flur. The Foley's (seven all tolled) had come to the US from Waterford where their family had a public house. I don't agree that they were low class as one of them, James Foley, was the curator of the Bronx Botanical Gardens for over thirty years and was the developer of the Foley Rose, a green rose. And others were active in politics in the area of Yonkers, New York. My grandmother and many of her siblings all lived well into their 90's and early 100's.

The Family Crest... at one point during the 1980's I was touring the cruise ship Queen Mary in Long Beach California and there was a heraldic company there who offered to trace my family crest... and I had them do it. The crest that I was given has a Lion at the head... nine gold stars with roset centers on the field of a royal blue shield... and the central device is a double decending silver crescent moon. The family motto is "Dei Donum".

The significance of this crest is that it was registered in 1320 and indicates that the family was in existance prior to the crusades (Crescent moon is druid) and prior to 1660 of the Wales branch... and had served in the crusades and had pledged fielty and service to King Richard of England (descending Crescent Moon) and to the Christian God (double descending Cresent Moon) and this pledge was for all the family (the nine gold stars) by the head of the clan (the roset centers)... but in contrast to that fielty the family motto... I bend my knee only to God.

Now I am not insinuating in any way that that crest is my crest in any particular sense.... because I only paid a service to research the family crest of the Duggans of Dublin Ireland... I did not inherit it from anyone that I know of. What I do believe is that at the time of King Richards Crusade the head of the Clans may have been in Dublin... that the other common elements of the crest that appear in western or northern Ireland and Wales were of the same Clan and were not unrelated nor independant until much later. That is because the words and symbols (lions, scarlet,gold, silver) indicate a regal authority whereas the others do not have that.

The spelling differences Duggan, Dugan, Dougan, Doban probably result from the translation of spoken language to written language and are not important... the crests show whether or not they link back to the central authority of a partcular clan by the inclusion of the symbols contained in the highest ordered crest but they have no legal authority... only sentimental value.

So that's my contribution... a little family history... the same old pronunciation problems... a little bit more dazzle with the family crest.

I'll try to get the crest scanned to a disc and I'll send you the disc if you give me a snail address, Lyman.

I would very much like to correspond with others whose family trace back to Cork but I will continue to enjoy reading about all Duggans, Dugans et al. through this lovely newsletter.

James J. Duggan

From: jduggan@VNET.IBM.COM
Date sent: Thu, 26 Dec 96
Subject: Duggan Files

Lyman, Let me introduce myself, my name is James Edward Duggan (2/2/67). I am married to Amy Ei leen Jerbasi Duggan. (Born 11/4/66 Married 11/11/95) We reside at 439 Grove St Upper Montclair, NJ 07043.

I am the son of Robert Eugene Duggan (Born 8/23/29 Died 4/11/93) and Regina Elizabeth Duggan (Born 3/2/34) from Bloomfield, NJ.

My father's parents were Willaim Joseph Duggan and Doris Duggan of North Arlington NJ.

I have two sisters and one brother.

Regina Irene Duggan (Born 10/20/63) Simoes (Married (1/83) James Simoes)


Jamie Duggan Simoes Born 6/26/83
Jessica Duggan Simoes Born 7/10/87
Jennifer Duggan Simoes Born 8/4/92

Address: 21 Birch StNew Rochele, NY

Robert James Duggan (Born 7/22/65) 43 Morris Place Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Doris Duggan ((Born 6/10/69) 66 Girard AveNewport, RI

I do not have information pertaining to my grandparents. My father has three brothers
Charles Duggan of Clifton, NJ
Joesph Duggan of River Vale, NJ
William Duggan died when was young.


Subj: Duggan Date: 96-12-18

Bob Duggan suggested I contact you to help research the Duggan name. Bob and I have discovered we are descendants of William Duggan. My mother is Alice B. Everage, her father is Wm. Robert Duggan and his father is Wm. Henderson Duggan. Do any of these names ring a bell? We come from Alabama.

Bill Everage

Date sent: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 17:20:43 -0800
From: Merts <>
Subject: Duggan homepage

I have just found the Duggan web site and am amazed at the amount of information available

For your records I would like to add the following all born in Hendon, North West London, England

Matthew Duggan (b1911-d1972)- Gladys Lambert (-d1980) and their children:

Richard Duggan (b1933 - d.19/12/1967)
Terrance Duggan (b. 17/8/1935 -
Margaret Duggan (b1940s - d.20/6/1943?)
Anthony Duggan (b early 1950's -
Edward Duggan (b. 27/3/1960 -

Terrance Duggan - Carmel Duff married 01/10/1960 and thier child:
Jim Duggan (b. 03/07/1969 [me]

Anthony Duggan - Paula Rossi Paul Duggan (b.1973) married early 1970's and their children:
Paul Duggan (b. 28/12/1973
Andrew Duggan (b. 15/1/1976 -
Samantha Duggan (b. Sept 1979 -

Edward Duggan - Sarah ?? and thier children:
Eric Duggan (b1988 -
Wilfred Duggan (b1991 -
Albert Duggan (b1994 -

I hope this information is of use to you Please contact me at if you have any comments or questions


Jim Duggan

From: "Andy duggan" <>
To: <>
Subject: Genealogy for my Reli's
Date sent: Tue, 7 Jan 1997

Lyman, Thanx for your e@mail. I went straight to your page. The crest that we have is the same as the one on your page "The story evolves" (The one with the moon in the middle). I searched through the descendants files but could not find any reference to the Australian Duggan's. To be perfectly honest I have never bothered to look up our genealogy before. I now have an interest to find out where exactly our name stems from. I have read those passages which say that Duggan is from Descendant of blahblah, but is this really where it came from. I can't find any other information other than those lines. I have given your address to my father who may know more than I about our family (as he has been in the family longer yukyuk). He was very interested.

His email is

My occupation : Network Engineer

Maritial Status : Divorced, Re-Married One Child from first marriage
Kieran James Duggan (24 Feb 1994)
Hobbies : Computers, Baseball, Swimming.

Born: 12/10/70 Australia

I live in Sydney Australia

E@Mail addresses: Thanx once again for your email. If you could tell me which side of the table I'm to sit at it would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards Andrew James Duggan

Date sent: Tue, 07 Jan 1997
From: Eugene Kyer <>

Subject: ......Jeff Duggan

I am trying to find info on a singer called Jeff Duggan. I have tried my best on the internet but came up with nothing. He had a nice country song playing on the Canadian radio stations in the 80`s. Any help you can give , is more than I have.

thank you, Eugene Kyer

Date sent: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 12:16:52 -0600
From: "Jill C. Rogers" <>
Subject: Dugan Surname

I saw your surname list in the Genealogical Journeys in Time, and I'm interested in knowing about your Dugans.

I have a William Dugan that married a Ann Russell...both were born in late 1700's in Glascow Lanark, Scotland. They had two sons born in Troy Dark County, Ohio. They had a son:

John Dugan (b.1916-d.5/6/1901) married Eliza Tallis on 7-19-1829 in Madison City, Ohio.. One of their children was:

Erastus Dugan (b.1-16-1837-d.11/15/1927), married Caroline Etterlein (b.10-22-1851 in Ohio d. 5-6-1901 in Kansas) on 1-17-1865 in Lincoln Logan County, IL. They moved to Bourbon County, KS (Hiattville) and settled down to have 11 children...a few of which stayed in that area and a few moved on to Cherokee County, KS (Galena). Era and Caroline are buried in Large Cemetery, Ft Scott, KS.

If you have any Dugans in these areas, or if any names are familiar....I have a lot more info on the 11 kids.

If you could let me know either way....Thanks,

Jill C. Rogers

11145 West 76th Terrace, #8
Shawnee, KS 66214

Date sent: Mon, 13 Jan 1997
Subject: Duggan/Durgan Genealogy

Hi there: Just accessed your WEB page at work, and to let you know that I have some information about my DUGGAN -> DURGAN genealogy that you might what to add. The name was DUGGAN/DUGAN/DOUGAN in records in Nova Scotia, but became DURGAN in Maine/Wisconsin records.

I haven't had a chance to review all that you have here. Perhaps you have information on my Christopher DUGGAN that married Phebe HINDs 1796 in Nova Scotia. He was born in Ireland, probably around 1776. I'll send you another e-mail once I get home.

Thanks, Paul Castillo

Date sent: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 20:08:52 -0800
From: Doug Ginnings <>
Subject: Duggan Research

Hi Lyman, I am a Duggan descendant (grandmother was born a Duggan) and am just beginning my genealogy research. A quick glance, and I admit I haven't read everything on the Duggan homepage, indicates that most of the folks communicating with you came to this country much later than my family and went to different parts of the country. Thought I would give you an overview of what I have and see if it seems to meld anywhere with your tree.

The oldest data I have (just from gathering available family data) goes back to a Hugh Moore Duggan, born July 14, 1853, near Memphis, Tennessee. I don't know much about his parents other than his father was probably named John, his mother was probably Ann, and Ann's maiden name may have been Moore. He is known to have said that in Tennessee the name was spelled Dugan.

Hugh married a woman named Harriet who probably was Indian, and their kids were Hubert, Elbert, Nancy Ann and Mark. Harriet died young, and Hugh took the kids and moved to Prescott, Arkansas.

While he was in Arkansas, he married a Mary Francis Milam on Sept 18, 1889 (she was about 18 and he in his 30's). While in Arkansas, son Mark died. The marriage certificate spells the name Dougan.

They then moved to Eastland County, Texas and had 9 children, one of whom died as an infant. In Texas the name became Duggan.

I know that he maintained contact with family in Tennessee, but after he died in 1934, none of the family seemed to keep it up and none of the information survives (that I can find so far). I do know that Hugh had one brother named Emmitt (I think) who moved to Texas also. Emmitt had at least one son named Bob, who was sort of "simple" and ne'er do well, who traveled across the country sponging off relatives, staying with one till they got so tired of him they tossed him out and then he would go to another relative. <grin> I can't find track of this bunch yet either.

I am a little frustrated that I can't seem to go back further than this without traveling to Tennessee to search the old records. So ..... it would be wonderful if I can connect Hugh Moore Duggan (Dugan) with someone's else's tree to fill things out.

Looking forward to hearing from you. We have started using Family Tree Maker to keep track of things. My husband has had better luck, as he seems to have had more relatives interested in genealogy and they have done some previous work that he has been able to connect with. My family couldn't seem to care less and seems puzzled at why I bother. And there there is the Comanche side of the family that purposely covered their tracks (so to speak) and changed names about three times to evade the army. So I may never unravel that one. <grin> But I just love a good mystery, and I guess that is why I started it.

Susan Parker Ginnings

this is my husbands IBM internet address I also have an email address that is:


Subject: "Dudgeon" Question

Have you ever come across the spelling "Dudgeon". I've seen Duggan, Douggan, Dudson, Dodgeson kind of joined at various times. Any input would be welcome. Please respond to

Please document your Duggan Genealogy and send it to me for publishing and for the Archive. When you have new data, dates etc., let me know and it will be published and archived too. These Archives will be available for many years to come...hopefully forever. For this reason, it is a good idea to include your mailing address so that interested parties can contact you years into the future.....cousin Lyman Duggan

end of nr 23