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John, could you send that crest to me as a jpg file? I would like to include it in the next newsletter.

Jim, It sounds like you have one that is different again, can you scan it for me, or, if you mail it to me, I can scan it and send it back to you.......thanks....Lyman

Subj: Duggan
Date: 95-03-09 06:43:05 EST
From: JohnD230

Lyman, Nice to hear from you! My name is John Edward Duggan from St. Charles, IL - Chicago Subarb. I'm always interested hearing about Duggans. I come from a large family - 11 Children in all however only four are 'Duggan' - my father (John Bernard Duggan) married my mother who was a widow with 7 children at the time. I'm the oldest of their four 'Duggan' children.

Anyhow, you mentioned a book offer. I know of at least two. One came in the 'junk mail' from a William Duggan I think, but I didn't pay much attention to it for two reasons : 1) It seemed too commercial (not very personal); 2) I had already read a draft of a much more authentic Duggan book. The second book was more authentic to me primarily because it's information agreed with the little research my father had already done before he died.

This book was being researched by a Robert E. Nichols, Jr. from Homewood, IL. It was at least 10 Chapters long with an epilogue covering the present day Duggans , and an appendix entitled 'An account of the Allied Heffernan Family'. I read the draft in 1992, at which time he expected it would not be ready for publishing until 1995 at the earliest.

Speaking of the family crest or coat-of-arms, I have access to a scanner and have scanned in the crest (a half moon surrounded by 9 yellow flowers on a light-blue background with scroll beneath reading 'Virtute et Valore'). I would be happy to send it to you in any form - you'll just need to educate me on how to send a graphic file via e-mail, or how to upload such that you can reach it.

I'm interested in the 1985 phone listing, and the family tree and shareware program for keeping it up.

John Edward Duggan

Hi Lyman, I was looking at the picture of the crest that you have on the page. Is it supposed to be the Duggan crest. I have a Duggan crest that I bought while in Ireland on business in the early 1980's at Blarney Wollen Mills store. It is quite different from what you show. It has the name Duggan on a banner across the top, with a rearing yellow roaring lion on a knight's helmet. The field is dark blue with a white crescent that looks like the moon. In the moon crescent there is a yellow flower with eight petals (plus a center petal) Then there are eight more of the same flower outside the crescent, four above and four below.
I haven't progressed to the point of being able to send photos, or I would send you one. I doubt that the crest I have really means any insofar as the Duggan name is concerned. It was just a way for someone in Ireland to make a punt. take care. .....Jim Duggan

Some years ago my Dad gave me a certificate with the Dugan Coat of Arms or Shield on it:

The arms illustrated are described heraldically as quarterly 1 and 4 azure, a griffin's head couped or; 2 and 2 argent; Crest: A Talbot statant proper collared agent; and for Motto: "Buadh no bas". Writers in the past have attributed symbolism to the tinctures and charges of heraldry..thus, or (gold) is said to denote Generosity; argent (silver), Humility; azure (blue), Loyalty; whilst "proper" indicates natural colour. The Griffin signifies Vigilancy and the talbot, Courage and Vigilancy. The motto may be translated "To Conquer or Die"

The Irish surname DUGAN or DUGGAN is and anglicisation of Gaelic O'Dubhagain "decendant of Dubhagan", the latter being a personal name (dubh "black"). The surname is associated mainly with Counties Cork, Tipperary and Waterford.

Once everyone was known by a single name but this led to cofusion and so an extra name was adopted. Thus a man named Brian who claimed descent from one Dubhagan might be known as "Brian descendant of Dubhagan-or--Brian O' Dubhagain", the additional name eventually becoming hereditary as your surname. Duggan.. 

more to follow!

From James J. Duggan

The Family Crest... at one point during the 1980's I was touring the cruise ship Queen Mary in Long Beach California and there was a heraldic company there who offered to trace my family crest... and I had them do it. The crest that I was given has a Lion at the head... nine gold stars with roset centers on the field of a royal blue shield... and the central device is a double decending silver crescent moon. The family motto is "Dei Donum".

The significance of this crest is that it was registered in 1320 and indicates that the family was in existance prior to the crusades (Crescent moon is druid) and prior to 1660 of the Wales branch... and had served in the crusades and had pledged fielty and service to King Richard of England (descending Crescent Moon) and to the Christian God (double descending Cresent Moon) and this pledge was for all the family (the nine gold stars) by the head of the clan (the roset centers)... but in contrast to that fielty the family motto... I bend my knee only to God.

Now I am not insinuating in any way that that crest is my crest in any particular sense.... because I only paid a service to research the family crest of the Duggans of Dublin Ireland... I did not inherit it from anyone that I know of. What I do believe is that at the time of King Richards Crusade the head of the Clans may have been in Dublin... that the other common elements of the crest that appear in western or northern Ireland and Wales were of the same Clan and were not unrelated nor independant until much later. That is because the words and symbols (lions, scarlet,gold, silver) indicate a regal authority whereas the others do not have that.

The spelling differences Duggan, Dugan, Dougan, Doban probably result from the translation of spoken language to written language and are not important... the crests show whether or not they link back to the central authority of a partcular clan by the inclusion of the symbols contained in the highest ordered crest but they have no legal authority... only sentimental value.

So that's my contribution... a little family history... the same old pronunciation problems... a little bit more dazzle with the family crest.